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Diablo 3 first launched with a somewhat rocky start. Since that release the game has evolved so much to the point that it’s almost like a new game altogether. So how does this current release of Diablo 3 hold it, should be banish it to the realms of hell where it belongs, or should we take it to the heavens?

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Game Dev Tycoon has you in-charge of a young game development company, you go from garage indie to one of the most popular game companies out there. While it looks like a simple flash type game, it actually has quite a bit of depth to it which this guide is here to help with.

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So did you have enough with the last Loot Crate, no?, well here’s this months. As you would have probably guessed, this months theme is Hero’s, because we have to combat those Villain’s from last month. As there’s a few hero movies floating around at the moment, you could have probably guessed what may have been included in this months

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It was maybe only a year ago when the rumor of a Pokémon fighting game came up.  Which has turned out to be true and the lead developers of both Tekken and SoulCalibur are involved. Pokkén is kind of  a play on Tekken’s name, so it’s probably going to play a lot like Tekken itself.  It seems to mainly feature

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Sacred finally makes a return after a rather long hiatus. We got a chance to play a small part of the Sacred Citadel, but how does Scared 3 hold up. Will you want to come back for more monster slaying, or should it be banished from this realm? The Sacred series has taken some rather interesting twists and turns from

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