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So you've played through Final Fantasy XIV and defeated Ultima Weapon and maybe thought he was a bit easy for that title? I did, but then I came across this trial. This is the real Ultima Weapon fight, what it should have been, this is essentially Ultima Weapon (Hard Mode). It'll require some actual practice and fast reactions. It will rely a lot on communication and knowing the actual strategy which this guide will detail and you'll see a video of it being done.

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It’s been almost a week since the September Feature Pack became available for all Guild Wars 2 players to download and enjoy. The question is, does this update really improve the game, and does it bring some interesting and new concepts to the players. Every so often ArenaNet releases a rather large update for Guild Wars 2 that is titled

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At the time of this writing, the Vault of Glass, which is Destiny’s 6-player raid, was not available to play. Bungie has also made a point of suggesting that more content will be added in the coming months, through various updates and patches. Should these updates change the game in any significant manner, this review is subject to change as

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The Dragon Quest X event is back for players who missed it last time. This time it's available from September 14th to 20th. It can be played by low leveled players, so new players shouldn't need to worry and old players can always use it to help level up their lower leveled classes.

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The Lost City of Amdapor is none other than the home to Diabolos (a recurring summon/enemy in the Final Fantasy series). It's a rather unique dungeon, mainly with the bosses, many players may run in with no idea what to do, this guide is here to help players make it through this really fun dungeon. It's only as hard as the party members want to make it, it's really very easy to complete if players know what to do.

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