About Us

Find out who we are, what we do and why we do it.

So you may be wondering, who are we, and what do we do. Well we’re a small group of games who have come together to produce guides, reviews and walkthroughs for you. We work hard to put together the best content that we can, so you can play knowing that you have a source that you can come to to find out information if you’re stuck.

We cover Xbox 360, PS3 and PC currently, but we’re slowly branching out and trying new things all the time. Most if not all our guides focus on the achievement and trophy side of gaming, but every so often we will also do other guides for game related items.  So where did Lead Example start?, that’s a good question. It first started as a small independent youtube channel which was dedicated to achievement walkthroughs. It started with one person making videos for various websites on the net, which then slowly grew into what you see today.

After a year of making videos, we decided it was time to open a site and start doing full guides and walkthroughs in one place. We used to write for various other websites, but as we started to get more involved in the process we wanted full control over the work we produced and ended up opening Lead Example.

Since our starting point, we’ve taken on various new roles and added to the site, such as writing reviews and exploring new areas of the games industry. We’re still looking to grow and add more varied content to our site, we just need to find the right people who want to help build on what we started. Lead Example started out with one person making videos, but now we have a small select team working on articles, reviews and guides for your reading pleasure.

We’ve worked hard to bring this site up to the standard it is today, and we will continue to grow the site and produce the same quality experience.