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About Us

You may have asked yourself, who is this random rag-tag group? Well we’re a small independent group of people who like to help others. We put together guides, reviews and the odd article here and there for the games we’re playing to assist other players out there.

We cover the most current platforms and games, though we’re not like your typical big gaming site. You will rarely, if ever see news articles posted on this site, mainly because this isn’t a news website. It’s a resource of information.

A little history. We started out on youtube making various achievement videos, which slowly grew. After a year of youtube and writing for external sites, we decided to open our own site to publish all our guides and videos independently. We wanted a place to call our own, the ability to have full control over what we write, and how our work is displayed to you the reader.

We started out fairly small, and slowly grew in to what you see today. A once simple guide site now covers reviews and the articles about things we care about. The site isn’t driven by breaking news stories or drawing in people with clickbait articles.

A lot has changed on this site over the years, but we strive to produce the highest quality and most useful guides that we can to assist your gaming experience. Thank you for taking an interest and we hope you continue to view this as a useful resource.