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This isn’t really a review since this is a very small part of the game but it is the first raids of Heavensward to be released.

As most Final Fantasy fans will know, Alexander is a giant living fortress, sometimes can be summoned in-game.

I managed to clear them day one.  I did them in a PUG (although, arranged of members from Ragnarok’s best FCs, Solitude, Angered etc) too, that’s kind of just how easy they are (yet, there is still players who complain how hard they are; but I have to remember I am more used to harder raids, others aren’t, so what is easy to me is probably hard to others, these though, honestly not that hard to ask for nerfs.. some people just don’t want to try, I’m sure people probably seen a post on Reddit with a picture of someone already WTB – Want to Buy – Alex and there is already sellers on my server selling it).  They don’t need players to be part of any static/hardcore raiding FC and are mainly this easy for story reasons, Square took the feedback from players who couldn’t pass Binding Coil of Bahamut Turn 5, but wanted to experience the story of it.

I have now since farmed them and learned the mechanics pretty well (I went in blind day one and it was really fun to figure the fights out, kind of added a bit of difficulty into them).  I did Floor 3 with an undersized party (someone DC’d, there was trash before the fight, party decided it didn’t want to deal with trash again and attempted anyways.. was a very smooth victory and I wish I actually kept a video of it).

So here’s a list of things that I liked and disliked about the raids:


  • Fun to do blind.
  • Soundtrack (reminded me a ton of Shin Megami Tensei Nocturne/Lucifer’s Call’s Soundtrack).
  • The Scenery.
  • That obstacle course at the start which I just ran through and dodged everything while everyone else kept getting pushed back by steam (was pure luck honestly).
  • Savage Mode will be coming out in 2 weeks; time to do the REAL raids.

Savage Mode is basically the raids that make most players rage and quit the game.  They require players to be good, do the best DPS they can push out and react quickly to mechanics, there is no room for error in these raids and that’s how I like my raids.  So far, Heavensward has offered none of that to me.


  • Too Easy, they could have upped the difficulty a bit at least.. it’s raids.  Raids aren’t exactly meant to be easy.  Like, I know this is designed to be a hand holding raid, but I have friends who just want to clear this and not Savage, they were severely disappointed by how easy Normal Mode was.
  • Goblins.  Honestly this is just a personal thing, I have never liked Goblins in any game ever, I guess they fit here but meh.
  • The gear apart from Dragoon gloves is kind of terrible looking (although it’s i190).  Need the AF2 gear.
  • The new loot system kind of sucks, I would rather have the luck of random gear dropping than having to collect tokens.

The new loot system was made mainly for reasons like:

“Just Dragoon loot dropping, maybe that’s a sign I should stop playing White Mage and go Dragoon!” – Something like that, Yoshi P.

Which I guess to be honest, some people have had a really bad time with loot, I really hated it with the Crystal Tower raids.  Since they were so long and it was rather a pain to keep trying to get the gear from them, it dropping and possibly having another player in the same class as you in your party and losing the roll.  Alexander turns only need to be farmed 4 times each (depending on the party you find, I find most will stay for 4 runs if asked to), they are also quick to complete.  Crystal Tower raids can take anywhere from 20 minutes to 1 hour, because you are relying on 24 players knowing the strategy, having decent DPS (never use a parser in CT, you’ll regret it), the more players there is in anything, the more problems there is going to be.  So yea, compared to CT, Alex is at least bare-able to farm.

Like I have said, Savage Mode releases in about 2 weeks, with the new tomestones, so time to start looking for a static if you haven’t got one or a hardcore raiding FC (FCs that check the quality of their members first, have a trial of 2 weeks set, you probably consider them a bit Elitist, but they are easily the best FCs – for raiding reasons – you can find) if you want to have the least bit of success in those.

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