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If you haven’t already heard of this title, then you may have been living under a rock for the past year or two. But any well seasoned war games veteran has probably heard of this title. Well we’ve got our hands on it, and it’s time to get dirty and bring you the goods.

World of Tanks isn’t your usual team on team war, some strategy, team efforts and careful gameplay is required. Are you the lone wolf?, well you may want to think twice as this title will surely test your skills if you are. World of Tanks is designed around playing as a team to strategically take down your opposition and capture their flag, or beat them into submission by wiping our their team.


I recently got my hands on the title while in Beta form, like many others, so it’s time to delve in and give you the details you may be wondering if you’re interested in this title.

The first thing you will want to do before you do anything, get to know the game. There’s a small training level which will guide you through the start. This will introduce you to the controls, the general layout of the HUD and how to play the title. It’s always good to start somewhere, but once you’ve got to grips with the controls, you can then start to dig through the rest of the menus.

The next area you may want to delve into is the tank customization and leveling screens. Unlike many other games, the leveling in this title works a little differently. Instead of gaining XP to work to your next level, you earn XP, then progress to use that XP to progress through the research of bigger, better and more powerful tanks.


Moving onto the battlefield. Currently in the beta there’s several maps, which all play around the capturing the other teams flag. Or destroying all the enemies tanks. gameplay is simple at heart, but it requires a lot of concentration and team work to pull off winning outcome. The playing fields are broken up into north and south and red vs green. Your goals are simple, wipe out or capture the other teams flag. This is a lot easier said than done, but working together is key.

Each battle can be quite different due to the amount of players. Some games you may only see several tanks on each team, but joining a game with 15 tanks on each side really creates a hectic and interesting battle. 30 players, all aiming for one goal, destroy or capture. It’s quite a sight when you work together as a team and take down a tough opposing group of enemies.

With each victory, or general battle, you will progress to earn more XP and various progression based stats. The better you do, obviously the bigger the rewards. You can then progress through unlocking new tanks, upgrades and so on. You have a variety of tanks to choose from, that includes battle types builds, weapons and so on. But there will be more coming in once the game is finally out of the beta build stages.

One of the big things many players may be wondering, if this fueled by micro-transactions. Well, they are part of the game, but they’re not a requirement to play and fully experience the title. If you do happen to take advantage of the micro-transactions, they come with a little more gain than just buying gold and XP. There is a premium subscription that you can take part in for a few days, weeks, months or even up to a year. Doing so will reward you the player with extended premium perks towards your progression.


There’s a lot more to explore and experience with World of Tanks, but I’ve only just scratched the surface. If you’re interested in World of Tanks: 360 Edition, then you can apply for the beta right now by applying here.  

World of Tanks: 360 Edition will be launching sometime towards the end of this year. So keep your eyes peeled, just remember this is a free to play title, so there’s no reason not to give it a try.

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