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As most people know who plays Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn, the expansion Heavensward will be with us tomorrow through Early Access (for players who have pre-ordered the expansion).  This will be the entire expansion, so players can level up to Lv. 60 and possibly clear most of the stuff if rushing.  Players can even change into the new race Au Ra if they have fantasias saved (for players who got the Collector’s Edition, they will have to wait until the official launch, June 23rd for theirs or buy one).


Before the update launches, there was patch notes released, these detail things like new quests, what to expect from crafting, and what they have done to improve the game.  To my kind of dislike, they have added a /playtime command.. I don’t really want to know how much time I have put into this game but I’m kind of curious too, maybe it’s not as much as I think as I am a rather fast learner for things like the Coils whereas it can take other groups months to clear some of that content.. I have it learned with a week to a few weeks.  Depending how complex the fight gets and how much the group that I am in makes progress.

Here is the full patch notes if anyone is interested in reading them, it’s quite long but worth the read if you wish to know what exactly you are doing when Heavensward EA is launched.  It also includes updates made to 2.0 which is A Realm Reborn, these mostly apply to players who are remaining on the base game for a while.


In the above trailer we see some more of the story (Warning; Spoilers for 2.0 content).  And also all of the new Limit Breaks, in 2.0, limit breaks weren’t unique to any classes and it’ll be interesting to discover which one is most useful in high-end battles (hoping it’s the Dragoon one!).

I also discovered today from some of the data mining, item levels and what we can expect, but Yoshi requested at the start of the Live Letter at E3 today, that these sites to close down for a while, at least to give everyone the chance to enjoy Heavensward blind, some sites have respected his request, when others haven’t.  I won’t be detailing anything I found out here either, I mainly looked for my own curiously.

In the Live Letter they mainly went over some more things about Air Ships, the majority of which is in the patch notes.  They also bought up what they are going to do to prevent players from being locked out of areas or servers.  This is similar to Guild Wars 2 whereas an area reaches its limits and then a new area is opened.  This is only for around the first month of Heavensward though, they know that loads of players will be coming back, and it’s only for the really high populated worlds.. so for example, Europe worlds have the highest number of players in them.  I’m not sure how Ragnarok is going to be affected but I have played on Odin (much more players are on this server) as well but when I came to Ragnarok, I was amazed by how crowded it was when it’s not even half the size of Odin’s playerbase.  So Ragnarok is possibly still included in this.

They also shown off the new veteran rewards, players will get a glamor set which will make them look like the Final Fantasy II character Firion for having purchased 840 days.

As well as that they have now updated the Recruit a Friend option.  Players who have previously recruited a friend will also get these benefits depending how long their friend(s) have remained subscribed for.

30 days now gives players 5 Gold Chocobo Feathers plus 100 teleport tickets and a new emote: Fist Bump.
While 150, 210 and 270 will give an additional set of 5 Gold Chocobo Feathers each.
Players can recruit up to 5 friends for these bonuses, after the 5th friend, the bonuses will stop.

You are probably wondering what the Gold Feathers are used for, they can be used to redeem a Red Draught Chocobo (this is the same as your original one but red) mount for 8 feathers and a Twintania Mount for 15 feathers.  Can also buy a set of 5 rare dyes for 1 feather (about the only thing I can sadly afford).

That is it, Heavensward is out in the morning at 9am GMT.  I just hope this video someone made isn’t true.  So here it is, just for a bit of comedy.


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