Final Fantasy XIV Live Letter XXI

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So there was a Live Letter today and it was actually really long for one.  They don’t usually last over 2 hours so there was a lot of new information given out about Heavensward.  It started off with the theme song, “Dragonsong” which was composed by Nobuo Uematsu, this included a video which does have spoilers to the last patch of the game, so if you have not cleared the story yet and don’t want it spoiled, it’s maybe best you don’t watch this until you clear that.


They also revealed new skills for each job class, including the new ones.

There was actually a lot of information that came with these skills, giving players hints where and when to use in combos.  I partly don’t like all these new skills as it just means the game is gonna get harder and harder to play with using a controller.. I may end up using a set up like Yoshida has and using Keyboard/Mouse and Controller in the future.


Then there was a video showcasing which is maybe the majority of the dungeons in the new expansion.. I kind of played a guessing game with some of them figuring out where they may be.  The first one is definitely located in Western Coerthas, since they revealed when they were showing off the flying mounts, that Western Coerthas would have the first of the new dungeons located within it.  Next one would also be one included in Coerthas.  As for the floating islands one, I don’t really know as I don’t know what that location is known as yet, all we know is that it’s a new location in the expansion.  Some of the next area reminded me both of World of Darkness and Lost City of Amdapor.  I feel the Library one is probably located in Haukke Manor, it just had that kind of environment and haunted look to it.  Has thorns and monsters that are more likely to toss debuffs all around the place.. I already don’t like this dungeon, somewhere in the Black Shroud maybe, saying maybe as it goes on to show cave zones that don’t really seem like they would fit into the Black Shroud.  This next dungeon actually looks like it’s based off the first casual raid of A Realm Reborn, Tower of the Ancients.  Just like the last one shown but this time based off the hardcore raids, Coils of Bahamut, I’m gonna guess this is what they meant by making an easier version of the raids for players who just want to enjoy story, they have maybe compacted it all into a single dungeon?  The video then goes on to showing some of the bosses in the new dungeons.


They also detailed the flying mounts and you will be able to get them flying.  Players were maybe worrying or hoping you could just start flying around areas, completing the map and basically skipping everything? Wrong.  You actually have to look for information on things like wind currents etc, once you have enough of these, you’ll be able to use the flying mounts.  Mounts shown were the Fat Chocobo (PS4 Collector’s Edition Mount – and yes, that thing flies) and the Griffin (Heavensward Collector’s Edition Mount), they can fly really high and there doesn’t seem to be any timer for when they get tired from flying from what we seen, the only other MMORPG I have played that used flight was Aion which you had to kind of watch a meter and be careful about that, so I was thinking the flying mounts in Heavensward may have used something like that, but I’m actually pretty happy with how I seen it work, just have to explore the area first and then you get your flying mount.

We also seen some towns, new areas and they used some models from Version 1.0, the new areas are actually really large, so they are kind of getting like the original game.

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