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If you know of Final Fantasy XIV, you may or not be aware of its upcoming expansion.  Heavensward is going to add to story, bring 3 new classes, a new race (Au Ra, which I plan in changing to.. because they look freakin’ awesome), Alexander raids (probably the content I look forward to the most), more new exciting content.  And I’m sure with how they treated A Realm Reborn, the story will only expand afterwards.

I downloaded the Benchmark, decided I would run it and well.. lets just say the results made me go and plan a new build of a PC.  I do want to play this game on PC as well as PS4.  But I could create an Au Ra, this is what my character is going to look like come the expansion.. did intend to go as a female but I think the male Au Ra look a lot better and none of the female hair styles looked good to me.. as for the male.. there is everything from Dragon Ball Z hairstyles to semi-normal looking ones.  I just like the fact the Au Ra race has scales on their body, kind of looks like tattoos.  Kind of sad the horns are linked to the faces, although saying that I’m happy enough with the horns attached to this face (although, on certain armors, the horns go through the like the collars etc.. Square will need to patch that, it’s almost as bad as the long hair for males that goes through clothes and that has never been fixed..).  Their eyes are really unique, I always go with the white color of eyes, the fact I can kind of select two colors too means I can if I wanted, make them look like my own eyes.  The Collector’s Edition comes with a Fantasia potion, so that’s that sorted for me.. I know this race is gonna be so overused in like the first month/week of Heavensward, but I will be staying as this, I have jumped between Miqote, Hyur and Elezen races.  I feel like this race looking like a dragon/demon is the one for me.

A Realm Reborn had so much extra content added on, making the subscription fee well worth it to me.  There has always been something to do, players are never left bored.  However, if you kind of left A Realm Reborn alone after the 2.0 content because you didn’t want to stay subscribed.. you may find it will take you a month or so of playing just so you can get into the Heavensward story as Square Enix has made the extra story a requirement.  It may be a good idea re-subscribing now and getting that extra story cleared and out of the way so nothing voids your entry into the Heavensward story right away.

As for me, there’s very little left for me to do, all I have to do is Turn 13 really and maybe try Savage Second Coil of Bahamut.  So I have spent my time farming my Best in Slot gear, helping others through Second Coil of Bahamut or just plain doing random things, challenging myself to stupid things like 4-manning Turn 9.

I leveled up a Dragoon too not so long ago, I have mastered the class and prefer it to my normal must have a pet class.  I like the amount of damage I deal and the fact I’m always the highest DPS, I’m very competitive in that way.  But I guess that’s a good thing.

It was only a little while ago I was stuck on Turn 9, having not became a member of an actual FC (Free Company, the guilds of FFXIV) when I moved servers, I wasn’t a member of any static and had to rely on PUGs, I hated it though, I would go into these Phase 4 training, kill parties and go into the Golem Loop.  Then I found a static/FC, got through it, after a while, that static/FC broke up, so that left me back to square one.  So I went searching.. I had considered joining Angered, but decided against it since I have friends who prefer a more casual/laid back environment.  So I found another FC, even know it’s casual, I already got accepted into a static that does the Final Coils, so I’m hoping I can maybe get Turn 13 cleared and maybe make a start on Savage.  In all honestly, I didn’t think I would get into the Bahamut raids like I have, I’ve come to find them extremely fun, not really hard at all.. but then again, I’m a melee DPS.. we kind of have it easy apart from the we must be doing the best DPS in the team rule.  Although, as a Dragoon who have next to no Magic or general Defense.. Turn 13 is indeed.. damaging for me, Dragoons have to be extremely careful in that fight.. I even killed off the off tank with a Jump once in that fight.. I wasn’t sure if I should be impressed or not by that fail.  Luckily enough it was about the third try we were on so yea, no one really expected much and I have been careful with my Jumps since.  (Actually, I’ve been having fun terrifying players in Turn 11 when tethered doing Jumps, there’s an evil thing in me).  So yea, I have really been enjoying them and can’t wait for the Alexander (Alex) raids.  They actually extended the opening of the game lately to show more detail into how Eorzea was kind of saved.. although, it does include spoilers of Final Coil, so watch it at your own risk.


I have been doing little things on the side like gathering.  Learning how to play the healer classes which I kind of enjoy which was surprising to me as I’m not normally the kind of player who plays healers.. I’m more of a DPS fan, I like dealing damage, although saying this, I’ve never intended on playing healer seriously and definitely don’t plan in doing any of the hardcore raids with them.  Collecting the minions, I nearly have them all.. it’s seriously all I spend my gil on, that and food for raids (I probably wouldn’t even need this as I’m only really two items away from my BiS, max stats as a Dragoon and there’s a patch tomorrow, highly likely there is going to be another echo buff added to FCOB, I’ve already done Turn 10 and 11 without food, keeping good DPS and not getting wiped).

They extended the trailer of Heavensward as well, as you can tell, Heavensward is going to be huge on dragons and expanding the Dragoon story, so if you like the Dragoon class, you’re going to probably like the whole of Heavensward, I know I’m looking forward to fighting the dragons and having a dragon mount, which is seen in the benchmark, the new Dragoon limit break is also there.. they are really spoiling us Dragoon players.. the bad thing about this though? Is that we’re gonna have a whole load of players probably change to Dragoon, know nothing of the class and bring back the loldragoon full force.  It may not be a new class, but with a lot of the story looking like it circles around the class..



So what goals are you trying to achieve before Heavensward comes out?

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