Point and Click: Where are they?

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It’s become quite obvious that the point and click adventures genres lacks a lot in recent years. There are only a few titles that really fill this once rich genre, but are these sorts of games falling on deaf ears. Over the years I’ve played my fair share of these titles, two of which included the 7th Guest, and the 11th Hour. Not forgetting Phantasmagoria, but over in the past decade, it seems that there’s a serious lack of these sorts of titles. I’m not much of a PC gamer, so I could be missing out in some various indie titles, but the most recent title to come forth is Murdered: Soul Suspect. Now, this title is far from perfect, but it’s an interesting new look a this genre. The only other title I’ve managed to get my hands on is the Sherlock Holmes series, which is quite interesting, but so far the that series hasn’t really sucked me in.

I sat down with Murdered, and found myself drawn to story of solving your own murder by a serial killer. So what happened?. the game starts out quite interesting, and slowly chugs along feeding you different ghostly abilities to use on various living souls. So with such interesting ways to find out information and explore, what happened to the overall detective side.

Unlike this being a point and click adventure crime mystery title, it’s more like a third person collectible fest. With most games in this genre you have to use your brain a little to progress. Searching for clues, remembering what’s been said though conversations and matching up the evidence. There are aspects of this in the game, with an interesting overlay while you try to pick the correct answer to progress, but it seems like it’s just there to slow you down. Most clues are also in plain sight with little to no exploration required to find the answers to your questions.

Murdered could have been a great title, but where’s the depth. This also makes me wonder, where are all the great point and click style games. This is a genre I once loved and played often, but what happened to this genre. Has the recent trends of shooters and action adventure titles shadowed every other genre.

I pushed my way through Murdered, sadly it lacks a lot, but it does shine for it’s story and twist. The cast of characters are a little forgettable at times, but the story kept me going. Even though this title has a huge selection of collectibles, they do offer further story elements.

If there’s a path forward for the Murdered IP, I hope the developers take note of what they did right and wrong, and continue to improve as there were elements that really shined, but the quality lacked to the point where the game just became a walk in the park.

I’m also hoping that the future of gaming brings more titles like Broken Sword, Simon the Sorcerer, Monkey Island and Discworld. There’s been so many great titles, and I think it’s time we had some new ones.