Splatterhouse Text Review

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While all of you were stuffing your faces with Turkey, or preparing for that family get together, I sat in front of my Xbox console and hammered away Splatterhouse. I put in about 32 hours in the first 48 hours of it’s release to work on the achievement guide that appears on this site now, and I wanted to get it up on Thanksgiving, but there were so many things I wanted to make sure I could confirm to give you the best guide I possibly could. However, I did write a review of the game prior to putting this up.

Click here to read my detailed review of Splatterhouse on the Xbox 360 console

I wish I had video capturing software to make a proper video review, but oh well. Either way, I get into great detail about how great this game is, point out it’s faults, and essentially broaden it so that it would also cover the PlayStation 3 version, though I clearly did not play that one. This link is also available on the Achievement Guide. If you’ve been on the edge about this game, I hope that this will help sway you in the right direction, one way or another.