State of Decay releasing on Steam!

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Yesterday, the 20th September, State of Decay makes it’s long awaited debut on Valve’s digital distribution platform; Steam. Despite it’s some-what buggy state, the game has garnered huge success and critical acclaim on the Xbox Live store, becoming the top seller for several months. Undead Lab’s zombie survival sandbox runs on Crytek’s state-of-the-art game engine Cryengine 3 which gives the games some sublime visuals that the PC will truly be able to give justice to. It will be an early access title, meaning that you can essentially pre-order the game to receive it in an earlier, unfinished state, very similar to a beta test. Despite that, it will still be an enhanced version of what is on the Xbox meaning it will be more than playable.


For those of you who do not know what the game is, it is a single player survival sandbox very similar to DayZ & Infestation: Survivor Stories with the exception that you can build outposts with salvaged scrap and waste whilst stockpiling weapons and survivors to hold back the hordes of undead. Interestingly though, it has a rather deep stealth mechanic which allows for multiple styles of play and features many different choices for the player to make down the road. All of which will dynamically generate new content and change the world. The story is relatively simple to say the least as you are Marcus Campbell, a store clerk with a hiking obsession who has returned home from a fishing trip to find that the world as he knew it has come to an end. The main goal, other than to survive; is to eventually end up under the military’s protections – but it turns out that it isn’t such a simple goal afterall.


The game will release at the same price it is on the Xbox Live Arcade weighing in at $20 or your region equivalent, however it will not feature keyboard & mouse support until the first update. For more information on the game, visit the studio’s official website which can be found at and to ask any questions that you may have, contact them via twitter @undeadlabs. The employees are very friendly and do no hesitate to answer any questions.

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