Welcome to Lead Example

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A small group of us have decided to expand on Lead Example and turn it into more than just a small youtube channel. You will now be able to find all the guides that we have written in one location. Though this website is new, we work to provide you the reader with top quality guides to aid your gaming needs. If anything seems out of place, it’s because we’re working on the guides and getting them into order.

We hope you enjoy your stay and continue to visit this site and watch it grow over the coming months.


We have finally established a domain name, so you will now be able to access the site through leadexample.net. As a quick follow-up, the list of guides below are now active and ready to use:

Arcade Guides

Retail Guides

DLC Guides

There are many more guides coming soon, so please check back often or subscribe to the RSS feed to keep on top of our releases. Some guides still need to be arranged and cleaned up, but you should be able to find all the information you need. If you don’t, please contact us so we can make further alterations.