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Loot Crate: Junes Transform Theme

So I’m a little late posting this months crate, but it’s time to reveal what we got our hands on. So this months theme is Tranform, and this obviously came about because of the upcoming transformers movie hitting soon. As you’d expect, pretty much everything this month is transformer related, so if you’re a hardcore fan, then this is the

Payday 2: The Big Bank: Review

It’s been a while since we heard anything related to Payday 2, but now it’s time. The Big Bank is the biggest and most complex job in Payday history. So how does it fair, is it really worth the time and money to try to pull off the biggest heist of your career? The Big Bank Heist first starts when

Payday 2: The Big Bank Heist

If you’ve not heard of Payday 2, you’ve probably been living under a rock for most of last year as it got some heavy promotion. But it’s been a while since the game came out, and now it’s finally time to see some more content. There’s been DLC for the game between it’s release and now, but nothing to really

E3 2014: Next-Gen Is Finally Here

It’s been a full year since E3 when we first heard about the next-gen systems, which have now finally made their breakthrough. At the start I wasn’t really interested in owning an Xbox One, or a Playstation 4. But now there’s finally games I’m interested in. To say the least, the eighth generation started a little sour to me. All

Murdered: Soul Suspect Review

Your name is Ronan and you’ve just been murdered by the Bell Killer in Salem. But the question is, should you raise up from your body and hunt down this mysterious killer, or should you just hover in limbo? Murdered: Soul Suspect follows Ronan, a detective with a rather burdened past. you’re killed by the Bell Killer, and your last

The Queen’s Gauntlet

The Queen's Gauntlet makes it's return after the defeat of Scarlet to celebrate victory. Though there is bigger concerns, there's still time to celebrate after the storm that Scarlet created. Kick back, relax and enjoy your time in The Crown Pavilion.

Loot Crate: May’s Adventure Theme

So it’s that time again, Loot Crate. If you missed my previous posting on this, now is the time to catch up. Sadly if you want this months crate you’ve missed the deadline, but there’s plenty of time to get next month’s crate. If you’re new to this sort of idea, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription based box that

Festival of the Four Winds

The Festival of Winds brings the return of the Zephyrites along with the rebuild of Lion's Arch and a set of returning events. You can now return to the Crown Pavilion to take part in the Boss Blitz and the Queen's Gauntlet. If you happened to miss these events previously, you can now take part in them for the second time. The Boss Blitz has been updated, and so has the Queen's Gauntlet.

Tequatl The Sunless

Tequatl is one of the world bosses for Guild Wars 2. This guide will navigate you through the various achievements on offer.

Trials Fusion: Review

Trials HD was the first, followed by Trials Evolution, now it’s time for Trials Fusion. So has RedLynx pulled off another high flying hit, or does it crash and burn? Trials Fusion is the third installment of the popular Trials series. You take control of your rider, then punish them as you throw them through a series of courses designed


Warface puts you into a war filled action pack battles of co-op and competitive multiplayer. Your job is to survive and work as a team to reach victory at whatever cost.

Warface Xbox 360 Edition

Warface is Cryteks latest release in the First Person Shooter genre. The title takes place in several locations but has taken advantage of the fully online and free-to-play model. So does Warface make you want to jump up and scream, or does it make you want to range and show your Warface? Warface is a fully online multiplayer title. Unlike

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