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Titanfall is the first installment from Respawn Entertainment. A studio formed from Call of Duty vets from the days of Infinity Ward. So how does that Titan fight end. Will it become victories of the multiplayer  genre, or will it fall and crumble under the other multiplayer giants? Titanfall takes place in a world where Titans are in rampant production

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Loot Crate: April’s Dragon Theme

Some of you may have already heard of Loot Crate, me personally, I just stumbled upon it recently and decided to investigate further. If you’re not familiar with these sorts of things, Loot Crate is a monthly subscription service which sends out a box of gamer related collectibles for a small fee. After learning more about Loot Crate, I decided

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Titanfall takes place in a futuristic battle of two factions. Each goal is to stop the other faction while you battle each other for controlling points on a map. Titanfall doesn't do anything spectacular, but it's execution is fast, fun and exciting. Work as a team to defeat your enemy.

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What happened to expansions?

For anyone who’s been around the gaming world long enough, you will know the word expansion. Or more commonly known as DLC (Downloadable Content) by today’s standards. Looking back over the years, it’s become quite obvious that slapping game add-ons into most titles is a way to make a quick buck or two. This isn’t always the case, but it

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Dark Souls 2: Review

Dark Souls II is the third installment in the Souls series. But is it really worth playing?, is the impending doom that awaits you really worth your time, frustration and punishment? The Souls series is one series where you either love or hate it. It’s harsh, punishing at times and very unforgiving to newcomers, but Dark Souls II sets to

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Generation Lost?

I’ve been biting my tongue a little bit with the step through to the new generation. Mainly because it’s just one of those things I’ve not taken part in fully yet. I’ve yet to own either Xbox One, or PS4. But the obvious next gen titles are also coming to the PC platform which I’ve been playing. So, I’ve been

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Battle for Lion’s Arch

After Scarlet attacked Lion's Arch, it was left in ruins. It's now up to you and your fellow survivors to take back Lion's Arch and finish Scarlet off for once and all.

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Thief: Review

Thief simply titled is the fourth entry in the Thief stealth game series. After many years, this title has finally been revived once again by Eidos Montreal with the next entry in the series. Should the series have stayed quiet, or is this entry the next big groundbreaking stealth title? If you haven’t already played a Thief title before, you

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Escape From Lion’s Arch

Escape from Lion's Arch is the next part of the Scarlet Briar's Living Story. This follows up from the previous Origin of Madness, and Edge of the Mists story parts. This has been a long awaited step forward in the Living Story, where you have to help save the citizens of Lions Arch while it's under attack by Scarlet and her minions.

Join forces with your fellow players and help to save as many citizens as you can while exploring the destroyed ruins of Lion's Arch. Don't forget the rather lucrative rewards as well.

February 20, 2014 | Guides | Read Article

Triple Trouble

This boss event became a permanent addition to Guild Wars 2 through the latest addition of the Living World story. Your goal is to defeat a three headed wurm that's terrorizing the Bloodtide Coast.

February 14, 2014 | Central Tyria | Read Article
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