A World of Keflings

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Table of Contents

  1. Story Achievements
  2. Building Achievements
  3. Misc. Achievements
  4. Online Achievements

Story Achievements

All You Need Is Doug All You Need Is Doug
Thawed out poor frozen Doug

At the beginning of Chapter 1, you’ll be asked to make a Camp Fire.  After making the Camp Fire, you’ll then have to make a house.  After this is over, the keflings will ask you to find Doug, which won’t be too hard to find since the area you start off in is very small.  You’ll need to pick him up and set him next to the Camp Fire, you’ll get a cut-scene and you’ll unlock the achievement afterwards.

The Stars At Night The Stars At Night
Helped enhance your world with culture stars

This is for building buildings that give you culture stars, the story requires you to build more than enough of these kind of buildings.  You should get it on your second visit to the Ice Kingdom where you build the Ice Palace if you have been building everything else.  If not, it will eventually come during some part of the story.

I Would Walk 500 Miles I Would Walk 500 Miles
Visited the Ice Kingdom, the Desert Kingdom, and the Forest Kingdom

In the game, you start off in the Ice Kingdom.  You’ll eventually go to the Forest Kingdom.  It won’t be until Chapter 6 when you finally enter the Desert Kingdom.  This is all story related so you will get it before you finish the story.

Reunited (And It Feels So Good) Reunited (And It Feels So Good)
Talked to the whole family of builder brothers.

The builder brothers are like Doug, they are stronger and bigger keflings that will help you build buildings.  You’ll get your last builder brother in the Desert Kingdom, they are all story related so there is no secret ones.

Endless Doug Endless Doug
Got to know Doug pretty well. Does he ever stop talking?

I got this shortly after Reunited (And It Feels So Good), during the story, you’ll talk to Doug every so often, so you don’t need to worry, this is story related.  It can also unlock at different times for different players.  Although that may be a glitch.  But the achievement description doesn’t really say you need to hear all the conversations or not.

Be It Ever So Humble Be It Ever So Humble
Finished the Giant’s Gift. How relaxing!

Once you have done everything in the game, you’ll finally find out what the gifts were that you are sometime given for building buildings.  This is to make the Giant’s Gift, so I recommend when you get these gifts you have them set near each other so they are easy to find near the end.  You’ll be given the blue print so you find out which gift goes where.  Overall, the game is rather simple, you just keep doing the quests that are given to you.  Make sure to make plenty of houses so you have enough keflings that can help with things such as cropping down trees, getting stones, and getting wool from sheep, as well as keflings that will be able to pick that stuff up and transport it to one of your work shops.  You can do all this stuff too but it’s just quicker to have the keflings do that.  That’s what the normal keflings are there for.  As well as it comes to adding them to work shops or whatever, if you ever need a kefling but don’t have a heart for an extra house, you can pick one up and remove their hat so they can now be used for something else.  Don’t forget to upgrade them too, you’ll know when to upgrade them as they will have an arrow above them.

Building Achievements

Help! (I Need Somebody) Help! (I Need Somebody)
Started 10 buildings the builders finished without you

For builders to finish a building without you, it’s a building that you must have first completed.  You will have to have its blue print out and you will need to place the first part.  So if it’s something as simple as a house, all you have to do is go find a decoration part or build one if you have run out (see One Tree Hill for more information in how to build them).  Place that on the ground, have the parts ready to create from a Work Shop and then the builders will pick up each part and place them down where you placed the decoration.  The house will then appear, you don’t need a heart to finish off the building, but if you need any keflings you can add one.  It’s not important though, so no worries.

I Am The City I Am The City
Helped out with building 100 buildings.

Once the story is done, you should have at least 60-80 buildings completed.  You cannot just keep knocking down a building and just re-building it again.  It has to be 100 overall for the three kingdoms.  So for example, you could have it done with something like this, 60 in the Forest Kingdom and 20 in both Ice and Desert Kingdoms.  It’s not important which way you choose to do this with.  If you haven’t already obtained it, try getting Help! (I Need Somebody) done as you go for this.  Building normal houses is good enough for this.  You don’t even have to use hearts for them to register as complete buildings, they are good enough once you have built them, and they are the easiest/fastest to create.

Misc. Achievements

Go Ahead And Jump Go Ahead And Jump
Watched a kefling bounce through a long series of cannons

Once you go to the Forest Kingdom, go to the South West, you’ll notice a lot of cannons.  Do not move them, they are set up perfect right from the start, just pick up any kefling you see (has to be a normal one, you can’t pick up the special ones) and place them in a cannon, they should just go round in circles.  After a while, the achievement will unlock, just stay there and keep watching them.

Come on, Vogue! Come on, Vogue!
Expressed yourself with 20 different emotes. Strike a pose!

You unlock emotes by going through the story of the game, by the end of it you should have enough of these.  Just press any direction on the D-Pad and you’ll get a grid of emotions, simply use each one of them until this achievement unlocks.

Online Achievements

Smile On Your Brother Smile On Your Brother
Received Collectibles from a friend. How sweet!

For this achievement you need one of your Xbox Live friends to send you collectibles.  To share items, you need to go into the pause menu and go down to sharing, select the friend who you want to give them to and they will be sent.  However, this is so you are sent collectibles, so it’s best to ask anyone on your friends list first if they don’t mind sharing collectibles with you.  Collectibles are stuff like statues, brushes etc that you normally use to create houses with.  You will need to get someone to share with you for One Tree Hill.

One Tree Hill One Tree Hill
Adorned your world with 25 unique decorative pieces

Each player starts off with 19 collectibles, so you need to get someone to share with you.  Hopefully whoever you get doesn’t end up having all the same items as you.  You need at least 6 new ones from them.

Collectibles are the decorative pieces that you would have seen lying around the worlds.  So keep in mind, you won’t have to worry about building them, just the ones that you have never seen before are needed to be built.

You can build them at these buildings, these buildings will need to be built first.

Ice Kingdom

  • Snowman Shop

Forest Kingdom

  • Sculptor
  • Florist
  • Fountain Workshop
  • Nursery

Desert Kingdom

  • Master Artisan

Then simply, build all you can from these until the achievement unlocks.  They do not need to be attached to a building.