A World of Keflings: It Came from Outer Space

Author Notes




Easy Being Green Easy Being Green
Helped create a Nuclear Lobster

Once you have built a Matter Transformifier, you can create Metamorph Carrots, then give your Gravity Lobster a Metamorph Carrot and this will turn it into a Nuclear Lobster, you might want to make two Lobsters first though, if you didn’t, just break the Lobster, pick up a piece and then place it back and you’ll have your original Gravity Lobster back.

Like a Rock Like a Rock
Got past the meteor

After you get given the Strength potion, you’ll be able to break the meteor that is blocking your path, just press :x: at it a couple of times and it will be gone, earning this achievement.

Mr. Roboto Mr. Roboto
Helped build the Ubertronic Dynabot

This is the second last building you’ll need to build, just keep building everything to progress through the game, you’ll need to give every animal building a Metamorph Carrot to access all the resources required, so you might be better to build two of each of those, once you have built the Ubertronic Dynabot, the achievement will unlock, completing the DLC achievement pack, although to see the ending of the DLC, you’ll need to complete the last building.