A World of Keflings: Sugar, Spice and Not So Nice

Author Notes

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Sticky Business Sticky Business
Saved the Caramel Lake

Eventually during the story, you’ll find out Augustus has been eating the caramel from the Caramel Lake.  You’ll have to restore it by giving it the items that are required.  Once it has been restored and after the cut-scene, this achievement will unlock.

Hunger Hunt Hunger Hunt
Helped find Augustus and his hidden treats

After a while, and near the end, you’ll find out Augustus has been eating the turtle, you’ll have to find him and kick him five times.  Kicking him five times makes him drop the five pieces of the turtle, once you have done this and got a cut-scene, the achievement will unlock.

Sweet Dreams Sweet Dreams
Helped restore Charlie to the Fudge Fortress

Once you destroy the wizard’s tower and get the gobstopper back, you’ll now be ready to create the Fudge Fortress.  This building will take some time to create but it’s the last building you can create in this DLC, overall, just keep doing the quests each of the characters give you.  It isn’t too different from the normal Keflings.