A World of Keflings: The Curse of the Zombiesaurus

Author Notes

During the game, certain quests will give you special types of items, these are items such as the Gorilla Costume etc, when you are given them, make sure to keep them together so they are easier to find later on in the game instead of them being scattered about the place.

Field Day Field Day
Helped create a Scarecrow

Near the very start of the game you’ll be asked to make a Corn Field, this will include the Scarecrow.  You will be given a Pumpkin to finish off this building, after it is complete and you get a cut-scene, the achievement will unlock afterwards.

It's Alive It’s Alive
Helped build the Franken-builder

After you get Jack ‘o Lanterns, you’ll be asked to find the Franken-builder, he will be somewhere in your world, you’ll then be asked to bring him to the Laboratorium which you would have built already.  This will bring the Franken-builder back to life and after the cut-scene you’ll unlock the achievement.

Monster Mash Monster Mash
Saw the epic confrontation between Zombie-saurus and the Vampire Ape

After you build Kefula’s Castle, you’ll have to build the Monster Maker, you may have noticed that you were given certain parts for doing some quests, if you have kept these parts near each other, you shouldn’t have much problem tracking them down, they are required for the Monster Maker.  After you build the Monster Maker you’ll have to scare 10 Spooklings (you press any button on your D-Pad which opens up the e-motes, use the scary face emote to scare them) and destroy 4 of the marked Belfrys that are around the world.  After you do this you’ll get a cut-scene, after the cut-scene is finished, this achievement will unlock and that will be the DLC completed.

All the achievements are story related.  Just keep doing the quests given to you and you will be able to progress, I only needed a total of three houses in this DLC as well.  The buildings didn’t require as much resources as the last DLC did, but it works out the same length anyways.  The world is a lot bigger in this DLC, the only difficult part is finding some things when you are asked to, but that’s not even that difficult, always check behind buildings, a lot of times the stuff I needed to find was hidden behind buildings I created so they were hard to see.