Adera: Episode 1

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Table of Contents

  1. Story Achievements
  2. Collectibles Achievements
  3. Misc. Achievements
  4. Online Achievements

Story Achievements

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Dear Diary
Used the Journal.

Once you come to the Helicopter wreck, you’ll have a short chat with Hawk and you will be able to pick your journal up that is just lying on the ground, as soon as you pick it up, it opens itself automatically and this achievement will pop up.

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Lifesaver
Revived Hawk after the chopper crash.

To revive Hawk, you’ll have to find the key (it is where your journal was) for the crate, once you open the crate you’ll have to place all three first aid equipment into the first aid box, you’ll then be able to pick it up, click on Hawk and then use the first aid box on him, he’ll ask for water now.  You’ll have to click on the Helicopter and find all of the items in a mini-game (you can also unlock Keen-Eyed Sleuth if you don’t use hints in this), this will give you a flask which you can then go over to the pond in the first area that you were in the game and get some water from it, you then go back to Hawk and give him the flask.

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Orb Heirloom
Acquired the Orb from your father, James Sinclaire.

During story, you’ll enter a flashback, you’ll have to do a puzzle in this flashback, but it’s not as hard as it looks, you just need to get the move all the circle pieces first and have sure that the bar in the center can move up and down, then you’ll have to move the center piece so that the blue light bit will connect with the bar.

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Canyon Pass
Opened the Ceremonial Gates of Adera.

This is for finding all the animal pieces that will open the gate in the first area of the game, all of the animal pieces can be found in this area. You will need extra items to get to them.  The first you can get is the bird which you’ll need to make a bridge to reach.  In the area where the wrecked helicopter is, there is a blanket on the ground. Click on it once so it changes a bit, then the mini-game that I have mention also give you metal bars. Place these on the blanket and then click on it again and another time to pick it up.

Go into the first area and click on the gap (you should see a puzzle symbol here) and pick it and you’ll now be able to cross the gap.  Click on the bottle and use the knife (you found this in the wrecked helicopter area) and then pick up the bird.

You now need the big cat symbol, it is also found across this gap, but you need to find 5 metal plates first. They are both in this area and in the wrecked helicopter area.  You will need to adjust the weights so it is even, it will then let you get access to the big cat symbol.

Now, back across the bridge, look for a small crack on the wall and you will see a spiral symbol, similar to the one you need for the door.  You’ll need the crowbar, flashlight and gloves for this, all of which can be found in the wrecked helicopter area.  Once you have scared off the scorpion you’ll get the spiral symbol.  And now you can take all of these to the door and place them in the right places and get this achievement.

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Ritual Chamber
Entered the hidden valley of Adera by way of a secret chamber.

During the game you will come to a chamber where you will have to look for blue pieces in vases, once you have found these, look on the floor of the center of the chamber and you’ll find a puzzle, you are basically trying to get all of the pieces over to the outer edges, it isn’t that hard, but you have to do it in a certain order, but you are allowed to make mistakes.  After you do this, you will have activated something which will have these blue symbols appearing on each wall.  You basically have to match each blue piece you picked up with the correct symbol.

You will now be directed to the central wall which will have a symbol on it where you have to play a mini game of keeping the orange pieces away and throwing the blue pieces to whatever symbol they match, once you have done this, you have opened the entrance to the hidden valley.

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Quetzal Aflame
Unveiled a shimmering path leading to a hidden city.

During the game you will eventually pick up these lenses, once you arrive in the area, place all of the lenses into each slot that you can, then place the focusing crystal (you would have picked this up via a previous puzzle), click each lens so it is facing the focusing crystal, you’ll get a cut-scene where the rope bridge has been repaired.

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Across the Chasm
Ventured across a deep gorge on a rickety rope bridge.

Once you have repaired the rope bridge that vanished during a cut-scene, you can now cross it, once you do this, this ends the game.  But you can return to this point anytime you want to finish off collectibles if needed.

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Aderan Paragon
Completed all of Episode One without using the Hint Button.

During the entire game, never press the Hint Button, it’s an easy enough game, none of the puzzles are really that hard, there was only one puzzle that give me problems, which I had to skip because I messed it up so it could never be completed (walking out of the area and back again never helped this),  it is the puzzle with the four bars that you have to put towards the left side, simply, never insert the metal pieces into the middle bits, this is what I did and it made it so I couldn’t move one of the bars towards the left.

Adera Episode 1 Achievement Guide Focused Mind
Solved all the minigames in Episode One without skipping.

Again this is easy enough, however in my first play I did do a mistake that I mentioned in the above achievement, be very careful whilst doing that puzzle.  After a while in mini-games, you are given the option to skip them.  Just never press this button unless you do the mistake I mentioned (this is the only puzzle in the game that you can really mess up, every other one is fixable if you do a mistake).

If you did do the mistake, just do a second playthrough and since you know what you are doing now, it should only really take 20 minutes max to get this done.

Collectibles Achievements

First Find First Find
Gathered your first collectible.

See Attention to Detail for more information.

Amateur Collector Amateur Collector
Gathered five collectibles in Episode One.

See Attention to Detail for more information.

Zealot Collector Zealot Collector
Gathered 30 collectibles in Episode One.

See Attention to Detail for more information.

Attention to Detail Attention to Detail
Gathered all the collectibles in Episode One.

Most of the collectibles are easy to find, you can track which ones you have via the main menu.  There is only a few that may be difficult.  Anytime you look up close to areas too, it will push you out if you have collected everything, so if you are still in that scene for whatever reason, it means you still have something to pick up there.  Most that are outside these small areas are easy to find, they normally stick out enough for you to find them.

The Seashell Mask is very hard to see, it is located in the area with the rusted machine, in the sand, it is nearly the exact same color as the sand.  It is also near some grass, very hard to see so if you can’t see it, just keep clicking round any area with grass and you’ll come across it eventually.

The Bronze Fish Coin is also very hard to see, this is in the starting area of the Hidden Valley, look on the ground, it is the exact same color as the dirt patches, just keep clicking round those until you eventually find it.  None of the collectibles are miss-able so you can leave these until the end of the game, but it’s almost best if you just make sure you have obtained everything you can in one area.

Misc. Achievements

Keen-Eyed Sleuth Keen-Eyed Sleuth
Completed a Hidden Object scene without using the Hint Button.

You’ll get your first one of these in the Wrecked Helicopter, simply just don’t press the Hint Button, just find everything it asks you to.  It’s just really a picture you’re looking at where there is a lot of stuff and among that stuff is the stuff you are looking for.

Mad Tapper Mad Tapper
Received the rapid-tap warning in a Hidden Object scene three times.

Repeatedly click on random items that aren’t listed until the screen cracks. The result will be a warning telling you to settle down.

This Way, That Way This Way, That Way
Travelled back and forth between the same two scenes four times in 30 seconds.

This is easy enough, just keep traveling between the same two scenes and do this four times within 30 seconds, once you enter most areas you will be able to press back in the hub then when you have been put back in the previous area you can just click on the arrow that leads you to the area you came back from.

Gimme a Hint Gimme a Hint
Used the Hint Button five times.

This is for using the Hint button five times, you may be best to leave this til a second playthrough, it doesn’t take too long to do.  Once you use the Hint button, you usually have to wait a short moment before you can use it again.

Online Achievements

A Helping Hand A Helping Hand
You showed your friends what you were doing in Adera by using the Share charm.

During anytime in the game, hover your cursor over the top right corner to bring up a menu, go to Share in this menu and choose Mail, you don’t actually have to share with anyone, it should unlock at some point when you have loaded this up.