Alice: Madness Returns

Author Notes

This game is rather lengthy, but there are a few achievements/trophies which will need some extra attention as they can be a little tricky to obtain. There is a chapter selection, so if you do miss the odd items or need to replay for whatever reason you can select the various sub-chapters. Before you start playing, I highly recommend buying the dress and weapon additions for 160 points. These dresses and weapons give you a huge advantage over all enemies in the game. They will also make the game far easier on the harder difficulties. Though it may seem pointless wasting money on these additions, they are well worth the money if you want to have the extra advantage in this game.


Table of Contents

  1. Story Progression
  2. American McGee’s Alice
  3. Weapons & Kills
  4. Misc Actions
  5. Collectibles

Story Progression

No Happy Returns No Happy Returns
Back to Wonderland

This will unlock with natural progression through the story. Shortly after starting the game you will find that you will make your way back to Wonderland to seek out the answers to your madness.

End of Innocence End of Innocence
Complete Vale of Tears

This is a story and will unlock with natural progression, you will need to complete the second sub-chapter of chapter 1 which is basically a tutorial.

Hatter's Demise Hatter’s Demise
Complete Wonderland Chapter 1

This is a story and will unlock with natural progression, you will need to complete the following sub-chapters:

  • Houndsditch Home
  • The Vale of Tears
  • Slug with a Shell
  • The Crockery
  • Hatter’s Gate
  • Always Elevenses
  • About Face
  • Smelling and Regurgitating
  • Cranking Up & Pressing Down
  • Assemblage (or Destruction)

Grim Folly Grim Folly
Complete Wonderland Chapter 2

This is a story and will unlock with natural progression, you will need to complete the following sub-chapters:

  • Billingsgate
  • Tundraful
  • Sliding towards Oblivion
  • HMS Gryphon
  • Naval Disaster
  • Barrelbottom
  • Inky Veil
  • Choral Coral
  • Oyster Garden: Beds Available
  • Lost Souls Locker
  • Barrelbottom Revisited

When Worlds Collide When Worlds Collide
Complete Wonderland Chapter 3

This is a story and will unlock with natural progression, you will need to complete the following sub-chapters:

  • Threadneedle Street
  • Vale of Doom
  • Scorched Earth
  • Scroll of Happy Times
  • Monastery Shelf Valley
  • Trunk
  • Scroll of Dark Skies
  • West Peak Prison Village
  • Hellish Hive
  • Scroll of Destiny
  • Peak Temple

The Harder They Fall The Harder They Fall
Complete Wonderland Chapter 4

This is a story and will unlock with natural progression, you will need to complete the following sub-chapters:

  • Bow-Street Lock-Up
  • Cardbridge
  • Least Wing
  • Waste Wing Part 1
  • Waste Wing Part 2
  • Labyrinthine Revenge
  • Harder they Fall
  • Dark of Heartness

The End of Daze The End of Daze
Complete Wonderland Chapter 5

This is a story and will unlock with natural progression, you will need to complete the following sub-chapters:

  • Rutledge Asylum
  • Hide Park
  • Fort Resistance
  • Frogs Way
  • Off With Her Head Part 1
  • Dolltown Cellars
  • Dollgirl’s Pursuit
  • Fort Resistance Delivered
  • Looking Glass Railway Station
  • Off With Her Head Part 2
  • Dollmaker’s Workshop

The Strong Survive The Strong Survive
Complete the Game on Easy Difficulty

See “Madness Prevails”

The Imaginative Endure The Imaginative Endure
Complete the Game on Normal Difficulty

See “Madness Prevails”

The Persistent Flourish The Persistent Flourish
Complete the Game on Hard Difficulty

See “Madness Prevails”

The Beginning of the End The Beginning of the End
Complete Chapter 1 on Nightmare Difficulty

See “Madness Prevails”

Madness Prevails Madness Prevails
Complete the Game on Nightmare Difficulty

I recommend that you play through the game at least once on either easy or normal and earn all weapon upgrades as well as learn the levels. This game can be difficult at times, though it’s not the hardest game on the highest difficulty. You won’t be able to survive unless you’re a master of the hack and slash genre on your first run. If you have all weapon upgrades you will have the upper hand on all the enemies you face.

As an addition you may also want to buy the weapons and dress DLC as these items can make or break some enemies within seconds. Where as using the standard weapons you may find yourself stuck at times due to how overwhelming some fights can be.

Just progress through the game at your own pace and use the umbrella on enemies that fire projectiles, as well as use the teapot cannon as much as possible. These two items are key to your survival, though smaller enemies can be quickly removed by either using the blade or Pepper Grinder or Hobby Horse.


American McGee’s Alice

Madness Begins Madness Begins
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Village of the Doomed

This is story related and will unlock with natural progression through the game.

Skool-Leaver Skool-Leaver
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Fortress of Doors

This is story related and will unlock with natural progression through the game.

Out of the Woods Out of the Woods
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Wonderland Woods

This is story related and will unlock with natural progression through the game.

Dead Hatter Dead Hatter
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Behind the Looking Glass

This is story related and will unlock with natural progression through the game.

Royal Approach Royal Approach
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete Queen of Heartsland

This is story related and will unlock with natural progression through the game.

Full Recovery Full Recovery
In American McGee’s Alice, Complete the Game

This is story related and will unlock with natural progression through the game.


Weapons & Kills

Snicker-snack! Snicker-snack!
Acquire the Vorpal Blade

This will be acquired with natural progression through the game.

Ground Pork Ground Pork
Acquire the Pepper Grinder

This will be acquired with natural progression through the game.

Strange Hobby Strange Hobby
Acquire the Hobby Horse

This will be acquired with natural progression through the game.

Death by Darjeeling Death by Darjeeling
Acquire the Teapot Cannon

This will be acquired with natural progression through the game.

Strike a Deal Strike a Deal
Upgrade a Weapon

Before you can upgrade one of your weapons you will need to collect a set amount of teeth. Make sure you pick up as many teeth as possible as you will need every single one you find if you want to upgrade sooner rather than later. Upgrades vary depending on weapon, the second level upgrades are the cheapest, then they slowly require more teeth for each level.

Unlock level 2 for any one of your weapons and this will unlock. You can upgrade your weapons at any point in the game by pressing :start: then selecting weapons. Once you have enough teeth press :a: on the desired weapon and confirm your upgrades.

More than a Mouthful More than a Mouthful
Fully upgrade a weapon

To fully upgrade one of your weapons you will need to find enough teeth to unlock the fourth level card within your upgrade menu. You’re going to need roughly  1,500/2,000 teeth to fully upgrade one weapon, but the cost overall depends on which weapon you’re upgrading.

Armed to the Teeth Armed to the Teeth
Fully upgrade all weapons

You will need to fully upgrade all weapons up to level 4. The following weapons will need to be upgraded, any others you own will not have an option for upgrades:

  • Vorpal Blade (1650 Teeth)
  • Pepper Grinder (1850 Teeth)
  • Hobby Horse (1900 Teeth)
  • Teapot Cannon (1850 Teeth)

You will need to collect roughly around 7,500 teeth to fully upgrade all four weapons. This may sound like a lot, but you will be able to fully upgrade each weapon by the time you get to the end of chapter 5.

Neighslayer Neighslayer
Hit 4 Enemies With a Single Hobby Horse Ground Smash

This is bar far one of the most simple, but frustrating achievements/trophies in the game. The reason it can be so problematic is due to the nature of how it unlocks. You will need to hit 4 enemies at the same time using the Hobby Horse’s Ground Smash. To Perform this smash you will need to press :y:, :y:, :y:. You will start with a basic smash, and swing then finish off with the Ground Smash.

This weapon has a rather narrow hit radius compared to most other weapons. Even though this weapon is rather powerful, hitting 4 enemies can be a little iffy. During chapter 1 you will come to a to an area where you have to pass through a door. This door will then lead you to an area where you will learn how to use hysteria. At this point there will be a small group of insidious ruins.

Run forward and press :b: to drop your clockwork bomb. Once all the ruin’s head towards the bomb quickly turn and use the Hobby Horse combo. If you manage to hit 4 ruin’s at the same time with the Ground Slam this will unlock. You can attempt this at any point in the game against most enemies, though the flies and slugs don’t seem to count.

Brollyant Brollyant
Kill 10 Bitch Babies with Deflection

You won’t meet these enemies until later in the game during chapter 5. You will be introduced to them while navigating your way through the doll house sub-chapters. Once you’re introduced to them you will need to deflect their acid spit attack with the umbrella by holding :lt: and :a:.

These enemies have two attacks, one of a charge which starts with a golden glow of sparks before the enemy attacks. You won’t want to do anything if you see the babies do this other than jump, dodge and avoid this attack. Keep your distance and hold the :lt: to lock on to the target. Once you see the babies foaming green sludge at the mouth, prepare to press :a: to pull out the umbrella and deflect the acid.

You will need to do this to 10 different Bitch Babies, but make sure you kill each one using the deflection until this unlocks. you won’t run into this enemies too often and there aren’t too many throughout the chapter.

Weapon Schizo Weapon Schizo
Hobby Horse to Vorpal Blade to Hobby Horse Combo

This can be a little tricky, but once you have both weapons you will need to press :x:, :y:, :x: to perform this combo. The best enemies to perform this combo on is the Insidious Ruins as they can take several hits before they die. Difficulty also plays a part in how many strikes they can take. Your upgrades will also depend on how much damage you inflict.

Grind 'em All! Grind ’em All!
Kill 5 Bolterflies in a row with the Pepper Grinder

At the very start of the game you will be introduced to the Pepper Grinder and Bolterflies. Enter the first area after locating the Pepper Grinding, destroy the first Bolterfly nest, then wait for the next three to drop. Run around the area until you have several of these flies following you then lock on with the :lt:. You can now start using with the :rt: and jump between the flies with the :rs:.

There are several areas where you can earn this, but this is the first and most straight forward.

52 Pick-Up 52 Pick-Up
Defeat 52 Card Guards

This will come with natural progression through chapter 4. There are plenty of Card Guards to kill and you should earn this around half way through the chapter. Just progress at your own pace and kill every guard you see.

Beware of the Lagomorph Beware of the Lagomorph
Kill 30 enemies with the Clockwork Bomb

This may take some effort on your part, but it’s another rather straight forward set of requirements. Once you unlock the clockwork bomb you can deploy it at any time by pressing :b:. Most enemies can take up to 5 shots with this weapon before they die, but you can kill any enemy in the game with it. As you progress you will encounter the Slithering Ruins on a regular basis. They are normally hiding inside breakable items. You will also run into large groups of these enemies, once you do drop a clockwork bomb in front of them and detonate it by pressing :b:. These enemies only take one shot from this weapon to die, unlike every other enemy in the game. You can also use the bomb on all ground based ruin’s, Madcaps, Bolterflies, Ice Snarks and Card Guards.

If you don’t manage to earn this by the end of the game you can kill Bolterflies during the first chapter in the Vale of Tears sub-chapter.

Calm In the Face of Death Calm In the Face of Death
While on your last Rose, kill 5 Enemies without activating Hysteria

At some point in the game you may be very low on health, indicated by the roses in the top left hand corner of the screen. If you want to get this out the way early on, allow enemies to hurt you until you have one rose left. Once you’re at this stage, you can then go on a killing spree. Insidious Ruins don’t tend to attack very often so they are an easy target to destroy, then once you collect the Pepper Grinder you can finish off the requirements for this with the Bolterflies.

This can be completed at any point in the game, but the first chapter during the tutorial is the most straight forward and hassle free area to do so.

No quarter! No mercy! No quarter! No mercy!
Defeat 100 Ruin Enemies

This will come naturally as you progress through the game, but all ruins in any shape or form count towards this achievement/trophy. Just progress through the game and you will kill well over the required amount before you even get half way through.

Cold Arms, Cold Heart Cold Arms, Cold Heart
Defeat the Drowned Sailor without taking any damage

Though this says to beat the Drowned Sailor, there is more than once. You will meet these enemies during chapter 2, but you will also encounter them early in chapter 2. You won’t be able to kill them directly, and they will throw a bomb at you. They will only become visible once you destroy one of the bombs this enemy is holding. You will then be able to attack him before he goes invisible again.

Towards the end of chapter 2 you will be fully introduced to this enemy while trying to escape, you will be shown a short cut-scene and his name will be displayed on-screen. To avoid any damage you will need to dodge with the :lb: until he tries to attack. You will then enter a slow motion sequence of his attack where he will then become stuck in the ground. At this point you can now attack him full force with your blade, Pepper Grinder or Hobby Horse.

You will need to keep doing this until you manage to kill him, if you miss this on the first enemy, there are four more which you will have to deal with as you progress through the end of this chapter. Just keep dodging until you have an opening to attack. If you try to take him head on you will most likely end up getting hurt.

Pulling Strings Pulling Strings
Defeat the Dollmaker without taking any damage.

The Dollmaker is last enemy and boss you will fight in the game. He’s not really hard, but his attack can sometimes catch you even if you’re out the way so this can be a little frustrating at times. This fight is broken up in to two parts, the first being his hands. You will need to destroy the Ruin faces which go through moments on invincibility when they’re covered in black slime. You can avoid the attacks from each hand fairly well as they are quite slow and require very little to destroy on easy.

The second part of this boss will require you to destroy the Ruin faces on his tongue. At some point during the fight he will hold on to the two pillars and lean forward. From here you will clearly see his tongue with the faces. You will need to keep moving a fair bit and try to use the pillars as cover as he will spit black slime at you. Once you destroy the faces on his tongue the fight is over and you will unlock this achievement/trophy if you managed to not take any damage.

You will have avoid other enemies within this arena, so make sure you’re constantly moving, if you do get hit though you can restart from the previous sub-chapter checkpoint. If you have finished the game you can load just this fight and beat the Dollmaker, but you will need to complete both parts of the fight.

DLC Dresses and Weapons

If you want to make this fight extremely easy you can buy the dress and weapon add-on for 160 points. Doing so will give you access to several new dresses. It will also give you access to the Fleshmaiden dress which will allow you to perform Hysteria at any point by pressing the :ls: in. This will make you invincible for the duration of Hyestera, and you can keep repeating it as many times as you like.

You will also have access to the Octo-grinder, Knightmare Hobby Horse and Catnip Cannon which are improved versions of their earlier state. All these weapons will allow you to cut down the Dollmaker in no time, and with the added bonus of no damage using the Flashmaiden Hysteria you shouldn’t have any difficulty what so ever earning this.

Misc Actions

That's Using Your Head That’s Using Your Head
Complete Off With Her Head Part 2 in under 6 minutes

During chapter 5 you will have to complete 2 maze like platform areas with a dolls head. It’s a rather strange take on the old game Marble Madness. You will need to complete the second course within a 6 minute time frame. The course isn’t really difficult, but it’s easy to make a mistake as there are large sections where you need to use cannons to make your way through the course.

If you stumble at any point, try to recover as quickly as possible, there are two main sections which may give you some difficulty, but with a little patience and practice this shouldn’t be too difficult.

If you don’t manage to complete the course within the 6 minutes, you can either use the restart option, or load the sub-chapter from the main menu.

Eyes on the Size Eyes on the Size
Find the hidden Shrink Sense Decal

This is a rather small hidden Easter Egg where the developers have placed their logo into the world. You will find the Spicy Horse decal hidden behind the large teapot statue on the left hand side of the entrance of the caterpillars domain. If you miss this you can reload the sub-chapter Peak Temple, from here once behind the statue hold down the :lb: to find the decal and to unlock this achievement/trophy.

Ship of Fools Ship of Fools
Complete HMS Gryphon without taking Damage

During chapter 2 you will get to control HMS Gryphon in a side scrolling section. You will need to make it from the start of this section where the ship enters the water, to the end where it opens up after the closed in rocky section.

Just make sure you stay somewhere towards the bottom of the screen but in the middle. Keep firing with :a: and drop depth charges with :y: when needed. Just avoid as many enemies as possible, keep shooting and watch where all your enemies are swimming. If you managed to make it from start to finish this will unlock. You can replay this at any time using the sub-chapter HMS Gryphon under chapter 2.

This is a lot easier than it seems, just take your time and try not to rush.

Level-Headed Level-Headed
Finish the game using Hysteria only once

Hysteria can be one of the most usual tools at your disposal, but you need to hold your temptation to use it if you want to unlock this achievement/trophy. Hysteria can only be activated once you have one rose left in your health bar, and the ability is unlocked for use. To use Hysteria you will need to click in the :ls: once you’re on your rose.

If your health drops dramatically either try to survive or allow yourself to die. You can activate Hysteria once and still earn this, though anymore will require you to start over. If you manage to progress through the game without executing Hysteria more than once this will unlock at the end credits.

Tea Party Tea Party
Destroy 10 Ruin Barriers

Ruin Barriers will block you either in, or out of an area you need to get to. To destroy these barriers you will need to defeat the enemies in the surrounding area first, you will then notice the barriers change from black to a cracked shiny colour. This will unlock with natural game progression, this will unlock somewhere in Chapter 5 once you destroy one of the last barriers on your path.

Dress-Ups Dress-Ups
Equip a Different Domain Dress

To do this you will first need to unlock an alternative dress to the one you start with. This will happen fairly early on, so once you see Alice’s dress change, you can then save and head to the main menu screen. Once on the menu screen press :x:, then select a different dress using the menus provided. Press :b: to back out of the menu and this will unlock.

If you have any alternative DLC items which includes dresses you can also use those for this to unlock.

Grandmaster Grandmaster
Complete a Chess Puzzle without failing

During chapter 5 you will have to complete a series of chess board puzzles to proceed. You will be given the option to skip them if you find them too difficult, but they really aren’t that difficult. You will need to move your chess piece on to the gold start in front of you. The first puzzle requires you to move left once, then forward three times. On doing so you will also move the alternative chess piece on it’s respective star. This will then unlock the door in front of you and this achievement/trophy.

You will also notice that the other pawn on the board will follow your movements. You will need to plot a path for both pieces to reach the two stars on the board. You won’t have any difficulty with the first chess puzzle, but the one’s that follow can be a little tricky.

Venting frustration Venting frustration
Spend 7 minutes on steam vents

Steam vents will play a rather large part in your navigation throughout the world of Wonderland. Almost every single room you enter will have one of these vents, and you will be required you use them. Once you find one of these vents, jump on and stay floating in the air for seven minutes while this unlocks. You can alternatively play through the game and wait for it to unlock, but you may not spend enough time suspected in the air by them to reach this amount. If you don’t manage to reach this in a single playthrough, just hover on a vent until it unlocks.


Just peachy Just peachy
Collect all Peaches in the Scroll of Destiny

During chapter 3 you will need to complete three scrolls. These scrolls consist of a 2D side scrolling platform mini game. Each of these scrolls have several peaches hidden throughout the levels. One of these scrolls is called the Scroll of Destiny, which will be located just before you meet the caterpillar towards the end of the chapter.

Peach 1:
You will first need to clear the way of the wasps, then approach the first drop. Drop down to the ledge below, then jump up to the cloud and collect the peach before dropping down to the area below.

Peach 2:
This next one is a little further long the path. You will need to use the mushroom bounce pads and clouds to reach the highest level above. You will then need to walk along a leafy tree-top platform, drop down then use the mushroom to your left and jump over the spikes. The peach will be in the far left corner of this area among the leaves.

Peach 3:
Keep following the path until you have to ride a cloud between several groups of spikes, they will be above and below you. At this point you will need to shrink with the :lb: at parts to avoid being killed. As you exit this tunnel of death, use the mushroom as you get off the cloud and jump up to your left where you will find next peach.

Peach 4:
The last one is a little hidden, but once you get to the area where you will see two dragon heads spitting fireballs, you will need to pull a rope to raise three air vents. Jump across the vents to the platform which breaks up the two areas, you can now drop down from this platform to a hidden platform below. If you walk past the hut on the right side, you have gone too far.


Shooting the Moon Shooting the Moo
Collect 4 Jars of Rose Paint

To collect four jars of Rose Paint you will need to complete four Radula Rooms. These rooms are hidden throughout the world, but are fairly easy to find due to their size. They look like a large shell which you can walk in to. After completing each room you will be given one jar of Rose Paint for your rose. Completing four rooms will give you enough paint to fully paint one rose.

Painting the Town Red
Complete all Radula Rooms

In total there are 16 Radula Rooms throughout the game, most are easy to find, but they are normally tucked away behind key holes, hidden platforms or just off the main path. Once you start these rooms you will either have to complete a mini game, survival room or answer a riddle correctly. Once you complete the requirements for the room without failure, you will be rewarded with a single jar of Rose Paint.

See “Everything fit to remember” for further information.

  • Hatter’s Domain (0)
  • Deluded Depths (4)
  • Oriental Grove (4)
  • Queensland (4)
  • The Dollhouse (4)

Nothing Like the Smell of Bacon Nothing Like the Smell of Bacon
Pepper All Snouts in a Chapter

You will be shown how to pepper the Snouts through the tutorial at the start of the game. You will need to collect every snout in a single chapter for this to unlock.

See “Everything fit to remember” for further information.

Seasoned Campaigner
Pepper All Snouts in the Game

Throughout the world there are 59 snouts to pepper, at the start of the game you will be given the pepper grinder, you will also be shown how to deal with the snouts. You will need to shoot the snouts which will then reward you with some sort of hidden secret. Sometimes these are memories, teeth, gold teeth or bottles. You will need to carefully look for the snouts though as they tend to be well hidden, including some that are totally invisible until you use your shrink ability to make them visible.

See “Everything fit to remember” for further information.

  • Hatter’s Domain (14)
  • Deluded Depths (15)
  • Oriental Grove (11)
  • Queensland (11)
  • The Dollhouse (8)

Family memories fond and faded
Find all Liddell Memories

With each of the memories they have different icons and forms. For this you will need to find all the house icons which are listed under the Liddell memories.

See “Everything fit to remember” for further information.

Everything fit to remember
Find all Memories

With progression through the game and learning Alice’s past, you can piece together further bits of her past by collecting the various memories hidden throughout the world. You will need to locate all memories for this but be prepared to search high and low as they are hidden through key holes, on hidden paths, behind Snouts and breakable walls.

  • Hatter’s Domain (26)
  • Deluded Depths (15)
  • Oriental Grove (19)
  • Queensland (17)
  • The Dollhouse (17)

The following videos will direct you to all their locations and save you the time and hassle of finding each one on your own:

Chapter 1




Chapter 2




Chapter 3




Chapter 4



Chapter 5