All Zombies Must Die!

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Table of Contents

  1. Story
  2. Quests
  3. Misc.


Back with the X Back with the X
Witness Rachel joining the group

Rachel is the first character to join your group, keep doing any quests she gives to you, eventually she’ll join, she will have a Base Quest for you to do which is a quest where you must kill all of the zombies, it will have a pop up on-screen with the game’s logo, this is the easiest Base Quest to get Can’t touch this which is kind of miss-able achievement, due to the fact there will be more types of zombies if you decide to come back to it later.

Big Brain Brian Big Brain Brian
Witness Brian joining the group

You first hear of Brian by a phone call, so after the call, you’ll head over to the TV Station where Brian is located, again he’ll be like Rachel, where he’ll ask you to do a few quests before finally joining the group and will also have a Base Quest attached to him.

Thought this was a Zombie Game? Thought this was a Zombie Game?
Witness Luxo joining the group

You meet Luxo in the Power Plant, again, he is like the other two where he’ll have a few quests for you to do, as well as another Base Quest, he’ll join your group after all of these have been completed.

Touch Base Touch Base
Complete ‘Return to the Military Base’ or see someone else do it

This is the final quest in Story, you will have to head to the park, the gate there will ask you to find all supplies from the Army Trucks around the place, the first one is in the area you are in now, then the rest are in each area up til the Bridge, their locations are marked on the compass system (click ), keep this up and just go to where the map icon is directing (make sure this quest is the active one, if it isn’t, press and then press until you are at the quests section and select this quest by pressing ), once you get the last one which is at the Bridge area, the bombing will start, so you will have to “rush” back to the park, once back at the park, talk to the gate and it will give you a Base Quest where you have to kill 300 zombies, the bombing helps a bit in this quest, plus every 30 kills you do, you will cause your own kind of bombing which always drops health, ammo and a silver credit, if you have problems with this or any of the quests, usually dying a few times within one area allows you to eventually lower the difficulty by pressing at the Restart screen, this does warn you that any XP you gain will be lowered, so only do if you are okay with that, it resets again after you leave that area, so it is only a temporary thing, once you have completed that quest, you can either (if you haven’t done it) gather up all three of the Dev Cards since there will be no more zombies to get in the way of that, then go to the gate and that’s it, you’ve completed the story of All Zombies Must Die! and earned this achievement.

Alternately, you can see someone else do this achievement and earn it that way.


Getting to know each other Getting to know each other
Complete all character quests or see someone else do it

Apparently this can be miss-able, as after the story, some quests refuse to complete, or so people say, however, I left one Character Quest til after I completed the story due to how frustrating it was, that quest was Choo Choo’s Ultimate Showdown, which is a quest which requires you to play as Jack or have Jack present (co-op), it is basically a horde mode which makes you fight waves of each zombie type, until eventually you get a mutant wave which is basically a whole pile of mutant zombies, to be honest with you, this quest wasn’t easy at all, it was frustrating, possibly the most frustrating in the game, as because after it, you need to get out of that area again, so you need to make sure not to die doing whatever quest the gate tells you to do, or die when getting to the gate, otherwise you will have to do this quest again, after you have it done successfully and out of that area, you’ll need to head back to the group and talk to Rachel, who will then give you a rather vague quest, called Growing Pains, again Jack is required for this, the quest says to kill a ton of over-sized zombies (not mutants), to receive the Growth Potion and bring it back to Rachel to prove to her that this is a Video Game, basically what this means, is either having a weapon that has been combined with the Microphone, or going next to a Police Car and having the siren go off, this makes over-sized zombies, and you have to kill a ton of these, there is no telling when you’ll get the item drop, so just keep killing these kind of zombies, if you are doing it correct, check when the XP pops up from that zombie kill if it has crossbones on it, that means you have killed an over-sized zombie, that is possibly the only quest you’ll have difficulty understanding, the rest are pretty straight forward, each character has three quests, when a character has a quest available, they will have a Question Mark over their heads, so you would talk to them to figure out what they need, and whether or not that you need to do the quests as them, for example, all of Brian’s quests revolve round getting the brains of each mutant type, which is a lot easier to do as Brian as he has the ability to create mutants.

Every quest also requires you not to die until you have left that area it was completed in, for the Growing Pains quest, I recommend not leaving the area you choose to do it in until the item drops as this will possibly reset your amount of kills, only leave the area once it has been completed, if you die in the area just after completing the quest or working towards completing the gate quest of that area, you will have to do it all over again, which is maybe one of the more frustrating systems of this game.

Alternately, you can see someone else do this achievement and earn it that way.

The Collector The Collector
Complete ‘Dev Card Hunt!’ or see someone else do it

In each area, Dev Cards can be found, these are in searchable objects where you can hold and do a search, some of these are easier obtained when there is no zombies, so I will state any areas that require you to do Base Quests that will wipe the area, some Dev Cards (usually only the beginning areas such as Town Square and the Police Station) cannot be found straight away, but can be found later, again these are like the quests, if you die while in the area just after picking them up, you will have to pick them up again.

Police Station (Base Quest available)

  • Dutch
  • Jaqz

Town Square

  • Chewy
  • Mo
  • Gareth


  • Russal
  • Fats
  • Lebowski


  • Kingsley
  • Jody
  • Xena


  • Rich
  • Dave

TV Station (Base Quest available)

  • Rob
  • Jon
  • Aaron

Power Plant (Base Quest available)

  • Tanguy
  • Ed
  • Stuart

Park (Base Quest available – only stays cleared until you talk to the gate to complete the game)

  • Kwok
  • Gilby
  • Jim

For areas where you can never do a Base Quest, I recommend getting those cards as soon as you can before more types of zombies appear.

Alternately, you can see someone else do this achievement and earn it that way.


Kill a zombie Kill a zombie
Kill a zombie

This is basically a free achievement, the first time you kill a zombie, this will pop up.

Fists of Fury Fists of Fury
Kill a mutant with your fists

The first time you come across a Mutant is when you visit the Bridge area, this will be the easiest mutant to do this against as no other zombies spawn during this, what you want to do, is use your shotgun against it until it only has a little bit of health remaining, press to put your weapon away and finish it off with your fists (), there is more mutants in the rest of the game, this is just the easier one to do it against since you won’t have any other enemies getting in the way.

A Legion of Zombies A Legion of Zombies
Kill 500 zombies in one level

You can get this in the first area, as soon as you start the game, I would go over and talk to the gate first though, since it will take you forever to do it using your fists, after talking to the gate you can pick up the shotgun and use that to kill zombies, you can kill bunches of zombies at a time using this weapon which is why I recommend it, do not count your kills or leave the area if you think you are at 500 kills, just keep killing zombies until the achievement pops, this might be glitched due to the fact, I exited the area as soon as the achievement unlocked to find out I had killed 700+ zombies, well beyond the 500 mark, however, some people have reported getting it just after killing about 500 zombies, if you exit the area and see you killed 500+ and wondering why the achievement didn’t pop up, this is because it has to be unlocked within the area, and you can tell by how many zombies I had to kill to finally trigger the achievement to unlock, so there is no point counting here, just read or watch something whilst killing zombies (considering your still with the basic zombies), may seem like a grind, but it is better off doing it at this time before more types of zombies come.

Watch this! Watch this!
Use your first Smart Bomb

Smart Bombs are items that can be used by pressing provided you have one on you, they can be found in searchable objects (see Can’t touch this for more information) or be earned by building up your combo bar until you go into your super mode and then once out of super mode, a smart bomb will be awarded, the combo bar only appears later on in the game though and chances are, you would have earned this achievement by then.

Can’t touch this Can’t touch this
Complete a Base quest without taking any damage

Technically, this is miss-able, you will need to do this on the first Base Quest available, when it is available, so if you get hit during it, press and scroll down to Restart, you have to set it up in a way where all zombies will be at a certain side so you can run about the place, having zombies die of fire, after about 48 kills, they will become enraged where they will be stronger and quicker and no longer can be put on fire, so you will have to take out the basic zombies with the shotgun, then the SWAT zombies, once you have them all gathered together, use the Smart Bomb, here is a video of what I’m explaining.


Master Craftsman Master Craftsman
Fully upgrade a weapon with any status effect

This can be obtained later on in the game, it was one of my last achievements, you need to craft a weapon once with a Level 1 Upgrade (this can be done at in the Crafting Room in the Base), then after so long in the game, Level 2 Upgrade items will unlock, the Level 1 Upgrade usually requires you to kill 30 zombies that have a status, such as they’re on fire or whatever, then the second upgrade requires about 40-50 zombies that have a status, to be able to upgrade a weapon’s status effect to Level 2, you must first have the Level 1 status effect first, the easiest way to obtain this, is fire status effect, which for level 1, you will need firewood, and for level 2, you will need a canister, both of these are gathered in certain quests, so you will know of their locations just by that, this will cost 315 credits as well as requiring these items.