Anarchy Reigns

Author Notes

Difficulty related achievements do not stack, so I wouldn't worry too much about starting off on Hard Mode, take your time to learn the game and then you may have a much easier time doing Hard Mode. If you are wondering, it's best to start as both different sides for the separate plays. So I recommend starting on White Side for your Normal playthrough and then starting on Black Side for your Hard playthrough. It is entirely your choice though. It's just, Black Side has a lot of annoying parts, so best to get the hardest parts out of the way first. Once you have all missions completed for each side no matter the difficulty, you should be able to use Stage Select to play Red Side on Hard Mode for White Side and Red Side on Normal Mode for Black Side. So the game requires roughly 2.5 playthroughs if you can manage to get Max Anarchy during your Normal playthrough. But no trouble if you have to do it on Easy, it should only take a couple of hours to complete the game on Easy and it will be a lot easier to do so without getting killed and you can work towards Burnt Out Anarchy and Anarchy's Executioner if you haven't already obtained them.

Also, when starting new games, just use the New Game option, it says you'll lose all your data, but what this means is that you'll just lose your place in your previous playthrough. Which doesn't really matter. So like say if you were in a middle of Hard Mode or something, don't select New Game then as then you will have to restart for in order to progress. Same goes if you have to do an Easy playthrough, select New Game just incase Stage Select doesn't work for Max Anarchy.

  1. Tutorial Mode Achievements
  2. White Side Campaign Achievements
  3. Black Side Campaign Achievements
  4. Campaign Mode Misc Achievements

Tutorial Mode Achievements

Anarchy Training Complete
Complete all tutorials.

This is for completing all of the tutorials, you can access these via the main menu, or it can be found next to the first Free Mission in White Side Stage 1.  They’re fairly simple to complete, just do as it tells you and you’ll have this really fast.

  • Level 1: Basic Action
  • Level 2: Basic Attacks
  • Level 3: Grabs
  • Level 4: Special Attacks
  • Level 5: Evasion and Defense
  • Level 6: Using Items
  • Final Level: Scrimmage

White Side Campaign Achievements

Drunken Anarchy
Complete White Side stage 1 on normal difficulty.

In Anarchy Reigns, you progress by scoring points in each of the stages.  Normally it takes around 3000 points before your first Free Mission is unlocked.  In Free Missions, you unlock points a lot faster.  You can also replay them as much as you like.  You also unlock Main Missions, which will also earn you points, but you can only play these once.  You do have the option of being able to replay them as much as you like once you have unlocked the stage in Stage Select.

Press :back: at any time, to select missions so you get an arrow above your character that will direct you to any of the ones you cannot find, this menu also gives you details such as how much points you need for the next mission, etc.

  • Main: The Tenacious Tiger
  • Main: Holed Up
  • Main: Tiger Wind & Lion Fin
  • Free: Urban Pacification
  • Free: The Fugitive*
  • Free: Mutation & Madness

Overall, Stage 1 isn’t too bad.  The only thing I struggled with on Normal difficulty was the mission I have marked with *, it’s a chase mission and the enemy in it only does their Killer Weapon attacks, so your health is drained fast.  Make sure to come with Rampage ready.  Do this for any mission that you think you are going to have a hard time with.  It’s not really important to have Rampage ready in Normal difficulty though.

Defending Coastal Anarchy
Complete White Side stage 2 on normal difficulty.

  • Main: The Mercent of Valenda
  • Main: A Shadow from the Abyss
  • Main: The Wily Crocodile
  • Free: Valenda Sweep
  • Free: Impeding Investigation
  • Free: Strike One

Bright Side of Anarchy
Complete White Side stage 3 on normal difficulty.

  • Main: Clan of the Crimson Dragon
  • Main: The Junk-Seller’s Pet
  • Main: Grievous Reunion
  • Free: Strict Enforcement
  • Free: The Transporter
  • Free: Compulsory Measures

Sandstorm of Anarchy
Complete White Side stage 4 on normal difficulty.

  • Main: Defining Justice
  • Main: The Old Man and the Desert
  • Main: End of Justice*
  • Free: The Fugitive’s Path
  • Free: A Valuable Lesson
  • Free: Berserk Rider

* Depending on what side you started with, depends if you get to play this mission.  If you started on White Side, then you will play End of Justice, if you started on Black Side, the game for White Side ends on The Old Man and the Desert.

The Fugitive’s Path is another chase mission with three Cybrid Joes this time.  You only have three retries so make sure you come in with Rampage ready.

Berserk Rider is an easy mission for most part.  Its only when you get to Cthulhu, is when it gets hard.  What you want to do is repeatedly jump (:a:) and use your attack (:x:) in midair, this causes a good bit of damage to it.  No idea why it is so hard fighting it from ground, but when you are in the air, most of its attacks cannot harm you.

Dead Anarchy
Starting on White Side, complete the Campaign on normal difficulty.

Once you are done with your Black Side play-through that it makes you do, you’ll unlock Red Side for White Side.  This is basically just two boss fights.  If you want a strategy for them, see Mad Anarchy, but it is mainly made for Hard difficulty.  Normal difficulty is a lot easier, so a lot of the things I explain in that strategy, you shouldn’t have to worry about at all.

  • Destined Duel
  • Last Things Last

Elite Force of Anarchy
Starting on White Side, complete all Campaign and free missions on any difficulty. (Stage Select OK)

If White Side is your Normal play-through, I recommend doing all of the Main and Free Missions.  Normal is an easy enough difficulty to do them in, whilst Hard difficulty gives the enemies more health, you may have problems with time in that difficulty more than you would in this one.  Overall, they are all easy, you may have to retry a few but once you have the idea of it in your head, it’s easy enough then.  Make sure to always have Rampage ready if you think you’re in for a difficult one.  Or even have some power-ups saved up.

Broken Bottles of Anarchy
Complete White Side stage 1 on hard difficulty.

See Knockdown, Drag Out Anarchy, you won’t want to start Hard difficulty on White Side or the Red Side stages will be near impossible for you.

This is continuing on from the Black Side part of Hard difficulty, so you hopefully know how to use items like tires/poles very well now as you’ll definitely be needing them for this.  I found Leo really awesome for combos compared to Jack in Normal difficulty, but it’s a whole different story in Hard difficulty.  Leo is pretty much useless without the tire/pole exploit.  Leo’s Killer Weapon attack (:lt: + :y:) is a lot better though, so you’ll be using a lot of those moves in this side of play-through, when you can’t use Killer Weapon moves (bar is depleted), then when you use the tire, you’ll want to rely on moves like these (with the tire/pole exploit of course):

:x: > :x: > :x: > :y: or :x: > :x: > :y: or :y: > :y: (this does not have the same kind of loop effect that Jack’s does, so don’t expect to get the opponent stuck in a combo with this).

So you’re in for a bit of a harder time here, it wasn’t what I expected since playing normally in Normal difficulty and not having to resort to exploits of stuns and other things, Leo was a much better character and White Side was the much easier campaign because of that.  Although, White Side is still the side you’ll probably finish in least time as you have at least one easy Free Mission in each stage that you can just repeatedly replay for White Side, Stage 4 is probably the only exception to this.

Main Mission: The Tenacious TigerThis is your first boss fight with Leo as your character, so you’re in for a bit of an adjustment, there is poles in this area, but Durga is really fast, so you aren’t going to be taking too much time with getting the pole, getting locked on with him and throwing it.  Again, just like when you were playing on Black Side, bringing power-ups and having Rampage ready is recommended.

Main Mission: Tiger Wind & Lion Fin
This is really hard.  You won’t have a pole or tire in the area you do the main fight in.  So bring one with you.  First off, do not use Rampage or power-ups in this part of the fight, this part is easy.  Durga will be on his partner, Garuda, Garuda will be in his spaceship look-a-like form while Durga will have a rocket launcher, grab (:b:) onto the missiles when you get the chance, make sure to be locked on to Durga and throw it back at him when you’re sure he isn’t going to suddenly move out of the way (he doesn’t do this often, but its worth it to wait a short moment before throwing in case he does, because even if you are locked on, the missile doesn’t have a homing effect so it’s going to miss if he does).  A cut-scene should happen when he is around 75%, he and Garuda will now be up on another building, grab your tire/pole and get up there.  Sasha will join, you have the option to play as her, I never but whatever works out for you I guess.  Now if you have a rocket launcher, use it on either Durga or Garuda, try to get both of them in one attack.  Now throw your tire at one, and concentrate on defeating them, use Rampage if you need to, to avoid the attacks coming from the other.  What you want to do on any of these 2 vs 2 fights is get rid of one as quickly as possible, then you turn it to your advantage by basically doing that.

Anarchy Carrier
Complete White Side stage 2 on hard difficulty.

Main Mission: The Mercent of Valenda
This is actually easy enough, during the first part of this fight, you’ll have to fight Oinkie, but just for a bit, then he’ll run away and leave you with the rest of the enemies, you’ll need to defeat them and then the room will go in fire, you’ll have to defeat everyone so the doors open and you get out of there and get health from the crates you see, then go up the lift and then you fight Oinkie.  There are tires in this area and Oinkie isn’t as fast as Durga so you have a lot more time to actually grab and throw them at him this time.  So it is a much easier fight, save any Rampage you have for this part though as Oinkie only remains in the first part for a very short time and it’s not worth it, especially since all the other enemies are just basic Killseekers that are easy no matter what the difficulty.

Main Mission: The Wily Crocodile
Again, this is another easy enough battle, just bring tires with you, I don’t think there is any in this area.  You’re fighting Jack, but it’s easy, same strategy as Oinkie basically.

All of the Lights of Anarchy
Complete White Side stage 3 on hard difficulty.

Main Mission: Clan of the Crimson Dragon
This is another 2 vs 2 battle, basically use the same strategy as the Durga and Garuda one.  This is arguably easier too.  Don’t know why but it’s maybe because the whole sign post is an environment hazard that stuns the opponent, and you’ll have your tire already in the area.  The characters are around the same speed as Durga though.  And your team partner will be Sasha again.  It could just be easier because you had previous experience in one of these fights in Hard difficulty now.

Main Mission: The Junk-seller’s Pet
This is another fight with Oinkie, this time you’ll have Nikolai with you and he’ll be on his pet, which is just basically a mutant.  And it has a smaller life bar than most mutants and especially for a boss.  This was even easier than the first fight you have with Oinkie.

Main Mission: Grievous Reunion
Don’t know why, but for some reason, all tires/poles disappear from this area once you start this fight.  It could be a glitch or something.  Anyways, you’ll want to come with power-ups, mainly a rocket launcher or rifle and do so much damage on Max at first, you’ll be solo until at least 75% of his health is remaining.  You’ll want to keep your retries too.  Max can very easily, since you don’t have any tires/poles to resort to in this fight, wipe out all three of your lives before you even get the chance to fight him with a team.  Both Sasha and Nikolai will come in and from then on, the fight gets at least a little bit easier.  Bringing in power-ups is very important, don’t bother using Rampage near the start, save it for when you need it.  This was one of the hardest fights, so get this out of the way and you’ll probably have no problem with the rest.

Bari Shur Loves Anarchy
Complete White Side stage 4 on hard difficulty.

Main Mission: Defining Justice
Fairly easy, just a one on one fight, make sure to make use of the tire in this area and you’ll be done with it in no time.

Main Mission: The Old Man and the Desert
This is the first fight you’ll fight and it’ll end up becoming something else entirely.  Try and not use Rampage when fighting Douglas, you only have to get him down to 25% health, its the next part you have to worry about, the game keeps throwing mutants at you, although Douglas helps a lot in this part, but you’ll definitely need Rampage as mutants defeat you in no time at all in this difficulty.  Especially when there is more than one.  You’ll have to watch out for the quick sand too, it’s an instant death if you get caught up in that.

Main Mission: End of Justice
Since you won’t play this in your Hard difficulty play-through, you can use Stage Select and use Jack, so it’ll be the exact same as what you did in that mission with him.  See Anarchy in the Dunes for that strategy.

Mad Anarchy
Starting on White Side, complete the Campaign on hard difficulty.

If you started your Hard difficulty play-through on Black Side, you must select Stage 4 of White Side and complete the Main Mission “End of Justice” (this is only selectable if you started your Normal play-through on White Side).  You can actually select any character you want, so you can select Jack since he has a better kind of combo for bosses on Hard difficulty.  See the strategy explained in Anarchy in the Dunes for more information for defeating Max with Jack on Hard difficulty.

Again, Red Side is also selectable from Stage Select for White Side on Hard difficulty.  So select that and you can use Jack as the playable character, so it shouldn’t be too different from what you have already done on Hard difficulty.  The Destined Duel fight is for Leo in that strategy, it’s the same sort of strategy you use for fighting Jack, so no difference really and something you have previous experience with shouldn’t be any problem the second time around.

Black Side Campaign Achievements

Pub Crawl Anarchy
Complete Black Side stage 1 on normal difficulty.

  • Main: The King of Altambra
  • Main: Target Sighted
  • Main: Your Favorite Pimp’s Pimp
  • Free: The Killseekers
  • Free: A Chaser’s Work
  • Free: Gunfight

Anarchy Coast Guard
Complete Black Side stage 2 on normal difficulty.

  • Main: The Gargoyle Platoon
  • Main: The Creature from Valenda
  • Main: The Young Lion
  • Free: Gale Force
  • Free: Parasite Infestation
  • Free: Mutant Suppression

Filling Dark Souls with Anarchy
Complete Black Side stage 3 on normal difficulty.

  • Main: Night Blooms
  • Main: Enter the Ninja
  • Main: The Wounded Beast
  • Free: Break It Up
  • Free: Cleaning Up Hong Long
  • Free: Bartender Backup

The Rude Sandstorm of Anarchy
Complete Black Side stage 4 on normal difficulty.

  • Main: Black Fire, White Ice
  • Main: Butcher’s Banquet
  • Main: End of the Chase*
  • Free: Hive of Scum and Villainy
  • Free: Attack of the Drones
  • Free: Mutation Marches On

* Depending on what side you started with, depends if you get to play this mission.  If you started on Black Side, then you will play End of the Chase, if you started on White Side, the game for Black Side ends on Butcher’s Banquet.

Ending Anarchy is Endless
Starting on Black Side, complete the Campaign on normal difficulty.

Once you are done with your White Side play-through that it makes you do, you’ll unlock Red Side for Black Side.  This is basically just two boss fights.  If you want a strategy for them, see Anarchy Reigns is an Oxymoron, but it is mainly made for Hard difficulty.  Normal difficulty is a lot easier, so a lot of the things I explain in that strategy, you shouldn’t have to worry about at all.  You’ll also have to complete the Main Mission “End of the Chase” in Normal for this to unlock, so best to do it first before doing the Red Side in Normal difficulty.

  • Destined Duel
  • Last Things Last

Chasing Anarchy
Starting on Black Side, complete all Campaign and free missions on any difficulty. (Stage Select OK)

If you have already completed a White Side Normal play-through, then all you have to worry about is Main Missions in your Black Side Hard play-through.  Since you have already done all of the missions previously on Normal, only missing out the Black Side exclusive ones which are Main Missions then this will unlock for you at the end of your Hard play-through.

Knockdown, Drag Out Anarchy
Complete Black Side stage 1 on hard difficulty.

Make sure to start New Game and then choose Hard difficulty and then Black Side, you cannot use Stage Select for completing Hard difficulty with!

These guides are mainly for boss fights.  There is a very useful exploit with items like tires or poles.  You can pick these items up (:b:) and lock on to bosses and throw (:b:) them at them, and they will be stunned.  There has only ever been a few bosses that are an exception to this and bosses like the Kraken and Cthulhu are much easier than expected.  The reason why you want to start on Black Side is because Jack has one of the best combos for dealing with Hard difficulty.  The combo is Standing :y: > :y:, repeat, this will keep the enemy grounded for a while until they figure their way out of it or you mess it up.

Rampage mode is extremely useful, make sure to always enter boss fights with it ready!  Most of your Main Missions are boss fights.

Also, it’s best to have previous experience, so I recommend you play Normal difficulty first, I just feel like starting on Hard difficulty, not knowing what to expect may be frustrating.

Boss fights that you fight in a team are much easier, you can if you want, stay far away and let your team partner do the work.  But if it’s a 2 vs 2 fight, then you are best to actually fight then and you will have to be the one to do the final hit on the boss as the CPU can’t do that much.

If you reach the boss area and there isn’t any poles or tires, then you pick up one from elsewhere, and place it in the boss area and then start the mission and it should still be there, there has only been one mission that this doesn’t work on and that was White Side Stage 3 Main Mission, “Grievous Reunion”, so just come with power-ups, and that’s another thing, keep any power-ups you get for boss fights!

Also, when using Rampage, make sure to throw a tire/pole at the enemy before you start using your combos on them, they will block and I don’t know, but they obviously added in some sort of upgraded block for the enemies as it takes ages to break.  You’ll hardly do any damage, by throwing the tire/pole, they’ll be stunned and not able to block against your attacks.

Anyways, now that that’s all explained, now time to explain the boss strategies.  A lot of the time I’ll just refer you to this.  Some missions are left out, that is because those aren’t boss battles, these are the only real difficult thing you’ll come across in Hard difficulty.  You do not need to do any Free Missions and you can choose the easiest ones if you want to speed the game up.

Main Mission: The King of Altambra
This was actually the easiest of all the bosses for me.  I didn’t even need any tires or poles, Big Bull does give you small breathers where he makes you fight his gang, and Killseekers are easy to defeat no matter the difficulty, no one should struggle with these, all they have got is upgraded health.  The Orange skinned Killseekers drop health too so don’t kill them unless you need the health.

Main Mission: Your Favorite Pimp’s Pimp
This is when I had to start using tires/poles.  Baron’s Killer Weapon moves are a bit overkill and he seems to enjoy using them and blocking everything you attempt to do.  As soon as the battle starts, find a tire/pole and throw that at him, then start the combo with Jack that I mentioned.

 Anarchy in the Navy
Complete Black Side stage 2 on hard difficulty.

See Knockdown, Drag Out Anarchy for a more in-depth explanation of what to do in Hard difficulty.

Main Mission: The Gargoyle Platoon
First off, this is REALLY frustrating.  Shoot off the first group of Gargoyles, then when the second group comes, shoot as many as you wish, but make sure you get off the Gatling gun if you see your health going far too low, you want to keep all your retries and there is no way in stopping the next fight from happening, even if you manage to shoot all of the gargoyles, you’ll end up in this fight.  You’ll have to fight every gargoyle that is flying around, one at a time and then two at the end.  I recommend having power-ups on you, there is also power-ups in the crates found in this area, but extra is better.  Maybe use Rampage near the start so at the end, you should hopefully have another Rampage ready.  Again, just use the Jack combo I mentioned, these have lower health than any other boss, but since there’s so many and their attacks are again very overkill, one of them can easily take off all of your lives if you aren’t safe, there also should be a tire in this area.  So that is something you can use when you are fighting two of them at once, throw the tire at one of them and beat up the other while the other is stunned.

Main Mission: The Young Lion
Again, this is really easy with a tire/pole, along with Rampage ready and it’s the same strategy as the Baron fight.

Shining a Light on Anarchy
Complete Black Side stage 3 on hard difficulty.

See Knockdown, Drag Out Anarchy for a more in-depth explanation of what to do in Hard difficulty.

Main Mission: Night Blooms
Again, just do what you did with the Baron fight.

Main Mission: Enter the Ninja
This is the first boss fight you fight as a team, so just based off that, this is a lot easier, you have two CPU fighting in this.  Zero also gives you breathers by sending out Ninja Drones and staying out of the fight for a bit.  Drones usually die in one throw attack (:b:) and the CPU is really good help and you shouldn’t even need a tire/pole for Zero.  The CPU can mess up your Rampage combos a bit though.  Note: The CPU dies a lot in Hard difficulty, so always make sure if you see any of them down, go over to them and this will restore them, if you are the only player fighting, the enemy is obviously going to turn you into their main target.

Main Mission: The Wounded Beast
Again, you are in a team in this fight, but you don’t get any breaks from the boss.  Max is easy enough, just make sure to keep your team partners alive, and you can let them do most of the work.  Max likes using Killer Weapon moves, so its best to stay away most of the battle unless you have power-ups like Shield or Rampage available.

Anarchy in the Dunes
Complete Black Side stage 4 on hard difficulty.

See Knockdown, Drag Out Anarchy for a more in-depth explanation of what to do in Hard difficulty.

Main Mission: Black Fire, White Ice
This is the first battle you do not play as Jack in, you have the choice of playing as either Baron or Mathilda, I think Baron works out best as his Killer Weapon attacks have better range than Mathilda’s, you will be playing very defensive here even in a team, you don’t have the advantage of Jack’s combo here so just rely on blocking and using your Killer Weapon attacks, somewhere through this fight a tornado will come into the middle of it, make sure to get to a safe area, there is two, they are at the edges, Sasha will run towards a safe spot, so follow her if you don’t know where they are.

Main Mission: Butcher’s Banquet
See Ultimate Weapon of Anarchy for a strategy in defeating Cthulhu, this is just like the Kraken, not much has changed with this boss from Normal difficulty.  Just do not die during this part of the fight! You’ll need all the lives you can for Zero which you fight directly after and all of your team partners will be out, they won’t be able to be restored after the Cthulhu fight.  One important thing, make sure to stay out-of-the-way of the lasers that will come out of Cthulhu when you have done the execution, these will kill you instantly.  The Cthulhu fight normally dropped a Rocket Launcher for me, so as soon as the fight with Zero starts, equip it and fire away, make sure not to fire when Zero is on the ground, for some reason, it doesn’t do any damage at all when he is like this.  Firing at him when he is temporary stunned and in a kneel position is fine though.  This should take a good bit of health from him if you do not miss with any of the ammo.  Now you have to do the tire/pole throw, and Jack’s combo, make sure you have Rampage ready too.  You can use it in the Cthulhu fight, but only use it once you can actually damage Cthulhu, by the time you have entered the Zero fight, you’ll hopefully have Rampage ready to use again.  This was one of the hardest parts, but if you can enter Zero’s fights with 3 retries, then you have a chance of winning at least.

Main Mission: End of the Chase
This is your second time fighting Max, so you know how he attacks, but you will be fighting him solo this time so he is much harder.  You do have a pole, but this arena is not good for Jack’s combo.  You can never get the opponent to stay against one wall, so you will eventually have them flying, they will be temporary stunned though.  So get over to them as fast as you can, stand next to them for a bit so you don’t do the other attack which is basically Jack doing a jump kick, that isn’t good at all as it will have the opponent getting back up, then it will be the matter of you getting the pole again before Max decides to combo you to using a retry.  Seriously, if Max gets you in any kind of attack, expect to just use up a retry, that is why this fight is really hard.  Coming in with Rampage and any power-ups you can is most advised in this fight!

Anarchy Reigns is an Oxymoron
Starting on Black Side, complete the Campaign on hard difficulty.

See Knockdown, Drag Out Anarchy for a more in-depth explanation of what to do in Hard difficulty.

Destined Duel
This fight is not going to be easy, first, you’ll have no Rampage ready at the start as Red Side has no open world, it is just direct boss fights.  Second, there is no poles or tires, so no stun trick!  You just have to hope you connect with Jack’s combo before Leo connects an attack, Leo is also just like Max in this fight, if he gets you in a combo, that is goodbye to that retry.  I was lucky in this fight, very lucky and it will probably be that way for you as well.  You’ll get Rampage near the very end of this fight and you’ll need to use it if you don’t want to get all the way to the end then dying.

Last Things Last
This is actually easier than the last fight once you have the right strategy.  You’ll have a team of four other CPU in this fight, what you want to do, is ignore the main boss for a while and concentrate on all of the drones.  These guys have shields, but if you can throw them, which isn’t at all hard to do, you can kill them in one attack basically, get rid of them really fast.  Since this is Hard difficulty too, while you are doing this, make sure the CPU is okay, if any are down, they’re your main target, get over to them as soon as possible, never let them all die or it will be chaos for you and this first part, you want to keep all of your retries.  Once all of the drones are defeated, the team will now concentrate on the main boss, and this part will be over pretty fast as they will just destroy so much of his health and the next part will start.

In the next part, Leo is your only remaining team partner, but this is easy, you can stay out of the way mostly, have Leo do most of the work, making sure to heal him when needed.  If Leo ever gets him down in a combo, if you can find any, pick up a piece of rumble and repeatedly slam (press :x:, not :b:) that into the boss, it is a lot of help.  The boss will start with a shield and then after so long, he’ll regain it.  But that attack is main thing you want to be doing.  You will eventually, hopefully get Rampage, so you’re less of being useless in this fight and can actually do it without fear of dying and having to do the first part all over again and then back to this.  Drones will appear every so often, they fly in this battle, so you’ll have to jump and press :y: to do your anti-air attack and defeat them, they’ll always give you health.

Campaign Mode Misc Achievements

Max Anarchy
Complete the game without using retries on any difficulty.

This is for completing the game from beginning to end without retrying.  This is easily done on Easy difficulty and the play-through should only take you a little over two hours.  If you do die by mistake, quickly press :start: while you see the killing animation and then hit your guide button and dashboard.  People have said you can retire and it still won’t count, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.  It’s not likely you’ll be going to the dashboard every minute or whatever on this difficulty.  The only ever deaths I had were ones that the environment causes.  Also, be extremely careful in missions where you only get one retry.  The game only ever needs to get to the Mission Failed screen for it to save and completely wreck your chances at this achievement.

Make sure to select New Game, I do not think using Stage Select will count as all you worry about then basically is going to each Main Mission as they are already unlocked.  I think what this means is to complete it while doing all of the unlocking.  You can start on any side you wish.  I started on White Side, but it won’t really be any different if you were to start on Black Side.

If you haven’t already obtained them, work on going towards Burnt Out Anarchy or Anarchy’s Executioner during this play.

There is a chance you can get this on your Normal play-through, but to save frustration, it’s just much easier on Easy difficulty.  Normal difficulty will have you going to dashboard a lot more than this would.

The achievement unlocks at the Total Results screen at the end once you have been given your trophy for that play-through.  You only have to complete a play-through, which this means, say if you started on White Side, White Side stages 1-4, then Black Side stages 1-4, and then Red Side (White Side), you don’t have to complete any of the Black Side exclusive missions or its Red Side for this to unlock.

Anarchy Recognizes Anarchy
Unlock all player characters in the game.

You unlock all player characters for going through the game, in total there is 16 of them with some already unlocked.  To unlock Gargoyle, you must either complete both Red Sides (White and Black Side) or reach Rank 22 online.  Obviously to not go out of your way, getting him unlocked by completing both Red Sides is the best and fastest option and it’s something you need to do anyways.

Burnt Out Anarchy
Defeat all the bosses while in a Rampage. (Campaign Mode)

See Rage! Rampage! Anarchy? for information about Rampage mode.

This is for defeating all bosses in the game while getting a Rampage bonus, “Rampage! +10,000”.  Most of them require you to win a Quick Time Event, I’ll advise you play on Easy difficulty as Normal and Hard difficulties literally want you to break your controller during these events, it’s much easier to succeed in on Easy difficulty.

Make sure to keep a checklist on you at all time, you can copy and paste this list into a word processing software or scribble it down really fast, then just keep check of all the Rampage kills you do on your play-throughs.

You can use Stage Select for this so it will be really fast.  You can beat up the Killseekers on the open worlds to charge up your Rampage gauge before going into any of the boss fights.  The best attack to use on them would be :lt: + :y: and get them in groups with it.  Then once you enter a boss fight, if it isn’t the only one you need to do a Rampage on, get the boss down to as low as health as possible and you’ll be able to keep most of your Rampage gauge afterwards and you won’t have to spend as long fighting Killseekers before the next boss fight.

Black Side Bosses

  • 1-1 Big Bull
  • 1-3 Baron
  • 2-1 Gargoyle*
  • 2-3 Leo
  • 3-1 Rin Rin
  • 3-2 Zero
  • 3-3 Max
  • 4-1 Sasha
  • 4-2 Zero
  • 4-3 Max

* You only have to do Rampage on the last Gargoyle in this battle.  You do not need to do it on every one of them.  And you do not need to do the Quick Time Event, just see the bonus pop up.

White Side Bosses

  • 1-1 Durga
  • 1-3 Durga
  • 1-3 Garuda
  • 2-1 Oinkie
  • 2-3 Jack
  • 3-1 Fei Rin
  • 3-1 Ai Rin
  • 3-2 Oinkie
  • 3-3 Max
  • 4-1 Nikolai
  • 4-2 Douglas*
  • 4-3 Max

* You never really kill Douglas, he is classed as defeated around 25% health.  You do not need to do the Quick Time Event with him either, just see the bonus pop up.

Red Side Bosses

  • Leo (Black Side)
  • Final Boss (Black Side)
  • Jack (White Side)
  • Final Boss (White Side)

On both Leo and Jack battles, you are going to have to stand and block most of their attacks, you can do so many Killer Weapon attacks which should help your Rampage gauge go up.  But it is never going to be full if you just fight them normally.  They are usually dead on this difficulty when it is only half way up.  Once you get it up fully, make sure to have them on as low health as you can before you use it.  The less time you spend in Rampage, the better it’s going to be for the next fight (Final Boss) as you will have whatever you had left over for that fight.

Anarchy’s Executioner
Defeat all the bosses with your Killer Weapon. (Campaign Mode)

See Burnt Out Anarchy for a list of bosses.  This will require a second play of each of the bosses, but just like Burnt Out Anarchy, you can use Stage Select.  You can also just use that list to keep track of any of these you get during any of your play-throughs.  Killer Weapon bonus is “Overkill! +10,000”, so you’ll know if you have done it.  Both kinds of Killer Weapon attacks count towards this.  If you are out of Killer Weapon gauge and the boss is nearly defeated, just block and this will help you regain some of your gauge.

You only have to kill the final Gargoyle with a Killer Weapon attack and Douglas is the exact same, you’ll just have to do the move a bit sooner than you usually will to gain the bonus.

Killer Weapon attacks do not result in any Quick Time Event, so they are easier and faster to do.

Anarchy in the Calamari
Defeat ???? within 5 minutes. (Campaign Mode)

This boss appears on both White and Black Side Stage 2, I think the White Side (Main Mission: A Shadow from the Abyss) is the easiest one to do this on.  This is Kraken, it is easiest to do on Easy difficulty.  Easy difficulty allows you to defeat enemies a lot faster.  You can use Stage Select to do this really fast.  The main thing I am going to say about this boss fight since you have probably already done it before on Normal difficulty so you know the basics of what you have to do, is when it comes to the point where it’s firing missiles at you, you are best to grab (:b:) at least one of these, make sure to be locked on (:lb:) and throw (:b:) it right back at the Kraken, this should do a reasonable amount of damage and shorten the time spent on this boss.  The timing to grab these missiles seems really strict so you have to be alert and ready to grab one when it comes at you.  At the end of it, the Kraken will float up and its weak point will be revealed, simply jump and attack the point and that’s the battle completed and hopefully since you were on Easy difficulty, the achievement will unlock.

Ultimate Weapon of Anarchy
Defeat ???? within 5 minutes. (Campaign Mode)

This boss appears on Black Side Stage 4 Main Mission, Butcher’s Banquet.  This is Cthulhu, as soon as the battle starts, go into Rampage (:ls: + :rs:) and repeatedly use your Killer Weapon attack (:lt: + :y: is the best one), at the start, it will have guards but once those are broken, you can then deal damage and the attack I mentioned deals a lot of damage!  Make sure to keep your team mates alive, if they fall, go near them.  Reason you want to do this, is because the CPU in this game does actually help a lot when it comes to boss battles and they can help you damage it.  Use Killer Weapon attacks whenever you can, especially the one I mentioned.  This is even possible on Hard difficulty, so if playing on Normal difficulty, you should definitely get this no problem, no one should have to revert back to Easy difficulty for this one.

The boss can only be defeated by execution once all of it’s health is gone.  So make sure you press :b: while near it when you see this or the battle will just keep adding time.

Big Combo Anarchy
Defeat an enemy with a combo of 100 hits or longer. (Campaign Mode)

This isn’t hard at all to get, you can get it on White Side Stage 1 on the Free Mission “Urban Pacification”, although there is many places you can earn this in, I have went all the way up past 200 combos in the game, but this is one of the earliest places you can do it, you just can’t really delay attacks, which means, just keep attacking the enemies, after a while in this mission, you’ll come to a point where enemies stop spawning in the stage, you just have to climb the stairs you see on a building and there will be more enemies there.  Then once you are done with those ones, you’ll then get a cut-scene where new enemies appear, you can jump back down and hopefully reach the 100 hit combo against these enemies.  You do have to defeat an enemy when you have the combo going.  I didn’t use Killer Weapon or Rampage when I attempted this as those both kill off enemies faster, leaving less room for combos.  I just varied my normal (:x:) and strong (:y:) attacks on the enemies.

Rage! Rampage! Anarchy?
Defeat 50 enemies while in Rampage mode. (Campaign Mode)

Rampage mode is activated by clicking in both :ls: and :rs: at the same time when your Rampage gauge is full (it will be yellow in color), during this mode you are invincible and your :x: and :y: attacks are instant combo attacks, so they are different to what they normally are.  You also have unlimited Killer Weapon gauge in this mode.  When bosses get down to low health, and you’re in Rampage mode, attack them and they’ll attack you and this will activate a Quick Time Event, which if you win, it will go towards Burnt Out Anarchy.  If you fail the Quick Time Event, it will make you exit Rampage mode.

Anarchy is a Killer Weapon!
Defeat 50 enemies with Killer Weapon attacks. (Campaign Mode)

Killer Weapon attacks are done by holding :lt: and pressing either :x: or :y:, :x: consumes one bar of Killer Weapon gauge while :y: consumes two bars of Killer Weapon gauge, you’ll more likely get this natural through play.

Baron von Anarchy
Defeat 50 enemies while riding a Helicopter Drone. (Campaign Mode)

On White Side Stage 2, there is a Free Mission, “Valenda Sweep”, in this mission, the Helicopter Drone has been hi-jacked already, just aim at enemies and press :x: repeatedly, this should only really take two plays of this Free Mission to unlock and the Helicopter Drone never blows up, so you have a much longer time than you would have with ones you hi-jack manually.

Backyard Barbeque (With Anarchy)
Fry 50 enemies with the Flying Platform. (Campaign Mode)

On Black Side Stage 2, there is a Free Mission, “Gale Force”, in this mission, you already have a hi-jacked Flying Platform.  This one will never blow up either, you’ll be going round a race track, just make sure to always have the Flamethrower turned on (:x:) and you should fry some enemies with it.  These are easier to hi-jack than Helicopter Drones too, so you can if you want, defeat 20 enemies in the open worlds and then if lucky, one of these guys will turn up, make sure not to use a Killer Weapon attack or the Flying Platform will explode, then once you have the enemy off it, just press :b: to hi-jack it, just a warning though, it will eventually explode, it doesn’t do a huge amount of damage though.

Meet the Anarchy Butcher
Kill 20 mutants via the mutant execution technique. (Campaign Mode)

When a mutant is nearly defeated, you’ll be indicated to press :b: to do an execution.  Sometimes the CPU if you are fighting with any can kill it off or they can do an execution themselves.  You don’t want this as it doesn’t go towards your count, so as soon as you see this option come up, make sure you do it.

Anarchist’s Tomato Cookbook
Defeat 50 enemies with the Rifle. (Campaign Mode)

Rifles are power-ups that are picked up.  You will probably get this during your first play-through.  There is a really easy way to get this, on Black Side Stage 1, there is a Free Mission, “Gunfight”, you’ll have a rifle with infinite ammo here and you can replay the mission as much as you like.

Machine Gun Anarchy
Defeat 15 enemies with the Gatling gun. (Campaign Mode)

On Black Side Stage 2, on the first Main Mission you do (The Gargoyle Platoon), there will be one of these, and this is the only Gatling gun I have ever encountered in the game.  Since you only need 15 enemies defeated, you could get this during this mission without even really going for it, since it makes you go on it anyways to shoot the incoming Gargoyles.  Just go on it (:b:) and then hold :lt: to zoom in and :rt: to shoot.  You have one small group and one big group of gargoyles to attempt this with.  You can do it in Stage Select if you don’t get enough on your first play.

Someone Set Up Us The Anarchy!
Defeat 10 enemies by throwing an explosive Pyro Killseeker before they explode. (Campaign Mode)

This can be unlocked by picking up a Pyro Killseeker while then are on the ground or running about because their bomb is about to explode, and then aiming them into a bunch of enemies and hopefully getting this achievement.  To pick up, press :b: and to throw them, press :b: again once you have a good aim on at least 10 or more enemies.  When I unlocked this, I didn’t actually throw them, I just managed to defeat them, causing them to explode, there was a pile of enemies around me at this time and that is how it unlocked, so there is the case you don’t even have to throw them and it can unlock just by playing and not expecting it.

Lake of Fire? Lake of Anarchy!
Defeat 5 enemies at once with an incendiary grenade. (Campaign Mode)

Incendiary Grenades can be picked up as a power-up.  They occasionally drop and every 20 enemies you defeat in the open world stage, you will fight a semi-boss and then an enemy carrying a crate will appear.  You have to chase this enemy and attack them as soon as you can and you’ll get the power-up, may not be this one, but that’s just one of the ways you can get it.  At certain times, slot machines will be activated and they can also give these out.  All you have to do is aim it into a group of enemies that is at least five or more.  To activate this, press the direction on your D-Pad where it is located.  And then press :lt: to aim and :rt: to throw.

Minefield of Anarchy!
Shock 3 enemies at once with a Supercharged Trap. (Campaign Mode)

These can be found the same way as the above weapons.  Same thing again, just throw it towards a group of enemies that is at least three or more.  Or throw it and wait for three or more enemies to run into it.  To activate this, press the direction on your D-Pad where it is located.  And then press :lt: to aim and :rt: to throw.

Anarchy Clockwork Drone
Defeat 5 enemies by throwing a self-destructing Drone before they explode. (Campaign Mode)

This is rather tricky to get.  The problem with Drones are they often only spawn with other Drones, no other enemies, and these enemies can only die by self-destructing.  A lot of luck is involved with this achievement.  To do this, you must pick up (:b: when near-by) a Drone that is about to self-destruct, then find five other Drones that are grouped together, that are also going to self-destruct, lock on (:lb:) to one of them and throw (:b:) your Drone towards them and this achievement should unlock.  You have to act fast too if you ever see this opportunity, it doesn’t happen often so make sure not to waste this chance!

Guy Dead Missile Anarchy
Destroy a Helicopter Drone by throwing its missile back at it. (Campaign Mode)

You’ll eventually come across Helicopter Drones.  These can sometimes fire missiles, simply lock on (:lb:) to the Helicopter and when you see a missile being launched, get ready to press :b: to grab it and then press :b: to throw it.  Again, make sure you are locked on as the missile will just be thrown anywhere if not locked on.

Throw The Anarchy Already!
Defeat 20 enemies with thrown objects. (Campaign Mode)

To pick up items, press :b: and then lock on (:lb:) to a group of enemies and press :b: to throw the item at them.

Path of the Weak isn’t Anarchy
Defeat 30 enemies with throw attacks. (Campaign Mode)

To do throw attacks, press :b: when near by an enemy, if you get them from the back with stealth equipped, you’ll get an instant kill, so you can try to stack this along with The Plural of Ninja is Anarchy.

The Plural of Ninja is Anarchy
Throw 10 enemies from behind using stealth. (Campaign Mode)

Stealth is a power-up you can pick up.  To use it, press the direction it is on and then go towards enemies and get them from the back with a throw (:b:), you can get them from the front too, but they cannot see you with the Stealth power-up, so it is unlikely they will be looking towards you and very easy to get them from the back.

Frozen in Time for Anarchy
Defeat a frozen enemy. (Campaign Mode)

To freeze an enemy, you’ll have to find a blue tube, press :b: to pick it up and then lock on to some enemies and press :b: to throw it.  You should have frozen some, so go over and defeat one when they are frozen.

In Anarchy, Timing is Everything
Evade 10 times. (Campaign Mode)

To evade attacks, hold :rt: to guard then press :a: with any direction to evade the enemy attack.  You’ll more likely get this natural if playing correctly.

The Best Defense is Anarchy
Defend against an enemy attack 10 times. (Campaign Mode)

To defend against attacks, hold :rt: and then let the enemy get a few attacks on you.  Blocking too much will cause your guard to break and you will be open to attack for a while and won’t be able to control your character until you have mashed enough buttons.

Duel of the Anarchies
Counter 5 enemy attacks. (Campaign Mode)

This is for getting an attack on the enemy while they are attacking you.  A lot of the time, I counter when I’m getting back up.  You’ll notice you counter as it goes a bit slow and you hear a sound and see a spark to indicate you countered, it also zooms in.

Massage with an Anarchy Ending
Evade 5 throws. (Campaign Mode)

There’s no way you are getting this by playing normally.  What I did was went into Stage Select and selected Stage 4 of the White Side, what you want to do here is go over to the Main Mission, “Defining Justice”.  This is a boss battle with Nikolai.  You can use Normal difficulty.  You can get this very fast if paying attention as well.  What you want to do in this fight is just mainly block his attacks.  Hold :rt: and lock on (:lb:) and just circle round him.  When you see him doing his Killer Weapon attacks, just press :a: with any direction, these will break your guard easily and you want to try to escape as many throws as you can.  Possibly get it done in this one battle.  When you see him about to do a throw, release :rt: and start to mash :b:, the game is really strict on the timing, so if you want to figure out when to exactly press :b: then go ahead, but its much easier just to mash it.  Failing the mission does not reset your count.  So don’t worry if you lose all of your retries and need to do it again, any previous throw evades are still counted.

You won’t get this normally as you have to pretty much force the enemy to throw in this game.  Even in Hard difficulty they don’t even throw that much.  They do sometimes, but it’s not like you are expecting it, so it is much harder to evade, doing it this way, you’re looking for the enemy to attempt throwing you.