Angry Birds Star Wars

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Table of Contents

  1. Level Achievements
  2. Stormtrooper Achievements
  3. Luke Skywalker Achievements
  4. Obi-Wan Kenobi Achievements
  5. Han Solo Achievements
  6. Pilot Achievements
  7. Chewbacca Achievements
  8. Hours Played Achievements

Level Achievements

Lack of Faith Lack of Faith
Restart level 100 times

You can either use the icon that is found on the top left hand corner of the screen or simply press R to restart a stage.  You also have the option to restart at the Ranking screen.  If you are anything like me at this game and don’t like wasting time by going to the fail screen, you may get this.  Just make sure you have more than one pig remaining, if you only have one pig remaining, best to let it take you to the fail screen to go towards Pork side of the Force.

The Birds Will Be With You The Birds Will Be With You
Complete 10 levels with one bird

This is for completing 10 different levels with one bird, what this means is you have just used your first bird and have managed to destroy all of the pigs with that one bird.  This is easy enough to do on the earlier levels, but I still managed to do it on some of the later ones too.  You can replay any level you didn’t do with one bird and do it with one bird and this can still unlock that way if you don’t want to be worrying about it when playing through the first time.

Pork side of the Force Pork side of the Force
Fail level 10 times with one pig left

This is for failing levels where you only had one pig remaining.  You may get it through a play-through, but if you don’t, you can just play Tatooine 1 and swing all of your birds backwards, there is only one pig in this level but it will count.  You have to wait until you get to the fail screen where a Darth Vader pig will be laughing.

 Fly Bird Fly
5000 birds launched

You launch birds in every level of the game.  By the time you are done with all the levels of story and rest of the grinding related achievements, you still won’t be close.  This can take up to a good 5 or so hours after having completed the rest of the achievements.  You will be very bored grinding this!  What you want to do, to make this slightly quicker, is going to the first level, launch a bird, instantly press R or the Restart icon at the top left corner of the screen, and just keep repeating this.  Like I said, really boring, so probably multitask with something to make this a bit more bearable.

Stormtrooper Achievements

Simple Pigs and Nonsense Simple Pigs and Nonsense
Pop 300 stormtroopers

This is for popping 300 Stormtroopers, it has to be Stormtroopers! It can’t be any other type of pig.  Stormtroopers are the ones in the achievement tile.  They are in most of the levels.  This should unlock reasonably fast.

There's No-one Here There’s No-one Here
Stormtrooper shoots another trooper

This will more likely be your first achievement as you can get this without even going for it.  You can do this in a number of ways.  You can carefully shoot at one Stormtrooper and keep it alive but have it land near one with a blaster.  It’s probably also possible to do while going for Prominent Jedi, but most likely, you get this when not going for it at all, so there isn’t any real need for a guide for this, it just happens by accident sometimes.  Also, it has to be a Stormtrooper firing at another, Stormtroopers are the ones that mostly appear in the game.

Imperial Entanglement Imperial Entanglement
Pop stormtrooper with Tie Fighter’s wing

During the game you’ll eventually come across Tie Fighters, these have wings attached which if you are careful, can become unattached and land into another pig, you need this to land into a Stormtrooper, just like the last two achievements, landing into anything other than one of these do not count.  Death Star 4 is probably the easiest level you will get this in.  You will see a Tie Fighter hovering over two stormtroopers, it’s a bit tricky, but possible to do in this stage.  There are other levels it is possible to do in as well.  Just like the last achievement, you may just get lucky enough and unlock this without meaning to.

Luke Skywalker Achievements

Prominent Jedi Prominent Jedi
Deflect three lasers with saber

You can do this in level Tatooine 6, this is the first level you get a Stormtrooper with a gun, you have to reflect all three lasers back at once.  You may also unlock Target Shooter during this.  You have to use the saber attack nearly at the same point where you will be hit by the lasers to get all three.

Jedi Initiate Jedi Initiate
Smash 50 blocks with saber

See Jedi Master for more information.

Jedi Knight Jedi Knight
Smash 500 blocks with saber

See Jedi Master for more information.

 Jedi Master
2000 blocks smashed with saber

This is probably the second most boring grind in the game.  What you want to do is start Tatooine 1, it doesn’t matter about the fact you didn’t have the saber in this level to begin with, once this bird has the upgrade, he keeps it for every level he is in.  Now just launch the first bird, when you are very nearly hitting blocks, use the saber, you should get about 6-10 blocks.  Then once you have seen that, press R or the Restart icon at the top left corner of the screen, and repeat.

Obi-Wan Kenobi Achievements

 Force Learner
2000 blocks threw with force

I recommend using Death Star 30 for this.  You have 3 Obi-Wan Kenobi birds and each can roughly take out about 10 blocks each.  Simply launch the bird towards a pile of blocks, then click again once they are close.  Just repeat this process until the achievement unlocks.

Han Solo Achievements

Target Shooter Target Shooter
Shoot three pigs with a single blaster shot

This is easiest on Tatoonie 19, there is three pigs lined up, you’re probably wondering how this is done, but you just have to reflect your blaster shots against the wall, once you find the certain point that gets all three pigs, this is easy to do.

 Ultimate Laser Shooter
1000 blocks smashed with laser

Tatoonie 18 is probably the best level for this.  There is a load of blocks to use, you may complete this level very easily with just the one bird while going for blocks, so you may not get to use all three birds but it definitely counts towards blocks smashed.

Pilot Achievements

Skilled Pilot Skilled Pilot
Smash 500 blocks with Pilot

You may get this some time during playing the story, if not, just replay any of the first five levels that are in the Death Star world.

Chewbacca Achievements

Walking Carpet Walking Carpet
Same turret shoots Chewbacca 6 times

This was a bit tricky to do, but on Death Star 12, just land Chewbacca in front of one of the turrets and have that shoot him 6 times, it may take a few tries because these can cause him to disappear and sometimes you can end up hitting the entire turret which just destroys the whole thing.

Magnificent Grumble Magnificent Grumble
Smash 300 blocks with Chewbacca

Death Star 13 is a quick level to do this with.  Most likely, you’ll only need to spend about five minutes on this as smashing 300 blocks doesn’t take long at all.  Just simply use the first two to get about 10-15 blocks smashed and then restart the level.  There isn’t much point using the third one as most of the blocks will be gone and you’ll only be wasting time worrying about a few blocks.

Hours Played Achievements

 Star Bird Fan
Angry Birds Star Wars played for 5 hours

See Star Bird Addict for more information.

True Star Bird Fan
Angry Birds Star Wars played for 15 hours

See Star Bird Addict for more information.

 Star Bird Addict
Angry Birds Star Wars played for 30 hours

True Star Bird Fan and this will most likely be the last achievements to unlock in this game for most players.  You will have more likely unlocked Star Bird Fan by getting the rest of the achievements done, so you’ll still need about 20 hours of gameplay to get this unlocked.  To do this, set your computer so it doesn’t go to sleep, leave it on any level you wish, anytime you want to turn it off, make sure to clear the level and then turn it off, if you can keep an idea of how many hours you have probably played before going with this strategy, you’ll know how long you need to leave it on for.  Just keep a note of how many hours you get each session.  The achievement only unlocks after you complete the level, so this is the reason why you may wish to keep track of hours.