Apples to Apples

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Table of Contents

  1. Offline Achievements
  2. Online Achievements

Offline Achievements

Apple Seeds Apple Seeds
Complete the Single Player tutorial.
Just start the Single Player mode and finish the first set of stages.

Online Achievements

Social AddictSocial Addict
Enable Social Integration for posting achievements.
For this you need to choose Help & Options from the4 Title Menu. Once done, go down to Share, and you will have to fill out all the information for Apples to Apples to share all the pertinent information on your Facebook account. Once you follow the on screen directions and finish setting this up, the achievement will unlock.

Apple-opolis Apple-opolis
Unlock all the Apple Avatars.
You can do this by playing rounds in Multiplayer, with each apple being unlocked after x amount played. You can also unlock all of the Apple Avatars by completing all of the rounds for each apple while in Single Player Mode.

Rotten to the Core Rotten to the Core
Be targeted by the “Rotten Apple” card 10 times.
You have to be on the receiving end of the “Rotten Apple” card a total of 10 times. Either boost this achievement with a friend or keep playing until you reach 10.

An Apple A Day AchievementAn Apple A Day
Reach the Orchard Rank in Xbox LIVE by playing 500 games.
All you have to do is play a total of 500 games over Xbox Live. The easiest way is to set up a Custom Game that is limited to 3 players (minimum required to play online), then set it to 1 round. You should also enable Gold Cards so you can work on other achievements. You can get through one round in roughly 30 seconds to 1 minute.
Either find friends to boost this achievement with, or hope you find two others to play with.
If you lost track of how many games you have won, you can always check the Leaderboards. Select it from the Main Menu and press Y to filter by “My Score” and you’ll see what rank you are in, as well as how many games you have won.

Falling Far from the Tree Falling Far from the Tree
Play the “Every Apple for Himself” card 5 times.
To unlock this card, you need to win 5 Xbox Live rounds. Once you do, you need to play in Xbox Live games that enable Gold Cards. You also have to play in games with more then one round since you need to use the card on someone who has won a round. Simply use this card 5 times total and the achievement will be yours.

Apple of My Eye Apple of My Eye
Win your first Xbox LIVE game.
Just like it says, all you have to do is win one Xbox Live game, which you do by reaching the specified point limit (standard being 6 points) in a game. This can be boosted with friends, or you can follow An Apple a Day to set up easier to win rounds and hope others join in if boosting isn’t your thing.

Sour Apple Sour Apple
Play a Golden Apple Card for the first time.
You will need to be in an Xbox Live game that enables gold cards, as well as have won at least 5 rounds to unlock your first gold card. Once this is done and you get your first gold card in a game, play it. The achievement will unlock immediately after you successfully execute it.

Mad Apple Mad Apple
Lose 3 Xbox LIVE games in a row.
This will come naturally from just playing Xbox Live games. You can boost, but it’s rather pointless since the bigger the group, the bigger the chance you won’t win.
All Your Apples Are Belong to Us Achievement All Your Apples Are Belong to Us
Play the “Apple Tart” card 10 times.
You unlock the “Apple Tart” card after winning a total of 10 Xbox Live matches. Once it’s unlocked, just play the card 10 times total and the achievement will unlock. This is easily one of the hardest cards to get.

No Apples for You No Apples for You
Play the “Yes, We Have No Apples” card 10 times.
You need to win a total of 20 Xbox Live games to unlock this card. Once you do, you just need to play the card 10 times total in Xbox Live matches and the achievement will unlock.
Apple-ocalypse Apple-ocalypse
Be the second player to play an “Upset the Apple Cart” in a single round.
You need to win a total of 25 Xbox Live rounds to unlock the “Upset the Apple Cart” card. When you do, play an Xbox Live round with Gold Cards enabled, wait for someone else to play the card, and then play yours so you become the second player to play that card. Once you do, the achievement will unlock.