Arcana Heart 3

Author Notes

This guide will show the directional pad and controller buttons under each description. However, some players find it easier to read the numerical button format so the numerical move-set will be displayed as well as the directional move-set from the controller in this guide.


A= B= C= D= E=

Any move-set described is assuming you are on the left side of the screen

Arcana Heart is a very unique fighter, if you're having trouble getting started please refer to the following links: Arcana Heart 3 Wiki: Tutorial & Arcana Heart 3 Wiki Main Page.

Achievement names and descriptions are rough translations and do not reflect what its real name will be upon NA release.

I would like to give credit to all those who contributed from homingcancel who aren't mentioned in the guide for things such as: Translations, Achievement Methods, Videos and all your work on the Arcana Wiki.


Table of Contents

  1. Story Mode Related
  2. Character Specific
  3. Miscellaneous Related
  4. Online Related


Story Mode Related

Love will always win~
[STORY] Clear Story Mode with Heart using the Love Arcana

When entering Story mode simply select Heart at character select and the Love Arcana afterwards which should be her default Arcana anyway. Finish story mode under this criteria.

I Did My Best!
[STORY]Clear Story Mode.

Please refer to “Somehow, I Really Did My Best!” for more information.

I Really Did My Best!
[STORY]Clear Story Mode on the highest difficulty.

At the main menu go into your options and go to game options. The first option is to change the difficulty, the difficulty ranges from 1 to 8, 1 being the lowest 8 being the highest. Switch the difficulty to 8 and play one characters story.

Beginner Recommended: A good easy character to use is Simple Mode Kira. For more information on how Simple mode Kira works please refer to “The Spirit Alchemist Worthy of Commanding Life“.

Somehow, I Really Did My Best!
[STORY]Reach all of the endings in Story Mode.

Simple finish Story mode with every character successfully defeating Ragnarok with every last one of them. This could be a tedious process how its a good way to try out all the characters. Go into your options first and put on the following settings:

  • Difficulty: 1
  • Rounds to Win: 1
  • Timer: 30 seconds

Also a good Arcana to select when doing each characters story is the Metal Arcana, its Arcana Blaze can damage Ragnarok quite a bit.

End of the World
[STORY]Reach a bad end in story mode.

During any characters story mode when you reach the end to fight Ragnarok you have a time limit of 60 seconds to defeat him. Simply let the timer run out and it will result in the bad end with life lead. If you think you might be dying too fast before you can reach the end of the 60 seconds destroy all but one of the targets (make sure one of those targets destroyed is the middle one) so you don’t have to endure as much attacks.

Twilight of the Gods
Beat the Spirit Weapon: Ragnarok with Fenrir

This is a story mode related trophy. At character select you may pick whichever character you like (preferably Scharlachrot) and at Arcana select choose Fenrir (which is Scharlachrot’s default). Play through the story stages up until the final boss which is Spirit Weapon: Ragnarok. Destroy all but one of the targets and damage it up until it’s at a sliver of health left. Activate Extend Force (ABC/ :x: :y: :b: ) and then use the Arcana Blaze (236ABC/ :x: :y: :b: )to finish off Ragnarok.

It is also known that this will unlock regardless as long as Fenrir is your selected Arcana.


Character Specific

The true meaning of iai
In a single round, use Kamui’s Kagesuki, Kodama, Seizan and Sazarashi, and win that round.

You must use the 4 moves in one match with Kamui and win. All the attacks must make contact for it to register. The following moves however do have a criteria before you can use them and that is to use another one of Kamuis moves called “Kunugi” which is done with 22A,B or C/+ :x: , :y: or :b: . This move gives Kaumi a bit of a stat boost depending on the variant you used at the cost of a bit of health which is indicated by which button you pushed however you lose more health depending on the amount and stronger variant you use:

  • (A Version/ :x: ) – 50F: 800 HP
  • (B Version/ :y: ) – 38F: 1600 HP
  • (C Version/ :b: ) – 20F: 3200 HP

Your stat boost however will disappear once you use any of the follow-up moves. Since you can do this in verses or boost it online with a friend it is recommended to use the A/ :x: variant of the “Kunugi” move since it takes up the least amount of health and then follow it up with the required moves:

  • Kagesuki (41236A, B or C/+ :x: , :y: or :b:)
  • Kodama (Hold 4 > 6A, B or C/Hold  :x: , :y: or :b:)
  • Seizan (j.421A, B or C/Mid Air  :x: , :y:  or :b:)
  • Sazarashi (214A, B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:)

Stuffed Doll Collection
Collect more than 20 of the dolls that sometimes appear when you use Konoha’s “Kawarimi no Jutsu”

The moveset for Konohas “Kawarimi no Jutsu” is 41236A, B or C/+ :x: , :y: or :b: . This is a counter move so it will only work against incoming attacks, projectiles work as well. When you successfully use the move a doll or a log will take a place of Konoha and Konoha will teleport elsewhere depending on the variant you have used, what drops after the move is random so you just have to keep using it until 20 dolls have popped out. The variants for this move as are follow:

  • (A Version/ :x: ) – Warp in Place
  • (B Version/ :y: ) –  Warp in Front of the opponent
  • (C Version/ :b: ) – Warp Behind of the opponent

Because this can easily be done in versus or while boosting with a friend online, it is recommended that you just use the A/ :x: variant of the move since you return right in the same spot that you disappeared from.

Maori’s Battle Formation
In a single combo, land both Hama no Shishiku and Taima no Zuikaku

Playing as Maori you have to land the following moves in a successful combo of some form, because the moves are super moves you will need at least 2 special meters for the combo. The move-sets for the moves you have to perform are:

  • Hama No Shishiku (421AB/ :x: :y: )
  • Taima no Zuikaku (63214AB/ :x: :y: )

A good easy recommended combo to do this would simply be Taima no Zuikaku > Hama no Shishiku.

Proof of Nobility
Successfully perform a full Gulff Dagda (EF) without hitting any extra buttons

For this you must select Saki at character select. The move you must perform is Gulff Dagda while in Extend Force. So first you must activate Extend Force with (ABC/) and then right away use the Critical Heart. The move-set for Gulff Dagda is :

Gulff Dagda: 632146A+B >2A > 2B > 5B > 5C > 5E > 2E > 5D > 5B > 5C > 8C > 2C > 5E /  + :x: :y: > :x: >  :y: > :y: > :b: > :rb: >  :rb: > :a: > :y: > :b: >  :b: > :b: > :rb:

How the move works is Saki will dash to the opponent and that’s you must start the inputs, the first 5 hits will be fast however once you reach the input for E/ :rb: you need to wait maybe half a second before inputting 2E/ :rb: . When you reach the aerial part of the move be aware of the multiple hits each input does, you need to wait for each hit to connect before inputting the button after:

  1. 5B/ :y: – 2 hits
  2. 5C/ :b:  – 2 hits
  3. 8C/ :b: – 2 hits
  4. 2C/ :b:  – 4 hits

After you input the 4th aerial input it will go into a long upward 4 hits, when the counter reaches 16 hits you must finally input the final input E/ :rb: and the move will finish in a flash kick.

This could be a very difficult feat for most experienced players however it is still possible. Go into training mode and practice this move until you go actually finish the move and then practice doing it while aware of the buttons you are inputting. Worse case scenario think about the following:

  • During the initial start-up of the move, its possible you could have inputting something extra by accident
  • After that initial start-up DO NOT buffer 2/ as it will count as an input, wait to press it after Saki dashes to the opponent
  • During that fast 5 hit start could be where you might input something extra, just be aware of the buttons you input

After that the aerial inputs are pretty slow and easy. It’s just a matter of practice and patience for inexperienced players.


Full Power
Hit with the EF version of Shunkoku

At character select you must choose Akane. You must use the Extended Force (ABC/ :x: :y: :b: ) version of Shunkoku, her critical heart. After the EF input the moveset for Shunkoku which is 641236A+B/ :x: :y:. You can continue the move by repeatedly mashing random buttons because you are using the EF version it will last longer and do more damage.

The amount of inputs this requires is absurd and may weird outside sources of help. First off when you start the move you can press :start: and then start mashing buttons from there, as you mash the buttons one of the inputs will mash you out of the pause menu and you will come out of it with buttons already being used. If done correctly the move should display kanji characters on both sides of the screen as it is being performed and it should also result in a 101 combo.

Fightstick with Turbo:

With fightstick’s it seems the madcatz Tournament Edition fightsticks will not be enough. Hori HRAP3 fightsticks seem to have a fast enough turbo setting for this. Heres the setup you can have Set the turbo on D/ :a: and as you perform Shunkoku press :start: and hold D/ :a: while mashing the other buttons on the fightstick with turbo on. Holding D/:a: will hit you out of the menu screen and you will come out of the pause menu already inputting buttons.

With a Normal Controller/Pad:

This is a much more difficult way of doing this since you are without turbo however you can improvise . Get an empty water bottle (or anything you don’t mind sliding across your face buttons on your controller). As you do Shunkoku press :start: and start sliding the item over the face buttons, one of those button inputs will hit you out of the pause menu and just rapidly slide the item over the controller and pray.

(Special Thanks to Akari for his information in regards to this)

Fuujyu Nagigama
Hit with the full EF version of Fuujyu Narukami in a match

At character select you must choose Nazuna. You must use the Extended Force (ABC/ :x: :y: :b: ) version of  Fuujyu Narukami, her critical heart. After the EF input the moveset for Fuujyu Nagigama which is 64641236A+B >(4 > 2 > 4 > 2 > 4 > 2 > 4 > 2 > 4 > AB)/ :x: :y: >.

After the rod makes contact with the opponent you must input the following inputs perfectly: (4 > 2 > 4 > 2 > 4 > 2 > 4 > 2 > 4 > AB)/ (>>>>>>>>> :x: :y: ). The timing is pretty hard to however with some practice you will be able to get it in no time. After the initial rod contact keep your eyes on Nazuna’s hand as the inputs correlate with her arm movements.

Card Woman
Use all of Dorothy’s poker hands in a match

At character select you must choose Dorothy. This could seem like one of the more difficult achievements to earn however it could be done quite easily. You have to lay out all of Dorothy’s possibly poker hands using her special moves, the problem however just like a real poker deck once the card has been used once, it cannot be used again so you have to keep track of what as or as not been used yet. Go into verses or a player match with a boosting partner with the following settings:

  • Timer: Infinite (99 if in player match)
  • Rounds to win: 5

Doing this gives you more than enough time to lay out all of Dorothy’s poker hands in a match. Here are the following poker hands you need to play throughout this match:

  • Two Pair
  • Full House (Basically a 3 of a kind and a 2 of a kind in one hand)
  • Straight (A hand in a sequential order. Example: 8,7,6,5,4)
  • Four-of-a-Kind
  • Five-of-a-Kind (You need a Joker to complete this)
  • Royal Straight Flush (An A,K,Q,J,10 hand of the same suit)
  • Super Royal Straight Flush (The same as a Royal Straight Flush however with Spades)

Now keep in mind that the move-sets used to play cards give you certain suits depending on the variant chosen:

  • (A Version/ :x: ) – Clubs
  • (B Version/ :y: ) – Diamonds
  • (C Version/ :b: ) – Hearts

Jack?Rabbit & Queen?Bee & King?Bird : 236A, B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b: (Jack, Queen, King)

  • How this move works is that you can press 2 more face buttons after the first initial card to layout a Queen and a King alongside the Jack however the face button you choose to press will determine what suit you get for each card.

Ground?Ten : 214A, B orC/ :x:, :y: or :b: (Ten)

  • With this move not only do the face buttons determine the suit you get but also how far the card will be thrown at your opponent, keep in mind that closer it is, the easier it is for the card to disappear since it will explode when your opponent steps on it.

Flying?Ace: j.214A, B or C/(Mid Air) :x: , :y: or :b: (Ace)

  • This move will automatically start attacking the opponent and will not stay on the field for very long, its best to leave this for last to complete what poker hand you are aiming for.

Now we have variations for spades which can be used the same way as the move-sets above however with A+B/ :x: :y:

Triple?Face: 236A+B/ :x: :y: ( Jack, Queen and King of Spades)

  • This move will automatically send out a Spade of Jack, Queen and King at once.

Ten?of?Spades: 214A+B/ :x: :y: (10 of Spades)

Speculation: j.214A+B/(Mid Air) :x: :y: (Ace of Spades)

  • Keep in mind that amount of time it takes of this move to attack the opponent is much shorter than all other variants.

Finally you have one final move used to layout cards which is:

Misdirection :412364 or463214 + AB/ or  + :x: :y:

  • This move will bring out the Joker which is required for Five of a kind and can help you when you need to complete other hands, because you have up to 9 rounds you can easily use this to make getting all the hands much easier. This move is more along the lines of a joke move only to used to finish poker hands,depending on the rotation you use it’ll appear as if you’re about to use a Super Move or an Arcana Super.

This is what you get for making me wait 75 seconds!
Hit with the max charge version of Please Stop my Sadness

At character select you must choose Angelia . The move you must perform is Please Stop my Sadness which is completed simply by holding either A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:. The move has 3 different charge versions:

  1. Level 1 – 10 seconds
  2. Level 2 – 30 seconds; Air unblockable
  3. Level 3 – 50 seconds; Unblockable; Fully invincible

Obviously the higher the version the stronger it is, however because you have to hold it for 50 Seconds it makes very hard to do it successfully in an actual match. You follow the recommended settings to make sure you get this achievement:

  • Timer: Infinite (99 in Player Match)
  • Rounds to Win: 1

Third Generation Faith Chain
Get a counter hit with EF Wolkenkratzer

At character select you must choose Scharlachrot. You must use the Extended Force (ABC/ :x: :y: :b: ) version of  Wolkenkratzer, her critical heart however you must use at counter hit. Before you can use Wolkenkratzer you must first have at least 2 fulcrums set (however because the move chains from one fulcrum to another it is recommended that you place more especially since this can easily be done in verses or training). To place a fulcrum you must use Fulcrum Schlinge which is done by 236A, B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b: . There  are 6 different variants of the move you can use:

  • (A version/ :x: ) – Sets a fulcrum at 3’o’clock
  • (B version/ :y: )- Sets a fulcrum at 2’o’clock
  • (C version/ :b: )- Sets a fulcrum at 1’o’clock
  • (j.A version/ Midair :x: )- Sets a fulcrum at 3’o’clock
  • (j.B version/ Midair :y:) – Sets a fulcrum at 4’o’clock
  • (j.C version/Midair :b: ) – Sets a fulcrum at 5’o’clock

After you have set your fulcrum however many they may be, input the Wolkenkratzer move (222A+B/ :x: :y: ). Because this has to be a counter hit have the player (your second controller or boosting partner) attacking repeatedly, mashing A/ :x: should do the trick.

Third Generation Faith Blade
With Weiss, perform a combo with more than 100 hits, without using special moves

Go into story mode and at character select choose Weiss with the Metal Arcana. Make your way to Ragnarok and simply activate your Arcana Blaze and it should easily earn you her “100 hits”, If it doesn’t unlock for you when you do it let Ragnarok kill you and press :start:  to continue and try it again.

(Special Thanks to Shinryu of Homingcancel for the method and video)

I love Drawing?
Use all variations of I’m Drawing in a match

At character select you must choose Eko. There are 6 variations of “Im Drawing” all of which happen in order as you repeat the move. To use I’m Drawing you must input the move-set  22A,B, or C/ :x: , :y: or :b: and you will get the variants in the following order:

  1. Bird
  2. Cloud
  3. Horse
  4. Flower
  5. Sun
  6. Cat

After you have performed all 6, the next time it will be a randomized attack out of the 6 and then it will start over however you will have unlocked this achievement by then.

Change Castle!!
Hit with Cinderella right under the timer

At character select you must choose Eko. The move you must perform is Cinderella and what you have to do this perform when the timer has matching double digits (Example: 11, 22, 33 etc). Doing this will give the move more hits and deal a significant amount of extra damage.

Cinderalla: 214A+B/ :x: + :y:

Advent of Mass Produced Chibigawas
Uses Chibigawa more than 3 times in a match

At character select you must choose Catherine. For this move you must use Launching Our Hero, Chibigawa!! which is a Super move so you will need to fill up your Super gauge at least 3 times in the match. Launching Our Hero, Chibigawa!! doesn’t have that much range so you will have to be at a close distance for it to hit, Chibigawa will explode if Catherine or itself is hit or if the opponent were to get to close to it.

Launching Our Hero, Chibigawa!! : 22A+B/ :x: :y:

Yoriko’s Talisman Collection
In one match, complete every method for a successful Ancient Talisman

At character select you must choose Yoriko. You must complete every possible way of creating her two Ancient Talismans from the move Ancient Talisman (632146A,B or C/ :x:  , :y:  or :b: ) After you input the command for Anicent Talisman you have very little time in-between inputs to enter each command, here are the possible methods to creating the Talismans:


  • 819738 ()
  • 837918 ()
  • 273192 ()
  • 291372 ()


  • 8138 ()
  • 8318 ()
  • 2792 ()
  • 2972 ()

Once you have completed the 4 ways to complete the two talismans this will unlock.

Kira-Sama’s Equation to Victory
Use 5 SPDs in a match, and win with one

At character select you must choose Kira.An SPD is Kira’s Kira-sama Driver (360 Rotation A, B or C/ 360 Rotation starting from :x: , :y: or :b: ). You simply have you use it 5 times in a match and then win the match with one. An easier way of using this move is to pick Kira in Simple mode and press :y:  for the same attack.

No Circuits Built to Lose
Get a perfect with Mei-Fang

At character select you must choose Mei-Fang. Simply get a perfect in any round. You can do this in versus with a second controller or in a player match with a boosting partner.

I’ve Got the longest Tricks Right?
Uses as many follow ups as possible after a wall step

At character select you must choose Lilica. You must do all of her possible cancels from her Wall Step (214A,B orC/ :x: , :y: or :b: ) move in one string of attacks. This those not have to be any form of combo and does not have to make contact with the other player at all. First understand the string of moves you will be performing:

Wallstep >236A>j.214B>236B>236C>214C>236A>j.214B>214B>236C>214A/Wallstep >  :x: > midair  :y: >  :y: >  :b: >  :b: >  :x: > midair  :y: >  :y: > :b: >  :x:

Visually this is how the entire string of attacks should look:

  1. Wallstep: Lilica jumps back against the wall
  2. 236A/ :x: : Jump off the wall with a slashing kick (Input this fast, BEFORE Lilica makes contact with the wall during Wallstep)
  3. j.214B/Midair :y: : Cancel that kick into a flip throw where she dives downward (this must miss the opponent)
  4. 236B/ :y: : Once you land this will perform a small spin kick
  5. 236C/ :b: : Cancels that spin kick into Heel Cutter
  6. 214c/ :b: : Cancels that Hell Cutter into a backdash (It’s easy for the input to result in a full stop so be careful about your inputs)
  7. 236A/ :x: : From that back dash she jumps up with a slashing kick
  8. j.214B/Midair :y: : Cancel that kick into a flip throw where she dives downward (this must miss the opponent)
  9. 214B/ :y: :  As you land Lilica will jump back against the wall as she did with Wallstep
  10. 236C/ :b: : Jumps off the wall with a Heel Cutter
  11. 214A/ :x: : Jumps straight into the air

As you perform this entire string you will start on the 1p side however you will be performing everything on the 2p side while performing the inputs as if you were still on the 1p side, if the inputs fail to work properly it means you have failed somewhere and must try again.

Setup to perform/practice:

  • When attempting this be sure to have  the screen set to widescreen (without the animated sidebars) to give yourself as much room as possible.
  • When starting the string make sure that both you and your opponent are at the left most end of the screen.

A good tip if you are too worried about using the wrong input is to simply press :start: mid string, just remember to be ready to continue where you left off the second you back out of the pause menu.

(Special Thanks to Akari for his information in regards to this)

I won’t forgive anyone who breaks Onee-chan
Use Geschick Fighting Blood Linchpin over 4 times, after Elfriede?dies

At character select you must choose Lieselotte. This could be a pretty timely achievement so you may want to use multiple rounds for this one. You have to one of Lieselotte’s supers 4 times after Elfriede, her puppet, dies. First you must release Elriede from his case first, to do so you must use Parted Seele (236A, B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b: ) Depending on the variant you use Elriede will appear in a certain position:

  • (A Version/ :x: ) – In front of Lieselotte
  • (B Version/ :y: ) – Appears diagonally and attacks for 2 hits
  • (C Version/ :b: ) – Appears diagonally and attacks for 2 hits

To make it easier on yourself use the A/:x: version and simply have your opponent attack Elfriede at this point until it is decommissioned , after you have to use your super Geshick Fighting Blood Linchpin to bring it back from the dead, do this 3 more times and you have your achievement.

Geshick Fighting Blood Linchpin: 214A+B/ :x: :y:

I don’t know how to kill painlessly
Hit all just frame timings on Ending Separation

At character select you must choose Zenia. For this you must perform her EF version of her critical heart Ending Separation, when you have met the criteria to using her critical heart and have activated Extend Force you must first input the move Subjugating Whirlwind (236A, B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b: ) . After the initial attack from Subjugating Whirlwind you can follow-up into three different moves , one of which is Ending Separation.

Ending Seperation: 63214A+B/ :x: :y: (During Whirlwind)

Simple Mode Way: 6B > ABC/ :y:  > :x: :y: :b:  (Whirlwind > Ending Separation)

The move will start with 3 hits afterwords Zenia will grab the opponent and you must hit the Just frames successfully on the Edinorog charge bar. The just frames are indicated by yellow bars on the gauge, after the 3 hits hold down any button and release it when it’s on the gauge. There will be 4 timed strikes, the first 3 are really fast however the 4th one is a slow timing charge but don’t let it get to your head that you can land it perfectly each time.

When the gauge lands green it means you were too early or too late, if it lands orange you were a little early or a little late however if it lands white it means you hit the just frame.

This takes A LOT of practice, just keep at it.

Power of Blue Exorcism
Use and hit with all of Elsa’s special moves in a match

At character select you must choose Elsa. You must use and hit your opponent with all of Elsa’s Special moves, if you are worried about killing off your opponent too fast set the match to 2 rounds (or more) if needed. Here are the following moves you have to perform:

  • Sanctus: 236A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:
  • Credo: 623A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:
  • Gloria: 214A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:
  • Communio: j.214A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:
  • Kirie: 421A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:
  • Benedictus: 22A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:
  • Agnus: 28A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:

Also keep in mind for Agnus to hit you must first use Sanctus and then quickly use Agnus right after.

Thanks for the Meal?
Absorb life with Iru Rapimento

At character select you must choose Clarice. The move you need to do is Il Rapimento, one of her super moves so you will need  at least one super gauge filled to do this. What the move does it surround Clarice with a circle for a period of time and at any time the opponent is in the circle you will absorb their life and heal your own. The moveset for Il Rapimento is as follows:

Il Rapimento: 6321478A+B/ :x: :y:

I’m Really REALLY Sorry!
Get a clean hit with Sacred Slayer (in EF)

At character select you must choose Fiona. For this move you must perform the Extend Force version of Sacred Slayer, Fionas Critical heart. Fionas critical heart is not like most others, her critical her consist of three steps for her full critical heart. After you have used your Extend Force (ABC/ :x: :y: :b: ) you have to go through the following move-sets for her full critical heart:

  1. Wineb Grusveil: 641236A+B / + :x: :y:
  2. Angel Arrow: 236X / + :x: :y: :b:
  3. Sacred Slayer: 360A+B/ 360 Rotation counter-clockwise starting from  + :x: :y:

L.G.A Thousand Fire
Use over 1000 ether stocks

At character select you must choose Petra. Ether stocks are used up after the use of certain attacks, however the Ether stocks will reload after a small amount of time after you use that attack, the ether stocks used up per attack depending on the variant of it used. For almost all of her specials the stock exchange looks like this:

  • (A Version/ :x: ) – 1 Stock
  • (B Version/ :y: ) –  2 Stock
  • (C Version/ :b: ) –  3 Stock (recommended variant)

After you use any Ether Stocks you must refill those stocks by using L.G.A Charge – 1 (22A,B or C/ :x: , :y:  or :b: ) which refills 1 stock or L.G.A Charge – 3 (22AB/ :x: :y: ) which refills 3 stocks however requires one super gauge. The easier move to use to get rid of your stocks would be L.G.A Fire Type – a (236A, B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b: ), use the C/ :b: version since it will quickly use up your 3 stocks.

Better think 3 or 4 moves ahead
Deplete the Spirit Gauge more than 3 times in a match

At character select you must choose Nazuna. To deplete her spirit gauge you must simply perform her specials and supers and it will deplete easily. Her critical heart Fuujyu Nagigama (632146A+B/ :x: :y: ) will deplete just about her entire gauge. This will more than likely happen naturally while doing your many attempts at “Fuujyu Nagigama“.

I didn’t mean REALLY catch me, Idiot!
Get hit after using Please Catch Me

At character select you must choose Angelia. You must use her special move Please Catch me and then get hit before you recover from the attack, at the start of Please Catch me Angelia is invulnerable however during the second part of it she is open for attack, the different variations of the attack determine how far back she moves and how long she is invulnerable. This can easily be done in a versus match or a player match with a boosting partner.

Please Catch me: 63214A,B or C/ :x: , :y: or :b:

Take it easy, Dumbass!
Hit with Last Armageddon Drop during Regnum

At character select you must choose Kira and at Arcana select you must choose Water. First you must make sure you have 3 super gauges and a good amount of force gauge for when you active your Extend Force (ABC/ :x: :y: :b: ). Afterwards input 236ABC/ + :x: :y: :b:  to activate Niptras Arcana Blaze Regnum which will slow down the opponent by about 1/4 of their regular movement speed. At this point and time you must use Kiras critical heart Last Armageddon Drop:

Last Armageddon Drop: 1080 rotation + AB/1080 rotation starting from  + :x: :y:

100 Practice Swings
Use any move that has “Sacred” in it more than 100 times

At character select you must choose Fiona. Fione has 3 moves with “Sacred” in its name which are as follows:

  • Sacred Bringer (Any button after Angel Wing)
  • Sacred Punish – 360A+B/ Counter clockwise 360 Rotation starting from + :x: :y:
  • Sacred Slayer 360A+B/Counter clockwise 360 Rotation starting from + :x: :y: (Part of her Critical Finish)

The most recommended one would have to be Sacred Bringer out of the 3, Sacred Punish and Sacred Slayer require super gauge so this way you don’t have to wait to fill your gauge up. Sacred Bringer however has a long step to it, you must first perform two other moves leading up to it and it is also quite difficult to perform successfully so you may want to consider using Sacred Punish more if the timing is too much for you. The three moves you must use before it are:

  1. Grand Divide: 236A/ :x:
  2. Misty Chain: 236B/ :y: (After Grand Divide)
  3. Angel Wing: 236C/ :b: (After Misty Chain)

After you have performed the following moves you can perform Sacred Bringer.


Miscellaneous Related

Arcanum! Lend me your power!
Win with an Arcana Blaze

To use an Arcana Blaze you must first activate Extend Force (ABC/ :x: :y: :b: ). Extend force can only be used on the ground and will only last as long depending on the amount of force gauge you have. Within that time frame before it ends you can use the Arcana Blaze with 236ABC/ + :x: :y: :b: it will activate a strong move depending on the Arcana you have chosen.

Warning: This cannot be done with the Time Arcana or the Water Arcana because their Arcana Blaze attacks deal no damage.

A Maiden Shines in Adversity
Win while unable to perform an Extend Force

To win while being able to perform Extend Force(ABC/ :x: :y: :b: ) means the Force Gauge must be red and it slowly refilling. You must win while it is refilling, you can get it into this condition by either of the two ways:

  1. Using an Arcana Blaze (236ABC/ :x: :y: :b: )
  2. Using an Arcana Burst (C+E/ :b: + :rb: )

Arcana Master
Use all the arcana.

During character select after you have selected your character you will be given a selection of arcana to choose from, the Arcana give each character special ability and stat alteration depending on the Arcana chosen. Here is a list of the 23 Arcana you must choose:

  1. Dark
  2. Earth
  3. Evil
  4. Fenrir
  5. Fire
  6. Flower
  7. Halo
  8. Ice
  9. Love
  10. Luck
  11. Magnetism
  12. Metal
  13. Mirror
  14. Plant
  15. Punishment
  16. Sacred
  17. Sin
  18. Thunder
  19. Time-Space
  20. Tone
  21. Tyr
  22. Water
  23. Wind

Amazing Victory!
Win with a critical heart.

A critical heart is basically a level 3 super that require 3 super stocks to perform. You can check each characters move-list to view their unique critical hearts however i do recommend doing simple ones such as Eko’s.

Her critical heart movements are 222+AB/+ :x: :y: which seem to be the simplest out of the entire cast for beginner players. However before you can perform this CH you must meet a certain requirement, Ekos is to have her 25% health or less. Most if not all characters have criteria to meet before being able to use their CH, for more information please refer to the Arcana Heart Wiki.

Somehow, an amazing victory!
Win with a critical heart extend.

A critical heart extend is basically the same as described under “Amazing Victory” however you must got into Extend Force (ABC/:x: :y: :b: ) and then use the critical heart for a critical heart extend.

Maiden Master
Use all the characters

For this you must select each character and finish a match from start to finish with each them, considering the fact you have to use them all anyway for “Your Love Expands From The Spirit World” you shouldn’t worry about this at all and wait for it to come naturally to you, here is a list of all the characters:

  1. Akane
  2. Angelia
  3. Catherine
  4. Clarice
  5. Dorothy
  6. Eko
  7. Elsa
  8. Fiona
  9. Heart
  10. Kamui
  11. Kira
  12. Konoha
  13. Lieselotte
  14. Lilica
  15. Maori
  16. Mei-Fang
  17. Nazuna
  18. Petra
  19. Saki
  20. Scharlachrot
  21. Weiß
  22. Yoriko
  23. Zenia

Look Mike! It’s The Number of Beats! Wow!
Perform a combo with 666 hits

At character select choose Nazuna in Simple Mode, any other character can be your opponent. Start my mashing A/ :x: until you reach 6 hits and then proceed to using 2B/:y: continuously until it reaches 666 hits, once it hits 666 stop and this should unlock.

(Special Thanks to Shinryu of Homingcancel for the method and video)

The Spirit Alchemist Worthy of Commanding Life
[SCORE ATTACK]Beat Parace l’sia in Score Attack

Score Attack much like Arc System Works previous titles like Blazblue, is a mode where it has a difficulty of its own. You go through 8 stages of randomized fights however the last fight will always be against the overly powered cheap character Parace l’sia.

Beginner Recommendation: Kira in Simple Mode
Under this mode you press :y: to do Kira’s Kira-Sama Driver which can kill a regular opponent in 3 hits, as well as :x: :y: being able to use Armageddon Buster all of which make Score Attack ridiculously easy

Parace l’sia will DESTROY you if you are not careful. Keep on your guard until she comes to you, those are the only chances you have to do damage to her, if you dare try to approach her yourself she will punish you with over half your health.

Unlike the previous Score Attack modes by Arc System works you can press :start: to continue if you do so happen to lose. Also do not get discouraged if you have to continue too many times, each time Parace l’sia will start with less and less health, sooner or later she will start with enough for you to stand chance.

Effort is a Maiden’s Hobby
[TRAINING]Use Training Mode for more than 15 minutes straight.

Simply go into the Training Mode and leave it on for 15 minutes, after 15 minutes have passed the achievement will unlock.

CG Gallery Complete!
[GALLERY]Unlock all of the CGs in the Gallery

To unlock all of the CGs in the Gallery you must meet certain requirements, here are the following criteria you must meet:

  • Complete every characters story mode
  • Use a super form each character at least once (Some may require critical hearts as well)
  • Unlock all if not most of the offline trophies

There is also two final criteria you must meet:

  1. As Maori you must fight Eko and Akane at least once in story mode, this will take 2 play-through’s as Maori.
  2. As Angelia you must fight Eko and Fiona at least once in story mode, this will take 2 play-through’s as Angelia.

Animation Gallery Complete!
[GALLERY]Unlock all of the animated sequences in the Gallery

To unlock all the animated sequences in the gallery you must first witness the sidebar animation in battle. For the 23 playable characters you must witness the action while playing as the character, there are two other characters you have to be aware of in the gallery as well; Ragnarok and Parace l’sia. Here is the list of common actions in each characters gallery list:

  • Normal
  • Good
  • Bad
  • Very Bad
  • Specials/Supers
  • Damage
  • Win
  • Lose
  • Special Victory
  • Straight victory

The sidebars basically show whats happening in the actual match and most of which will unlock naturally with normal play however some may need you to go out of your way to unlock. Keep in the mind with the Specials/Supers, characters that have multiple ones and they should all unlock them simply by using an Arcana Blaze that does damage. Here are the recommended settings when getting these in verses:

  • Timer: 99
  • Rounds to Win: 2

Each character has “special requirements” for their last animations. Heres a list to help narrow down the requirements for each characters special animations:

(Win a round with perfect)

  • Heart, Kamui, Fiona

(Win every round straight)

  • Saki, Maori

(win a round with Critical Heart)

  • Clarice

(special requirement 1)

  • Konoha, Mei-fang, Lilica, Lieselotte, Kira, Petra, Zenia, Angelia, Elsa, Catherine, Dorothy, Akane, Nazuna, Scharlachrot, Eko, Weiß

(special requirement 2)

Konoha, Meifang, Weiß

Special Requirement 1 and 2 involve the following criteria:

  • Lose the first round and win the rest
  • Win with HP under 25%

Some may even require a combination of the two requirements. After you have unlocked them all simply enter your gallery and press :rb:  and it will unlock. Also keep in mind the percentage goes up as you complete a characters gallery, not for every individual animation.

(Special Thanks to Akari and KayCeaEffahless for their information in regards to this)










(Special Thanks to lSolarisl from Homingcancel for the video)

Online Related

The Road to being a True Maiden
[RANKED MATCH]Play your first Ranked Match

Play your first ranked match. Win or lose this will unlock at the end of the match.

Conquer Every Maiden!
[NETWORK]Fight against all of the characters in Network mode.

Please refer to “Maiden Master” for a list of all the characters. This may come naturally over time as you aim to finish “Your Love Expands From The Spirit World” however if you are still missing it by the time you unlock it or if you are impatient you can boost it in a Player match with a friend.

Conquer Every Arcana!
[NETWORK]Fight against all of the arcana in Network mode.

Please refer to “Arcana Master” for a list of all the Arcanas. This may come naturally over time as you aim to finish “Your Love Expands From The Spirit World” however if you are still missing it by the time you unlock it or if you are impatient you can boost it in a Player match with a friend.

Thanks, everyone~
[PLAYER MATCH]Play your first Player Match.

Play your first Player match. Win or lose this will unlock.

Look only at me from now on~
Reach an RP Level of 10 with a character

To reach an RP level with a character you must accumulate about 200,000 RP points with them online. Refer to “Your Love Expands From The Spirit World ” for more information.

Your Love Expands From The Spirit World
Reach RP Level 3 with all characters

This will be the longest tedious trophy of this game. RP is earned through your performances in online matches. You gain points just for playing in a match however its a very low amount, the real points are earned by doing any of the following in an online match:

  • Win
  • No Damage
  • Straight
  • K.O
  • Perfect
  • Super Finish
  • Critical Heart Finish
  • Extend
  • Arcana
  • Blaze
  • First Attack

You need to get every character to at least 10,000 RP points for them to be level 3, if you were to win every ranked match with at least 1,000 points you would need to play at least 230 games however that will probably not be the case. You can boost in player matches however the points you get for winning are greatly reduced and the amount of bonuses you can receive are down to winning and first attacks.