Army of Two: The 40th Day

Author Notes

There are three achievements that have to be completed in a single playthrough, if you mess up then it may cause you to play the campaign again. These achievements are "Humanist", "Heartless" and "Purist", so you should check them out first.

Table of Contents

  1. Story Progression
  2. Miscellaneous Story
  3. Morality Choices
  4. Collectibles
  5. Online Multiplayer


Not What I Thought It Was Not What I Thought It Was
Complete Chapter 1 on Any Difficulty Level

See “Survivor?” for more information

A Steep Descent A Steep Descent
Complete Chapter 2 on Any Difficulty Level

See “Survivor?” for more information

A Decent Animal A Decent Animal
Complete Chapter 3 on Any Difficulty Level

See “Survivor?” for more information

Emergency Room Emergency Room
Complete Chapter 4 on Any Difficulty Level

See “Survivor” for more information

Gone Shopping Gone Shopping
Complete Chapter 5 on Any Difficulty Level

See “Survivor?” for more information

Survivor? Survivor?
Complete the Game on Any Difficulty Level

This achievement, and every achievement which led you here, will unlock at the statistics screen at the end of each mission. As the achievement says it can be done on any difficulty, so i would suggest playing on recruit. It can also be gained in either single player or co-op, and either split-screen or via Xbox Live/Playstation Network.

Softcore Softcore
Complete Half the Game on Contractor Difficulty

See “Hardcore” for more information

Hardcore Hardcore
Complete the Game on Contractor Difficulty

This is awarded when you complete all six missions on the hardest difficulty. With a little patience this achievement becomes much easier, you should also take full advantage of the games aggro combat system. This will allow you to draw all the enemy’s attention whilst your partner creeps around the flanks for some quick, easy kills.

When confronted with heavy enemies the best tactic is to split up and take turns unloading your highest damaged weapon into their weak spots, sharing the aggro. The weak spots are their head, the pouches around their waist or the fuel canister on their back. Also note that if you’re playing co-op both players will need to choose contractor difficulty.

Miscellaneous Story

Not So Bad After All Not So Bad After All
Tie up 15 enemy combatants instead of executing them

The easiest place to get these is the hostage situations, as the enemies are unaware of your presence. Once behind them press :lb: to hold them as a shield and then click :ls: to tie them down.

Co-Op Sniper Co-Op Sniper
Co-Op Snipe 5 enemies

When you’re sniping at the same time as your partner, each kill you get will go towards this achievement. You can see progress towards this achievement from the pause menu.

Open Hand Slap! Open Hand Slap!
Kill 50 enemies with a melee or bayonet

When you are close to an enemy you can press :b: to melee them, a melee hit is always a kill except on heavy troopers.

Hate Monger Hate Monger
Customize a weapon to high aggro

This can be gained with any weapon, just attach damage enhancements, illustrative weapon skins and front mounts to increase the aggro. The quick way to gain this is buy an RPG and choose the pimped weapon skin.

One Shot, One Kill One Shot, One Kill
Kill 100 enemies with a sniper rifle

Sniper rifles are equipped in the special weapon slot, and can be equipped by pressing :y:, all the snipers have about the same damage, so pick whichever one you like. You can view your total kills in the pause menu.

Old Faithful Old Faithful
Kill 400 enemies with assault rifles, sub machineguns or shotguns

Shotguns, SMG’s and Assault Rifles are the meat and potatoes of your loadout, so this achievement doesn’t take very long to get. These are always your primary weapon so this achievement should come towards the end of the game. You can view progress towards this achievement from the pause menu.

Pistolier Pistolier
Kill 150 enemies with a pistol

Pistols are equipped in the secondary weapon slot and for the most part, are pretty useless. The best one to have would be the DE .44, equipped with damage and accuracy enhancers it proves to be quite powerful and can be on par with some of the primary weapons. You can check your progress at any given time.

Scavenger Scavenger
Build a gun using 3 homebrew parts

Weapon parts are either found around Shanghai or awarded by hostages upon rescue, so it may take a while before this actually becomes available. Here are the parts which are considered homebrewed:

Homebrew Stocks

  • Rusty Stock

Homebrew Front Mounts

  • Metal Plate
  • Pipe Launcher 40MM

Homebrew Suppressors

  • Screwdriver
  • Kitchen Knife
  • Soda Can Silencer

When you have a part from each category go to the weapon customisation screen and attach them to an assault rifle.

Meat Bag Meat Bag
Use 15 enemies as human shields

When in melee range of an enemy you can press :lb: to take them as a human shield, you should be able to walk around with him. When you get bored you can either tie him up by clicking :ls: or execute him by holding :b:.

Total FistBump Destruction Total FistBump Destruction
Finish the game as best friends

When you pause the game, at the bottom you should see “Partner Relationship” and underneath this there will be two words. To unlock this achievement the words underneath need to be “Ambiguous ….”, the word after ambiguous does not matter, but this shows that you are best friends. At the end of the game when you need to plant the C4 on the huge red door if you stand next to your partner and press :a: you will perform a positive action. Positive actions increase your friendship status, so you can repeat this until you are best friends.

To unlock “Total FistBump Deflation” the words need to be “Hateful …”, again the last word is obsolete. Once again before the huge red door, you can press :b: to perform a negative action, repeat this until you have desired friendship status.

Total Fistbump Deflation Total Fistbump Deflation
Finish the game in a fractured friendship

See “Total FistBump Destruction” for more information.

Future Visions Future Visions
Unlock all Potential Futures

There are a total of three different endings, these being:

  1. Complete the game choosing only negative decisions
  2. Complete the game choosing only positive decisions
  3. And at the end of the positive playthrough you will need to shoot your partner, once you’ve done this and finished the game reload the last chapter but play as the opposite character. You must now choose to shoot your partner again.

Attention Grabber Attention Grabber
Allow your partner to snipe 5 guys while in Mock Surrender

To go in to mock surrender you need to press :a: when prompted, at this point your partner can bring out his sniper rifle and shoot to kill. This my not come through natural gameplay so it is best to play chapter 4, and continue through until you come to an auditorium. At this point your partner should go to the back of the room and you can advance forwards and enter mock surrender.

Loot and Pillage Loot and Pillage
Collect $1,000,000

This is cumulative throughout all playthroughs and should unlock somewhere in Chapter 5. Money is gained from killing enemies, searching weapon cache’s and completing objectives. You can freely spend your money as you do not need to have $1,000,000 at one specific time. You can view progress towards this achievement from the pause menu.

Healer Healer
Heal your partner 10 times

To heal your partner you must wait until he has become downed and then press :a: to grab him so you can pull him to a safe place and then you can hold :a: to revive him. This should come on your contractor playthrough but if you still haven’t unlocked it at the end you can just shoot an RPG at your partners feet, to down him, then get him back up.

Chaaaaarge! Chaaaaarge!
Charge through 20 enemies

If you hold :a: you will start sprinting, whilst sprinting run into an opponent and if you have enough momentum you will be able to knock him over and kill him. This is easier to do on recruit difficulty as when you’re running at the AI they won’t be able to kill you whilst you’re running at them.

Unbreakable Unbreakable
Survive an entire level in one session without being downed on normal difficulty or above

This is easiest on chapter 1 on normal difficulty. This isn’t very hard if you go slow, stay behind cover until all the enemies are dead and use your aggro along with good communication with your partner. You cannot use restart checkpoint, so if you do get downed you’ll need to replay the level.

Quick Draw Quick Draw
Kill 25 enemies with a quick draw from mock surrender

When you are in mock surrender you can hold :lt: to bring up your aiming reticule, place this over an enemy’s head and then shoot him with :rt:. Rinse and repeat 24 more times to unlock. You can load up Chapter 5 – Checkpoint: Shattered City and walk to the first area and enter mock surrender, dispatch the two goons and reload the checkpoint.

Full Arsenal Full Arsenal
Collect All Weapons and Weapon Parts

There are 15 weapons parts and 2 more inside of supply crates.

In order to get this achievement you will need to…

  • Play through entire campaign making only positive choices
  • Play through entire campaign making only negative choices
  • Save all the hostages
  • Find all the weapons parts
  • Buy all the weapons
  • Buy all weapon attachments (Not the styles)

The two guns, AS-KR1 and Sniper launcher are not required for this achievement. These guns will be awarded if you have a save game from the first Army of Two game. For the locations of the weapon parts please see the collectible guide under the “Touch Not a Cat But a Glove” achievement.

Rock, Paper, Scissors Rock, Paper, Scissors
Beat your partner at rock, paper, scissors three times in a row

In single play the chances of getting this achievement are very slim, and very luck based. The easiest way to get this is plug in a second controller and have them deliberately lose. To initiate a game of rock, paper and scissors stand next to your partner and hit :y:.

In Synch In Synch
Kill two enemies with simultaneous Quick Draws while in Co-op Mock Surrender

This achievement is pretty self-explanatory and it can’t be achieved in single player as the AI partner has no initiative. The easiest thing to do is load up Chapter 5 – Checkpoint: Shattered City and walk forward to first area, you will both be told to go into mock surrender, hit :a: to do so and then kill one enemy each. The achievement should unlock right away.

The Beast The Beast
You need to kill 6,666 people in Campaign

This obviously counts through all of your playthroughs and will take you about 5-7 total playthroughs to get this many kills. You could potentially find a spot with a lot of enemies and just keep killing them, and reloading the checkpoint (it will save your kills regardless of hitting a checkpoint or not). You can check how many kills you have by going into the start menu and going to statistics then looking for “Enemies Killed”. The best place to grind this out is on Chapter 2 – Checkpoint: The fastest way down, I also recommend that you plug-in a second controller and leave it immobile as in single player the AI will steal your kills.

Morality Choices

The Pessimist The Pessimist
Make a negative coop morality choice

Shortly after you start chapter one and complete some training you will be asked to make your first morality choice. Pick :a: to let the guy live and you will unlock The Optimist. Pick :b: and you will unlock The Pessimist. Right after the achievement pops you can hit start and “restart from checkpoint” to unlock the other achievement. You will start very close to this spot.

Note: Just make sure to stick with whatever decision you picked last for the rest of your morality choices throughout the game so you can unlock either “Heartless” or “Purist.”=

The Optimist The Optimist
Make a positive coop morality choice

See “The Pessimist” for more information

Heartless Heartless
Make only negative choices

Throughout the game you are given morality choices where you have to choose to do either good or bad. To unlock this achievement you need to make only negative choices. Once you have made the decision you should see a small pop-up on right side of the screen saying ‘- Morality’, if it does not say this then quickly reload the last checkpoint. The choices you must make to earn this achievement are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Kill JB?
Yes – Negative Morality

Chapter 2 – Steal Guns and Ammo
Yes – Negative Morality

Chapter 3 – Kill the White Tiger?
Yes – Negative Morality

Chapter 4 – Send Child to get rifle?
Yes – Negative Morality

Chapter 5 – Kill Brezhnev?
No – Negative Morality

Chapter 7 – Risk Shanghai or shoot partner?
Shoot terrorist – Negative Morality

Purist Purist
Make only positive choices

Throughout the game you are given morality choices where you have to choose to do either good or bad. To unlock this achievement you need to make only positive choices. Once you have made the decision you should see a small pop-up on right side of the screen saying ‘+ Morality’, if it does not say this then quickly reload the last checkpoint. The choices you must make to earn this achievement are as follows:

Chapter 1 – Kill JB?
No – Positive Morality

Chapter 2 – Steal Guns and Ammo
No – Positive Morality

Chapter 3 – Kill the White Tiger?
No – Positive Morality

Chapter 4 – Send Child to get rifle?
No – Positive Morality

Chapter 5 – Kill Brezhnev?
Yes – Positive Morality

Chapter 7 – Risk Shanghai or shoot partner?
Shoot Partner – Positive Morality


Touch Not a Cat but a Glove Touch Not a Cat but a Glove
Shoot all Maneki Neko cats in the game

There are three types of collectibles in this game, radio’s, weapon parts and Maneki Neko cats. The radios and weapon pieces can be picked up but the Japanese cats have to be shot. Check out the following links for locations of the collectibles.

Mission 1 –
Mission 2 –
Mission 3 –
Mission 4 –
Mission 5 –
Mission 6 –
Mission 7 –

The Truth Is Right Here The Truth Is Right Here
Listen to all of the Radio Broadcasts

See “Touch not a cat but a glove” for a detailed collectibles guide.

Humanist Humanist
Save every hostage

If you fail to save one hostage then you will not get this achievement and it will force another playthrough, so make sure to pay attention. You will know when you need to save a hostage because there will be a small cut scene showing you the hostages and the enemies (with the exception of the 3 listed above). There are 2 different ways to do all of these hostage situations. Method 1, Gunz-a-Blazin! Method 2, Eye for an Eye!

Gunz-a-Blazin is to just kill all of the enemies as quickly as possible, starting with the guy or guys who are the biggest threat to the hostages. This works well when the enemies are bunched together and few in numbers.

Eye for an Eye just means, they have a hostage so you take a hostage. If your hostage is a superior officer over the other enemies, they will put their hands in the air and surrender. To check their ranks, hit :back:. To grab a hostage, sneak up behind him and press :lb:.

If you mess up and a hostage dies, just immediately reload the last checkpoint. It tells you at the end of each chapter how many hostages you saved. Every hostage has an ID card, viewable in the start menu.

This will unlock in chapter 5 immediately after saving the single hostage in front of a very large yellow construction vehicle.

Notes on 3 hidden hostages
#1 – There is 1 hidden hostage on chapter 2. By hidden I mean, you will not get a cut scene or an objective for him and it will not show in the mission summary at the end. He’s in a room on the bottom floor where you kick open the door and directly in front of you is an enemy looking at him. he’s sitting against a pillar across from the door you come in. You have to go up to him and tap :a: to save him.

#2 – There is also a hostage on chapter 3, after you rescue the zoo keeper and he opens the gate. There will be 6 guys standing around him. You have to go up to him and hit :a: to save him but it’s not an objective.

#3 – And the last hidden hostage is on chapter 4 in the hospital. After you save the first hostage in the hospital, walk back through the door to this room and a guy comes stumbling through a door followed by an enemy. Kill the enemy and press :a: on the hostage to save him.

Online Multiplayer

Versus: Create a custom facemask online ( and wear it in a public match

  1. Go to
  2. Sign in with your EA account, or follow the instructions to create one
  3. Click Mask & Armor creator at the top right of the page
  4. Click “Launch Mask & Armor” to bring up a separate window with a Flash presentation
  5. Create any design you wish and then click the save icon
  6. You will be shown your mask design along with any others you created, click publish for it to be sent to your game
  7. When in-game opt to wear the mask design, also remember to put it as a shoulder design for when you play as the FDI

Big Game Hunting Big Game Hunting
Versus: Kill both members of a single partnership during a public match

A partnership is 2 players that joined the game together. Kill both of them and this will unlock right away.

Job Seeker Job Seeker
Versus: In public matches, kill a player with the primary or secondary weapon from every weapon kit

Just get one kill with the primary weapon (or secondary) from every kit. A kill is 5 points. 4 points for downing him and 1 point for finishing him off. There are a total of 8 different kits, i would suggest picking one and sticking with it.

All Guns Blazing All Guns Blazing
Versus: Kill a player with every weapon, including special weapons, in public matches

You have to get a kill with both the primary and secondary weapon from each kit, an RPG, a grenade launcher and a grenade kill. A kill is 5 points, a down is worth 4, and if you finish him after a down you get 1 more point. Make sure you finish him off or it won’t count. I recommend picking a kit, and sticking with it until you are sure you have the kills you need. Then move down to the next kit and do the same thing until the achievement unlocks.

Death Dealer Death Dealer
Versus: Kill 10 players with headshots on a single map in a public match

For a kill to count as a headshot their head must pop off. You will also see an icon with a head inside a circle beside your name after each “headshot”. So just look for this icon each time. Headshots with assault Rifles don’t take the enemy’s head off. The Pump Action Shotgun, Desert Eagle, or either sniper work good for this achievement. Also, I found Warzone to be the easiest to get 10 headshots, you have more time and people are focused on the goals.

Power Couple Power Couple
Versus: Earn the highest partnership score in a Co-op Deathmatch, Control or Warzone public match

This is easiest on Co-op Deathmatch. Just win the match and you will be the highest scoring partnership. In order to win you will need to have the highest score. Revives, killing the same person and downing another partnership add huge bonuses to your score will help you win.

Bound For Life Bound For Life
Versus: In a public match, survive an Extraction map without suffering a single death on your team

This is easiest to do it from rounds 1-4, but the other rounds are definitely possible. If this doesn’t unlock right away keep playing, it may unlock at the end of the next map. A person can get downed, but as long as they are revived the achievement will still unlock.

Secret Achievement Fancy Meeting You Here
Versus: Invite a friend before joining a lobby to play a public match

From the versus menu press :y: and send an invite to a friend, then join a game once they join. The person who sent the invite gets the achievement.

Secret Achievement King of The Hill
Versus: Win a public match on every map in Co-op Deathmatch, Control and Warzone

There are 6 maps total. Win one match on each map in the 3 game types and this will unlock. If the host leaves or you join in the middle of a match it does NOT count.

  • Zoo
  • Consulate
  • Vertigo
  • Temple
  • Crossroads
  • Aftermath

Secret Achievement Survival of The Fittest
Versus: Complete all 16 rounds of an Extraction game in a public match

An Extraction game is played over four different maps and lasts a total of 16 rounds and you will fight an array of enemies which include grunts, heavies, commandos and elites. To gain this achievement you MUST be in the pre-game lobby before the first round starts and you MUST stay in until the end of round 16. This achievement took about 2-4 hours for me and two others to complete.


  • Find a good place and stay there. If you try running and gunning you won’t last very long as you are seriously outnumbered and overpowered.
  • When running low on ammo go up to one of your partners and perform a partner reload. These are infinite and will restock your ammo and grenades.
  • Balance your weapon sets. Don’t have four players with a sniper rifle, it just won’t work. I found the best load out is have two players with assault rifles/machine guns, have one player with a shotgun set and just have one player with a sniper kit.
  • When heavy enemies appear split up. If you bunch up they will destroy you in no time at all and shooting them in the back is very effective. So spread out and also give him a few headshots. Grenades are also very good if you can throw them accurately.