Assassins Creed II

Author Notes

The game doesn't differ much from Assassin's Creed, the controls are similar and the mechanics are a little more advanced but it's an easy game to get right into. You will still be doing the same stuff as you do in all Assassin's Creed games. Killing high-profile corrupted political figures or lowly street dwellers, clambering up buildings,traversing the rooftops and piecing together subject's 16 memory fragments.


Table of Contents

  1. Story Progression
  2. Misc. Story
  3. Economic
  4. Collectibles (Feathers & Statues)
  5. Assassin’s Tombs & Glyphs

Story Progression

The Birth of an Assassin The Birth of an Assassin
Be reborn as Ezio Auditore Da Firenze.

Story related and cannot be missed

Arrivederci Abstergo Arrivederci Abstergo
Break out of Abstergo.

Story related and cannot be missed

Welcome to the Animus 2.0 Welcome to the Animus 2.0
Enter the Animus 2.0.

Story related and cannot be missed

The Pain of Betrayal The Pain of Betrayal
Complete DNA Sequence 1.

Story related and cannot be missed

Vengeance Vengeance
Complete DNA Sequence 2.

Story related and cannot be missed

Exit the Son Exit the Son
Complete DNA Sequence 3.

Story related and cannot be missed

Bloody Sunday Bloody Sunday
Complete DNA Sequence 4.

Story related and cannot be missed

The Conspirators The Conspirators
Complete DNA Sequence 5.

Story related and cannot be missed

An Unexpected Journey An Unexpected Journey
Complete DNA Sequence 6.

Story related and cannot be missed

Bleeding Effect Bleeding Effect
Complete training and reenter the Animus.

Story related and cannot be missed

The Merchant of Venice The Merchant of Venice
Complete DNA Sequence 7.

Story related and cannot be missed

The Impenetrable Palazzo The Impenetrable Palazzo
Complete DNA Sequence 8.

Story related and cannot be missed

Masquerade Masquerade
Complete DNA Sequence 9.

Story related and cannot be missed

Bianca's Man Bianca’s Man
Complete DNA Sequence 10.

Story related and cannot be missed

The Prophet The Prophet
Complete DNA Sequence 11.

Story related and cannot be missed

The Vault The Vault
Complete DNA Sequence 14.

Story related and cannot be missed

An Old Friend Returns An Old Friend Returns
Escape the hideout.

Story related and cannot be missed

Misc. Story

Sweeper Sweeper
Sweep 5 guards at once by using a Long Weapon.

First off you’ll need to visit the combat trainer outside your Uncle’s villa in Monteriggioni, and be taught how to use long weapons. This costs 10,000 Florins. You cannot buy any long weapons so you need to kill a guard and then pick his up with :b: , you’ll then need to cause some havoc in the area and get 5 or more guards chasing you then use the sweep attack to knock 5 of them down. To use the sweep attack you just need to hold :x: , then release when Ezio is in position.


No-hitter No-hitter
Kill 10 enemies while remaining in conflict without being hit.

This could possibly unlock for you right at the start of the game, as it relies a little on luck. It’s best to attempt this when you have the max smoke bomb pouch and double stealth blades. Draw attention to yourself and get 10 or more guards following you by running around the area. Stop running and throw a smoke bomb to stun all the guards, quickly equip your double blades and start assassinating the disorientated guards. Once the smoke clears you can throw another bomb and repeat the process. You should have more than enough time to kill 10 guards as you have 3 smoke bombs.


Show your Colors Show your Colors
Wear the Auditore cape in each city.

The Auditore cape unlocks when you have collected all 100 feathers and placed them in Claudia’s box, equip the cape and travel to the following locations:

  • Monteriggioni
  • Venice
  • Florence
  • Tuscany
  • Romagna
  • Mountains

Messer Sandman Messer Sandman
Stun 4 guards at once by throwing sand in their face.

You’ll need to learn this ability from the combat tutor outside the villa first of all. Once again draw attention to yourself and get 4 or more guards chasing you, when you have enough stop running and switch to unarmed combat via the weapon wheel. Lock on to a guard with :lt: and hold :x: and Ezio will throw sand at the guards. If you’re having difficulty it’s possible to drop a smoke bomb to stun the guards and then throw the sand at them.


Macho Man Macho Man
Defend a woman’s honor.

This is an optional quest after you finish speaking to your Dad whilst he’s in jail at the beginning of the game, and can be started by going to the beat up event on the map (Fist icon). You’ll need to beat up the guy who’s been cheating on your sister, you’ll see a small cutscene of him talking to another lady, which makes him easily identifiable. Beat him up and you’ll get the achievement.

Where you find the cheating boyfriend you may notice he’s standing at the foot of a very big temple/palace. Climb to the top of this palace after you beat him up and synchronise the viewpoint, jump off into the hay bale and you’ll unlock the ‘High Dive’ achievement.

High Dive High Dive
Perform a Leap of Faith from the Top of Florence’s Giotto’s Campanile.

See ‘Macho Man’ for details

Steal Home Steal Home
Win a race against thieves!

Shortly into the game the race side missions become available, and are identified by a checkered flag on the map. Initiate a race and win and you’ll unlock this. It’s a basic rooftop jumping escapade and you’ll have to go through checkpoints, it’s not difficult at all.

Lightning Strike Lightning Strike
Sprint for 100 meters.

Should unlock through natural gameplay and can be unlocked in literally any area of the game. Just hold :rt: & :a: to sprint, if you hit a wall/person you’ll have to start again.

Assassin For Hire Assassin For Hire
Complete your first assassination mission for Lorenzo Il Magnifico.

Assassination missions become available about midway through the game and can be started by looking in a pigeon coop. Simply complete this side mission and this will unlock. The pigeon coops are represented as a crosshair on the in-game map.

Mailman Mailman
Intercept a Borgia Courier.

Occasionally you may see a person free running around with a small white arrow above their head, this is a Borgia courier. They also have red capes and feel threatened when they see you, and they’re very vocal about it. Chase down this guy and capture him or kill him any way you please and you’ll unlock the achievement. Although killing him will raise your notoriety 75%.

Street Cleaner Street Cleaner
Hide 5 dead bodies in a Bale of Hay.

Bales of hay are spread around all over the major cities. Once you’ve located one, kill 5 guards and then pick up their corpses by pressing :b: , walk over to the hay and press :b: again. Do this with 5 bodies and you’ll unlock the achievement. If you don’t have enough bodies you can kill a civilian or two, although if you kill three the memory sequence will be desynchronised.


Doctor Doctor
Perform an Air Assassination on a Poisoned NPC.

Midway through the game you’ll unlock the ability to poison your hidden blade. Climb up to the rooftops and find a long guard, who’s next to an area where you can get to an elevated position. A chimney/vent on the roof usually works fine. Stab the guard with the poison blade and climb to the elevated position, switch to your regular hidden blade and lock the target with :lt: , press :x: to perform the assassination and you should see a small animation of Ezio jumping down onto the target. Poison can be bought from the doctor and an NPC will be staggering around and have purple specs around them when they are poisoned.

Perfect Harmony Perfect Harmony
Tint your clothes with those colors: Wetland Ebony and Wetland Ivory.

These colors have to be bought at a tailor shop on Romagna/Forli, any tailor shop will do fine. Simply buy both the colors and it’ll unlock as you return to the game. One outfit is a few hundred Florins and the other costs over 2,000.

Art Connoisseur Art Connoisseur
Buy a Painting from Florence and Venice.

An art shop can be identified on the map by a paintbrush, simply visit a shop in Venice and Florence and buy any painting of any value. Once you buy the second painting you’ll unlock this.

Fly Swatter Fly Swatter
Kick a Guard while using the Flying Machine.

Missable Achievement
During DNA sequence 7 you’ll have to pilot Da Vinci’s flying machine. As you’re flying the guards on the rooftops will be firing arrows at you, these are the guys you want to kick. Swoop in on an individual and press :x: to kick them, you can lock on to them with :lt: . This takes a while getting used to so if you don’t kick the first set of guards just reload the checkpoint.

I like the view I like the view
Synchronize 10 View Points.

Certain buildings and structures give you the opportunity to synchronise the local area, this fills in the blurs on your map and shows points of interest as well as the city. These buildings have an eagle icon on the minimap and have a small wooden ledge on top, which you must stand on and press :y: .


Man of the People Man of the People
Toss more than 300 florins on the ground.

Later on in the game you have more than enough money, more than you can even spend. So don’t do yourself short as at the start of the game money is valuable. To throw money select the money bag with the weapon wheel, then press :x: to throw cash on the floor. You’ll need to throw coins 30 times for this achievement.

Kleptomaniac Kleptomaniac
Pickpocket 1000 Florins.

Each person gives an average of 20 Florins for each pickpocket, if you concentrate on pickpocketing large groups of people you could unlock this in 10-15 minutes. Alternatively, you can pay a herald 500 Florins and then immediately pickpocket him and that 500 will add towards this achievement. As Heralds lower your notoriety by 50%, your notoriety meter will need to be greater than 50%. Use whichever method suits you best.

Handy Man Handy Man
Upgrade a building in the Stronghold.

See ‘Podestà of Monteriggioni’ for details

Podestà of Monteriggioni Podestà of Monteriggioni
Reach 80% of your stronghold’s total value.

Fairly close to the start of the game you’ll be given the task of renovating Monteriggioni and bringing it to its former glory. You’ll need to invest your own money into rebuilding the shops and businesses but every 10 minutes you’ll receive a percentage of all the shops income, so it’s good to invest all your cash as much as you can. There are other factors which add value, such as finding the secret assassin tombs, collecting feathers and spending your money in the local stores.

The bulk of the value comes from the shops, so concentrate on rebuilding the shops and you’ll have 80% at around DNA sequence 10.

Red Light Addict Red Light Addict
Spend 5000 florins on Courtesans.

Courtesans are the groups of women who you can buy at 150 Florins a time, they will let you blend into the crowd and give you anonymity. For this achievement you’ll need to hire them 34 times in total. Once you’re nearing the end of the game and have plenty of spare cash you can just simply run around the city streets and hire every group of courtesans you see. If you leave the city and re-enter you will be able to hire the courtesans again.

Victory lies in preparation Victory lies in preparation
Get all Hidden Blades, Item Pouches and Armor upgrades for Ezio.

Some pieces become available as you progress through the story whereas you’ll have to purchase others. To buy everything the total is approximately 170,000 Florins. This may sound a lot but throughout the course of the game you’ll earn much more than this. One early tip i can give you is to invest all your cash into the villa renovation, later in the game you’ll be averaging about 20,000 income every 10 minutes. For this achievement you need to purchase:

  • Medicine Pouch, Medium & Large
  • Knife belt, Medium & Large
  • Poison Vial, Medium & Large
  • Leather Armor, all pieces
  • Helmschmied Armor, all pieces
  • Metal Armor, all pieces
  • Missaglias Armor, all pieces

Everything else is given to you by Leonardo da Vinci

Collectibles (Feathers & Statues)

In Memory of Petruccio In Memory of Petruccio
Collect all the Feathers.

There are 100 feathers in total, and they are scattered throughout each region of the game. Once you’ve collected all the feathers you have to put them in the box in your mother’s room in Monteriggioni. You can see which feathers you have in what region via the pause menu, which can save a lot of headaches.

Interactive Feather Collectible Map

Myth Maker Myth Maker
Find the 8 statuettes in Monteriggioni.

There are 8 statues around the Monteriggioni compound which you’ll need to find to unlock this. Once you have them you can place them on the pedestals around the back of the villa for 2,000 Florins each time.


Assassin’s Tombs & Glyphs

Undertaker Undertaker
Discover the Assassin’s Tomb inside the catacombs under Santa Maria Novella.

See ‘Venetian Gladiator’ for details

Choir Boy Choir Boy
Discover the Assassin’s Tomb inside Santa Maria del Fiore (The Duomo).

See ‘Venetian Gladiator’ for details

I can see your house from here! I can see your house from here!
Discover the Assassin’s Tomb inside the Torre Grossa.

See ‘Venetian Gladiator’ for details

Prison Escape Prison Escape
Discover the Assassin’s Tomb inside the Rocca di Ravaldino fortress.

See ‘Venetian Gladiator’ for details

Hallowed be thy name Hallowed be thy name
Discover the Assassin’s Tomb inside the Basilica di San Marco.

See ‘Venetian Gladiator’ for details

Venetian Gladiator Venetian Gladiator
Discover the Assassin’s Tomb inside Santa Maria della Visitazione.

As you play through the story these tombs will become available to you, and can be identified by the assassins symbol on the mini-map. Simply progress through the tomb and at the end you’ll be awarded with a seal and numerous treasure chests. Once you have all 6 assassin seals you can go into the basement of your villa and unlock Altair’s armor.

Tip of the Iceberg Tip of the Iceberg
Use your Eagle Vision to scan a Glyph in the environment.

See ‘Virtruvian Man’ for details

A Piece of the Puzzle A Piece of the Puzzle
Unlock a piece of Subject 16’s video.

See ‘Virtruvian Man’ for details

Vitruvian Man Vitruvian Man
Unlock all 20 pieces of Subject 16’s video.

Throughout the game you’ll find Glyphs on some of the iconic buildings, you’ll know when a glyph is nearby as you’ll receive a new data entry and it will have a red-eye on the picture.

Firstly you’ll need to scan the environment with your eagle vision ( :y: ) , and you should see a small doodle which looks like graffiti. Interact with the doodle and you’ll find a puzzle, now solve the puzzle. Once you’ve found and solved all 20 glyph puzzles you’ll get this achievement, as well as the others which led you here.

Glyph Locations