Asura’s Wrath

Author Notes

S-Ranks for Normal and Hard do not stack, so its best to start off with a Normal play-through (enemies can kill you very fast in Hard), do at least 10 S-Ranks in it, then do a play-through using the Mortal Gauge, completing all episodes (this includes True Episode 8), doing this unlocks the Obliterator gauge, which gives you infinite Unlimited gauge, which means you're safe from most attacks, which will make Hard and getting the rest of the S-Ranks a lot easier.

Unlock all ASURA’S WRATH achievements.

This achievement will unlock once you have unlocked the rest of the achievements in the game.

Table of Contents

  1. Story
  2. Ranks
  3. Battle Related
  4. Quick Time Event Related
  5. Gallery
  6. Misc.


Anger Management Anger Management
Activate Burst for the first time in Episode 1.

Eventually in Episode 1, you will have Burst appear in the middle of the screen, implying you press , you must do this in order to progress story mode, and get used to it as you will be doing it a lot.

The Six-Armed Man The Six-Armed Man
Grow a few extra limbs in Episode 5.

This is for growing extra limbs (arms) in Episode 5, in order to obtain this, you must not skip cut-scenes, the same applies for many of these story related achievements, this cut-scene happens after your first battle with Wyzen in this episode.

Suffering Suffering
Complete Part I: Suffering.

This unlocks once you have completed Part I: Suffering (Episodes 1-6), there is nothing too difficult in these episodes, they are all fairly quick to complete and shouldn’t give anyone hassle.

Denied Denied
Get scolded by your former master in Episode 10.

In Episode 10 (see Sometimes I Feel Like…, View of the Valley and Like a Fish), you must get your Burst up by doing various things (drinking, splashing, chugging and standing up), once your burst is up to maximum, press and you will get a cut-scene (you will need to press  here and time it), your master will then get up and punch you, this is just like the previous story related achievement, you cannot skip the cut-scene.

Heads Will Roll Heads Will Roll
Completely lose it in Episode 12.

In Episode 12, near the end, do not skip this cut-scene or this achievement will not unlock, you’ll know when it’s coming if you have been watching the rest of the cut scenes, if not, it’s when Olga commands missiles to be launched at the planet, make sure not to skip anything after this.

Rebirth Rebirth
Complete Part II: Rebirth.

This is for completing Part II: Rebirth (Episodes 7-12), again, there is nothing too difficult, at the end of Episode 12, you will not be able to enter Unlimited mode, so make sure to wipe out any incoming missiles.

Rebel with a Cause Rebel with a Cause
Do what you think is right in Episode 13.

You will get this near the end of Episode 13, it unlocks when Yasha finally let’s go of all hesitation, so make sure not to skip any cut-scenes.

It Takes Two It Takes Two
Defeat Deus with Yasha in Episode 17.

This unlocks once you have defeated Deus in Episode 17, you have to fight along with Yasha, just make sure not to skip cut-scenes and this will unlock.

Karma Karma
Complete Part III: Karma.

This is for completing Part III: Karma (Episodes 13-18), you are introduced to Yasha here, he is a lot quicker and better than Asura though, so none of his episodes should give you any problems, then the next two after his episodes are completed, is back to Asura, there is nothing too hard in these episodes either, it’s Episode 18 that is the most difficult, you will fight a boss in it and without a proper strategy to it, you will get defeated quite a lot, so see Who Needs Health? for a strategy (also contains a strategy for Deus if you have problems with him), you shouldn’t have to play as defensive as that strategy states, but play defensively enough as this is the only really difficult boss battle in the game.

The Truth Hurts The Truth Hurts
Uncover the truth.

This is for completing True Episode 18, you can only play this episode once you have obtained 5 S-Ranks or play a total of 50 episodes, obviously, you are going to want to do the 5 S-Ranks since you will be headed towards doing those for Shinkoku Soldier anyways, you might have 5 already, if not, Episodes 1-5 are really easy to get S-Ranks in (Normal), just don’t die, waste time and do the best you can in the Quick Time Events.

This episode plays the exact same as Episode 18, so if you completed that, you should be able to complete this one, the only difference is the ending, which doesn’t require any gameplay of the sort.

Note: To gain S-Rank in Episode 3, you must complete the tutorial within it, or your Battle Points will be ranked at D.

Fighter Fighter
Complete all episodes on Normal or higher.

This is for completing all episodes on Normal or higher (I don’t recommend doing Hard first, since you need to do the S-Ranks twice anyways), this includes True Episode 18, so see The Truth Hurts in order to unlock that episode.

Warrior Warrior
Complete all episodes on Hard.

This is for completing all episodes on Hard, I recommend completing the game with the Mortal Gauge first, as it unlocks the Obliterator gauge which basically makes everything a lot easier, completing the game using Mortal Gauge is no easy task in itself, but it definitely makes it worth doing, both for the achievement and for the gauge.


Mortal Mortal
Achieve a D rank or higher on any episode.

This is like a free achievement you will get once you complete Episode 1, I am not even sure if there is a rank lower than D, I have never actually seen a D, most of the ranks I obtained during my first play were A-Ranks and a few B-Ranks.

Demigod Demigod
Complete all episodes with at least an A rank on Normal.

See Deity for more information.

Shinkoku Soldier Shinkoku Soldier
Complete all episodes with an S rank on Normal.

See Deity for more information, you cannot stack S-Rank in Normal and Hard, so you must do all S-Ranks twice for each Difficulty, the S-Ranks for Normal is not that different for the S-Ranks in Hard, so that is why the guide in Deity can be used for both difficulties.

Guardian General Guardian General
Complete all episodes with at least an A rank on Hard.

See Deity for more information.

Deity Deity
Complete all episodes with an S rank on Hard.

This isn’t as hard as it sounds, S-Ranks in this game are very easy to get, in both Normal and Hard modes, there may be a few episodes cause frustration, but its not like they are hard, its either you spent too much time or didn’t remain in battle long enough, you also can’t die or this will take 1000 points off your overall battle score.

Having the Obliterator gauge will help a lot with these, so check Who Needs Health? for more information in obtaining the gauge.

In order to obtain an S-Rank, your scores will need to look like the following:

  • All three categories at S-Rank.
  • Two categories at S-Rank, one category at A-Rank.

Getting two categories at S-Rank but one category at B-Rank won’t be an overall S-Rank, so you will need to make sure to at least make that category an A-Rank.

  • Time (get it done as fast as you can for the S-Rank, often, time isn’t a problem if you have the Obliterator gauge).
  • Battle Points (depends how well you did in battle, you can take as much damage as you like, but make sure not to die, this is a bit impossible to do anyways with the Obliterator gauge as it makes you immune to most attacks, sometimes, you will have to stay in battle longer than needed).
  • Quick Time Events (you need at least 90-100% to gain an S-Rank in this, try not to fail any of the QTEs during the Episodes, make sure when it comes to pressing that you achieve either Excellent or Great, make sure the majority of them are Excellent, Good and OK are usually bad, and any complete misses are even worse!).

Episode 1
You can’t die in this episode, QTEs are very easy, with the exception that there is three timed attacks at the end, each of them are after the other which you may not notice, you may have to stay in battle for a bit longer, but not too long, the most you are going to get time wise is an A-Rank, so you will need an S-Rank in Battle and in Quick Time Event.

Episode 2
This is really easy, just make sure to vary your attacks, you can’t die in this episode and it’s really quick, there is also not very many Quick Time Events in this episode, so make sure you perfect this part.

Episode 3
This episode is really easy, the only thing worth mentioning for this one is that you have to do the tutorial or your Battle Score will be a D-Rank otherwise.

Episodes 4-5
These are really easy to S-Rank, just play-through them, the S-Rank’s almost automatic so long as you don’t mess up with the QTEs.

Episode 6
This episode is only a boss fight with Yasha, but it is annoying due to the time target it has for S-Rank, you will not S-Rank Time most likely, even with the Obliterator gauge, after you are done with the first battle, do not burst right away, but do about 5 more Special Attacks against him (when he is knocked down, he will have over him, simply press this and you will do a special attack), you will need about 90-100% in Quick Time Event, so make sure to perfect these.

Episodes 7-9
All of these are easy enough, just play-through, don’t die (you’ll least likely do this if using the Obliterator gauge), you might want to stay in battle a little bit longer than required though, but not too long, just get a bit used to remaining in battle for about 5-10 seconds after Burst pops up.

Episode 10
I found this one a bit frustrating as I kept getting B-Rank in Battle Score, first to start with when you are in the Hot Springs, use the Stand Up option, this is the quickest way to get burst up in this part, then after you will fight against gohma, you will need to stay in Battle at least 30 seconds after you see Burst pop up, vary your attacks too.

Episodes 11-12
Nothing too hard, I will just recommend staying in battle for at least 10 seconds after Burst pops up the first time in Episode 11, and then the only thing worth mentioning for Episode 12, is that at the end you cannot use Unlimited mode, so make sure to get rid of any missiles heading your way.

Episodes 13-15
Again, there is nothing hard in these episodes, just make sure not to die (again, if you are using Obliterator gauge, that is least likely to happen), and make sure to do well in QTEs, for Black Asura, make sure to stay in the first battle at least 30 seconds after Burst shows up and that should give you enough Battle points for that episode.

Episode 16
You will have to remain in the boss battle at least 20 seconds after Burst pops up, there is still a good part of the episode to play, but you will still need the extra Battle Score.

Episode 17- True 18
All three of these episodes are easy enough, just don’t die, you shouldn’t have to spend extra time in battles for these episodes.

Battle Related

Too Legit to Quit Too Legit to Quit
Continue the game after falling in battle.

When you die in battle, select “Restart from Checkpoint” and you will gain this achievement.

Pain Is Universal Pain Is Universal
Accumulate a total of 10000 in damage.

This shouldn’t take too long in popping up, this is for the amount of damage Asura takes, I got this around the beginning of Part II in Normal settings.

Can't Touch This Can’t Touch This
Perform 50 counterattacks.

The tutorial in Episode 3 explains how counter attacks work, they are actually very easy, normally the enemy will have a glow round them, then you will be triggered to press to counter, it is either  or for bosses.

Can't Touch That Can’t Touch That
Perform 100 counterattacks.

See Can’t Touch This for more information, there is no need to grind for these, they will come eventually during your 4 playthroughs of the game.

They Don't Stand a Chance They Don’t Stand a Chance
Defeat 50 enemies while in Unlimited Mode.

If you didn’t get this and the following during your first two playthroughs (Normal and Easy with Mortal Gauge), you will definitely get this at some point when going towards Deity, where you will have the Obliterator gauge which gives you infinite Unlimited Gauge, meaning you can constantly activate it when you need it ( ), if you want to work up to this before that, you just need to fill the Unlimited Gauge by attacking enemies.

Unstoppable Force Unstoppable Force
Defeat 100 enemies while in Unlimited Mode.

See They Don’t Stand a Chance for more information.

Hit'Em Hard Hit’Em Hard
Defeat 100 enemies with a special attack.

Special Attacks can only be done against enemies that are lying on the ground, you can just repeatedly attack them for this to happen or do a Dash attack (hold ) which will cause them to lay on the ground, then when next to them you will see over them, you will only see this providing you are not overheating or in Unlimited Mode, this will be a unique attack which Asura can only do under these conditions, and can hit multiple enemies if there happens to be any close when you do this.

Hit'Em Harder Hit’Em Harder
Defeat 300 enemies with a special attack.

See Hit’Em Hard for more information.

Taking Out the Trash Taking Out the Trash
Defeat 300 enemies with heavy attacks and/or lock-on fire.

This is for defeating 300 enemies with heavy attacks or lock-on fire, Heavy attacks will cause Asura to overheat, but you can do as many as you like whilst in Unlimited Mode, heavy attacks are done by pressing , lock-on fire is only available whilst in shooting episodes, you would drag the cross-hair over everything that can be attacked, and then you press which will release the lock-on fire, which will hit everything that was targeted.

Ka-ching! Ka-ching!
Accumulate a total of 120000 Battle points.

I got this as soon as True Episode 18 was completed, so you could get this through your first play-through, if not, you will definitely get it when going towards Deity, Battle Points is given to you during battle and depend on attacks and so on, dying takes 1000 off you and I think the points only add once you have completed the Episode and shown the total of points for that episode, at least, that’s when the achievement unlocked for me, so you will not get this mid-episode.

Quick Time Event Related

Quick on the Draw Quick on the Draw
Achieve 70 EXCELLENT synchronic impact rankings.

Synchronic Impact Rankings are those buttons in Quick Time Events where you will see a circle around them closing in, you need to hit and time it, don’t worry if you do bad at first, you will have plenty of these to practice on and it’s not often they are timed differently, after a while, you will be hitting Excellents all the time, and this is sort of required to get used to doing for S-Ranks anyways, as the ranking you get in these do with your overall Quick Time Event percentage, there is another three rankings, that is Great (these aren’t too bad for your overall score, but will not net you the 100%), Good and OK (these are both bad, they don’t give you a very big boost in percentage so try to time this the best you can, do not press too soon or too late).

Lightning Reflexes Lightning Reflexes
Achieve 150 EXCELLENT synchronic impact rankings.

See Quick on the Draw for more information, this doesn’t have to be 150 different ones.

Be the Fist Be the Fist
Achieve an overall synchronic rate average of 80% on any difficulty.

This is for an overall Quick Time Event completion of 80%, you do not need 80% on all Episodes if you do better in others, this should come with Deity though, the Quick Time Events aren’t too hard and all they need is a bit of practice and for you to memorize what happens where and so on, so you are ready if it’s a button that comes up and doesn’t give you much time to react.


CG Collector CG Collector
Get all the CG art.

This achievement, Art Appreciator and Movie Buff will all unlock once you have completed True Episode 18, you will need to go into Gallery to trigger it though.

Art Appreciator Art Appreciator
Get all the illustrations.

See CG Collector for more information.

Movie Buff Movie Buff
Get all the movies and interludes.

See CG Collector for more information.

The Whole Nine The Whole Nine
Get all the gauges.

You will unlock all gauges in this game for just going for the rest of the achievements, the game actually details how you unlock them yourself, but I will list them down and how to unlock them.

  • Avenger (this is unlocked from the start and is your default gauge)
  • Defender (3 A-Ranks in Part I: Suffering on any difficulty)
  • Destructor (3 A-Ranks in Part II: Rebirth on any difficulty)
  • Thermoregulator (3 A-Ranks in Part III: Karma on any difficulty)
  • Suvivor (10 A-Ranks in any Episodes on any difficulty)
  • Blind Master (All A-Ranks on any difficulty) See Deity if having problems achieving this.
  • Mortal (10 S-Ranks in any Episodes on any difficulty)
  • Obliterator (Complete the game with the Mortal gauge equipped) See Who Needs Health? for more information.
  • Augur (Complete the game with the Blind Master gauge equipped) See Look Ma, No Eyes! for more information.


Shut Up, Wyzen! Shut Up, Wyzen!
Interrupt Wyzen’s monologue.

In Episode 5, you will meet Wyzen, eventually, he’ll start giving a speech and you will be prompted (seen in the top left corner) to shut him up by pressing , note, all of these are miss-able if you don’t press when given the chance, there is Episode Select though and you will be replaying the game 4 times, so you will get these eventually.

Shut Up, Kalrow! Shut Up, Kalrow!
Interrupt Kalrow’s monologue.

In Episode 9, Kalrow will start giving a speech, again you will be prompted to shut him up by pressing .

Shut Up, Augus! Shut Up, Augus!
Interrupt Augus’ monologue.

In Episode 11, you will be about to fight Augus, again he will start giving a speech, and again you will be prompted to shut him up by pressing .

Sometimes I Feel Like... Sometimes I Feel Like…
Find all the peeping Doji at the hot spring.

In episode 10 as soon as you can play, look to the left of Asura, you’ll notice a big Doji, he will get up and then slip up on the stairs, then look to the right of Asura and you will see a small Doji in the pool, he’ll jump and go underneath the water, and then finally, look up, you’ll notice about three small Doji, they will hide, look back down, then look up again, you’ll see them again this time, but they will also hide again, then look down again, and then finally look up and you will see a big Doji appear and he’ll knock one of the small Doji down, I’m not exactly sure if you have to witness their deaths, but just make sure to do so as that’s how the achievement unlocked for me.

View of the Valley View of the Valley
Continue to stare at the hot spring attendant’s assets.

After you are done with Sometimes I Feel Like…, stare at the hot spring attendant’s chest, it should zoom in, eventually, she’ll realize what you are doing and cover up, you will get the achievement once she does this.

Like a Fish Like a Fish
Consume more alcohol than you should.

After you are done with both of the previous achievements, Chug three times to unlock this achievement, all of these are done in Episode 10, if you missed any, just load up Episode 10 from Episode Select.

A Cry of Anger A Cry of Anger
Activate Burst 50 times.

You should get this within a playthrough of Story mode, you need to activate Burst to progress through the game, A Roar of Fury should require 2 playthroughs, you will replaying Episodes anyways, so chances are you will have both of these achievements, long before you complete the game.

A Roar of Fury A Roar of Fury
Activate Burst 100 times.

See A Cry of Anger for more information.

Who Needs Health? Who Needs Health?
Complete the game with the Mortal gauge equipped.

In order to obtain this gauge, you must gain 10 S-Ranks in any difficulty, I would recommend doing Episodes 1-10 in Normal for this, they aren’t that hard to S-Rank, you might even have extras after that point, so if you do, just complete any from Episode 1 until you gain this gauge.

Now once you gain it, you’ll have to go into Options and change the difficulty to Easy, why? Because this mode is no easy task, not even on Easy settings, it might be a bit daunting for those who aren’t experienced at Hack n’ Slashers, the closest I can explain what this mode is like, it’s like Climax in Bayonetta, enemies can kill you really fast, bosses can kill you in about 2-3 hits, so you are going to need to work out the patterns of the bosses and when it’s best to get a hit on them, there was only two bosses I found difficult using this gauge, and that was the final one (you need to fight him twice) and Deus (Episode 17), here is a couple of strategies that I used for these bosses.

Deus (Episode 17)
This is a three-part boss battle, the first part is easy enough, as you are fighting him with both Asura and Yasha (you control Asura), just make sure he has done all the attacks he will be doing, then get over to him quickly and start attacking him ( ), if done successful, he won’t be able to fight back, keep doing this until you finally knock him down and can go over and do a Special Attack on him.

The second part is when it gets a bit more difficult, it’s the same move you’ll be dodging most of the time, the time to attack him here is when he jumps up and misses, then get to him, if you have got him successfully, he won’t be able to fight back, and this will just be like the first time, then once he’s down, do your Special Attack on him again, you will be fighting as Yasha this time, who is a bit better at combat than Asura is, mainly because of his speed.

The third part is probably the hardest as he now has a move that can wipe out most (if not all) of your health, it’s the exact same move that leaves him vulnerable though if he misses, the kick starts off where he jumps, then slides across the floor with lightning bolts following him, make sure to move out of the way when he starts this, then very quickly, after he’s done it, go and beat him up and then once he is down, do your Special Attack on him, there is also a very useful counter in this part of the battle where it will look slow motion at first, you have to press whatever button it asks you to, you press this and Asura gets him, puts him on the ground where you can repeatedly press to do further damage, or in this game, get your Burst up higher.

Counter Attacks are very important, so if you get the chance to do any, do them!

Vlitra Core (Episode 18 and True Episode 18)
This boss is even hard without this gauge equipped, this will cover both battles you fight against him, they aren’t different, so if you can complete one of these in this mode, then you should be able to complete the other.

First off, the boss will get ready to charge at you, get out of the way here quick, as if he gets you, that will be half of your health gone, after it if you are lucky, he’ll do a total of two claw attacks, just stay where you were safe from the first attack, when you see him doing the second claw attack, move in and press this will knock him down so you can do a Special Attack, you will need to just do normal attacks ( ) for a while until your overheat is gone, once it is gone, press as soon as you can.

Repeat this progress, make sure to dodge any other attacks he does, he doesn’t always do this sequence so play very defensive, never go into the attack when he is moving about, unless you have Unlimited Mode active, which actually guards you from all of his attacks, make sure to counter when he throws projectiles at you as these also deal a lot of damage if you fail, if you succeed, you normally get a big burst bonus.

This isn’t exactly required, but I recommend going from hardest to easiest when using this gauge, it’s always something I prefer doing, as that means I have the hardest done first, then the rest should be easy enough, if you can do these two battles, then you shouldn’t have much of a problem with everything else.

Learn how to master the recovery system in this game, because if you are hit, but press afterwards, you will recover a bit of health, which is really useful in this mode as you want to keep as much health as you can, learn how to dodge too, either jump out-of-the-way ( ) or actually do a dodge ( ).

Make sure to always hit the right buttons during counters, as counters always normally give you a boost in the Burst gauge if completed successfully, this comes in useful for boss fights, if you fail them, you will get damaged, anytime you get Quick Time Events which you can see your health bar in, make sure not to fail those, this is mainly seen while fighting Black Asura, make sure to do the Quick Time Events successfully or you will start off the fight damaged, and not have as much burst as you would if you succeeded with them.

Completing the game under this gauge is really rewarding, as it unlocks the Obliterator gauge, which pretty much makes you invincible, so dying and time will be the least of your worries when going for S-Ranks in both Normal and Hard.

In order to gain this achievement, you will need to complete True Episode 18, which you should have unlocked as the requirements to unlock this gauge is 10 S-Ranks, while the requirements to unlock that episode is 5 S-Ranks, doing the Tutorial in Episode 3 does not matter.

Look Ma, No Eyes! Look Ma, No Eyes!
Complete the game with the Blind Master gauge equipped.

In order to obtain this gauge, you must gain an A-Rank or higher on all episodes, then go into Gallery and equip Blind Master under Gauges, this gauge does not alter the way you play the game, you cannot see any bars in this mode, so you can’t see where your Health, Burst, Unlimited and Overheat bars are at, the game will let you know when you can use Burst though, I recommend playing on Easy difficulty (go into Options and change the difficulty to Easy), as it’s fast, and you don’t really have to worry too much about being killed in this mode, it also activates Unlimited Mode by itself if you have any available, Normal and Hard don’t do this.

You will need to complete True Episode 18 for this to unlock as well, doing the Tutorial in Episode 3 does not matter.