Asura’s Wrath – Episode Pack: Part IV

Author Notes

* This only applies if you have done the original 1000 or at least have obtained the Obliterator gauge, see Asura's Wrath Guide for more details.

I recommend if you have the above covered to just start it on Hard and have the Obliterator gauge equipped.

Daddy's Angry Daddy’s Angry
Defy the supreme being in Episode 19.

This will unlock during a cut-scene of Episode 19, just make sure not to skip anything in your first time playing and this achievement and the following will unlock.

A Friend in Need A Friend in Need
Protect your brother-in-law in Episode 20.

This will unlock in a cut-scene after you are done with the Gohma Turtle, again, make sure not to skip it and this achievement will unlock.

How Do Ya Like Me Now? How Do Ya Like Me Now?
Receive a parting gift in Episode 21.

After you are pass the third part of the battle with Yasha and done with the majority of the Quick Time Events, this will unlock, make sure not to skip any cut-scenes.

Blaze of Glory Blaze of Glory
Put an end to your wrath once and for all.

This unlocks near the end of Episode 22, make sure not to skip any cut-scenes so this unlocks without problems.

Nirvana Nirvana
Complete Part IV: Nirvana.

This is for completing Part IV (episodes 19-22), this will unlock once you are taken to the ranking screen of Episode 22.

Gaea's Champion Gaea’s Champion
Complete all episodes in Part IV with an S rank on Hard.

This is just like the original game’s S-Ranks, you will need to at least obtain any of the following at the ranking screen:

  • All three score categories at S-Rank.
  • Two score categories at S-Rank and one category at A-Rank

Getting two S-Ranks and a B-Rank will not grant you an overall S-Rank, so if you struggle with a category, you will need to get that rank to at least an A-Rank to guarantee the overall S-Rank.
The three categories you need to look at are as follows:

  • Time (get it done as fast as you can for the S-Rank, often, time isn’t a problem if you have the Obliterator gauge).
  • Battle Points (depends how well you did in battle, you can take as much damage as you like, but make sure not to die, this is a bit impossible to do anyways with the Obliterator gauge as it makes you immune to most attacks, sometimes, you will have to stay in battle longer than needed).
  • Quick Time Events (you need at least 90-100% to gain an S-Rank in this, try not to fail any of the QTEs during the Episodes, for this DLC you need to be quite fast with things, and make sure when it comes to pressing that you achieve either Excellent or Great, make sure the majority of them are Excellent, Good and OK are usually bad, and any complete misses are even worse!).

When you have the Obliterator make sure to press to enter Unlimited Mode and make sure to keep an eye on it, enemies can kill you really fast in Hard Mode.

Episode 19
Make sure to continue fighting for a bit here after you see Burst pop up, about an extra 20 seconds of remaining within the battle should do, with Obliterator, dying and time should be the least of your worries, make sure to do the best you can with the QTEs.

Episode 20
While you are in the first battle where you are fighting a variety of Gohma, make sure to stay in this battle for at least 30 seconds (or more, whatever you feel safe with, just make sure not to remain in battle to long as Time is a factor as well) after Burst pops up, make sure to use a variety of attacks such as normal ones ( ) and heavy ones ( ), once you get to the Gohma Turtle, you will want to spam the heavy attack, but also include some normal attacks just to be safe.

Note: For some reason, most of the enemies could break through the defense of Unlimited Mode in this Episode, so be careful not to die, especially dodge the red spots on the ground that you will notice while fighting the Gohma Turtle and get rid of the flying enemies quickly (jump and use heavy attack on them).

Episode 21
During your first battle with Yasha, remain in the battle and do at least 5 more Special Attacks against him (when he is down, he will have over him, you need to be close in order to do the right attack instead of a regular heavy attack), use a combination of normal and heavy attacks whilst in combat with him, the next battle seems like a shooting one, but you can move about and fight him normally which I suggest doing, then the final battle after that, he is in Unlimited Mode, but this shouldn’t come off as a problem if you have Obliterator in use.

Episode 22
This is a long one, so hopefully you can pull off the S-Rank on your first go, during the first part of the battle against him, when Burst pops up, stay in the battle for at least 10 more seconds, for shooting stages, normally you’ll hover the cross-hair over the boss (or whatever you are hitting) while holding the (for rapid fire) and then once the cross-hair has went to a gold color, pressing button to release the lock-on bullets, now just keep fighting him as you normally would after doing the burst on the first part of the boss, make sure to vary your normal and heavy attacks, there is a LOT of QTEs in this battle, so be ready for some mad stuff in those, at the end when he is in a different form, he can easily kill you if you fail the counters, and at the end, there will be a ton of QTEs, some of this may confuse you at first, but the boss’ QTE events can be seen too (buttons with different symbols), you don’t need to worry about hitting these, just concentrate on your own.