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Table of Contents

  1. Story Related
  2. Misc

Story Related

The Stranger The Stranger
Complete the Wharf District.

Story Related and cannot be missed. After completing the opening and learning how to play, you will land in the Wharf District. Simply finish this area!

The Survivor The Survivor
Complete the Hanging Gardens and speak with the Survivor in the Bastion.

Story Related, but can be missed. Finish the Hanging Gardens by talking to the Survivor, then speak with him again when you are in the Bastion.

The Singer The Singer
Complete Prosper Bluff and speak with the Singer in the Bastion.

Story related, but can be missed.

Again, simply complete Prosper Bluff by speaking with the Singer and then speak with her again in the Bastion!

The Ura The Ura
Stop the siege on the Bastion.

Story related and cannot be missed.

The Beginning The Beginning
Complete the story, embracing the New World.

After restoring the Bastion you will have to make a tough choice. Stay in the New World or restore the Old World. Simply choose the “Evacuate” option and you will Embrace the New World, allowing you to stay with your friends, and net this achievement.

The End The End
Complete the story.

After restoring the Bastion, simply choose to “Restore” which will Restore the new world, allowing for a new start.

Calamity Kid Calamity Kid
Complete the story in New Game Plus.

Simply finish the game in New Game Plus. You should be able to get this with either “The End” or “The Beginning” depending on what you choose on your first play-through.


Mind Voyager Mind Voyager
Complete each trip to Who Knows Where.

Even though it’s not considered a part of the story you don’t Have to play, each trip tells you the background of a character in the game. In order to get these you need to buy the “Pipe” and the “Stockpot” from the Lost and Found when they become available. The “Bedroll” becomes unlocked near the very end of the game. They are found in the southern part of the Bastion, simply walk up to them and press :x:. Complete the 20 Waves, while listening to the 20 story parts, in each area. Tips for Who Knows Where:

  • Roll and Counter are your best friends. Counter is bringing up your shield right before an attack would hit you.
  • Use the potions that allow for an extra continue, gives you 2 extra water bottles. Also I would recommend using the one that gives you 100% chance of critical when your health is at 33% or lower.
  • The better upgraded your weapons are, the better chance you will have at finishing these.

Pet Sitter Pet Sitter
Get four different domesticated creatures in the Bastion.

You need a memento related to each creature, which can be found during the story levels, or bought from Lost and Found later. Talk to everyone about each memento, which you need to do for the Vigil anyway, and the pets will show up in the Bastion.

Kid-at-Arms Kid-at-Arms
Use the Forge to apply at least one upgrade to every weapon.

Simply do as the achievement says. The various weapons are:

  • Cael Hammer
  • Breaker’s Bow
  • Fang Repeater
  • War Machete
  • Scrap Musket
  • Dueling Pistols
  • Brusher’s Pike
  • Army Carbine
  • Galleon Mortar
  • Fire Bellows
  • Calamity Cannon

Each weapon unlocks as you progress in the story, so it’s impossible to miss them!

Vigilante Vigilante
Complete at least 50 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial.

See “Alturist”

Altruist Altruist
Complete 100 percent of the Vigils in the Memorial.

First step is to make the Memorial in the Bastion, which you can do after your 4th crystal, and then upgrade it when you start getting shards. It starts with 12 Vigils, then there’s one when you get each weapon, and of course when you upgrade it. Next you need to complete each Vigil by doing the respective accomplishment for it. There is a guide for each Vigil which you can find here.