Bastion: Vigils Guide

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1. The Valediction – Construct a Memorial to Caelondia.

This cannot be missed. When you construct the Memorial to start doing Vigils, this one will be complete. Click on it to claim your reward and register that you finished it.

2. The Dynasty – Earn first prize in seven Proving Grounds.

This is honestly the only one I found that difficult. After you unlock a weapon, you can find the respective Proving Ground on the map. In order for it to count, you have to get first place. You NEED to upgrade most weapons before even thinking about attempting the Proving Grounds. Luckily, you only have to do 7 out of 11.The ones I listed below are the easiest ones, in my opinion, to do!

Zulwood Grove (Scrap Musket): Start at the top and divide the targets into two groups. Shoot the one to the left side and the other one to the right. Just make sure that you get as close as you can to maximize the damage while still getting as many target at once. It’s a bit trial and error just keep at it!

The Scrap Yard (Cael Hammer): The trick to this one is to use the roll a lot. This will also kill boxes and small objects. Only break the medium ones with the hammer and leave the biggest objects. You may need to try this one a few times to get it just right.

Slinger Range (Dueling Pistols): Easy way to do the duelling pistols is to use the tonic that gives you critical’s at 33% health. Walk off the platforms until it activates and then your shots will be doubly powerful thus saving you time.

Trigger Hill (Army Carbine):  Just lock on to the target as soon as it appears, wait for the shot to line up and boom! You don’t need to kill multiple enemies at once. Just one by one.

Boundless Bay (Galleon Mortar): This may be the easiest of them all. Just wait for the enemies to move in one direction, wait there and start to line up. You don’t need to hit every single one.

Breaker Barracks (Breaker’s Bow): You need to upgrade your bow so that it can kill the foes in one shot. Only then can you kill all of them in 5 shots. Just shoot the four lines and then shoot the one below you. To help your aim, lock on to the last one in a row and slowly go backwards behind the first one. This way you are sure to hit every target.

Trapper Shingle (Fang Repeater): Just run through the course and stop between every four targets. Unload your weapon and quickly move on (Use the roll). You’ll have to hit ALL targets for the first price. This may be a little hard at first, but will get very easy after upgrading and knowing where the targets are.

3. The Culture – Discover at least 15 mementos

Search each area for new mementos. They aren’t that well hidden at all,  or you can just buy the rest from Lost & Found.

4. The Service – Learn at least 20 Secret Skills

Once again, you can buy them from the Lost & Found or from getting first place in the Proving Grounds.

5. The Country – Restore 13,000 pieces of land.

Just search for hidden objects for the other vigils and this will come in no time. If for some reason you don’t get it on your first play through, New Game+ does count towards this!

6. The Mercy – Defeat 15 different foes

 This cannot be missed, so don’t worry about it. Just keep playing through the story and this will come to you.

7. The Masons – (Cael Hammer) Deal 70 damage with one blow to a single foe.

Just upgrade the Hammer, and put on Tonics that let you deal more damage. I found that using the Werewhiskey easily gets you more than 70 Damage with an upgraded Hammer.

8. The Breakers- (Breaker’s Bow) Defeat 3 foes with one shot.

Upgrading the Bow to be able to do the Proving Grounds for it will also help with this. Simply go to the first Who Knows Where and kill 3 Squirts in one shot.

9. The Trappers- (Fang Repeater) Defeat a foe with the last bullet in a clip.

Shoot every bullet then shoot a Squirt. If your Repeaters are upgraded this will work. Or you can just all the bullets, switch to your other weapon deal almost all damage to an enemy, then kill it with the last bullet. Either way works!

10. The Menders – (Bullhead Shield) Defeat a foe with a counter under 20% health.

The “under 20% health” means the enemy must be under 20% health when you kill it with the counter. Simply do like you did with the Repeater, hurting an enemy til it’s nearly dead, then counter an attack to kill it. I found this was easiest done with either the crow like enemies or the security statues that shoot at you.

11. The Gravers – (War Machete) Achieve 15 hits in a row without getting hurt.

Honestly the War Machete was my main X button weapon, so I got this without even trying. Just equip it and use it. If you have trouble, try upgrading it or try doing it at the War Machete’s Proving Ground.

12. The Marshals – (Scrap Musket) Defeat 10 foes at once.

Upgrade the Musket, then go to the first Who Knows Where. Wait for Squirts to spawn from the popcorn looking machines, wait for them to gather, and then shoot!

13. The Slingers – (Dueling Pistols) Achieve 12 hits in a row.

Go to the first Who Knows Where and wait for the blue blob looking things to spawn, simply avoid it or counter to stun it, and shoot 12 shots into it.

14. The Brushers – (Brusher’s Pike) Throw the Pike at a foe and then hit it with a normal blow.

 You can get this very shortly after getting the Pike on the frog type enemy. Just throw the staff and then hit him normally.

15. The Triggers – (Army Carbine) Get a kill at a very long distance

I got this pretty easily. Just aim at an enemy, back up so The Kid can no longer see it, and fire. Shouldn’t be too hard. If you have difficulty, then on your New Game + just find a group of Squirts, and get as far away as you can and shoot.

16. The Cinders – (Flame Bellows) Defeat 20 foes with one blow without getting hurt.

The Flame Bellows was my main B weapon, but I found this was easily done on the Proving Grounds for this weapon, in the third area.

17. The Skippers – (Galleon Mortar) Deal 999 damage with one shot.

Go to the Proving Grounds and fire one shot. Simple as that!

18. The Mancers – (Calamity Cannon) defeat 5 foes with a single shell.

Once again the first Who Knows Where is your best friend. Wait for the Squirts to spawn and fire!

19. The Inspiration – Upgrade 5 weapons to level 3.

All you simply need to do is find, buy, or earn in the Proving Ground the upgrades. The upgrade names are “Something” blank, depending on the weapon. Ex. “Something Fancy”. Then simply go to the Forge and upgrade 5 weapons to level 3!

20. The City – Spend 10,000.

This is almost impossible to miss, when you earn rewards from Who Knows Where, Vigils, and simply playing the game, simply spend it on the Lost & Found, or Upgrades for Weapons and you’ll have this in no time.

21. The Conscience – Reach Level 5

Simply earn enough Exp to reach Level 5. Not too hard, just play the story, do the Who Knows Where, and you should have this before your first play-through

22. The Sanctuary – Build and upgrade all 6 buildings.

This cannot be missed. Each time you earn a crystal or shard, you get to build or upgrade one of the buildings. Simple.

23. The Faith – Complete a trip to Who Knows Where with at least 1 God activated.

The easiest way to do this is activate Roathus after you’ve bought it from the Lost & Found! Then go finish a trip to Who Knows Where, and you’re done!