Battlefield 1943

Author Notes

There is no real order to earn any of these achievements/trophies, but you should be able to unlock most of them within the first hour or so of playing. A lot of this games progress comes through capturing flags and killing the opposing team. The only issues you may run into come with the "Best Squad" achievement/trophy.

To make this game a little bit more enjoyable, you may want to grab some friends and play as a team. You may run into a few issues with the game dropping you out once in a while, but this is a rather rare issues that only happens sometimes. It's all dependent on the server load and how many people are trying to get into games at the same time.

Table of Contents

  1. Team
  2. Misc


Attacker Attacker
Capture five flags

See “Veteran”

Veteran Veteran
Cap 25 enemy flags

This will come with natural progression through trying to win on the various islands. As your teams main objective is to capture flags and kill the other team, you all you have to do is concentrate on capturing or re-capturing the various flag points. You can also perfect assist captures by re-claiming a point with team mates. The more team mates you have trying to capture will speed up the process and allow you to move on to the next.

Defender Defender
Defend five flags

This should come naturally, but to unlock this you will need to kill any enemies that are trying to capture your active flag(s). Once you reach an area, kill all enemies in the area and restore the flag to full mast. If the flag falls and turns neutral you will no longer control that area, you will need to regain full control and wait until the enemy team tries to take the flag once again. The best way to earn this is to just play the game as it should come with time.

If you’re uncertain if you’re filling the requirements for this, once the enemy team starts to capture a small blue clock will deplete between the score bars at the top of the screen.

The Pacific Campaign The Pacific Campaign
Win once on every map as any team

There are four maps that you can play on, but only three count towards this. You will need to win and complete both factions on each map to fill the requirements for this. Complete and win on the following maps:

  • Wake Island
  • Guadalcanal
  • Iwo Jima

Tour of Duty I Tour of Duty I
Play 30 matches

See “Tour of Duty II”

Tour of Duty II Tour of Duty II
Play one hundred matches

This may take a while, but it will come naturally as you play the game. You will need to play both sides to complete a single match. This can take up to half an hour a match, so if you want to earn both of these you will be to prepare for a long haul. Just keep playing and make sure you play as both sides and allow the maps to cycle.

Best Squad Best Squad
Be in the best squad on all three maps

¬†There are two ways you can earn this, but there seems to be a lot of issues with the game not registering that you’re in a squad properly. If you’re pretty good at the game you should be able to earn this on your own without being in a full squad. At the end of a match you will see the stats screen for the game you just completed. Press :x: and this will take you to the best overall players screen. Read down the info and you will see best squad, if your name is in the list and you earned the best in squad stamp at the end of the game, you will have one mark towards your progress. You must complete both sides and finish the match fully. If you drop out, join other squads mid game or leave before the full match is over, you won’t be rewarded with the stamp.

The other way to earn this is to play in a squad, but you must be in a 4 player squad. If someone quits the squad you will be left without earning your stamp. The big problem with this method is that the game doesn’t always register that someone has quit the game or left the squad. The best surefire way to make sure you get this is to play with three friends and all join the same squad. From here on out though it’s down to you to do the hard work and become the best squad.

If you complete both sides, finish the match and earn the best squad stamp you will be one step closer to earning unlocking this. You will need to become the best squad on the following maps:

  • Wake Island
  • Guadalcanal
  • Iwo Jima

As an addition to this, you will need to be best in squad three times on all three maps. So that’s a total of nine best in squad stamps to unlock this. This may take some time unless you end up in a fairly decent squad.


Motorman Motorman
Get one kill with car, tank and plane

Though this is fairly obvious, this will come with time. There are several ways to kill your foes with these vehicles, the most common seems to be running people over. Though you can’t do this with the plane, you can revert to dropping bombs with the :rb:. These vehicles may play a big part in your combat, but they also provide you with transport and allow you to back up your fellow team mates.

Milkrun Milkrun
Fly a plane for 10 minutes

Once you locate a plane, jump in by pressing :b:. From here you will need to spend 10 minutes in the air. This may sound like a long time, but this doesn’t have to be done in a single round. Just keep flying around for however long you can, or feel up to within the various games you play and this will unlock.

Master of your domain Master of your domain
Get one kill playing as each class

There are three main classes, they all have their uses, but you will most likely find one class plays better than some of the others. For this you will simply need to kill one other player as each of the following classes:

  • Rifleman
  • Infantry
  • Scout

Melee Man Melee Man
Melee kill one enemy player

To perform a melee kill you will need to get close to an enemy and press :y: to use your melee weapon. Each class has a different weapon, some do more damage than others. But the best way to earn this is to play on a defensive manner, hang around one of your flags and wait for an enemy to capture. Once they have their back turned to you, run up to them and press :y: to kill them with the melee weapon.

Parachutist Parachutist
Use the parachute once (2 seconds)

You will first need to locate a plane and get as high up as possible. You can do this on any map, but to make this a little easier, keep to the edge of the map of choice to avoid being shot once you jump out of the plane. When you think you’re high enough, press :b: to jump out, then press :a: to deploy the parachute. Once you land in the water below this will unlock. You don’t have to do this over the water, but it will reduce your chance of the enemy team scoring an easy kill.