Battlefield 3: Back to Karkand

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Complete Warrior
Complete Warrior
Get a kill with the following weapons in a single life: Assault Rifle, Jet, Tank

Arguably the hardest achievement in Back to Karkand, depending on your skill with the methods required to unlock it. It’s probably easiest to start with your worst vehicle. Wake Island is a good map for this. Spawn in a Jet as an Assault Class soldier, making sure that you have an assault rifle (like the F2000, M16A3, or AN-94) equipped, and then fly around until you earn a jet kill. Helicopters and tanks are generally the easiest targets for you to destroy in a Jet. Once you have a Jet kill, fly back to your base, or another part of the map where you know a Tank spawns. You must get a kill in a tank, the T-90 or M1 Abrams will work nicely. It doesn’t matter if you drive the tank or just man the anti-infantry turret. Once you score a kill with the tank, hop out and shoot somebody with your assault rifle of choice. Once you get your last kill, the achievement will unlock.

As a side note, I had a little trouble unlocking this with the F2000. It worked, but I had to kill two enemies with it to make the achievement unlock.

Third Tour
Third Tour
Get a kill with each of the following vehicles: the BTR-90, DPV and F-35.

As the achievement says, you must get a kill with each of the new Back to Karkand vehicles. The BTR-90 is a Russian APC that spawns on Gulf of Oman. It can be found either in the Russian base, or at the construction site if the Russians have captured the Construction Site Flag during a game of Conquest Assault. The DPV is the dune buggy looking vehicle that can be found on Wake Island and Gulf of Oman in various locations. Consdering its speed, the easiest way to get a kill with the DPV is to simply run over your enemies. Though it matters not whether the kill is earned as a roadkill, or with the turret on the back.

The hardest vehicle to earn a kill with, will be the F-35. Wake Island is a good map to earn that kill on, with plenty of helicopters and tanks for you to shoot. If you’re low enough to the ground while piloting the F-35 and hold the brake (Left Trigger), you will start hovering. This can make it easier to shoot down enemy helicopters, or tanks. Just be careful not to sit still for too long, as enemy tanks and Engineers can easily kill you while hovering.

Get 10 kills with each of the ten Back to Karkand weapons

Depending on when you attempt the other achievements, this will probably be the last one you earn, as it’s the most time consuming. First, you must unlock all 10 of the new Back to Karkand weapons. This includes:

Famas – Assault Rifle
L85 – Assault Rifle
G53 – Carbine
QBZ-95B – Carbine
QBB-95 – LMG
MG36 – LMG
QBB-95 – Sniper
L96 – Sniper
PP-19 – PDW
MK3A1 – Shotgun

You can see how to unlock the weapons by going to My Soldier from the main menu, and then choosing Assignments.

Once you have them unlocked, you need to get 10 kills with each. This can be done as soon you unlock each weapon, with the exception of the Famas. If the achievement does not unlock after earning your tenth kill with the last weapon, go back and get 10 more kills with the Famas, and the achievement will unlock.

Like a Boss
Like a Boss
Get a kill with the skid loader

This achievement is extremely easy for some, and extremely difficult for others. The best thing to do, is simply find the Skid Loader (it’s parked near the large hangar that houses the airfield flag on Wake Island), and then drive it around. Most people won’t pay much attention to you, so find and enemy soldier nearby and run them over, and the achievement will unlock.

Take a swim in the Oman Hotel swimming pool

Probably the easiest achievement in the Back 2 Karkand DLC. Load up a game on Gulf of Oman. Rush is the easiest game mode to accomplish this on. Once you spawn on the map, look for the Oman Hotel. The Hotel is a large building near the edge of the map, away from the construction site and all of the other buildings. If you are playing Rush, the lest M-Com will be contained inside the Oman Hotel.

Once you locate the Hotel on the map, all you have to do is jump in the swimming pool behind it, and the achievement will unlock.