Battlefield 3: Close Quarters

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Win a round in Conquest Domination

Simply use the Server Browser to search for a game of Conquest Domination (labeled as “DOM” in the search options). Conquest Domination plays a lot like regular Battlefield 3 Conquest, only flags are captured much faster, making the game extremely frantic and fast paced. The achievement will unlock when you win 1 game of Conquest Domination.

Deadly tools
Deadly tools

Without dying, get a kill with a Carbine, Pistol and Rocket Launcher

You can only earn this achievement as an Engineer. Equip a Carbine and the RPG/SMAW. I used a G36 as my primary. Then enter a game liked Conquest Domination. Once you earn a kill with one of those three weapons, switch to the next. If you die, simply try again. Once you have a kill with your primary, secondary, and rocket launcher, the achievement will unlock.
Show of Force
Get 10 kills with all ten CQ weapons

Just like the Back to Karkand achievement, first you must unlock the 10 new weapons included with Close Quarters. These weapons are as follows:

AUG A3 – Assault rifle
SCAR L – Assault Rifle
ACW R – Carbine
MTAR 21 – Carbine
L86A1 – LMG
JNG 90 – Sniper
M417 – Sniper
SPAS 12 – Shotgun
M5k – PDW

You can learn how to unlock these weapons, and track your progress towards them, by visiting “My Soldier” from the main menu, and then choosing Assignments.

Once you unlock these weapons, simply earn 10 kills with each and the achievement will unlock.

Man of Calibre
Man of Calibre

Complete a round of Gun Master

Gun Master is a new gametype in Battlefield 3, introduced by Close Quarters. The game is abbreviated in the server browser as “GM” and involves earning two kills each with pre-determined weapons in order to progress to the next weapon. All you have to do is complete a game of Gun Master to unlock this achievement. It doesn’t matter when you join the game, and you do not have to win.

Grinding the Crack
Grinding the Crack
Fell over the edge on Ziba Tower

This is the secret achievement in Close Quarters, and arguably the easiest. Simply load join a game on Ziba Tower, and leap off the building, falling to your death. Just before dying, the achievement will unlock.