Bioshock 2

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Table of Contents

  1. Story Related
  2. Encounters & Little Sisters Related
  3. Misc Story Related
  4. Collectible Related
  5. Hacking, Upgrades, Plasmids & Research Related
  6. Multiplayer Related

Story Related

Daddy’s Home
Found your way back into the ruins of Rapture.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Defended yourself against Lamb’s assault in the train station.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Sinclair’s Solution
Joined forces with Sinclair in Ryan Amusements.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Confronted Grace
Confronted Lamb’s lieutenant in Pauper’s Drop.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Defeated the Preacher
Defeated the Preacher.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Nose for News
Uncovered the secret of Dionysus Park.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Found Lamb’s Hideout
Gained access to Lamb’s stronghold.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Reunited with your original Little Sister.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Heading to the Surface
Headed to the surface on the side of Sinclair’s escape pod.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Escaped Rapture.

This achievement will unlock with natural story progression.

Against All Odds
Finished the game on the hardest difficulty level.

The hardest difficulty isn’t much harder than normal or easy, but you will find yourself scrambling for health on a regular basis, your biggest threat though will be the Big Sister. If you’re saving or harvesting the Little Sisters, you will trigger a fight with a Big Sister once you deal with three Little Sisters. Just make sure you have plenty of Eve and ammo before you enter these fights. The rest of the game slowly becomes easier as you progress but you may want to hunt down Armored Shell and upgrade your most used Plasmids and Guns. If you’re working towards “Big Brass Balls” then remember to save often, and always when it’s quiet.

Big Brass Balls
Finished the game without using Vita-Chambers.

Completing the game without using the vita chambers is fairly simple, but you must remember to save often just in case you die. Unlike the previous Bioshock you can do this on any difficulty. You should be able to play from start to finish without dying on easy. Just remember to save before any Big Sister fights as they tend to waste your health rather fast. If you’re attempting this on one of the harder difficulties, remember to use your plasmids first, then attack with your weapon second. That way you can deal more damage in a shot time period. To turn off the Vita-Chambers you will have to pause the game and enter the options. Turn the Vita-Chamber option from off to on and proceed through the story at your own progress.


Encounters & Little Sisters

Adopted a Little Sister
Adopted a new Little Sister for the first time.

This is story related and can’t be missed.

When you encounter the first little sister you will have to adopt her by pressing :x:. If you are working towards the other Little Sister achievements make sure not to Harvest any sisters.

Dealt with Every Little Sister
Dealt with every Little Sister.

As you progress you will encounter several Little Sisters in each level. You can press :start: at any time to see how many Little Sisters you have to deal with. If you’re working towards the savior achievements then you should adopt and rescue every Little Sister on each level. Though there are only 12 sisters, you must save all of them for the various other achievements. If you decided to harvest a few to gain extra ADAM you will miss out on “Savior” and “Master Gatherer”.

You will find Little Sisters in the following levels, just remember you will also have to take out their Big Daddy so come prepared:

  • 0 – Adonis Luxury Resort
  • 0 – Atlantic Express Depot
  • 1 – Ryan Amusements
  • 2 – Pauper’s Drop
  • 3 – Siren Alley
  • 3 – Dionysus Park
  • 3 – Fontaine Futuristics
  • 0 – Persephone
  • 0 – Inner Persephone

Make sure that you do not leave a level until you have dealt with every single sister, there is no turning back in this game. If you do miss one you can revert back to an earlier save if you have one. Just don’t go rushing through the game and expect to come back to collect things you have missed.


Master Protector
Got through a Gather with no damage and no one getting to the Little Sister.

You can attempt this in almost any gathering area, but some are easier than others. The first area which works rather well is located in Ryan Amusements in the “Journey to the Surface”. You will enter a room with a security camera and turret next to a bathysphere. Once you collect a Little Sister you can hack the security camera and turret to use as an advantage. Set trap rivets around the room and any other traps you see fit. You can then place the Little Sister down to gather, then surround here in trap rivets. At this point you can back up into a corner and hide in the doorway while keeping watch to kill any Splicers.

As long as you’re careful with your shots and don’t expose yourself to any danger you shouldn’t have a problem pulling this off. If this area doesn’t work for you, then you can try setting up each gathering area like this and try to earn this achievement. Some areas tend to work better from one person than another.

Master Gatherer
Gathered 600 ADAM with Little Sisters.

Once you have adopted a Little Sister you can use her abilities to find corpses to harvest. Once you locate a body you can set her down and she will start to harvest ADAM for you. On average one sister will harvest 40 ADAM from a single body. So to achieve 600 ADAM without any tonics you will need to harvest 16 bodies, two bodies with each sister. At some point you will find the Proud Parent Tonic, this tonic will increase your sister’s harvest from 40 ADAM to 60 per body.

If you’re having difficulty locating each body you can hold down :x: for a short period of time for a ghostly trail to appear. If you have decided to follow the evil route and harvest all the Little Sisters for ADAM you may want to save a few to earn this achievement. Saving or Harvesting does not count towards this achievement, you need to make sure you adopt each of the sisters and have them gather ADAM for you.

Saved every Little Sister and spared Grace, Stanley and Gil.

To save every Little Sister you first need to kill their Big Daddy protecting them. Once you kill the Big Daddy you will then be presented with a choice to either save or harvest the Little Sister. Before you go on a huge harvesting spree to earn as much ADAM as possible, don’t. Save every single sister you can, but make sure you use them to harvest ADAM for you. That way you can earn even more ADAM and progress towards the “Master Gatherer” achievement.

As you progress through the story you will meet Grace, Stanley and Gil. These characters will burden you as you try to progress through the game, though you will be given a choice to either let them live, or to kill them for their sins and terrible ways. Stanley and Grace will give you a fairly obvious choice, but Gil will ask you to end his life in kindness. Make sure you ignore his request as killing him doesn’t count as saving him.


Misc Story Related

Distance Hacker
Used the Hack Tool to hack an object at a distance.

This achievement is story related and shows you have to use the Hack Tool for the first time. Once you obtain the Hack Tool, follow the directions provided and unlock the door to proceed. The achievement will unlock once you use the tool for the first time.

Killed an enemy with its own projectile

There are several enemies throughout Rapture that you can perform this move on, though some are easier than others. You can use Rocket Turrets, thuggish Splicers or Rumblers. To catch a projective you first need to locate Telekinesis, once a projectile is thrown at you, you then need to catch it and throw it back at the enemy that threw it. This is far easier to do on enemy Rocket Turrets but it can be done with almost any enemy in the game that throws something explosive at you.

Big Spender
Spent 2000 dollars at Vending Machines.

This will come naturally as you progress through the game. At some point you will need to buy items from vending machines, health and ammo. You shouldn’t have to think about this too hard as depending on how well you scavenge will depend on how much you use vending machines. If you find you have plenty of money but don’t have this achievement you can waste ammo and buy it back from a nearby machine.

Paid your respects to the founder of Rapture.

While exploring Ryan Amusements you will find a statue of Andrew Ryan sat at a desk, he is located just inside “Journey to the Surface” on the left hand side. Look behind Andrew Ryan in the far corner to find a golf club, use telekinesis to pick up the club and then fire it at the statues head. This is a rather odd homage to the first game, but a very easy achievement to ignore and walk past.

Grand Daddy
Defeated 3 Big Daddies without dying during the fight.

Depending on what difficulty you attempt this on will depend on your success rate. I personally would recommend doing this on easy or normal over attempting this on hard. Big Daddies tend to be fairly easy to kills with little effort on the lower difficulties, but on hard you will be faced with a challenge of trying to kill an unstoppable monster. In practice killing three big daddies is fairly simple, but you need to make sure you avoid their attacks.

Once you’re ready to step into battle you will to make sure you’re prepared, so many sure you have plenty of medi-kits, eve and make a save before you start to attack. You will need to make sure you kill three big daddies without dying in-between, or during battle. Once you kill the third big daddy you will earn this achievement. A combination or shock, and the shotgun seem to work the best, but any of the alternative ammo types will also help.

Defended yourself against the Big Sister without dying.

The Big Sisters will prove to be a challenge to kill, though on the lower difficulties they can be much easier to kill. You will only encounter a Big Sister at set points in the game, where as other times require you to save or harvest all of the Little Sisters within a level before they show. Killing a Big Sister without dying will require you to use some though and a lot of ammunition. The best combination to kill a Big Sister swiftly is the freezing drill and armor-piercing rounds. You won’t acquire these upgrades and items until much later in the game, but your second encounter will be a scripted event. Make sure you have plenty of health and lots of heavy alternative ammunition types. You may also want to save before you fight her as if you die you will need to try again on another sister, or reload your save.

Look at You, Hacker
Killed 50 enemies using only hacked Security.

Hacked security consists of security drones, cameras and turrets. You can either use the Hack Tool or run up to each security bot and take them over by hacking them manually. Once you have taken over the security of choice, let them kill your enemies instead of you wasting ammo on them. You can’t use security Plasmids on any of the security items as it doesn’t count as a hacked drone. If you’re having trouble finding security drones and other bots, locate a camera and allow it to spot you. You can then hack all the security drones that come your way. You can also work towards “Master Hacker” by hacking all the security from a distance using the Hack Tool.

Trap Master
Killed 30 enemies using only Traps.

There may be several ways to do this, but the easiest and fastest way is to use trap rivets. These rivets can be fired at any surface, which then turns them into a motion sensitive mine. You can also fire these rivets directly at your enemies and this achievement will unlock once you have killed 30. To select the trap rivet you will need to equip the rivet gun and press :dpd: to opt for the alternative ammo type.

If you want to take the more creative approach to this achievement you can mix Cyclone with Incinerate or Electro Bolt to make a swirling trap of death for the Splicers. This method is rather effective if you’re trying to protect a Little Sister while she gathers.

Collectible Related

Rapture Historian
Found 100 audio diaries.

Audio diaries play a rather large part in the story of Rapture. You will find information surrounding the characters and how they have become stuck in the situations they are in now. These things tend to be fairly obvious but they are rather easy to overlook. There are 128 diaries throughout the game, though you only need to find 100 for this achievement. Once you enter a new location or room check every single corner. Some of left out in the open on tables and the floor, others may be tucked away on shelves or behind other objects.

You can use the following guide to aid your progress towards this achievement if you’re having difficulty:

Audio Diary Guide

All Weapon Upgrades
Found every Power to the People weapon upgrade in the game.

There are 14 stations hidden throughout Rapture. Once you find an upgrade station you will only be able to apply one upgrade to a single weapon. Though there are 14 stations, you have 18 different upgrades you can apply. Make sure that you upgrade the weapons you use most often as buying random mismatched upgrades may not be as overly beneficial if you use a select few weapons all the time.

You can use the following information and guides to locate each of the upgrades.

Audio Diary/Power to the People Upgrade Station Guide

Power to the People Stations

  • 0 – Adonis Luxury Resort
  • 0 – Atlantic Express Depot
  • 2 – Ryan Amusements
  • 3 – Pauper’s Drop
  • 2 – Siren Alley
  • 2 – Dionysus Park
  • 2 – Fontaine Futuristics
  • 1 – Persephone
  • 2 – Inner Persephone

There are three levels of upgrades per weapon, but you must apply the previous level upgrade before you can buy the top-level. If you find yourself using one weapon more than another, don’t waste your upgrades on weapons that you may only use once in a while.

Double-Barreled Shotgun

  • Increased Clip Size
  • Damage Increase
  • Electrified Shells


  • Side Augers
  • Lubricating Nozzle
  • Reflector Plate

Gatling Gun

  • Damage Increase
  • Recoil Reduction
  • Bouncing Bullets


  • Augmented Capacity
  • Splash Damage Immunity
  • Cluster Bombs

Rivet Gun

  • Increased Clip Size
  • Damage Increase
  • Heated Rivets

Spear Gun

  • Scope
  • Faster Mechanics
  • Speed Upgrade

All Plasmids
Found or purchased all 11 basic Plasmid types.

Plasmids are fairly easy to spot due to their highly visible bottle colours and shine. Some of these plasmids will be given as a gift, where as others can be bought from Gatherer’s Garden’s or found lying around. Though there are several strength levels for each Plasmid, you only need to collect the first level of each one. The Plasmids which are given as a gift come from saving the Little Sisters. If you decide to harvest them rather than rescue, you could miss out of several Plasmids.

These are the earliest known locations to find each Plasmid:

  • Cyclone Trap (Bought, Pauper’s Drop)
  • Decoy (Bought, Pauper’s Drop)
  • Electro Bolt (Gift, Adonis Luxury Resort)
  • Hypnotize (Gift, Pauper’s Drop)
  • Incinerate! (Bought, Ryan Amusements)
  • Insect Swarm (Bought, Siren Alley)
  • Scout (Bought, Siren Alley)
  • Security Command (Gift, Siren Alley)
  • Summon Eleanor (Gift, Persephone)
  • Telekinesis (Gift, Atlantic Express Depot)
  • Winter Blast (Bought, Pauper’s Drop)


Hacking, Upgrades, Plasmids & Research

Prolific Hacker
Hacked one of each kind of machine.

See “Master Hacker”

Master Hacker
Hacked 30 machines at a distance with the Hack Tool.

The Hack Tool is a rather useful tool when you’re stuck and need to take over a security drone which is out of reach. If you ever find yourself hacking the following machines to lower prices, or take advantage of a drone then use your Hack Tool instead. There are plenty of hacking darts, and you’re always given them when needed to progress in the story. Once you start hacking a meter will be displayed on the screen with a bouncing needle and several coloured sections. If you land on the blur or green sections you will succeed in your hack. Landing on a red section will result in an alarm being set off and security drones sent to attack. Each time you land on a blue segment of the hack you will be rewarded with extra items.

There are eight machines which need to be hacked are as follows:

  • Circus of Value
  • Door Locks
  • El Ammo Bandito
  • First Aid stations
  • Safes
  • Security Bots
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Turrets

If you spend your time setting off alarms and spend your time running away from security drones. You can use your Hack Tool to take them over and progress towards this achievement.

Upgraded a Weapon
Upgraded a weapon at a Power to the People Station.

You will need to find and use one of the “Power to the People” upgrade stations to upgrade your weapon of choice. There are several located around Rapture, just walk up to one and press the :a: to interact and select the weapon upgrade you want.

See “All Weapon Upgrades”

Fully Upgraded a Weapon
Installed the third upgrade to a weapon.

See “All Weapon Upgrades”

Bought a Slot
Bought one Plasmid or Tonic Slot at a Gatherer’s Garden.

See “Max Plasmid Slots”

Max Plasmid Slots
Fully upgraded to the maximum number of Plasmid Slots.

As you earn ADAM you will be able to buy upgrades and slots through a Gatherer’s Garden. Once you progress and earn more ADAM, you will be able to upgrade your plasmids and buy new slots. The last slot is unmissable as it’s a story related requirement.

Fully Upgraded a Plasmid
Fully upgraded one Plasmid to the Level 3 version.

Each Plasmid has three levels which increase the power and result of the Plasmids. You can buy or find Plasmids all over Rapture, but if you miss the first level you may not be able to buy it later on. You should be able to upgrade telekinesis, Fire, Ice and Bolt without little effort as they are the most common Plasmids to be found around Rapture in the Gatherer’s Gardens. Once you get a Plasmid to level three you will unlock the achievement,. This will most likely come with natural progression through the game, just pay attention to what Plasmids you buy.

First Research
Researched a Splicer with the Research Camera.

See “Research Master”

One Research Track
Maxed out one Research Track.

See “Research Master”

Research Master
Completed all research on every subject in Rapture.

Before you can start your research you will need to find the research camera. There is no need to worry though as the camera is part of the story progression. Once you have the camera in your possession you can then start to research your enemies. Doing so will reward you with bonuses which build towards your characters strength and resilience to the abominations of Rapture. To start your research you need to select the camera as your weapon of choice, you can do this by holding down the :rb: and selecting the camera on your inventory wheel. Start filming then quickly change to another weapon. As you chain attacks such as your Plasmid, weapon and environmental hazards, you will be rewarded with points on a meter. The more damage you do to your subject, the faster you level up on each research track. If you chain enough attacks together you will earn anywhere from a C+ to an A+. Chaining your attacks together is the most important thing you can do, so make sure you don’t waste your research time.

You can keep track of your research by pressing :back: and viewing the research tab at any point. As you progress you will run into new versions of each enemy, but they still count towards the general research of that one enemy type. The following list is the basic level of each enemy and their research track:

Big Daddy/Sister

  • Big Daddy – Alpha Series
  • Big Daddies – Bouncer – Rosie – Rumbler
  • Big Sister


  • Brute Splicer
  • Houdini Splicer
  • Leadhead Splicer
  • Spider Splicers
  • Thuggish Splicer*

* Make sure you research this Splicer as soon as you find the camera. Once you leave Pauper’s Drop they will no longer appear in the game.


  • Security Bots – Security Cameras – Turrets

Multiplayer Related

Welcome to Rapture
Completed your first non-private match.

Navigate your way to multiplayer menus and start playing in any of the various lobbies. As long as you’re playing publicly in ranked games you will earn achievement once you finish a match from start to finish.

“Mr. Bubbles– No!”
Took down your first Big Daddy in a non-private match.

This must be completed in a Ranked Match.

While playing the various multiplayer game modes, you will encounter a Big Daddy at some point, either through someone defending on Capture the Sister, or through another player locating a suite and putting it on in the free for all game modes. Taking down a Big Daddy can prove to be quite difficult if you’re facing one for the first time. The best way to take down a Big Daddy is to combine a Plasmid such as Incinerate, Electro Bolt or Winter Blast. You can then attack with either a shotgun or machine gun to reduce their health. If you’re a much higher level you can use far more powerful weapons such as the spear gun.

If someone waste’s down the Big Daddies health and you finish him off you will still earn this achievement. Teamwork is always key so be sure to let your team mates inflict some damage just to make killing the Big Daddy a little easier on yourself. Just remember, if another player fires the final shot and kills the Big Daddy you won’t be rewarded with the achievement, you must kill deliver the final shot.


Proving Grounds
Won your first non-private match.

This must be completed in a Ranked Match.

There are two ways to earn this achievement, one is for being the overall winner on a non team based game. The other is to be on the winning team in a team based game. You will most likely find winning a game with a team easier than trying to be the overall winner in most deathmatch style game modes. Just win a game, or be the overall winner in a free for all game and the achievement will unlock once you complete the match.

Unnatural Selection
Scored your first kill in a non-private match.

This must be completed in a Ranked Match.

You should be able to score at least one kill in any match you take part in. If you are having difficulty taking down other players use your Plasmids while shooting.

Disgusting Frankenstein
Became a Big Daddy for the first time in a non-private match.

This must be completed in a Ranked Match.

While running around the areas of Rapture you will see an announcement at the bottom of the screen. “A Big Daddy suit has spawned near your location”, make your way to the suit if you know where it is and press :a: to wear it. Normally this will turn into a mad dash of players trying to grab the suite so they can take full advantage and score a slew of easy kills. You can complete this in any game mode that spawns the suite apart from Capture the Sister as one player will always spawn as the Big Daddy.

Two-Bit Heroics
Completed your first trial in a non-private match.

This must be completed in a Ranked Match.

Trials are basically objectives that give you extra ADAM when you complete the requirements.  These trials can be anything from earning a certain amount of kills with a certain weapon, or using a Plasmid on so many players. These trials will play an important part in your leveling up as you will earn more ADAM from these trials than just general game progression. You can view your trials from the gaming lobby on the left hand side. You will most likely unlock this while just playing the multiplayer.

Mother Goose
Saved your first Little Sister in a non-private match.

This must be completed in a Ranked Match.

You may need to attempt this several times due to the frantic nature of the multiplayer. Start any Capture the Sister game and battle your way through the defending team. Once you have the Little Sister you will need to make your way to a nearby vent to save her. This basically involves you shoving her into the vent to perform a capture. If you’re working in a team with other players and good communication this should be fairly easy. But you need to have a good defensive team while performing your capture as you will be an easy target otherwise.

Man About Town
Played at least one non-private match on each multiplayer map.

This must be completed in a Ranked Match.

The multiplayer levels are sections of Rapture taken from the first Bioschock game.  The levels are randomly selected so it may take a little while for you to play on each level. If you are working towards “Choose the Impossible” you should have played on each level at least once by the time you get to level 40. Make sure that you complete each level, if the host disconnects and you get kicked from the game you won’t be credited for playing that level. Play at least one Ranked match on each of the follow levels and the achievement will unlock:

  • Arcadia
  • Farmer’s Market
  • Fort Frolic
  • Hephaestus
  • Home for the Poor
  • Kashmir Restaurant
  • Medical Pavilion
  • Mercury Suites
  • Neptune’s Bounty
  • Point Prometheus

Achieved Rank 10.

See “Choose the Impossible”

Little Moth
Achieved Rank 20.

See “Choose the Impossible”

Skin Job
Achieved Rank 30.

See “Choose the Impossible”

Choose the Impossible
Achieve Rank 40.

While playing online you will earn ADAM from killing, capturing, defending completing trials and collecting ADAM vials. As you earn ADAM you will slowly level up and progress through the various ranks. Each rank will reward you with new weapons, load outs and perks. Some of these items are useful, others require some skill and a good load out combination to be effective. To get to rank 40 you will need to earn up to 97,000 ADAM which may take some time.

Level 01 – ADAM Required: 0
Reward: 75 ADAM

Level 10 – ADAM Required: 9000
Reward: 150 ADAM

Level 20 – ADAM Required: 25500
Reward: 250 ADAM

Level 30 – ADAM Required: 53000
Reward: 500 ADAM

Level 40 – ADAM Required: 97000
Reward: 1000 ADAM

The following list will provide you with the most common ways to earn ADAM, some are easier than others. Some are also faster methods than others. If you’re a fairly decent player you will be able to earn between 300/600 ADAM per game.

  • Kills: 10 (20 for Last Splicer Standing Mode)
  • Kill Streak: 50 (three kills in a row)
  • Assists: 5
  • Killing a Big Daddy: 100
  • Capturing a sister: 50 (Capture the Sister)
  • Capturing a Point: 30 (Turf Wars)
  • Holding the sister: 3 per second (ADAM Grab)
  • ADAM Vials: 10
  • Hacking: 10
  • Becoming a Big Daddy: 50
  • Research: 10
  • Win a Game: 200
  • Lose a Game: 150