Blazblue ChronoPhantasma: Yuuki Terumi

[Arcade] Finished Arcade Mode using Terumi.

This is for finishing Arcade Mode using Terumi, if you have any difficulty, you can set the difficulty to Beginner and Rounds down to 1 via options.

Get On My Level
[Challenge] Executed over 20 of Terumi’s challenges.

This is for clearing 20/30 of Terumi’s challenges in Challenge Mode.  Challenges 1-20 basically cover moves to basic combos.  Some of this may take a bit of practice but you can use Sample Play in-game to see the timing required for certain moves in combos.

How Engauging
Used ALL of Terumi’s Distortion Drives in one round.

This is for using all of Terumi’s Distortion Drives in a match (ignore the trophy description).  You can use as many rounds as you want for this.  Terumi has the most Distortion Drives in the game.  Not all of his Distortion Drives can be performed in Stylish Mode so you will have to use Technical Mode.

  • (can be performed in air): Requires 50% Heat
  • (can be performed in air): Requires 50% Heat
  • /: Requires 50% Heat
  • (opponent needs to attack Terumi after this is activated): Requires 50% Heat
  • : Requires 50% Heat
  • /: Requires 100% Heat.

For the last Distortion Drive, you can use either command, you don’t have to use both. The first one throws out the chain straight forward and you need to be at a bit of a distance for it to catch the opponent. The second one throws the chain out at an upwards angle which is for catching opponents mid-air so you may find you want to use the first version.