Blazblue Continuum Shift: Valkenhayn R. Hellsing

Author Notes

If you fulfilled the requirements of Valkenhayn's achievements before the patch on Xbox Live, you will have to play as his Unlimited character for Three Wolf Moon, for Battle Butler hit the opponent once, and complete any one of his Challenge missions.

Three Wolf Moon
Used the Unlimited version of Valkenhayn.

The unlimited version of Valkenhayn is included in the DLC so you do NOT have to beat Score Attack with him. Simply go into Versus and trigger unlimited mode by pressing :lt: / :l2: before selecting him. The achievement/trophy should unlock at the beginning of the match.

Battle Butler Battle Butler
Dealt over 5,000 damage in a single combo using Valkenhayn.

The easiest way to do this is to simply do his astral finish which does well over 5,000 points of damage. When you meet the Astral requirements you can input his astral which is 214214C/ + :b: / :pso: or if you decide to go the easy route with beginner mode simply hold :rt: / :r2: right in front of them.

On Her Ladyship's Secret Service On Her Ladyship’s Secret Service
Beat over 7 missions in Challenge mode using Valkenhayn.

Much like the previous DLC character Makoto, Valkenhayn’s challenges aren’t that difficult at all. Keep in mind that during the later challenges when you have to use his drive werewolf with D/ :a: / :psx:  there’s a bit of specific timing involved. If you’re still having problems just follow the tips under “Superior State of Mind” Here is a preview of Valkenhayn’s Challenges: