Table of Contents

  1. Career Mode (Story Related)
  2. Story Related Misc.
  3. Multiplayer
  4. Mastering Achievements
  5. Misc

Career Mode (Story Related)

Blur Achievement GuideHot Date
Unlock Shannon’s One-on-One

Shannon is the first One-on-One boss you face in the Proving Grounds event. All these Demands must be meet in the Proving Grounds event. To reach Shannon you must complete the following:

Land 80 offensive Power-ups

  • Offensive Power-ups are Shunts/Bolts/Mines/Shock/Barge. Anything that does damage to another opponent if it hits them is an offensive Power-up. This is cumulative and you just have to reach 80 over multiple races.

Earn 7,000 Fans

  • Earn Fans by completing races, damaging opponents in races. Basically everything earns you fans. Fan Runs always give you extra, no matter how many times you do them.

Finish 4 events in 4 different cars

  • You must complete 4 different races with 4 different cars. There are a total of 6 events.

Pass 5 events

  • Just pass 5 events in this stage. As long as its 1st-3rd place you pass the stage.

You face Shannon in her Renault R230 F1 Team R26. This car has a very low amount of health but is quite fast. The easiest way to beat her to stick behind her and just keep hitting her car with offensive Power-ups(Shunt, Bolt, Barge, Shock, Mine) until her car is wrecked.

Blur Achievement GuideLearning the ropes
Beat Shannon in her One-on-One

You can either wreck your opponent or beat them across the finish line first. Easiest thing is to stay behind her and just keep firing power ups at her until you wreck here. Refer to Hot Date for how to unlock and beat this One-on-One.

Blur Achievement GuideNot so pretty boy
Beat Khan in his One-on-One

You must unlock the Second Tier of races named “City Slickers.”
To unlock Khan’s One-on-One race you must have complete the following:

Shield against 3 Power-ups

  • Once you pick up a Shield Power-up wait for Shunts to start coming at you.(Red bar starts flashing at bottom of screen) Once you see the Red Bar and hear the noise put up your shield, your shield will take the hit and not damage your car. Repeat 3 times.

Evade 3 Shock fields

  • Evading a Shock field is by not hitting of the shock of the entire field. A Shock field consist of 3 Shock Domes, evade all 3 Domes and it will count as evading a Shock Field.

Collect 40 stopwatches.

  • Stopwatches are found in Checkpoint races, they look like power ups and have a stopwatch outline the center of them. Each stopwatch adds 2 seconds to your total time.

Pass event 5 with 14 seconds left.

  • Event 5 is a checkpoint race in the LA Docks. The best way to complete this is to just come in first place and choosing a grippy car with good acceleration.

Khan races a Foose Stallion Ford Mustang, an extremely quick and well-balanced car. The best way to take on this race is by just going the two laps, it is a relatively short track. Don’t stay behind him to much because he will bombard you with attacks. Don’t bother attacking him much because he has an upgraded shield mod. Get in front and just pick up shields, he will fall behind relatively quickly.

Fan boy

Beat Rhymer in his One-on-One

Rhymers stage is called “Fan Favorite” and is the 3rd Event Series in the single player.
To unlock Rhymer in his challenge you must complete the following in Event 3.

Complete 5 Fan Demands

  • Fan Demands are found on Races, they have a fan outline and look like Power-ups. After you collect the Fan Demand you will be given something to do with a Power-up. (Example: Reach 150mph and you will get a Nitro Power-up to use.)

Complete 2 Fan Runs

  • Fan Runs are just like Fan Demands, except you must go through gates. Fan Runs look like Power-ups with an Arrow pointing up inside them. Go through all the gates until you reach the last gate that is green instead of orange, this will be one Fan Run. If you miss a gate or run out of time, you will fail the Fan Run and can try again on your next lap.

Complete 4 Fan Targets

  • Fan Targets are reaching a certain fan criteria in races. Some may need to get 900 and some may take 2200. Refer to ‘Getting into the swing of things’ for some tips.

Win event 5 with 1 ‘X5’ fan combo

  • You must complete the Barcelona Garcia Race, shoot/evade/destroy your opponents and come in first place. In the upper right hand corner of your screen is a Fan with a heart, the heart is the Combo meter and will show a number of your current combo. An easy way to get a x5 combo is by grabbing 3 offensive Power-ups that have multiple shots.(Bolt and Shock) Stay behind the pack and start unloading every offensive Power-up you find. This should come with little to no effort.

The best way to beat Rhymer in his Camaro SS is to just get in front of him. Once in front just look for the Nitro Power-ups. He isn’t too aggressive and leaves big openings for you to pass him. Stay ahead and complete the 2 laps, giving you an easy win.

Syberian Express
Beat Drayke in his One-on-One

You find Drayke in the Crash and Burn Stage.
To unlock his One-on-One you must complete the following in this stage.

Barge 1 car into the water

  • The easiest place to do this is on the LA Docks level, once you get near the shipyard follow the right side and it will put you on the waterside of the street. Have an opponent to your left and use a Barge to hit your opponent into the water.

Wreck 100 cars

  • The best place to Wreck cars is in the Destruction Races, just wreck a total of 100 cars with Bolt Power-ups.

Barge 5 cars

  • All you have to do is Barge 5 cars. Pick up a Barge Power-up and while an opponent is near you use the Power-up.

Get 6 Lights in event 6

  • You have to get 6 lights on the Brighton Destruction course. The easiest way to get 6 lights is coming in first and hitting the Fan Gates. If you only come in first and miss the Fan gates, you can retry and just come in third and complete the Fan Run. This will give you a total of 6 lights.

Thorny issue
Beat Natalya in her One-on-One

You meet Natalya in the 5th stage named “Ruthless Aggression.”
To unlock Natalya’s One-on-One you must complete the following demands.

Reverse Shunt 5 cars

  • While an opponent is behind you, shoot a Shunt Power-up behind you by pressing down on the :ls: .

Hit multiple cars with 5 barges

  • While using a Barge Power-up, hit two or more cars with a Barge Power-up 5 times total.

Shock 10 cars

  • While using a Shock Power-up your opponents just need to run into 10 Shock Domes all cumulatively.

Complete the Fan Run in event 6

  • The 6th event in this stage is the Amboy Race.

The best way to go against her is by just picking up Shunt and Bolt Power-ups and keep attacking her. If you are behind her she won’t attack too much unless you are in front of her, she can be quite merciless.

Beat Talon in his One-on-One

You meat Talon in the Midas Touch event series.
To unlock his One-on-One, complete the following demands:

Drift a total of 1,500 meters

  • You must drift a total of 1,500 meters cumulatively. Choose a car that is made for drifting and stay behind the pack. Drifting is done by making the back-end of your car come out farther(at an angle/sideways) then it needs to be but being in control of the car in the turn. Come into a corner at a higher speed and hit the :b: which is the handbrake, this will cause your cars back-end to come out and start a drift.

Destroy 4 Power-ups

  • You destroy Power-ups by using a Power-up that counter acts it. The easiest Power-ups to destroy that are coming at you is the Shunt Power-up. Your screen will start flashing red at the bottom that a shunt is coming at you. When the shunt is about to hit you or is directly behind your car, shoot an offensive Power-up behind you to destroy the attack. These include Mines, Reverse Shunts, Reverse Bolts, and Barges. To shoot a power up behind you, press down on the :ls: and shoot with the :a: .

Execute 4 clean, triple Nitros

  • To do this you have to use 3 Nitros consecutively one after another without a pause. The easiest place to do these are on the 5th event – “Barcelona Gracia.” You can gather 3 Nitros at the beginning of the lap fairly easily. As soon as you take the turn into the very long straight away, mash the :a: until you have used all three of your Nitro Power-ups while keeping in a straight line and not hitting a wall. Do this 4 times total and this will be checked off. Once you complete this you can just quit the race.

Earn 25 Lights

  • You earn Lights by completing races and their secondary goals. Coming in 1st place on a race earns you 5 Base Lights in that race(circle with b in it). Completing Fan Targets and Fan Runs count as lights, if you come in first place on all races that will give you a total of 30 lights in this event, so reaching 25 shouldn’t be to much of a hassle.

Talon drives a Corvette ZR1, one of the fastest cars in the game. The best way to beat this One-on-One is by just completing the two laps. He will only attack if you are behind him. Get in front of him and just keep picking up Nitro Power-ups, he won’t be able to keep up to your speed and you will leave him in the dirt. If you do pick up Power-ups while you are ahead, shoot them behind you on long straight aways and you may be able to get a hit on him. This will slow him down further, helping you beat this easy but brutally fast One-on-One.

Double Trouble
Beat the twins in their One-on-One

You find this One-on-One in the Double Trouble stage, to reach Ayumi and Harumi’s One-on-One you must complete the following demands.

Forward Mine 5 cars

  • To forward mine someone, while holding a Mine Power-up, press up on the :ls: and fire with the :a: button. The mine shoots in a straight line. Have a car in front of you and shoot it at them. Repeat 5 times.

Nitro-ram 5 cars

  • With a Nitro Power-up, have a car in front of you and use the Nitro. Once you have started using the Nitro ram the car in front of you. It will say “Nitro Rammed” if you do it correctly.

Get 10 bonus hits in Destruction

  • During one of your Destruction events wait until a large group of cars are near each other, aim for the furthest one and hope his recoil creates a chain reaction and kill off the other ones around him

Wreck 1 car and finish first in Event 6

  • Event 6 is NY Dumbo Race, just pick up Power-ups and blast Shunts and Bolts at your enemies until you wreck someone. Then once you have push your way and finish in first place.

This is more of a One-on-Two in a way. The easiest way is to just fly ahead of them and play defensively, they are very slow drivers and if you just put the lead foot down you will have an easy win.

Going Grey
Beat Carver in his One-on-One

You meet Carver in the Loose Cannon Stage, to unlock his One-on-One complete the following demands:

Shield through 3 Mines

  • Make sure you have a shield on you, when you see a mine in front of you, use the shield and hit the mine. Your car won’t get damaged and your shield will take the hit. Repeat 3 times.

Full Bolt 8 cars

  • Use all your bolt shots from a single Power-up on an opponent. Don’t have the Overbolt mod on because of having to use 4 shots, you can use only 3. Stay right behind someone and unleash all the bolts at once

Win any Race without wrecking or Repairing

  • Just play any race and don’t go for repair Power-ups, play defensively and come in 1st to win. Pick up shields and save your shunts, barges and bolts to hit incoming shunts that come your way in place of your shield if you don’t have any

Win Event 6 in Harumi’s car

  • You have to win the SanFran Sausalito Race while using your previous One-on-Ones car, Harumi’s Skyline GT-R NISMO Z-tune. It is the Pink and Black GTR. Great car so you shouldn’t have much of a problem with this.

You will be facing Carver in his Dodge Viper GTSR. He is extremely relentless and acts like a real person. He will go for Nitro Power-ups to get ahead of you and will hit you with everything he has. Any Nitro Power-up you see, pick up, try to get ahead of him and stay ahead. If you are having trouble passing him, try to Barge him at a corner. Once you are ahead he won’t attack much, only when you are near him. So just grab all the Nitro you can and boost away!

A Fast One
Visit for more info

We meet again, Shannon, the last One-on-One in the Single Player Campaign. To reach Shannon and to face her in the One-on-One, you must complete the following Demands:

Stay above 120 MPH for an entire lap

  • Go to event 2 in SanFran Sausalito. So long as you avoid the dirty and crashing into the walls then you should be fine. When it says stay above 120mph for one lap, the start of the lap can be anywhere so long as you stay at 120+ from that point on for one run. Follow this video for the perfect strategy to getting it.

Land 15 reverse bolts

  • To reverse bolt with the Bolt Power-up, hold down on the :ls: and shoot the Power-up.

Mine 20 cars

  • Mine 20 cars with the Mine Power-up. Either drop it behind you or shoot it in front of you, doesn’t matter. As long as an opponent hits it.

Come first in all 6 events.

  • Come in first place on all the races. If you are having trouble you can set the difficulty to easy.

Shannon as just as easy as she was her first time round, just with a faster car. She drives a Opel Astra Extreme, a extremely balanced car. The best way to beat her is to just wreck her. The race is 3 laps and a very long race. Just pick up Shunt and Bolt Power-ups and she will be wrecked in no time.


Story Related Misc.

Getting into the swing of things
Earn your first Fan Target

Reach the Fan Target in a race. Fan Targets are reaching a certain amount of fans in a single race. Each race in the event list has a set criteria for the Fan Target you must reach. (ex. Fan Target – 900 Fans) You get fans from just about anything you do. From shooting Power-ups, ramming opponents, drifting, completing Fan Runs, dominating a certain part of a race. Generally everything that you do counts for Fans.

Making a name for yourself
Complete your first Fan Run

There are a total of 54 Fan Runs found in the Single Player, each event has 6 race gametypes that include a Fan Run. Fan Runs are started during a race where you find a bouncing orange square with a arrow inside of it. This begins the fan run, you will start going through orange gates. The closer you are to the last green gate, it will make a higher note chime once you go through the gate. You must pass through each gate until you reach the last green gate. You will fail a fan run if you run out of time or miss a gate.

I must break you
Wreck your first Rival in a One-on-One

The easiest rival to wreck is Shannon in her first event, she has a low amount of health and can be wrecked relatively quickly. Just stay behind her and go for the easy Power-up pick ups, keep hitting her with Shunts and Bolt Power-ups and she will be wrecked in no time. You can try this on any One-on-One race, even if you have already completed it.

Lights out, Meatball!
Show that you can bring the fight to One-on-Ones

Deal more damage to Carver than you take and go on to win

  • For this you must deal out a lot of damage to Carver then he does you and then win the race by crossing the finish line. If you wreck him it wont count

In Natalya’s One-on-One avoid getting hit by any Power-ups and win

  • You can either wreck her or stay defensive after you pass her and finish the race

Smash up Khan’s ride

  • For this you must wreck Khan in his one-on-one, just take all the power ups attack him with all got, take any repair power ups you see so he can’t use them to replenish his health.

Shock Talon

  • Stay behind Talon and wait until you see a shock power up in site, grab it and use it right away, enemy A.I’s on easy usually hit them instantly.

Haruna matata
Earn all Primary Lights in M.Haruna Checkpoint without damaging your car

You unlock the Mount Haruna Checkpoint in the Loose Cannon stage. It is the 4th race in the stage. You want to stick with a high grip car and stick to the road on this one. Only use nitrous on the very long straight sections. Don’t use it after gate 7/12 because the road starts to have a lot of dips and jumps in it. It is okay if you bump into a guard rail or hit light poles, just don’t slam into a guard rail head or wall head on. The best car to use is after you have completed the last One-on-One race in the Single Player. This will unlock the Opel Astra Extreme which has a very high Acceleration, Speed, and Grip rating. Go through the corners smoothly and this should be no trouble at all with the Opel Astra Extreme.

Show ’em who’s boss
Prove yourself by completing Rival Demands in career

To unlock this achievement you must complete the following tasks in the Single Player:

Show Talon you can drift by completing his first Demand

  • Talon is found in the 6th event series called Midas Touch. His first demand in this event is to drift a total of 1,500 meters. This has to be complete in the Midas Touch event.

Complete the second Demand in City Slickers

  • City Slickers is the 2nd event series found in the Single Player. This Demand requires you to Evade 3 Shock fields. A shock field consist of 3 shock domes from each Shock Power-up. You must evade each Shock Dome for it to count as one field evaded.

Met your first Career Demand

  • This will come with natural progression through the story. To unlock a certain One-on-One you must complete demands for the opponents One-on-One you are trying to unlock. Refer to Hot Date for some Demand tips.

Meet 10 Career Demands

  • As stated above, refer to Hot Date and any other One-on-One based achievement for tips on how to complete Demands.

Drop the hammer

Complete everything in the singleplayer game

To carry out this you must complete the following:

  • Earn all Primary Goal Lights – 342
  • Earn all Lights – 450
  • Earn all Fan Targets – 54

You basically want to earn all the Lights since they correlate with the Primary Goal lights as well as the Fan targets. This is better done on easy. If you would like more tips, please refer to Somebody stop me! for tips on each event type.

Somebody stop me!
Earn every Primary Light on Hard difficulty

To earn this achievement you complete the primary goals on every race with your difficulty set to hard. While you are in the stage select screen you press :y: to bring up the difficulty select screen. Set it to hard, and complete all the races coming in first. You don’t have to do Fan Targets or Fan Runs for this. As those are secondary lights, not Primary. If you are unsure of wither you’ve completed a race on Hard, in each race that you completed in 1st place on hard, there will be a little orange pyramid in the upper right hand corner of the race choice similar to the achievement tile.

General Tips:

  • Car choice is very important on hard. Do not take on an off road course with cars such as the Nissan 350Z or the Supra, pick the Trucks that have high grip and can maneuver through the off road tracks with ease. Also if you keep failing with one car , try another.
  • Wait until you reach the max fan level of 25 so you have the best choice of cars for every race. You should easily do this before the end of your first run on career mode

Race Tips:

  • Take advantage of Fan Demands and the power ups they give you. A.I opponents can’t pick them up so purposely fail the Fan demand to continuously get its power up
  • Mod Selection is important , use whichever mod fits your preference however i recommend the mod Fan Nitro which is unlocked after you defeat Rhymer in Fan Service. For very 500 fans you get a Nitro Power up which can help you widen the gap against those annoying A.I
  • Once you’re in the lead stay defensive and drive smart, pick up shields and power ups to deflect endless shunts

Destruction Tips:

  • Know your Target , if you’re aiming at the Yellow Hummer only shoot 2 bolts , If you’re aiming at a green or blue car it only takes 1 bolt to wreck them. Don’t waste your bolts carelessly
  • Ammo, feel free to unload 3 bolt shoots as soon as you see a new bolt power up coming up when you already have a full stock of them
  • Wreck them fast, the faster you wreck the vehicles the more that re-spawn, don’t wait for them to be in site, look for the beam of light and if it’s in your range of fire go for it
  • Shoot from an angle, some events will need a large amount of points and you need to start alive for that, don’t shoot to close to the point where there recoil is unavoidable

Checkpoint Tips:

  • Save Nitro for straight aways or tight corners, with the tight corners you can drift into them and then nitro your way out to keep yourself at a high-speed
  • On hard the stopwatches hold a huge factor, collect AS many as you can, any that cross your path.
  • If you keep failing try different paths on the course, you may find one way a lot more beneficial than there.



Giant Killer
Beat a Rank 50 player

Simply beat any level 50 player you meet online. However once a level 50 prestiges you can no longer beat them for the achievement. If you can’t find a level 50 player anywhere online then check then Achievement Trading Thread for any level 50 players willing to give you a win

Master the Blur Challenges

Complete 1 Challenge Pack to 100% (Multiplayer)

  • The easiest pack to reach 100% in is the Drivers Ed pack

Complete 3 Challenge Packs to 50% or above (Multiplayer)

  • The easiest packs to reach 50% in are: Drivers Ed, Daily and Specialist.

Complete the Ultimate Comeback Challenge (Multiplayer)

  • This challenge is under the ACE pack which is unlocked at level 30. You must get in First then in Last and then Win the race. If you start the race in first simply fall back to last and then take the rest of the race to get back in front. Its easier to do this in a skirmish race where the max players is 10. If your still have trouble getting it, gather you and a bunch of friends and enter a skirmish session together, your friends can deal with the other players while you go the challenge.

Complete the Retribution Challenge (Multiplayer)

  • This challenge is located in the Demolition pack, you have to get 5 revenges in one ranked match, I recommend doing this in Motor Mash in one of the LA maps where everyone has limited space, everyone will be shooting power ups everywhere so it should be easy to get multiple revenges in one match.

All Rounder
Win a race in multiple playlists

Win a race in any playlist (Multiplayer)

  • This can correlate with the Hardcore Racing win

Win a Race in Hardcore Racing (Multiplayer)

  • To unlock Hardcore racing you must be at least level 15, Hardcore racing is a normal race without power ups, avoid crashing into the walls, if you can keep the lead then you will definitely win

Be on the winning side in a team Event (Multiplayer)

  • In a team event you are either on the Alpha or Omega team, the more players to finish first on one team will get more points to win, be on that teams side

Paint Job
Stand out from the crowd with car resprays

Respray a car for the first time (Multiplayer)

  • When in the garage picking your car, click :x: to respray your car’s color

Respray one of your cars with an unlocked paint style – metallic, pearlescent, or candy. (Multiplayer)

  • To unlock metallic you have to get in first place with one car, that car will then be able to select that paint style afterwards when you go to respray your car you can change the style by clicking :rb: .

Finish in the top 3 while driving a pink car (Multiplayer)

  • Respray your car with any shade of pink and win

Living legend?

Unlock Legend Mode

  • Unlock all Ranked Playlists (Multiplayer)
  • Unlock all Challenge Packs (Multiplayer)
  • Unlock all vehicle Mods (Multiplayer)
  • Reach Rank 50 (Multiplayer)

Basically reach Rank 50 and the achievement will unlock.

Tips to level up fast:

  • Challenges, always look in your challenges and see it its possible to complete any if so adapt those requirements into your racing style. Also keep in mind the daily challenge pack resets everyday so you can net yourself well over 20,000+ fans per day
  • Mods, choose mods that fit your preferences, however if you’re not a very aggressive player you can always choose the two fan increasing mods to give you a small amount more at the end of each race
  • Power ups, Fury bolting an opponent is the best choice of action, if your right behind something just rapid fire your bolts and you can net yourself well over 150+ fans from that one attack

For your consideration

Become an Award-winning racer

  • Win your first Multiplayer Award (Multiplayer)
  • Win 2 Multiplayer Awards in a row (Multiplayer)
  • Win 3 Multiplayer Awards in a row (Multiplayer)

Multiplayer Awards are given to those who performed significantly well or bad in a race. The awards are shown at the end of the race, play in Power up racing with a large amount of players so you have a chance to make it in at least 1/5 awards at the end of the race

Win a race using a custom mod setup

Edit and save a Mod loadout (Multiplayer)

  • Go into your garage and select Mod setup, click one of the premade sets and select edit, change one of the mods and then back out to save it

Win a Race using a custom Mod setup (Multiplayer)

  • With that custom mod you set up , equip it and win a race with it on

Photo Finish
Finish a race 0.1 seconds or less ahead of another player online

This achievement one of luck. If you so happen to see yourself neck and neck with another player at the finish line its possible you might have got it

This time it’s personal
Wreck a Blur developer on Xbox LIVE, or anyone with this Achievement

Practically anyone who plays online has this achievement, wreck someone and you should get it. If you don’t, keep at it. With the 20+ hours you get to look forward too AT LEAST one of them has to have the achievement

Motor Mash King
Earn the Motor Mash sticker

Win a Motor Mash Event (Multiplayer)

  • Winning a Motor Mash Event is pretty difficult especially against the insane players online who net 100+ points per round. Make use of all your power ups and leave as many mines in the way as you can , run straight into the crowd with full force if you want to rack your points up

Wreck your Multiplayer Rival (Multiplayer)

  • It will show your Multiplayer Rival at the top left corner as well as his health , if you look around the map there will also be a large red transparent arrow pointing at him , wreck him

Earn 50 points in one Motor Mash Event (Multiplayer)

  • If you win a Motor Mash Event your likely to have more than 50 points

If your finding this rather difficult try inviting a full party of friends into a game of motor mash and have them give you easy points.

Party Trick
Win a race in 4 player Split Screen

From the main menu go into multiplyaer and pick “split-screen.” You will be brought up to a sign in screen, with your other 3 controllers, press the :y: for them to join. Play a Motor Mash and gain a couple of points at the start. Once you got those points just wait for the time to run out. If you don’t own three other controllers, you can use guitar hero guitars/drum set/any controller accessory to count as a remote.

Mastering Achievements

Sharp Shooter
Master the Bolt Power-up

These can be completed in Single Player or Multiplayer.

Bolt 50 Incoming Power-Ups

  • To bolt Power-ups coming at you, you shoot the Bolt Power-up behind you by holding :ls: in the down direction, then shooting each bolt with the :a: at the Power-up. The easiest Power-up to Bolt is the Shunt Power-up.

Hit 3 different cars from a single Bolt Power-up

  • Each Bolt Power-up gives you three missile shots, unless you use the Overbolt mod that you get from defeating Shannon in her One-on-One in “Proving Grounds”, giving you four bolt shots from one Power-up. Take your time and make sure you have a shot for a different car every time. If you miss, you will have an extra shot from her mod.

Fire all 4 Bolts from a Power-up into any car

  • To fire 4 bolts you must have Shannon’s Overbolt mod by beating her One-on-One in “Proving Grounds”. While a car is straight ahead of you, rapidly shoot the bolts at the opponents car. All 4 must hit the car, a confirmation of “Fully Bolted” will show up if you hit the opponent with all the bolts.

Fire 3 Bolts from a Power-up and wreck a car

  • When a car is in the Red Health Bar, shoot 3 bolts rapidly at them. You don’t have to do the damage to get it into the critical red zone. You will wreck many cars with Bolt Power-ups and will eventually get this through natural progression.

Outta my way!
Master the Barge Power-up

These can be completed in Single Player or Multiplayer.

  • When you have a Barge Power-up, have a opponent near you and then use the Barge. You can barge more then one car with a Power-up, as long as they are in the blast radius. Do this a total of 250 times and this will be completed.

Barge 3 cars at once

  • Pick up a Barge Power-up, and wait until you see a cluster of opponents and use your Power-up. To confirm you hit 3 opponents with the barge it will say “Barged x3” on your screen.

Barge someone into water or off a cliff

  • The easiest place to do this is on the LA Docks level, once you get near the shipyard follow the right side and it will put you on the waterside of the street. Have an opponent to your left and use a Barge to hit your opponent into the water.

Barge an incoming attack

  • Wait til a Shunt is coming at your car, when it is about to hit your car use your Barge and it will cancel out the shunt coming at you.

Furiously fast
Master the Nitro Power-up

These can be completed in Single Player or Multiplayer.

Nitro overtake 250 cars

  • While using a Nitro Power-up, pass opponents and each opponent you pass during Nitro counts as a overtake. Be wary about being too close to them , they could move in front of you and you wont get the overtake and you’ll also give them a nitro jam in the back so they can take off.

Airbrake Rift 3 or more cars at once

  • To Airbrake Rift you must have a Nitro Power-up, push down on the :ls: and use the Nitro Power-up. A total of 3 cars must hit your pile up that you start with Power-up. The best time to do this is at a tight corner where players usually ram head finish into the wall or preferably at the beginning of a race before anyone can create any gaps between you.

In first use 3 airbrakes and go on to win a Race

  • While in first place, use 3 airbrakes and then come in first to win the race. This is better done on single player, go into career mode on easy, choose an event and get the 3 nitro power ups and use them all when you see the finish line in sight.

Nitro and land a reverse Bolt into another car

  • While using a Nitro Power-up, have a bolt power up ready and shoot it behind you while pressing down on the :ls: . Land one bolt from the Power-up while using Nitro will count. This can easily be done on straightaways whether your ahead of not, if your behind them just Nitro in front and use all 3 of your bolts, one is sure to hit.

He’s a Wrecking Machine
Master Destruction events

Wreck 500 cars in Destruction

  • Just wreck a total of 500 cars, this will come naturally as you must retry some events to get all the lights.

Land 100 Longshots in Destruction

  • Longshots are single bolts that hit an opponent at a very far distance. To confirm you got a Longshot, it will say, “Longshot +25”.

Wreck 50 red cars in Destruction

  • Red cars are usually Hummers that once they are wrecked, shoot shunts behind them. Wreck a total of 50 cumulatively for this.

In any Destruction Event earn 5 Lights and land every Bolt

  • This is by far the most frustrating task in the game. Choose the first destruction event in Proving Grounds on easy difficulty with any car of your choice, i recommend the Nissan 350Z . Have patience and eventually you’ll successfully carry out this task

Check yourself
Master Checkpoint events

Pick up 100 Stopwatch Power-ups

  • Stopwatch Power-ups are found in Checkpoint races, each Power-up gives you 2 seconds added to your total time.

Earn 5 Lights in a Checkpoint Event without Nitro

  • Come in first place on a checkpoint event without using Nitro. As easier course to do it on is the Hollywood Hills Checkpoint found in the Double Trouble stage. There are no Nitro Power-ups and only stop watches.

Earn 5 Lights in a Checkpoint Event without Stopwatches

  • Come in first on a Checkpoint Event without using Stopwatches, only using Nitro Power-ups.

Nitro through every Checkpoint in one Event

  • Use a Nitro Power up while going though all the Checkpoints in an event.

Master the Shock Power-up

  • Keep gathering Shock Power-ups, shocking opponents counts for singleplayer and multiplayer. Each time an opponent drives through your Lightning dome, it counts as one shock.
  • An opponent will have to drive into more than one of your shocks, each shock Power-up gives you three domes for opponents to hit. You will get this while going for the 250 shocks.

From a single Shock make every dome count

  • Your opponents must not be able to avoid the shocks and hit all 3 of the domes. This will come naturally as you are going for 250 shocks.

Avoid your own Shock in Carver’s One-on-One

  • While playing Carcer’s One-on-One, pick up a shock and throw it down while you are in first place, then avoid all three domes and this will be completed.

It’s a trap!
Master the Mine Power-up

Mine 250 cars

  • Mine a total of 250 cars, either shooting in front of you or dropping then behind you. As long as an enemy hits it, it will count as a mine.

Destroy 50 Mines (Hitting them doesn’t count)

  • Destroying mines is just like destroying shunts but usually stationary. You can bolt and barge them once you are near them. This may take some time to accomplish but isn’t too hard of a task. A good way to do it is while you’re in last place, look for the mines other players drop and you can your power ups to destroy them while you drive pass without the worry of interrupts by other players

Score 20 Forward Mine Hotshots

  • A Forward Mine Hotshot is by shooting a mine forward in front of a car, the mine stops at a certain distance ahead and the car runs into the mine. Repeat 20 times to complete this. To shoot the forward mine you have to hold up on the :ls: which shooting.

Master the Repair Power-up

Repair 500 Blocks of health>

  • This will come naturally while playing, you will be picking up a lot of Repair Power-ups during your playthrough. This is cumulative throughout Single Player and Multiplayer.

Repair on damage critical and just before a Power-up hits

  • When your car is in critical (Any power-up that you would take would wreck you) and a Shunt is coming at you, have a repair ready and when it’s right near you, repair and once it hits you it will be complete. This basically will come naturally during racing just to stay alive.

Win a Race on damage critical whilst carrying a repair in Single Player

  • Come in first place on a race while you are in the light Red part of your health bar while holding a Repair Power-up.(One or two Bolt Power-up hits will wreck you) If you’re having trouble getting this go into the first event of career mode on easy, let yourself get pummeled by power ups, hold shields with you and that one repair and avoid any shocks used at all cost.
  • Barcelona Oval

Win some, lose some, wreck some
Master Race events

In a Race complete a lap without getting hit by any Power-up

Shields can become a big help for this, try and get a far lead from the pack and get in first place. Get a fast car and you shouldn’t have much trouble with this.

Power-up hit 5 different cars in Midas Touch Event

You will naturally get this so long as you regularly attack the other cars with power-ups

Hit with every type of Power-up in one Race

You will probably get this naturally however if you want to be sure just let one Shunt hit you, run into one Mine and run into a Shock Dome. When you see an opponent grab the Barge go next to them and wait for them to use it, and lastly stay in front or behind someone with a Bolt

Win 25 Career Races

This will unlock naturally as your progress through the campaign, coming in 1st-3rd place counts as a win.

For the fans
Master Fan Demands

Fan Demands are found later in the Single Player, they are specific “Demands” the fans want you to complete. They are found floating around just like Power-ups but have a Fan with a heart over them. They usually want you to do something specific with certain Power-ups. (Ex. Forward Mine x2 – They give you two mines in your slots and you must complete it by the time the Fan timer has run out.)

Complete 50 Fan Demands

Complete all Fan Demands in an Event

For this you have to find a race event with Fan Demands in them. Fan Demands start appearing on the 3rd Event series named “Fan Favorite.” A fairly easy event to complete all the Fan Demands is the first event found in “Fan Favorite”, the third event series. There are a total of 4 Fan Demands you must complete in a total of 3 laps. I recommend using the Toyota Supra (Smooth) for this. Below are the locations and what you need to do for each of the 4 Fan Demands:

Fan Demand #1 – Shunt Hit x2

Power-ups given: 2 Shunt Power-ups

How to complete: Keep an opponent in front of you at all times, then shoot both Shunt Power-ups at your opponent. Once they both hit this is complete.

Fan Demand #2 – Drift Bolt Hit
Power-up given: Bolt Power-up

How to complete: At the next upcoming turn, initiate a turn by hitting :b: and turn at a hard angle. This will cause you to drift and be a little sideways. After you are in the drift, shoot your Bolts at the opponents in front of you. Only 1 bolt needs to hit for it to be complete, not the entire Power-up. A nice tip is that you can pick up other Bolts while going around the lap, initiate this Fan Demand, and just shoot away until you hit a person near you.

Fan Demand #3 – Nitro Overtake
Power-up given: Nitro Power-up

How to complete: After you started the Fan Demand, just have opponents around you. Start the Nitro and get into a better position then what you were last at. (Example: Going from 3rd place to 2nd place) Basically just pass an opponent.

Fan Demand #4 – Nitro Ram
Power-up given: Nitro Power-up

How to complete: Have a car a bit ahead of you, then start the Nitro. As you are in the Nitro, hit an opponent from behind and it will give you this with ease.

You can’t touch this
Master the Shield Power-up

Shield 150 incoming attacks

Whenever you hold the Shield power-up, just use it when you see a power-up about to hit you from behind. Do this 150 times, you’ll be sure to get it during online play.

Shield 3 or more Power-ups with a single Shield

The best time to do this would be when you’re in the middle of a large group of players, use your Shield and hope the crossfire comes your way

Shield 50 incoming close range Power-ups

For this you must use the Shield power-up at the very last second right before the power-up is about to hit you, find the timing and keep using the Shield at that timing and you should get it in no time

Hold on to a Shield for 1 lap and win the Race

Simply put, take a Shield power-up and just don’t use it, you can drive around Shock Domes and use Reserve Shunts or Mines to counter incoming attacks Complete 20 different Fan Runs Complete all Fan Runs (54) Go through 500 Fan Gates

Who needs cone gates?
Master Fan Runs

Master Fan Runs All of these requirements will be met so long as you complete every Fan run on each event. Later Fan Runs give you less time to make the next gate so keep your speed up. Also, if you find the path through the gates too difficult to smoothly run through then wait for the enemy A.I’s to pull ahead and then start the Fan Run. If you’re doing this though make sure you complete the Fan Run on the first lap so you can catch up and get credit for completing it in the end

Master the Shunt Power-up

Shunt 250 cars

Shunts are the red power-ups, they lock on the first opponent in its path, you will probably get this naturally through your campaign.

Destroy 100 incoming Shunts

You can destroy Shunts by shooting Reserve Shunts or Bolts as well as using a Barge once they are close.

Avoid 100 Shunts through driving evasion

The best way to do this is to use the Shunt Evasion mod that is unlocked later in multiplayer, if you don’t have this mod just wait until the Shunt in your rear view mirror and then take a sharp turn in a different direction, sometimes you’ll evade it sometimes you won’t.

Reverse skillshot 100 cars with Shunt

To reverse skillshot you must simply hold down :rs: when your using the Shunt, it makes it a lot easier if there’s a large group behind you or if you’re targeting an enemy on a straightaway. After you have completed and passed a race, you will be given the option to Continue/Create Friend Challenge/Retry. Choose Create Friend Challenge, add any friend on your friends list that has this game, then select Setup Challenge. The challenge details will be listed then hit Send at the very bottom. Have your friend send you a Friend Challenge. To accept a friend challenge in the Single Player, while in the Single Player select screen, choose the “Friend Challenges” option. This screen will display all your received challenges from your friends. Select one and that will count as accepting it. Once you have selected a Friend Challenge, you will be put into the race. Beat the criteria in the upper left hand corner of your screen(1st-3rd, Fan Target) Beat these in the set race and you will have completed the sent challenge. Once you have completed and beat your friends challenge. You will be given the option of Re-challenging your friend. Select to Re-challenge him and send him your score on their challenge you just beat. Choose Event 1 in Double Trouble and pick any non drift car. This is by far the easiest one, just don’t hit any walls and you’ll hit 200 mph during one of your laps. This race has a highway part that goes on for a long time and you if you stay in control and don’t hit any other cars or walls, you will hit 200 mph at the end.



Getting into the swing of things
Earn your first Fan Target

Reach the Fan Target in a race. Fan Targets are reaching a certain amount of fans in a single race. Each race in the event list has a set criteria for the Fan Target you must reach. (ex. Fan Target – 900 Fans) You get fans from just about anything you do. From shooting Power-ups, ramming opponents, drifting, completing Fan Runs, dominating a certain part of a race. Generally everything that you do counts for Fans.

Been there, got the T-shirt
Wreck your first car

Wreck a car by taking down its entire health bar that is above its head. This will come naturally through playing the singleplayer. The easiest place to do this is in the “Destruction” game type. One hit makes a car become wrecked. To know you wrecked a car in a regular race even, it will say “Wrecked +50”.

Share your first Blur experience on Facebook, Twitter or Xbox LIVE

While in the main menu on if you want to choose single player or multiplayer. On the bottom left it says ” :lb: Share”. Press :lb: and it will bring up a menu, choose Xbox LIVE Message and the achievement will pop instantly. If you have a Facebook or Twitter account, you can use those too. While in the Single Player menu, go to the options, and at the bottom it will say “Sign into Facebook” or “Sign into Twitter”. Put in your information and then you can share in this fashion. The share option will not appear if your privacy options for messages is set to “Friends only.”

Friendly competition
Choose any Friend as a Rival from the Single Player Leaderboards

While in the Single Player, select any race in any stage. You will see the leaderboards on the bottom of the goals scree, you can press :x: to show the full leaderboards, select a friend and press :rb: to get your achievement. You must have a friend on your friends list that has played Blur for them to appear.

Evade or destroy your first incoming Power-up

The easiest Power-up to Evade or Destroy are Shunts. They are the red orb that follows your car until it hits you. You can either hit it while it is near you with a mine, reverse shunt, reverse bolts, or a barge when it is about to hit your car. To shoot Shunt/Bolt Power Ups behind you, you hold the :ls: down and shoot with :a: .

Friends make better enemies
Have a complete experience of Friend Challenges

Complete the following to unlock this achievement:

Challenge your first friend with a Friend Challenge Accept a Friend Challenge Beat a Friend Challenge Send a Re-challenge

Explore Blur’s locations

Stop and get a good view of the fireworks in Brighton. Visit for more info

Drive a smoking car through the oilfield in Amboy

Nitro through the Amboy gas station

Nitro Power-up Location

Gas Station Location

Clean Nitro through the Hollywood sign in online Multiplayer

Race at each location in the game

You must race at the 15 locations in the game, the list below is in order of appearance in the Singe Player Career.

You race Mount Haruna as the Twins One-on-One.

Speed Demon
Hit set speeds in class A, B, C and D cars

For this achievement you must reach a certain speed, on a certain level, in a certain car class without using a Nitro Power-up. Before attempting all the set speeds, let your opponents pull away so you don’t have to worry about unneeded power up attacks , wait at the starting line for 20 seconds or more. Set the difficulty to hard so the A.I actually go fast enough to keep a large gap

Hit 150mph in a class D car in Amboy

Hit 160mph in a class C car in Docks

Hit 175mph in a class B car in Downtown

A good tip if you’re having trouble with this still is to use a shield power up when going into the turn going out of the tunnel, it’ll bump you off the wall to keep a bit more of your speed then a regular crash without the shield would. Also the mod Titanium Shield gives the shield power up stronger so it doesn’t hurt to add that in as well.

Start by coming out of the tunnel into the far right lane.

After that turn, have a shield ready to put up for the next turn. You want to take it wide so you keep your speed around 110-115.

Once you have done a clean turn, you will go up hill and hit a minor bump that will send you up in the air. You want to be going 124-127mph on this jump. If you aren’t, there is no chance of making it. After that just keep accelerating straight into the wall at the end. Do not turn! You should hit the wall going exactly 175 if done correctly, this may take multiple attempts as this is the hardest one to complete.

Hit 200mph in a class A car in Shutuko.