Borderlands 2: Challenge Guide (Challenge Accepted)

Table of Contents

  1. Enemies
  2. Elemental
  3. Loot
  4. Money & Trading
  5. Vehicle
  6. Health & Recovery
  7. Grenades
  8. Shields
  9. Rocket Launcher
  10. Sniper Rifle
  11. Assault Rifle
  12. SMG
  13. Shotgun
  14. Pistol
  15. Melee
  16. General Combat
  17. Misc

The following lists are the challenges that you need to complete to earn “Challenge Accepted”. This requires you to complete all level 1 challenges that aren’t level specific. This may seem like a huge task, but by the time you finish the game you will have completed most of them. This is just a checklist so you can see what requirements are needed.

There are a few of these challenges that can be a little tricky or time-consuming. Overall most are fairly easy and require little to no effort to complete.

Just remember that you only need to complete the first level of these challenges. Once you reach level 2 you can either move on, or continue to complete the challenge for more badass ranks.


Little Person, Big Pain
Kill 10 Midgets

Load and Lock
Kill 10 Loaders

Bully the Bullies
Kill 25 Bullymongs

Cruising for a Bruising
Kill 10 Bruisers

Marauder? I Hardly Know ‘Er
Kill 20 Marauders

You Dirty Rat
Kill 10 Rats

Mama’s Boys
Kill 50 Psychos

You (No)Mad, Bro?
Kill 10 Nomads

Shoot a chain to release midgets from shield

Hurly Burly
Shoot 10 bullymong-tossed projectiles out of mid-air

Just a Moment of Your Time…
Kill 10 Surveyors

Kill 10 Goliaths

Kill 10 Hyperion personnel

Constructor Destructor
Kill 5 Constructors

Another Bug Hunt
Kill 10 Varkids

Tentacle Obsession
Kill 10 Threshers

Pest Control
Kill 10 Spiderants

Crystals Are a Girl’s Best Friend
Kill 10 Crystalisks

Pod Pew Pew
Kill 10 Varkid pods before they hatch

Die in the Friendly Skies
Kill 10 Buzzards

You’re One Ugly Mother…
Kill 10 Stalkers

Skags to Riches
Kill 10 skags


Deal 5000 bonus damage to slagged enemies

Kill 20 enemies with explosive damage

Cowering Inferno
Ignite 25 enemies

Say ‘Watt’ Again
Deal 5000 electrocute damage

Deal 2500 corrosion damage
I Just Want to Set the World on Fire
Deal 5000 burn damage

Acid Trip
Kill 20 enemies with corrode damage


Open Pandora’s Boxes
Open 50 lootable chests, lockers, and other objects

The Call of Booty
Open 5 treasure chests

Nothing Rymes with Orange
Loot or purchase 1 orange item

Purple Reign
Loot or purchase 2 purple items

I Like My Treasure Rare
Loot or purchase 5 blue items

It’s Not Easy Looting Green
Loot or purchase 20 green items

Another Man’s Treasure
Loot or purchase 50 white items

Gun Runner
Pick up or purchase 10 weapons

Money and Trading

Psst, Hey Buddy…
Trade with 1 other player

Whaddaya Buyin’?
Purchase 2 items with Eridium

Limited-Time Offer
Buy 1 “Item of the Day”

Sell 10 items to vending machines

For the Hoard!
Save $10,000

Dolla Dolla Bills, Y’all
Pickup $5,000 from cash drops


Passive Aggressive
Kill 1 enemy while riding as a passenger

Turret Syndrome
Kill 10 enemies with a turret or vehicle mounted weapon

Blue Sparks
Kill 5 enemies while power sliding

Kill 5 enemies by ramming them with a vehicle

…One Van Leaves
Kill 5 vehicles while in a vehicle

Health and Recovery

I’ll Just Help Myself
Get 5 “Second Winds” by killing an enemy when fighting for your life

This Is No Time for Lazy!
Revive a co-op partner 5 times

Badass Bingo
Get 1 “Second Wind” by killing a badass enemy

Heal Plz
Heal 1000 points worth of damage

Death, Wind, and Fire
Get 1 “Second Wind” by killing an enemy with burn damage over time

Green Meanie
Get 1 “Second Wind” by killing an enemy with corrosive damage over time

I’m Back! Shocked?
Get 1 “Second Wind” by killing an enemy by electrocution damage over time