Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock’s Big Game Hunt

Author Notes

There are some issues with this DLC. At times you may need to save and quit to get some enemies to re-appear as they don't always show up when needed. You will also be required to remove the whole shroud from the game map, finding all named locations won't unlock the achievement/trophy.

Face Off Face Off
Complete the mission “The Fall of Nakayama”

Just like the previous DLC chapters, you will need to complete the main story to unlock this. Just progress through the missions Hammerlock gives you and this will

  • Savage Lands
  • Professor Nakayama, I Presume?
  • A-Hunting We Will Go
  • The Fall of Nakayama

Done That Done That
Complete all Hammerlock’s Hunt side missions

Side missions pop up as you progress through the game, they’re varied enough, but they’re a lot like previous missions you may have done. There’s 13 side missions in total, one of which becomes available after the main story is completed.

Hunters Grotto

  • An Acquired Taste
  • Still Just a Borok in a Cage
  • Egg on Your Face
  • I Like My Monsters Rare *
  • Palling Around
  • Now You See It
  • Big Feet **
  • Voracidous the Invincible (Unlocks after story progression.)

Scylla’s Grove

  • Ol’ Pukey
  • Nakayama-Rama
  • Urine, You’re Out
  • The Rakk Dahlia Murder
  • Follow the Glow

* The following side quest you need to start early on or you could find yourself wasting hours of time searching for the random creatures required for this. If you find that this is your only left over side mission, you can enter the various areas and use save and quit to respawn all the enemies. Doing so will speed up your progress, but it can still be tedious having these random creatures appear.

** If you happen to kill this creature before accepting the side mission or by locating its foot prints, it’s possible it will not appear once you follow through with the mission requirements. If this happens, you will need to save and quit your game. Doing so will cause the creature to re-appear once you enter the area it can be found it.

Been There Been There
Discover all named locations in Hammerlock’s Hunt

The following locations are what’s required to unlock this achievement/trophy. You will visit all of these locations while completing the main story, apart from “The Rage Cage” which is a raid boss area which unlocks after the main story is completed. If you have all these locations unlocked, but haven’t yet uncovered all the map locations, head to those locations and remove the shroud and this should unlock.

Hunters Grotto

  • Hammerlock’s Camp
  • The Aegrus Sophisticates’ Lodge

Scylla’s Grove

  • The Sun Swamps
  • Low Gut Rut
  • The Ardorton Docks
  • Grifters Reach
  • Roothill Village
  • Dropwater Cavern

Ardorton Station

  • Bone Metal Camp
  • The Offal Overlook
  • The Ardo Farm
  • The Morgue
  • The Psycho Surgery
  • Skin-Chop Chop-Shop
  • Iron Rail Rotunda
  • The Infernal Machine

Candlerakk’s Crag

  • Elite’s Crossing
  • Big Bluff
  • Lower Bluff
  • The Rage Cage (Arena after the main story)

H.S.S Terminus

  • Sunken Cargo Room
  • Nakayama’s Laboratory
  • Armory


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