Author Notes

Though brink is primarily a multiplayer game, you can complete almost everything offline or online in a private match with your friends. You can do the campaign on hard and in co-op with up to 8 players which will make this game rather easy. Though the one thing that you need to take into account is your player rank. Your rank reflects how you are doing as a player. You will unlock further abilities which will also be reflected in the AI.

If you want to earn all the following achievements quickly everything can be completed in a private match with no AI and three players.

Tables of Contents

  1. Missions
  2. Ranks
  3. Challenges
  4. Class Objectives
  5. Cross Class Objectives


The start of something big The start of something big
Win any mission, whether campaign or What-If

If you’re successful while playing your first mission you will unlock this achievements/trophy. The first mission will always be the easiest for you as you will be such a low level, anyone with general FPS experience shouldn’t have any trouble winning the mission.

You've escaped the Ark You’ve escaped the Ark
Win all main missions of the Resistance campaign (not including What-If missions)

See “Viva La revolution!”

Viva la revolution! Viva la revolution!
Win every Resistance campaign mission, including What-If missions

Playing as the Resistance will involve you collecting information from the Security. As you progress through the missions you will find yourself having to attack or defend certain points as you obtain information about the Ark.

You can either progress on your own with the AI, with a friend or complete these missions against a full team of people online in free-play.

You will need to complete the following missions to progress through this campaign:

  • Day 1: Getting Answers
  • Day 2: Breakout
  • Day 3: Chen’s Plans
  • Day 6: Black Box
  • Day 7: Attack on CCity
  • Day 8: Airborne
  • What-If: Operation Babel
  • What-If: Critical Reaction

You've saved the Ark You’ve saved the Ark
Win all main missions of the Security campaign (not including What-If missions)

See “To server and protect”

To serve and protect To serve and protect
Win every Security campaign mission, including What-If missions

You will need to complete the following missions to earn this:

  • Day 1: Hostage Rescue
  • Day 3: Smash and Grab
  • Day 4: Dirty Bomb
  • Day 5: Prison Break
  • Day 6: Early Launch
  • Day 8: Fallout
  • What-If: Chopper Down
  • What-If: Grand Theft Aero

The story has just begun The story has just begun
Win both story campaigns (not including What-If missions)

After completing both sets of story missions and all four What-If missions this will unlock after the completion of your last mission. Congratulations you have now heard both sides of the story. From here you can continue to replay the missions online, offline or co-op with friends to level up and earn audio logs.

Tough as nails Tough as nails
Win all storyline campaign missions (exc. What-If missions) in either Online Versus, or in Hard mode

There are three ways that you can tackle this, one is playing online using the Verses mode where you will have to deal with human players, the other is to play the campaign on hard with friends through co-op. The third and final way is to tackle the AI on your own with a new character starting from a low-level.

Playing against human players can be easier at times, difficult at others depending on how well you play against other people. The main set of missions can be quite tricky at time, and playing with the AI on your own could cause the difficulty of this to be frustrating.

The most straight forward way to tackle this is to start a co-op game on hard and play with several friends. By doing this the AI difficulty will be much harder than playing on easy or normal, but you will have a real team who won’t run around in circles or get you killed by not watching your back.

General Tips:

  • Communicate with your team
  • Buff weapons, health and ammo
  • Stick together and help each other

Playing together as a team requires you to work together. If you’re taking on a primary role, make sure your team are there to back you up with the various classes. At least one team member should be a solider, medic and engineer. Operatives are only required for a small amount of tasks, but they can also prove to be useful. If you’re better with one class setup than another, make sure your team knows that. Everyone will play differently with different classes.

Once last thing that you need to keep in mind is player ranks. The higher your rank, the harder the AI will be to deal with. Also the highest ranked player out of your team will need to host if you want to use a varied set of ranked characters. Though the system is designed to allow you to play with various ranks within the same game, it doesn’t always allow you to join the host if they are a lower rank.

Well that was educational Well that was educational
Collect all Audio Logs

Audio logs will unlock as you level up through playing the game. The only requirements are to play a lot and win. Every time you win, level up and earn XP you will unlock at least one Audio Log. Each log will explain various pieces of info about the Ark and it’s history.

You won’t unlock Audio Logs through completing challenges, but your progress towards the audio logs will carry over through your characters as you play. So if you unlock 20 Audio Logs with Character 1, they will still reflect in the Dossier as unlocked with Character 2,3 or 4.

  1. Security Corporal James Macleod (10)
  2. AWU General Secretary Joe Chen (19)
  3. Caotain Clinton Mokoena (11)
  4. Professor A. Habib (12)
  5. Founder Barbara Elmhurt (13)
  6. Welder 2nd Class Lugarr Abedayo (9)

Remember to just keep playing the various game modes and these will come naturally as you play. You can either play online, offline, solo or with a friend. Just as long as you win as many games as you can, the Audio Logs will keep unlocking. You will also unlock more audio logs per match depending on which game modes you play.


You're going places, kid!You’re going places, kid!
Reach Rank 2

This will come naturally as you play through the missions, and fairly early on. If you do well within your first mission you should unlock this rank after the mission. If it doesn’t, just keep playing and you will slowly level up.

See “Time to start a new character” for further details.

Time to start a new character Time to start a new character
Reach Rank 5

With the various ranks you need to accumulate XP. You will earn XP from almost everything you do within the missions and playing the game in general. With earning XP you will also unlock various abilities, attachments, enhancements and characters clothing.

To unlock the highest rank you must first progress through the 19 levels that lead up to Rank 5.

  • Rank 1: Levels 1-4
  • Rank 2: Levels 5-9
  • Rank 3: Levels 10-14
  • Rank 4: Levels 15-19
  • Rank 5: Level 20

Each rank will reward you with various upgrades, so just keep playing until you earn enough XP to level up to this rank. This shouldn’t take very long as the game is rather generous with XP. As a rather important side note, the faster you level up, the harder the game will become due to how the ranks system work. Each rank you climb will increase the rank of the AI you play against. So the game will slowly get harder if you’re playing on your own.

The same goes for online play. All players you go up against will reflect the rank and level that you have. If you’re Rank 3, all the players in your match will reflect that rank. This also included higher ranked players. If someone joins your game who is currently rank 5, all their high abilities and unlocks will be disabled for the duration of the active game. These ranks will revert back to their previous state once they leave the game. But everyone you play, including AI will reflect your current rank.


Well done! Well done!
Complete your first 1 Star Challenge

See “King of the World!”

Who's bad? Who’s bad?
Complete all 1 Star Challenges

See “King of the World!”

Very well done indeed! Very well done indeed!
Complete your first 3 Star Challenge

See “King of the World!”

King of the world! King of the world!
Complete all 3 Star Challenges

Challenges will allow you to unlock various add-ons to your weapons, this includes stocks, sights, barrels and so on. You will also unlock extra clothing and earn extra XP for your characters. There are four different challenge modes which have three varied difficulties ranging from 1 – 3 stars. Each star will vary in difficulty, and this will be reflected by your character. If you have leveled up your character you will find that some challenges are harder than others. All 1 star challenges will be easy to complete, where as 3 star challenges will punish your playing ability.

Before you start these challenges I highly recommend that you create a new character, this way you will have a low rank and the AI will reflect your current characters ability. The AI won’t be so hard-hitting and come at you with higher ranked load-outs. If you want to use all these hardware unlock on your main character, there is no need to worry as everything you unlock will carry over to other characters you have. You will just need to select the items you want from the weapon load-out screen.

You will need to complete the following challenges for the above achievements/trophies:

  • Be More Objective
  • Parkour This
  • Escort Duty
  • Tower Defense

Note that you will need to complete these challenges alone if you want to earn the achievements/trophies. You can play these with a friend if you just want to earn the extra rewards, but that’s all you will be rewarded with if you do so.


Boom! Boom!
Detonate a HE Charge

Availability: Rank 1+

At some point you will need to destroy an objective with a HE Charge. To place a charge you will need to run up to the objective and hold :x:. You will then need to guard your charge for roughly 30 seconds until it detonates. You will have to be the one who places the charge to earn this, but there are is always need for a Soldier to destroy an objective.

No I insist, you take it No I insist, you take it
Use the last of your Supplies to refill a teammate’s ammo rather than your own

Availability: Rank 1+

Dispensing ammo to your team is rather important if you’re not close to a Command Post. You will be able to refill your teams supplies, as well as your own. For this though you will need to give all your supplies away to your team mates only. If you look to the bottom left of the screen you will see a three bar meter which will go down when you give away supplies. You need to cause this meter to fully empty by running up to your various team mates, then hold :x: to give them ammo. Once you deplete the bar you will have filled the requirements, just make sure you don’t use up all your ammo on yourself before hand.

Cut 'em off at the pass Cut ’em off at the pass
Close an enemy team’s shortcut

Availability: Rank 1+

Shortcuts will open up in the various missions which will aid the attacking team. They can also be useful to your own team, but if they are open, you will be allowing the enemy team easy access to their objective. At some point a shortcut objective will show up within the mission for your enemy team, their Engineer will then have to open the shortcut. You will be alerted that a shortcut has been opened, which will then require you to head to the area and place a HE Charge to destroy the shortcut. Find the area you need to place the charge and hold :x: to place it. You will now have to defend this area until the charge detonates and destroys the shortcut.

It's a trap! It’s a trap!
Take down an enemy with a Satchel Charge

Availability: Rank 5

Once you reach this rank, you will then be able to unlock the Satchel Charge. This charge is placed in the same way as a mine, but you will have to detonate it yourself rather than leaving it to catch your enemies off-guard. You will need to place your charge in a high traffic area, then sit and wait in a corner. Once you’re ready press :dpr: to select the charge and hold :x: to place it on the ground. To detonate your charge you will need to look down the sights of your gun and hold :x: to detonate it.

The only thing that you need to remember is, this charge won’t kill and enemy with full health. When you set this off your enemy will need to have lost a small chunk of their health for it to cause a fatal hit.


Smart decisions win battles Smart decisions win battles
Attempt to Revive an objective-class teammate over a non-objective teammate near a Primary Objective

Availability: Rank 1+

This will most likely come naturally as you play through the game, but if you want to earn this as soon as possible. Follow your team to your primary objective. Team members who are completing a primary objective will have a yellow halo around them. This only happens if they have selected the primary objective from the Objective Wheel. You will need to head to the main objective and locate your team mates. Hopefully when you get there two or more will be down on the floor. You will now need to give a stim by holding :x: to the player who was attempting to complete the main objective.

Remember that they there needs to be at least two team members next to the main objective and one of them has to have the objective active in their Objective Wheel. Once you revive the team mate who has the main objective active, you will unlock this.

T'is better to give than receive T’is better to give than receive
As a Medic, using the Transfer Supplies ability, give the last of your Supplies away

Availability: Rank 2+

This ability can be one of the most vital if you’re playing as a medic and your whole team is away from a Command Post. You will be able to hand out supplies to your team mates by holding :x: after selecting the transfer ability with :dpl:. You will need to hand out all of your supplies by lowing your supply bar. If you want to make this easier you can buff your teams health until you have 1 supply bar left, then use the transfer supplies ability to use up the last of your supply bar.


Was it the red or the blue wire? Was it the red or the blue wire?
Disarm an HE charge

Availability: Rank 1+

A HE charge can only be disabled by an Engineer. Once a charge has been placed by the opposing team, make your way to the charge location and hold down :x: to disarm it. Once the charge has been removed from the objective you will unlock this achievement/trophy.

I think I know a shortcut I think I know a shortcut
Open a shortcut for your team

Availability: Rank 1+

Shortcuts are will always be useful to your team while trying to complete an objective. Not every level has shortcuts, so you will need to check your objective wheel often to find them. Some are passage ways, others are stairs or doorways.. Once you find an objective to construct a shortcut, select it and locate it. From here hold down :x: to open the shortcut for your team.

You can place another mine now You can place another mine now
Take down an enemy with a mine

Availability: Rank 1+

Mines will become one of your most useful defensive tools as an Engineer as they can’t be seen be enemy players. Once you have the ability setup, select the mine with :dpl: and hold :x: to place it near or next to a primary objective. From here you will need to wait for an enemy to walk up and stand on the mine. If they don’t realize and try to walk away the mine will detonate and injury the player.

Though mines can be deadly, they won’t kill an enemy unless some of their health is lowered. An enemy with a full health bar will still be able to walk away with little health if you don’t damage them first. Though mines are really useful defensive tools, if you want to get a sure-fire kill, you will need to place it within a high traffic area of the map.

Pump up the volume! Pump up the volume!
Upgrade your team’s Command Post

Availability: Rank 3+

Command posts are useful on the battlefield as they will save your team from running back to their re-spawn area to gather ammo and health if they need supplies. As an Engineer you will be able to perform an upgrade on these posts once you unlock the Command Post Update ability.

Once you have this ability unlocked, select the Engineer and make your way to a Command Post. Once you captures the Command Post, hold :x: to interact with the station. From here keep holding :x: and you will see an upgrade status in the middle of the selection wheel. Stay within the console until the upgrade has completed.


That mine you found? Disarmed! That mine you found? Disarmed!
Spot a mine which is later defused by another Engineer

Availability: Rank 1+

This can be completed at any point while playing as an Operative. If an enemy places a mine within the level you will be able to to see it as red see-through mine. You will then need to look down the sights of your gun and look at the mine for a moment. Once you have done this the mine will have a red highlight. All you need to do now is wait for an Engineer to come and disarm the mine.

If you’re having trouble having an Engineer locate your mine, you can set it as an objective on the Objective Wheel by pressing :dpu: while having the mine in your gun sights.

Brinksmanship Brinksmanship
Complete an Operative Primary Objective within 5 seconds of breaking disguise

Availability: Rank 1+

This is probably one of the most tricky achievements/trophies to do on your own. You’re required to finish a Primary Objective as an Operative and break your disguise just as the objective is completed. For this you will need to start hacking a terminal up until the last 3%. As the hack nears the end of its completion you need to go off and disguise yourself. You will then need to come back to the hack and complete that last percent of the hack by breaking your disguise and complete the objective.

Doing this against AI or real team players may be difficult, but the whole point is catch the enemy team off-guard so you can complete your hacking objective and finish that part of the mission quickly.

This can be done with two players in a Private Freeplay match with the following settings:

  • Game Mode: Objective
  • Visibility: Friend and Invite
  • Max Team: 1
  • Rank Restriction: Off

A bit of a headache A bit of a headache
Take down an enemy with a Cortex Bomb

Availability: Rank 4+

This may be a little difficult to pull off while playing against AI as they will move away from your body once you detonate the charge, but you shouldn’t have too many problems. You will need to apply this ability to your operative before you can use the Cortex Bomb.

Once you have this ability set to your character, make sure you become incapacitated around a group of enemies. Once down prepare to detonate the bomb by selecting the Cortex Bomb and holding down the :ls: while you’re laying on the ground incapacitated. Much like every other ability, the enemy that needs to die will have to have some of his health lowered. Once you set off the Cortex Bomb near a damaged enemy it will kill them.

An enemy can finish you off any time, so you may want to set off the bomb as soon as you get incapacitated and hope for the best.

Cross Class Objectives

Oh I'm sorry, was that yours? Oh I’m sorry, was that yours?
Capture an enemy Command Post

Command posts are located around the map in several tactical locations. You will be told when an enemy has captured a Command Post, then it will become an objective on your objective wheel. If you know where the Command Posts are, make your way towards one that you think an enemy may have captured. Once you get there clear the area if needed and re-capture the post. Doing so will give your team an extra point to gather health and ammo.

Use the wheel, earn more XP Use the wheel, earn more XP
Complete an objective after first selecting it on the Objective Wheel

The Objective Wheel is a vital tool within gameplay that will allow you to see your main and secondary objectives. Open the wheel by holding :dpu: then select an objective, to make this straight forward pick something easy like capturing a Command Post. Once active make your way to that objective and complete the objective. Using your Objective Wheel will earn you extra XP, so make sure you use it often.

Not over till the fat lady sings Not over till the fat lady sings
Take down an enemy with gunfire while knocked down

At some point you will find yourself knocked back and laying on the ground. Almost all explosive charges will knock you down, but they won’t kill you. Alternatively an enemy may slide at you which will also cause you to fall. Once you’re on the ground you can lay there for as long as you want as long as you don’t move the :ls: to get up. While laying on the ground your accuracy will be much wider, and you will have to take pot shots at enemies as you will be somewhat disoriented. While laying on the ground start shooting at enemies until you manage to kill someone.

This can be a rather useful tactic to catch people off-guard, so us it wisely. Alternatively at Rank 5 you will be able to unlock the ability Downed Fire which will let you fire on enemies while incapacitated. If you want to earn this early on you can do it at just about any point, you can also use your own grenades to knock yourself over if needed. Just be warned, once you’re on the ground, you will become an easy target and your health will be fairly low.

I live… again! I live… again!
Revive yourself

You can do this at any point once a Medic throws you a stim. Once you have been given the stim hold the :ls: to revive yourself. If you’re playing as a Medic you can revive yourself at any point if you have supplies by using the same method.

That's how you win a match That’s how you win a match
While on defense, take down an attacker who’s completing a Primary Objective

While defending the Primary Objective you will have to fend off the enemy team. At this point you can allow one enemy to try and complete a hack, capture or Intel grab, but once they start to attempt their objective quickly kill them. If they have the primary objective highlighted and attempt it, you will unlock this while killing them.

Not so sneaky now, are you? Not so sneaky now, are you?
Reveal an enemy in disguise

Operatives can take the form of fallen team players and work their way around your team without you knowing. Most of the time you will see an enemy with the same tag as you. This is the biggest give away as you’re obviously not going to be able to see yourself within the game as another team member. Once you spot an enemy that could be in disguise, start shooting. You will have to kill the enemy to reveal them.

There are a few telltale signs that give away a disguised enemy, they will most likely run past enemy team members without shooting, or they will be able to run between each team without being shot at. Though the biggest give away is seeing the same player tag twice on your team.

Great shot kid! One in a million Great shot kid! One in a million
Take down an enemy by shooting a grenade

Availability: Rank 1+

Before you can shoot at a grenade you first need to unlock the ability to do so. You can unlock this from Rank 1 up. Once you have enough level credits, buy this ability then any a game of your choice. you will first need to lower an enemies health and then throw a grenade in their direction. If you’re playing with the AI be aware that they will move away from the grenade. Once you have tossed the grenade quickly aim and shoot it to kill them.

You must finish another player with the grenade, if they are already downed or regenerated their health you won’t unlock this. You must kill the enemy with the shot grenade. This can be tricky at times, but if you catch the enemy players off-guard you shouldn’t have any issues.

They never knew what hit them They never knew what hit them
While on offense, win the match in less than 30% of the time limit

This may come naturally while playing through the campaign, but it requires you to work well as a team and to be efficient as a player. You will need to complete all the objectives for your mission within a set period of time. The time will vary depending on your mission and how quickly you complete each objective. If you have 30 minutes overall in the whole match to complete everything you will need to make it from your first objective to the last and win within the 7 minute mark. This may sound difficulty but it’s rather straight forward once you get used to how the game plays and find the best load out for your purpose.

Alternatively you can start a private match with a friend and rush through all the objectives without any AI players and complete the mission in no time.

You shall not pass! You shall not pass!
While on defense, prevent the attackers from completing their first objective

This will come easier to some than others, but it really depends on your rank and player skill. If you’re a high rank you may have a tough time holding off other players or AI, but this can also work as an advantage if you’re playing with just AI. On the mission What-It: Operation Babel you will need to defend a crane and it’s controls. The crane is very open and in the middle of an area which is easy to defend. The controls take a long time to repair which will leave whoever is repairing them open for attack at any angle.

This mission has a 10 minute time frame for the first objective, which you shouldn’t have any problem defending due to how the area is setup. Just take your time and learn where all the entrances are. Two of them can be blocked off which your team will probably do for you anyhow. This can be done on any of the missions, though this one seems to be the most straight forward.