Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Author Notes

It's possible to miss "Love Birds", so make sure you read about that achievement/trophy as it starts in chapter 1. Aside from that, you can use chapter select to claim anything you missed.

Table of Contents

  1. Prologue
  2. Chapter 1
  3. Chapter 3
  4. Chapter 4
  5. Chapter 5
  6. Chapter 6


Take a Break Take a Break
You took a break from adventuring.

At the very start of the Prologue, head down the hill with the cart, then just before crossing, look for a bath at the bottom of the screen. Head down, then follow the path around to a small pile of rocks on the shore. Skip the stones and this will unlock.


Chapter 1

Wishing Well Wishing Well
You threw someone’s ball down a well… Shame on you.

As you enter the next part of the town, head up to the girl playing with the ball with the younger brother. Take the ball from the girl, then throw it down the well next to the house on the right.


Bunny Buddies Bunny Buddies
You made the bunnies play nice.

Head through the chapter until you reach the bridge that requires some teamwork to cross. Before crossing, head to the left past the house, and drop down. Use the younger brother and have him pick up the white bunny. From there, take the bunny over to the ashes in the center and drop him in.


Black Sheep Black Sheep
Every family’s got one.

This takes place in the same area as “Bunny Buddies”, but instead cross the bridge with the older brother, and bring a sheep across the bridge and to the fireplace.


Chapter 3

Falling Star Falling Star
Make a wish.

Once you pass through the woods and into the cemetery, you will find a statue on the right side as you enter. Use the younger brother to interact with the statue. This may work with the older brother, but it doesn’t always seem to unlock with him.


Chapter 4

A Sad Tune A Sad Tune
You made someone feel better.

Once you start this chapter, follow the path, then head to the right. Use the older brother to grab the guys feet, and the younger brother to cut the rope above in the tree. Once you’ve saved the guy trying to hang himself, head behind the tree and follow the path to the remains of the house. You will find a music box on a plank in the back of the area. Return the music box to the guy you just saved to unlock this.


Windpipe Windpipe
You made the inventor dance.

Once you solve the puzzle for the inventor, you will have access to his homestead area. You will find a large musical pile looking thing on up some stairs on the left side of the area. Head up there and have the younger brother turn the crank, and have the older brother push the valve across. Once you hit the notes, the inventor will start to dance.


Love Birds Love Birds
You re-united the two love birds.

This takes part over two chapters, but finally unlocks in chapter 4. You first need to release the love bird trapped in the cage next to eh wheel bridge contraption in chapter 1. Once you’ve set this bird free, continue through the game up until you reach the inventory in chapter 4. From here, you will see a large telescope before you use the flying machine. Use the telescope, and look to the bottom right of the screen for the second love bird sitting on a tree branch.


Chapter 5

Call of the giants Call of the giants
You sounded a giant horn.

Progress through this chapter until you have to use a crossbow to move a giant out of your way. Just to the left of this crossbow if you’re facing the giant is a path which will lead to the giant horn that you can sound to call the giants.


Chapter 6

Behind the Curtain Behind the Curtain
You found a secret.

After getting into the boat, head down stream until you see blood running from a waterfall. Head under the waterfall where you will find a secret chamber where you can watch the ceremony take place.


Turtle Soup Turtle Soup
You helped the turtles to the sea.

After getting off the boat follow the path until you see a large turtle. There is a path just to the right of where you need to follow. If you head down this path you will find three turtles, drag them to the slide and return them to its parent.


Whale Song Whale Song
You practiced singing.

Follow the girl until you come to a tree which you need to cut down. You will find the saw just up the hill from where you need to cross. In the area with the saw you will find a ledge that you can climb which will lead you to a bench. Sit on the bench and watch the whales below. Doing so will unlock this as you listen to the whales sing their song.


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