Brothers in Arms: Hells Highway

Author Notes

A few notes that players should keep in mind:

The Achievement "Remember September 44" can only be earned on September 17. There is no way around this so mark your calendars.

The Achievements for playing the game on a certain amount of days can unlocked by tampering with your timezone in the System Settings in the Dashboard of xbox live. No one has reported of being banned for any reason linked to Brothers in Arms so it is safe to do the glitch, or you can play the game on 100 days.

The Multiplayer Achievements for capturing flags are very buggy so if you do the requirements and the achievement doesn't unlock the achievement is most likely glitched.

Table of Contents

  1. Story Related Achievements
  2. Miscellaneous Achievements
  3. Action Camera Achievements
  4. Multiplayer/Online Achievements
  5. Collectible Achievements

Story Related Achievements

A lethal Portent
Explore the abandoned hospital and Baker’s fate…

Chapter 1: Lost

  • Exit the Hospital.

Clear the Landing Zone and rendezvous with Hartsock.

Chapter 2: Operation Market

  • Locate Dutch resistance
  • Eliminate German patrol
  • Clear Germans from farm
  • Clear Germans from farmhouse
  • Repel German counterattack
  • Patrol to landing zone
  • Defend glider crash site
  • Rendezvous with Hartsock

Objective SNAFU
Fight your way to the bridge over the Wilhelmena Canal in Zon.

Chapter 3: Five-Oh-Sink

  • Recon the town 
  • Follow alternate route
  • Clear MG nests
  • Secure the sanitarium
  • Rendezvous with Hartsock
  • Destroy the 88

The Kloosterdreef Incident
Battle through the streets of Eindhoven with the 506th.

Chapter 4: Written in Stone

  • Rendezvous at church entrance
  • Eliminate the sniper
  • Destroy the German trucks
  • Destroy German fuel supply
  • Destroy the radio post
  • Destroy the Kloosterdreef 88
  • Destroy the Woenselschestraat 88

Calling in the Cavalry
Escort XXX Corps and link up with the 101st Airborne.

Chapter 5: Operation Garden

  • Secure the ground floor
  • Secure the top floor
  • Secure the roof
  • Protect Pieter
  • Destroy the 88’s
  • Rescue Pieter

Survive the bombing of Eindhoven.

Chapter 6: Baptism of Fire.

  • Rendezvous with 2nd squad
  • Escape from bomb shelter
  • Fight through the debris
  • Repel German counterattack
  • Rescue the Brits
  • Find Franky

Through the Looking Glass
Explore the abandoned hospital and discover Baker’s fate…

Chapter 7: The Rabbit Hole

  • Eliminate German patrols
  • Enter the hospital
  • Search for Franky
  • Exit the hospital

Weather the Storm
Repel Kampfgruppe Walther’s crushing attack on Veghel.

Chapter 8: Black Friday

  • Secure the town plaza
  • Destroy the 88
  • Clear the municipal building
  • Destroy the Panzer IV’s
  • Destroy the Panzers and 88s

Situation FUBAR
Defend Hell’s Highway against the German counterattack.

Chapter 9: Hell’s Highway

  • Destroy the 88
  • Clear the canal
  • Destroy the 88
  • Destroy the Panzer IV
  • Reach the train station
  • Defend the train yard

Abandon All Hope
Expel the German forces from Koevering and bring an end to Operation Market Garden.

Chapter 10: Tooth and Nail

  • Destroy the 4 88’s
  • Destroy the Panzers and 88
  • Link up with the 506th

All these Achievements are story related and will unlock once you beat each Mission. Each bullet point contains the objective you must complete to finish the level.

Miscellaneous Achievements

Ordered your squad to Assault the enemy 5 times

On Mission 2 you will be given a squad which is under your full and complete control. You can move them around and control them with the :lt: . When you are near a group of enemies put your squad behind cover and then using the :lt: aim at the enemies and have your squad open fire on the enemies and just wait until the enemies are dead, when they are dead just do it four more times and it’s all yours.

Bunker Buster
Destroyed a sandbag emplacement with a bazooka team

You are given the Bazooka team on mission 3, so when ever you see enemies behind a bunch of sandbags aim at it while holding down the :lt:  and when your cross-air is red let go and your bazooka guy will shoot and most likely hit the sandbags causing a massive explosion.

Squad Kills
Helped your squad earn 20 kills

This doesn’t matter if you use the assault, Bazooka, or MG Team as long as you hit when aiming at an enemy. You will notice that your squad’s symbol will be over the enemy’s head after telling your squad to kill them.

The Four F’s
Used your squad to Suppress and Flank the enemy 10 times

In Mission 2 you will have a Suppressor Team. All you have to do is hold down :lt: while aiming at an enemy and your squad will start shooting at them once they are dead continue killing enemies and once you hit 10 it’s all yours.

Enemy Arms10
Captured and fired a German MG42

Around halfway through mission 2 you will be forced to go into a house (Has a Kilroy in it) and clear it out. When you are done you will have to proceed to the back door for a quick tutorial on how to use the MG42 and after the tutorial fire a few shots at the nearby enemies and it should pop.

Basic Training
Ordered your squad to fall-in, move and attack

At the beginning of Mission 2 a Training Window will pop up just accept it by hitting :a: and then just complete the training steps.

Suppressive Fire
Suppressed an enemy

In the first mission you will be asked if you want to do the tutorial, Accept it by Pressing :a: . Your team-mate will tell you to shoot at the first enemy you encounter and once doing so the Achievement will unlock.

Destroyed an enemy tank

Towards the end of mission 8 you will come out of a church and in front of you will be around 2-3 enemies, kill them and a tank will come out of the building at the end of the street when looking directly outside from the church. It is easier to just command 1 group to stay at the church and the other to come with you. Follow that tank and once the enemies are cleared where the tank is sitting run up to the tank and hit :x:  to set a satchel charge on the tank now just run and just wait 4 seconds until it blows up.

Tons of Fun
Killed 5 enemies with the hull of a tank

The earliest you can get this is the end of mission 5 when you play as the British Commander in the tank. When you are able to move the tank go directly in front of you and run over the 2-3 guys running at you then just turn to your left and run over the guys behind the sandbag and you should get it. I died my first time doing this then I reloaded my checkpoint and after my second kill my achievement popped so I believe this achievement is cumulative.

Dig In!
Killed 25 enemies while using cover

You can use cover at any time by going up to an object and hitting :lb:. While in cover you can use the :ls:  to peek out of cover and the :rs: to aim at an enemy. If you use cover every time you see an enemy then you will get this Achievement in the second or third level.

Action Camera Achievements

Action Camera Blast
Unlocked when you trigger an Action Camera moment using an explosive

For an Action Camera moment you must kill around 4-5 enemies with a singe grenade or rocket. In mission 3 after you try saving the priest there will be an MG42 nest and a group of enemies. Label the MG42 nest with your Bazooka team by holding down :ls: and aiming at the machine gun nest. If done correctly the bazooka guy will shoot a rocket at the machine gun nest and once it hits it will trigger an Action Camera moment.

Strategy: Best tip I can give you is to use the bazooka team on any large number of enemies you encounter. Let the bazooka team open up fire upon the enemy and not the other way around because it’s easier to hit enemies while they are standing still and not aware of your presence.

Action Camera Sniper10
Unlocked when you get the headshot Action Camera

This Achievement is a little weird so I will explain it to the best of my ability. On the other guide it states you must get a 1 shot head shot but that is not entirely true, I got plenty of 1 shot head shots and there were no Action Camera moments. All the head shot Action Camera moments I got were from getting 1 shot head shots right when the popped out of cover and mostly every time I killed an enemy with a head shot when he popped out of cover. I almost every time got an Action Camera moment.

Strategy: The way I got a lot of instant head shots was to kill everyone behind the cover but 1 guy, then I would aim down the iron sights with my rifle at the exact spot his head would be the next time he came out and if I got the slightest feeling he was gonna pop up I shot and almost always got an Action Camera moment.

Action Camera Veteran
Unlocked when you get 10 of any kind of Action Camera (headshot or grenade or others)

Use the tips in the “Action Camera Sniper” and Action Camera Blast” Achievement Descriptions.

Action Camera Hero
Unlocked when you trigger 25 of any kind of action camera moment

Use the tips in the “Action Camera Sniper” and Action Camera Blast” Achievement Descriptions.

Note: These Achievements are accumulative so if you get an Action Camera moment and Die afterwords it will still count towards the Achievement. So in theory if you find a good spot where you can pull off one or two Action Camera moments you could just keep doing the spot over and over again and it will still count towards the Achievement.

Online/Multiplayer Achievements

The Draft
Unlocked when you are joined by a friend in an online match

Host a public match and once you are in the match go down to the tab that says invite friend and invite your friend then just play a match.

Earned in Blood
Unlocked when your squad appoints you the leader for another round

You must be leader for a match and right before you start the second match you team must hit :y: to Keep you as Leader for another match. I only got this to work with the Germans after loosing around. So basically the game is trying to tell your team that you did horrible and your team should get a new leader. But your team likes you and they keep you as leader unlocking the Achievement.

Truly Inspired
Unlocked when you win a match under a commander with the Earned in Blood achievement

There are four requirements for this Achievement.
Requirement 1: You must be in a match with four player.
Requirement 2: The leader on your team must be the leader the whole game.
Requirement 3: The Leader on your team must have the Earned in Blood Achievement.
Requirement 4: You must win the match.

Victory or Death
Unlocked by killing someone who has the Truly Inspired achievement

This is like a double viral Achievement. You must kill A player who has been chosen to be leader for another match by his squad members. See “Earned in Blood” and”Truly Inspired” for a little more information.

Casual Capturer
Unlocked after completing your first four player capture game

See “Veteran Capturer”

Novice Capturer
Unlocked after completing five capture games (minimum four players per game)

See “Veteran Capturer”

Veteran Capturer
Unlocked after completing 20 capture games (minimum four players per game)

The Novice and Veteran Capturer are very buggy. My Novice hasn’t unlocked yet and neither has my Veteran Capturer. It has been reported that you have to host for the Achievement but the guys I boosted with got the Achievement when they weren’t hosting the match. So This is basically on luck.

You may choose Any MapAny Time Limit (preferably the lowest), and Set the capture points needed as 5. Now when you are in the lobby have everyone change their profile preferences from Yes to No on the Tank option. You will be able to choose a bazooka when you start the match, choose it and when you start just blow yourself up since you do not have to win the game you just need to have played 20 games.

While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a day for 7 days

The quickest and easiest way to unlock these achievements is to change the time zone settings on your Xbox 360 to trick the game into thinking you are alternating between days. It can be done on any day at any time and you do not need to be connected to Xbox LIVE to do it.

However, the best time to do this is on a Wednesday evening. This is the best time because the game’s goes into it’s next week on Wednesday’s at 12AM (Night Time). Doing it at this time will unlock all the above achievements.

So here is what you actually need to do:

  1. Go to ‘System Settings’ on your 360’s dashboard.
  2. Go to ‘Console Settings’ & then Go to Clock.
  3. Change the time zone so it goes to GMT+14.
  4. Load up BIA:HH and then at the main screen press 
  5. Now hit the guide button and then press  to go the dashboard.
  6. Repeat ”Step 1 & Step 2”. But change your time zone to GMT-12.
  7. Now repeat ”Step 4”.

Once you have done all of that it will be recorded as one day. Now repeat this process 7 more times and you will unlock ‘Focused’ achievement. 

If you are doing this on a Wednesday afternoon/evening then after 12 times you will unlock the ‘Committed’achievement.

Repeating all 7 steps 100 times will unlock you the ‘Obsessive’ achievement.

Thanks to Agent Aero for this description.

While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game once a week for three months

See “Focused” for a strategy.

While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game for once a day for 100 days

See “Focused” for a strategy.

Remember September ’44
While connected to Xbox LIVE, play the game on September 17th.

This Achievement is only available once a year. You must play the game on September 17th. Just Load the game onto Live and if it doesn’t unlock straight away go to chapter select where it should unlock. Remember YOU MUST BE CONNECTED TO XBOX LIVE.

Collectible Achievements

First Recon
Find and activate a Recon Point

See “Recon Gold”

Recon Bronze
Find six Recon Points

See “Recon Gold”

Recon Silver
Find twelve Recon Points

See “Recon Gold”

Recon Gold
Find sixteen or more Recon Points

If you just want the Achievements then type in this code 0ZNDRBICRA.

Or follow this guide below.


Kilroy was here!
Find and view a hidden kilroy

See “Kilroy Gold”

Kilroy Bronze
Find nine Kilroys

See “Kilroy Gold”

Kilroy Silver
Find eighteen Kilroys

See “Kilroy Gold”

Kilroy Gold
Find 25 or more Kilroys

Kilroy’s are drawings on walls left behind by other soldiers. To make the Achievement easier put in this code 4V35JZHQD6.

The code will just tell you when you are near a Kilroy. It will say at the bottom of your screen “You are near a Kilroy.”

Follow this guide for the exact locations of the Kilroy’s.