Call of Duty: Ghosts Extinction Guide

Extinction Mode is the latest addition to Call of Duty: Ghosts. It consists of you fighting off hordes of aliens and their hives. Your objective is to progression through the city to a nuke site, which will then require you to return for extraction. This mode is based off of a 1-4 player co-op horde system. The only difference this time is that you need to destroy the aliens hives as you progress.

We’ve put together this guide to give you some hits and tips to progressing through the mode and hopefully walking away with a victory. This mode is fairly straight forward, but with 4 players it can be quite a challenge at times if you’re not prepared.


Before you become a successful alien killing machine, you will need to first progress and level up your character. There are 30 levels in total which allow you to unlock various skills that you can use for yourself and your team. You may want to try each general loadout for yourself first, then mix and match your weapon and item deployments as you unlock them.

Each class you play as starts with one general boost or ability. From here, you can then upgrade that ability 4 times through earning skillpoints. To earn skill points you have to complete challenges, or destroy the hive objectives. You can earn 2 skillpoints per hive if you complete the random challenge that pops up when you start drilling the hive.

Once you start earning skillpoints you will then need to decide how to spend them. As your class provides a core skill, you will want to choose wisely what you upgrade. You will also need to progress to level 10 to access all classes as they unlock with progression.



Weapon Specialist (Starting Class)
20% more bullet damage.

  • +1 Swap weapons faster, move faster while ADS, and fast offhand use. (1 skillpoint)
  • +2 Faster ADS. (1 skillpoint)
  • +3 Faster reloading. (2 skillpoints)
  • +4 50% more bullet damage + less spread. (3 skillpoints)

Tank (Unlocked at Level 3)
25% more health.

  • +1 Melee attacks do 25% more damage. (1 skillpoint)
  • +2 50% more health. (1 skillpoint)
  • +3 75% more health + 50% more melee damage. (2 skillpoints)
  • +4 100% more health + 100% more melee damage. (3 skillpoints)

Engineer (Unlocked at Level 5)
Provide armor for the drill and earn more bonus cash.

  • +1 Repair the drill faster (1 skillpoint)
  • +2 Traps earn cash back. (1 skillpoint)
  • +3 Increased protection while repairing the drill and traps last longer. (2 skillpoints)
  • +4 Increased trap and explosive damage and a larger wallet to hold more cash. (3 skillpoints)

Medic (Unlocked at Level 10)
Revive allies more quickly

  • +1 Move faster + increased protection while reviving others. (1 skillpoint)
  • +2 Longer sprint + teammates near you regenerate health faster. (1 skillpoint)
  • +3 Ignore ongoing damage from gas clouds. (2 skillpoints)
  • +4 Very fast movement + unlimited distance team health regeneration. (3 skillpoints)

The four main classes provide quite a variety in skills, so if you join a lobby or play with friends, you will want to make sure you have the most variety between all four plays as possible. Having multiple of the same class isn’t a total disaster, but everyone should try to pick a role and use it to it’s fullest.


Once you’ve selected your class, you can then progress to setting up your character abilities. From here you have Ammo Types, Team Support, Strike Package and Equalizer. Each player has the same loadout types, but to access all the items, you will need to progress to level 30.



The first item on each loadout section is unlocked from the start of the game, but to earn better equipment you will need to level up to that respective level to unlock the item. You will also need to balance your skillpoints with your class to unlock the four upgrade levels to each item.

Pistol Type

Unlike the other load outs, your pistol is your first major weapon. You start with the pistol, so as you progress you will unlock better versions to work with. The Grach is by far the most useful pistol, but it also chews through ammo as it’s a fully automatic pistol. Just progress and select the pistol that suites your play style. Just keep in mind that at various points you will need to revert back to your pistol for challenges and if you happen to run low on ammo.

  • P226 Pistol
  • .44 Magnum Pistol (Level 7)
  • M9A1 Pistol (Level 13)
  • MP-443 Grach Pistol (Level 16)

Ammo Type

This is another selection that gives you better ammo as you level, So you will want to aim high and work towards the Armor Piercing. One thing we did notice is if you’re resupplying specialist ammo, once it deletes, you will revert back to standard ammo. This is something that can be extremely useful in tight situations, so if you see yourself running low on special bullets, don’t fret, as you will have a standard ammo clip to fall back on if you run out.

  • Ammo
  • Stun Ammo (Level 2)
  • Incendiary Ammo (Level 12)
  • Explosive Ammo (Level 20)
  • Armor Piercing Ammo (Level 25)

Team Support

I’ve found that with team support you should try to pick something that other team members don’t have. The usual selection is Armor or Team Explosives and Random Supplies. One a personal note, I’ve also had armor as I find it to be more useful when in need, but if everyone in your lobby is using it, it will be a wasted upgrade.

  • Team Explosives
  • Feral Instincts (Level 4)
  • Armor (Level 8)
  • Team Booster (Level 14)
  • Random Supplies (Level 17)

Strike Package

With this package, I highly recommend that you work towards the sentry gun. It’s by far one of the most useful items in the loadout, and maxing it out to +4 allows you to place 2 turrets at a time. Until then, I.M.S and the Mortar Strikes can be an extremely useful defensive tool. Mortar Strikes can be used against the Hive Barriers.

  • I.M.S
  • Mortar Strike (Level 9)
  • Trinity Rocket (Level 18)
  • Sentry Gun (Level 22)
  • Vulture (Level 28)


The final set of load out items are somewhat pointless, but they give you some extra firepower if you find you need them. The only two items I recommend using here are the Grenade Turret and the MK32 Launcher as they can be used to damage the hive barriers.

  • Portable Minigun Turret
  • Grenade Turret (Level 6)
  • Crowd Control (Level 15)
  • MK32 Launcher (Level 23)
  • Death Machine (Level 29)




Relics are interesting items which play as a handicap to players which decide to use them in battle. Before you can use a relic, you must first reach level 30. From here you will then be reset to level 1, but don’t fret, all your unlocks will remain. You will prestige and unlock the hidden relic menu which appears at the bottom of your loadout screen.

You can only activate 1 relic at a time, until you level up to 30 again. With each prestige you complete, you will be able to equip more relics.

Take more damage
Aliens do increased damage with their attacks.

Pistols only
Weapon purchases are not allowed.

Smaller wallet
Earn and carry less cash.

No Class selection is available

Do less damage
Inflict less damage against aliens.

Using relics isn’t recommend on your own, but if you want to give them a shot, playing with other players makes them a lot easier to cope with. Using relics also rewards you with bonus xp, so activating one, or several if you’ve prestiged is the fast most effective way to level up.

Weapons and Items

Weapons function the same way as the previous zombie modes that came before extinction. You need to earn money by killing enemies. You can also find money in trash bags or military hardware boxes randomly placed around the map. The more money you earn, the cap being $6,000, will allow you to place your specialty items, or buy weapons which can also be found around the map. Remember that you start with just a pistol a $500. My personal recommendation is to avoid shotguns and sniper rifles, but this is more a of a personal preference. I’ve found them to be a little obsolete unless they’re required for a challenge.

Unlike weapons, you can find weapon attachments in the same military boxes and trash bags. They range from Muzzle Brake, Rapid Fire, Burst Fire, and various scopes that you can attach to your gun.

Once you find a weapon of choice, you may want to upgrade it, but keep in mind if you plan to buy another gun later on, that all your attachments will be lost. If you’ve played through most of the Call of Duty games, you should know which weapons you enjoy using, and which ones you don’t. Once you start playing extinction you will find the best weapon for your play style, just remember to explore and seek out items you need.

Here’s a short list of item priorities I make each game:

  • AK-12 (Early fully automatic rifle)
  • Extra Ammo
  • Soflam
  • Acog Scope/Red Dot Scope

Once I have these items, I then focus all my time on challenges and skillpoints to upgrade the items I have. In some cases, I will use the Ak-12 up until the last area, and even through to the final evac.


At first, these may seem kind of tedious, but they’re quite important for your success. Challenges earn you skillpoints which you can spend on upgrading your loadout as you’re playing. As you start out with a bare bone loadout, then have to level up each item when you play a new game. It makes sense to complete as many, if not all challenges in every game you play.

Challenges are one of those things which are very hit and miss. If you’re playing with a good team who knows what to do, this won’t be so difficult, but most challenges are fairly easy. They only become an issue when a team member decided not to complete the restraints.

Each challenge is random, but once completed you will be issued one skillpoint for it. This means you can earn up to 14 skillpoints from challenges alone, on top of the 14 skill points you earn from destroying hives.

  • Don’t reload for 60 seconds.
  • Don’t spend any money for 2 minutes.
  • Don’t use any abilities for 90 seconds.
  • Do not bleed out before the hive is destroyed.
  • Do not go into last stand before the hive is destroyed.
  • Do not let the drill go below 50 health before the hive is destroyed.
  • Do not take any damage from exploding seeker aliens until the hive is destroyed.
  • Find and kill the Leper in 30 seconds.
  • Keep shot accuracy at 50% or above before the hive is destroyed.
  • Keep shot accuracy at 75% or above before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 5 aliens while they are in the air before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 10 aliens with propane tanks before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 10 aliens with traps before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 10 aliens with turrets before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 25 aliens using assault rifles before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 25 aliens using LMGs before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 25 aliens using pistols before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 25 aliens using shotguns before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 25 aliens using SMGs before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill 25 aliens using sniper rifles before the hive is destroyed.
  • Kill a scorpion with a melee before the hive is destroyed.
  • Protect a random player from entering last stand.
  • Spend X amount of $$$ before the hive is destroyed.


Your general progression requires you destroy 14 hives using a drill. Your main objective is to reach a nuke site, and blow the are sky high, while making it out alive. The overall progression is simple, place your drill, hold out and kill everything that moves. This is sometimes earlier said than done, as you won’t always be paired with the perfect team mates.

Note: Before we walk through the areas, I highly recommend that you have at least one person with sentry’s, and make sure they’re fully upgraded before you reach the evac process. Having multiple players with this option will make this easier. I also suggest that if you find a flare, hold onto it. If you happen to find more, point them out to your team and make sure they hold onto them as well. These two items are extremely useful if making sure your progression is easy. But it won’t reduce the difficulty.

Staging Area

This first area is simple, plan the drill and combat the aliens that start to attack. The second part to this will have you repeat the same thing again with one of the two hives outside of the motel area. These areas are straight forward and allow you to earn two fairly simple challenges.


The motel is the first area where you’re introduced to traps. Traps are useful, so take advantage of them as they will reduce the life of the aliens attacking, or kill them. You won’t earn any extra money from this unless you upgrade your skills. You will have to destroy 2 more hives within this area before you can move on.

At the end of the motel are you will need to hold off and destroy a hive barrier. These barriers are tough, but they can be dealt with quickly with an effective team. If you happen to have a Soflam, or grenade launcher/turret you can assist in the destruction of the hive barrier. You can also shoot and use grenades against the barrier. Your alternative will be to collect propane tanks and use throw them on the barrier and blow them up.


This is where the game’s difficulty steps up slightly. You will encounter scorpions on regular basis, with a new tougher enemy type. Just be prepared for a lot of resistance. Just progress as normal until you get to the next hive barrier. If you hunt around for items, and happen to come across a trophy beacon, hold onto it. These beacons, even though they’re not explained, reply enemy projectiles. So playing one down where your team is holding up will stop the scorpions from firing on you directly.

During this area, you may encounter the Rhino, or several there of. From what I gather Rhinos will show up if you take too long to destroy the barrier. This may not be true, but be prepared. Sentry turrets and armor piercing rounds are extremely effective against these enemies. But if one happens to appear before the barrier is destroyed, keep your distance and focus all your fire power on it.

If you don’t happen to encounter a Rhino or two during the barrier fight, you will after you proceed to the cabin area. The same rules apply, focus all your fire power on them and use sentry turrets if possible.


The cabin area is must like the motel and city area, but as you would expect, the enemies will be tougher, and there will also be two Rhino fights thrown in for good measure. If you’ve made it this far, your team is looking out for each other and making sure you progress. You can expect far tougher enemies in full force this time around. So try and prepare ahead of playing the drill. Again, if you have access to sentry placement, use it. If you’ve been completing challenges, you should have enough skill points to fully max out several of your special items. If you fully max out your sentry placement, you will be able to play 2 fully loaded sentry’s to help you out.

Just progress through to the nuke site and remember to work as a team.

Nuke Site

The nuke site is, as you would expect the hardest stand off you will need to complete. After the stand off everything will go quiet until you press the nuke button. I highly recommend that you take this to prepare for the escape back to the chopper. If you have sentry’s setup, move them to previous areas that you’re going to need to run back through. One area should be just as you exit the city. This will help combat the Rhino that appears in this area. Once you’ve got that setup, get your flares ready. It’s time to set off the nuke.

Getting to Evac

If you’ve setup sentry’s in the previous location, you should be okay as long as you can reach them. You will be blocked in be a large crystal looking shard, so you have no choice but to fight the Rhino in this area. After killing the Rhino and removing some of the resistance, the shard will break, and you can make a run to the start of the city. This is where at least 1 flare is important. If you have one, throw it down to distract the smaller enemies. Once you reach the first hive barrier you destroyed, you will be blocked again with a second shard. Have someone setup a sentry, or two. Then kill everything that moves. The shard will break again, which will allow you to make a made dash for the evac. This is also a good time to throw down a second flare.

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