Mystic Forge Conduit

Author Notes

Guide Updated for 2017

With the rebuilding of Lion’s Arch comes a new item that you can craft. This guide will aid you through crafting the Mystic Forge Conduit. This crafting guide is simple and to the point, but it covers everything you need to know to craft this item.

  1. The RNG Approach
  2. Trading Post

Obtaining the required parts

There are two main ways to get the parts for this conduit, one is to buy them from the trading post. The second is through random drops while opening Ectoplams based items from Apprentice Mekteki, or Apprentice Nipptokk in Lion’s Arch.

The RNG Approach

There are two main locations where you can gamble Ectoplasm in Lion’s Arch. The first is near Shattured Gate to the south-west. The other is next to the Frog Pong point of interest near the bank.

Both of these vendors are marked with an Ectoplasm icon, so they’re easy enough to find. The harder of the two is Mekteki. This skritt is hiding in a cave accessible from an entrance hidden in the water. The map below shows you how to enter.

Guild Wars 2 Crafting The Mystic Forge Conduit Guide

The cost of gambling is as follows:

  • Dab of Destabilized Ectoplasm (5 ectos, 40 silver)
  • Clump of Destabilized Ectoplasm(50 ectos, 4 gold)
  • Glob of Destabilized Ectoplasm(250 ectos, 100 gold)

In doing so you have a chance to get an Unidentifiable Goo-Covered Object. This object will randomly drop various parts of the conduit. This may take many, many attempts, and cost you in the long run. You can also make money from gambling this way. You will earn back various items which you can sell for profit.

If you’re filthy rich and have no problem gambing Ectoplasm away, then this will probably feel more rewarding when you obtain the items needed.

Trading Post

If you don’t have the funds, or wish to avoid sinking your gold and rare items into a random drop, you can buy the following items from the trading post:

  • (1) Mystic Tube
  • (1) Mystic Core
  • (1) Mystic Casing
  • (1) Mystic Essence
  • (50) Mystic Coins
  • (1) Mystic Frame
  • (1) Mystic Nexus
  • Alternative: Buy Mystic Forge Node

Overall: 191 gold*

* This cost is based on current trading post costs as of when this guide was created. This may fluctuate, due to the change in the market.

Building the Mystic Conduit

Step 1: Once you have the above items, it’s time to head to the Mystic Forge and combine the following items:

(Skip to step 2 if you’ve already bought the node)

  • (1) Mystic Tube
  • (1) Mystic Core
  • (1) Mystic Casing
  • (1) Mystic Essence

These items will create the Mystic Forge Node, this is the core of the conduit. You can use this item to use the forge anywhere you so wish, though it has a limited uses.

Step 2: After you’ve made your Mystic Forge Node, you than then combine the rest of the items below to complete your conduit:

  • (50) Mystic Coins
  • (1) Mystic Forge Node
  • (1) Mystic Frame
  • (1) Mystic Nexus

Congratulations, you now have your very own Mystic Forge Conduit. You can now venture off into the world of Tyria and take the Mystic Conduit with you.