Dead Rising 2

Author Notes

The game isn't that hard to complete, there is a few achievements that may have you struggling, then there is online achievements, which you will probably have to boost for as apparently the online is now dead.

Table of Contents

  1. Story Related Achievements
  2. Psychopath Achievements
  3. Zombie Related
  4. Survivor Related
  5. Leveling Up
  6. Katey’s Gifts
  7. Online Achievements
  8. Weapon Combo achievements
  9. Food
  10. Collectibles
  11.  Misc. Achievements

DR2 Trophy Master (exclusive to PS3 players)

If you are a PS3 gamer and using this guide, you’ll also unlock the Platinum trophy which will unlock once you have obtained every other trophy in the game, the trophies are identical to the achievements, so this guide is also suitable for you too, I noticed some have different names but they are the same as the achievements, for example Slaughter – S = Laughter achievement is known as Death of Comedy, but these are the exact same as each other.

Story Related Achievements

Clean Record Clean Record

Simply complete each case of the story and remember to give Katey (your daughter) Zombrex every day at 7am, also if you give TK Zombrex when he needs it towards the end, you’ll unlock Overtime mode, if you don’t, the game will end with the A ending.

Justice Served
Justice Served

This is for completing overtime mode, simply get every item TK asks you to get, once you get them head to where TK is, defeat him, the game will then end with the S ending, the achievement should unlock when you get to the stats screen.

Psychopaths Achievements

Vigilante Justice Vigilante Justice
Vigilante Justice: 5 Psychopaths Defeated

See ‘Judge, Jury and Executioner’ for details

Judge, Jury and Executioner Judge, Jury and Executioner
Judge, Jury and Executioner: 10 Psychopaths Defeated

Psychopaths are a different kind of enemies compared to the millions of zombies round the place, they appear to be a better challenge, and some can easily defeat you, so make sure to come with plenty of Orange Juice, some Painkiller too might help with the really hard ones.

Theodore Smith (Yucatan Casino)
Time: Day 1, 4.00am (he ends at the start of case 2)
Mission: –
Difficulty: 1/10

Theodore isn’t very strong, he is easily defeated, some say he isn’t really a psychopath since he’s not included in missions. But he attacks you so he can get food for his pet Tiger Snowflake, so either way, you can’t save him.

During this fight, don’t harm Snowflake, Snowflake is needed for another achievement, which can be found in Katey’s gift section.

Leon Bell (Platinum Strip)
Time: Day 1 2.30pm
Mission: Meet the Contestants
Difficulty: 7/10

The difficulty is mainly this high because this psychopath is on a motorcycle with chainsaws attached to handles, which can make him extremely difficult to those who are just starting. I recommend avoiding this guy until you are at a higher level, but you can get lucky where he’ll get stuck in wall, don’t let this chance slide, hammer at him as much as possible when this happens. Make sure to come equipped with plenty of orange juices.

Brandon Whittaker (Americana Casino)
Time: Day 1 5.00pm
Mission: Chuck the Role Model
Difficulty: 5/10

He is easily enough defeated, but he is fast and can escape into the toilet outlets and there’s no telling which one he’ll come out of next. If you get low on health you can run out of the bathroom and he won’t follow you, heal while you’re out, then come back in and finish him off.

Antoine Thomas (Food Court)
Time: Day 1 10.30pm
Mission: Tastes Like Chicken
Difficulty: 8/10

This guy can heal himself when he gets low on health, he also isn’t too slow at hitting back, he can and many times, get you onto the floor and start chewing at you.

Brent Ernst “Slappy” (Kid’s Choice Clothing)
Time: Day 2 12.00pm
Mission: Everyone Knows Slappy
Difficulty: 10/10

This guy is hard, mainly because of his flamethrower guns, which he has two of. He can get you both from a range/melee distance. I mainly hammered him with either the claw gloves (knives + boxing gloves) or sledgehammer, I also had the benefits of the Sports Fan DLC which meant I could have Chuck drink anything without being sick. But if you don’t have this, make sure to come equipped with orange juice, and probably some painkiller too.

Randall Tugman (Swept Away – Only opens especially for this Psychopath)
Time: Day 2 5.00pm
Mission: Here Comes the Groom
Difficulty: 10/10

I’m putting this guy at 10, since I had a lot of difficulty with this guy, even at high level, bring a range weapon. As you aren’t ever gonna want to get too close to this guy. If your health gets low and you need a more quiet place, run until he stops chasing after you, but be quick about this, as when he stops, he goes back into the chapel and starts to beat up the bride, the survivor who you’ll like to save after killing this guy. This guy holds a bigger than average chainsaw, and it also takes out a good bit of health, this is why you don’t want to get close. He will run toward you, so keep running back, while using a shotgun or some kind of gun that’ll do good damage.

Amber and Crystal Bailey (Shoal Nightclub)
Time: Day 2 11.00pm
Mission: Case 4-1: The Source
Difficulty: 5/10

This only counts as one psychopath (this is explained in cutscene after the fight), this isn’t a hard fight, but they do run away quickly and also attack quickly, so be on the look out. Make sure to bring plenty of orange juice as these two are in a locked area, you cannot run from this area to get food, these two are also story related, therefore unmissable.

Carl Schliff (Royal Flush Plaza)
Time: Day 2 11.00pm
Mission: Mail Order Zombrex
Difficulty: 3/10

Do not go near any of the post this post man throws at you, it will explode and cause great damage to your health bar, he also has a shot gun. He’s not nearly as hard as the last few psychopaths, he’s easy to kill, I used the claws on him, and he went down quickly. Beating this guy also earns you a zombrex, so in a way, he’s story related, since he gives zombrex for Katey.

Seymour Redding (South Plaza)
Time: Day 3 6.00am
Mission: WWJWD?
Difficulty: 4/10

This guy is really good with range weapons, he has a hand pistol which after the fight, is the only time ever you’ll be able to use this weapon, make sure to pick it up and kill some near by zombie with it so you can get the achievement for ranged weapons at some point.

Deetz Hartman (Platinum Strip)
Time: Day 3 9.00am
Mission: Militia Men
Difficulty: 7/10

These are a group of Psychopaths taking up the roofs of some buildings, look on the map to find out where the ladders are. Make sure to have orange juice and painkillers, these guys snipe you from above and each one of them count as a separate psychopath.

Earl Flaherty (Platinum Strip)
Time: Day 3 9.00am
Mission: Militia Men
Difficulty: 7/10

See “Deetz Hartman”.

Derrick Duggan (Fortune Park)
Time: Day 3 9.00am
Mission: Militia Men
Difficulty: 7/10

See “Deetz Hartman”.

Johnny James (Fortune Park)
Time: Day 3 9.00am
Mission: Militia Men
Difficulty: 7/10

See “Deetz Hartman”.

Bibi Love (Slot Ranch Casino)
Time: Day 3 3.00pm
Mission: One Hit Wonder
Difficulty: 1/10

You do not need to fight Bibi, Bibi simply tells you what to do, she tells you to go grab a few things, get a crowd round the stage (with the fireworks that can be found back stage, the crowd being zombies). Bibi also has survivors linked up to a bomb, do the “Guitar Hero” right and she won’t put the bomb off, she’ll jump into a crowd of zombies, then will become a survivor. You have the option of saving her from the crowd of zombies or leaving her there, save her if you’re going for the 50 survivors achievement.

Reed Wallbeck and Roger Withers (Atlantica Casino)
Time: Day 4 12.00am
Mission: World’s Most Dangerous Trick
Difficulty: 10/10

I’m not 100% sure if these two are separate, as when I got these two in this mission, I already had the 10 psychopaths killed from the snipers before hand, the main reason why you’ll want to fight these two is for the combo card you’ll get. Now this is hard, one has a rocket launcher while one has a sword, I would kill the one with the rocket launcher first, then deal with the sword one. Make sure to bring a couple of painkillers, and a good supply of orange juice, claws would be good for this fight, but any weapon should do, these are the last two non-story related psychopaths.

Dwight Boykin (Underground Tunnels)
Time: Day 4
Mission: Case 6-2: Last Stand
Difficulty: 9/10

Do not be trying to have close combat with this guy, make sure to bring a variety of guns, my favorite to use is the shotgun. This guy should go down in no time, also like every other psychopath, make sure you have orange juice, this guy is unmissable and is story related.

Raymond Sullivan
Time: Day 4
Mission: The Facts
Difficulty: 7/10

I found this guy hard, you are fighting him on a platform that there isn’t much of, so he can easily uppercut you off this and have you fall, which could be a long fall or short one, depending where you fall off at. This boss can also glitch where he does more damage than what he is suppose to do, I used claws on this guy. There is food around this area, but bring some orange juice just in-case.

Tyrone King
Time: Overtime Mode
Mission: Overtime Mode
Difficulty: 10/10

Due to having your items removed before this fight begins, proves it to be a very hard one. Your health restore has also been took, your main focus in this fight is to defeat TK, and to make sure Katey and Stacey don’t get too close to the zombies. Concentrate on them while TK is away, he goes off at times but he’ll return after a short while, I used the red wrench which can be found in the area you’re fighting TK and only healed when I most needed it, defeating TK earns you the S ending.

Tough Guy
Tough Guy
Collect all combo cards from the psychopaths

Here are the names of both of the cards and who you get them from, they unlock automatically once a Psychopath has been defeated.

Flamethrower (Brent Ernst “Slappy”)
Rocket Launcher
(Roger Withers and Reed Wallbeck)

Zombie Related Achievements

Zombie Slaughter Zombie Slaughter
Kill 500 zombies.

This should come from any normal story progression/playthrough, 500 isn’t much. In my story, I had over 1000 killed.

Zombie Destruction Zombie Destruction
Kill 5000 zombies.

This could also come with story or when you are heading for “Zombie Genocide Master” which requires 72,000 zombies killed. So either way you’ll be getting this if you do decide to aim for the full 1000/platinum of this game.

Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder
Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder
Kill 53,596 zombies.

I can confirm, that you’ll never be able to get this or “Zombie Genocider”, whilst working on story or other things.

First, you’ll need $2,000,000 to buy the SUV, see “Big Spender” on how to make money in this game, you then buy the SUV keys off the pawn shop at Silver Strip.

Once you have got the SUV, save and restart story, skip everything at the start, once in safe house, rush off to Bennie Jack’s BBQ Shack in the Americana Casino. Grab the Driving book (this increases the length of time a car will go for until it breaks) that would be in there sitting on a desk. Rush off to Shamrock Casino where the SUV would be parked, all you have to do now is go up and down Silver Strip, Fortune Park, and Platinum Strip.

Once you have 1000 kills you have reached your limit, drive to Fortune Park and get into the middle of the mountain display, there should be a restroom in here to save, use the save and quit option, load up this save again. Run over to the construction work truck , drive over to the casino the SUV is parked at, now just keep repeating these steps, you do not need to go looking for the book each time you load, it’ll be in your inventory each time you start.

Zombie Genocide Master
Zombie Genocide Master
Kill 72,000 zombies.

See “Z-Genocider 2: Genocide Harder”

Wrong kind of "Chopper"
Wrong kind of “Chopper”
Kill 1000 zombies while riding a motorcycle.

To gain access to the motorcycle and it’s garage at Silver Strip, you’ll need to defeat the psychopath Leon Bell. The garage allows you to modify the motorcycle. There is a chainsaw close by the maintenance room at Hot Excitorama, so grab it and bring it to the garage, combine it with the bike, this will make it easier and faster to kill zombies. You can also pick up the driving book to give you more time on the bike, for location see “Z-Genocider: Genocide Harder”.

Zombie Fu
Zombie Fu
Kill 1000 zombies barehanded.

I waited until I earned the Smash move, and kept using it against each zombie that walked past the area with giant dice in it at the Royal Flush (place where safe house is). Smash only kills one zombie at a time.

The Smash move also unlocks via leveling up, and its random for everyone so there’s no telling what level you’ll learn it at.

Smash 100 zombies using the Smash skill move.

See “Zombie Fu”

Stick 'em up
Stick ’em up
Stick it to a zombie by covering him in weapons and objects.

You’ll need;

Small Painting (Chieftan’s Hut)
Fancy Painting (Chieftan’s Hut)
Bow and Arrow (Chieftan’s Hut)
Lizard Mask (Ye Olde Toybox)

Now I’ll say the best place to do this is in the area you would have killed 1000 zombies barehanded, there is a few in there. Kill them off until there’s only 1 remaining, this means you’ll be able to get all the items on this one and this one alone.

Have 10 zombies with masks on at once.

Ye Olde Toybox has a good amount of masks, quickly put them onto every zombie you see, sometimes they may fall off, so if you don’t have the achievement and masks have ran out, make sure to check and see if any aren’t lying on the ground. If there is, just pick them up again and put it onto the nearest zombie you see.

Having A Gas
Having A Gas
Kill 1000 “special” zombies.

Special zombies show up at Case 6-1, these zombies are stronger than normal ones, they can spit acid (or blood) and they can get you onto the ground a whole lot more faster than normal ones could.

What I did was:

Make sure you defeated Leon Bell to get access to the garage.
Combine the bike with chainsaws again, and this time you will probably be best to get the driving book.

Now at the end of Silver Strip, there will be a newly open entrance to the underground tunnels, this is where most of these zombies are. Now just keep driving around this place until you get 1000 special killed, there is no telling how many you killed that were special so I suggest to just keep driving and killing until the achievement eventually pops. It shouldn’t take too long if you do it in the underground tunnels as compared to outside.

Head Trauma
Head Trauma
Use every type of melee weapon on a zombie.

Use this interactive map for these achievements, you can check off which ever you have gotten on the map itself. I found this very useful for these achievements, I take no credit in making it, belongs to

You need to get to Day 4 12am to be able to use every melee weapon.

And make sure you do these missions:

Here comes the Groom
Two’s Company
World’s Most Dangerous Trick

Death From Afar
Death From Afar
Use every type of ranged weapon on a zombie.

See “Head Trauma”

Explosive Temper
Explosive Temper
Use every type of explosive on a zombie.

See “Head Trauma”

He hasn't covered wars...
He hasn’t covered wars…
Use every type of a firearm on a zombie.

See “Head Trauma”

Slaughter - S = Laughter!
Slaughter – S = Laughter!
Use every type of a novelty weapon on a zombie.

See “Head Trauma”

 Survivor Related Achievements

Saving the Day Saving the Day
Save 10 survivors.

This is easy enough and will come quickly into the game, save anyone you see and this should come in no time, see “Data Miner” for more information.

Hero of Fortune City
Hero of Fortune City
Save 50 survivors.

There are more than 50 survivors and its possible to save everyone of them during the story.

Data Miner
Data Miner
Fill all entries in the notebook.

Again, this map is really good for these;

And there are people who have already been included in the notebook, but they died in the opening or come to the safe house at the beginning, then there are the main storyline characters, you meet most/all of these guys at the start too.

Life Saver
Life Saver
Collect all survivor combo cards.

Plate Launcher (Tape it or Die Crew – they are behind the locked door in the back of KokuNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall at Day 3 6.00am – 12.00pm, make sure to have about 5 free slots. There can only be 8 survivors/psychopaths going at the one time, this includes hidden ones like these guys, so keep up to date with missions this will be only a visit to them. They don’t need to be saved yet as they are safe in the area they’re in, talk to them and one will ask you to go grab items, once you get these items and bring them to him, he’ll give you the combo card.)

Blazing Aces (Tape it or Die Crew will give you a call around Case 5-2, this time they’ll need to be rescued, you’ll need to bring them back to the safe house and they will give you two combo cards.)

Exsanguinator (Tape it or Die Crew will give you a call around Case 5-2, this time they’ll need to be rescued, you’ll need to bring them back to the safe house and they will give you two combo cards.)

Power Guitar (a mission Rock Heroes will come up and there’ll be people playing on the stage at Silver Strip, you’ll need to rescue these people and bring them back to the safe house, they will then give you this combo card.)

Come on! Follow me!
Come on! Follow me!
Escort 8 survivors at once.

Make sure you are a decent level, give them all weapons (they don’t except combined ones..) this is a very quick way to do this, and it enables you to be able to do story too.. save regularly just in case anything happens, from feedback I’ve gotten off this, it also works out as a good leveling up method.

1. Get Denyce – DO NOT save her yet, give her a weapon, survivors wont take custom weapons so just give her a normal one, something like a sledgehammer will do.
2. Kill Ted and Snowflake, Denyce should be able to take it, give her food afterwards if needed.
3. Get Lenny.
4. Go to Safe house, making sure NONE of the survivors have the door icon over their heads when you enter, also make sure its 7am, or near 7am, you don’t want to be going in too soon and them dying because you left them out too long, give Katey her zombrex.
5. Get the couple that are in the mall when you exit, one is straight in front of you, when other is in shop to your right.
6. Message “Lost” will pop up, go get Chad and his girl, talk to Chad first as the girl won’t follow you until she sees him.
7. Message “Shortsighted” should pop up now, go get the old lady, carry her.
8. Now do the story cases 1-2 (once you talk to Rebecca in this one, the achievement will pop), then case 1-3, then case 1-4 as that lands you back to the safe house where you should be headed for the survivor PP points.

Leveling Up Related Achievements

Apprentice Rising Apprentice Rising
Reach level 25.

See ‘Professional Rising’ for details

Professional Rising Professional Rising
Reach level 50.

You will need a total of 5,000,000 PP to reach level 50. Various actions throughout the game net you PP, the experience points of Dead Rising 2. Since you’ll be playing this game more than once to obtain all achievements, there is no need to worry about this. You can check your current PP by clicking Start and going to Status.

Katey’s Gifts Achievements

Also, Katey doesn’t like broken things, and the only gift you’ll have to worry about not breaking is Funny Painting, its because there is only one of these in the entire game, so keep it good once you obtain it. All other gifts except for Snowflake, there is multiple of and they will re spawn each time you leave the safe house, do not kill/harm or leave Snowflake if you want this achievement, for details, see “The Skill To Survive”.

Father of the Month
Father of the Month
Give Katey a gift.

See “Father of the Year”.

The Skill To Survive
The Skill To Survive
Tame Snowflake.

Now you’ll probably wondering why this is in the Gifts section, its simply because Snowflake is a gift herself. To tame this tiger, get 3 steaks from the food court, kill Ted , then place the 3 steaks on the ground (down on d-pad). Pick up a flaming touch, this will attract the tiger, this may take a while, so make sure you have given Katey her zombrex before doing this. Once all 3 steaks have been eaten, Snowflake will then be nice towards you, now escort the tiger back to the safe house, and then examine Snowflake when she’s in there and it’ll be given to Katey as a gift. This achievement is mainly for taming Snowflake though so it will pop as soon as it eats all 3 steaks, but it is needed for “Father of the Year” achievement as well.

Father of the Year
Father of the Year
Give Katey every possible gift.

Giant Stuffed Elephant (Stylin’ Toddlers – Royal Flush Plaza)
Giant Stuffed Donkey (Small Fry Duds – Royal Flush Plaza)
Giant Stuffed Rabbit (Lombardi’s – Food Court)
Giant Stuffed Bull (Children’s Castle – Royal Flush Plaza)
Robot Bear (Astonishing Illusions – Royal Flush Plaza)
Bag of Marbles (Ye Olde Toybox – Royal Flush Plaza)
Watergun (Ultimate Playhouse – Palisades Mall)
Stick Pony (Ye Olde Toybox – Royal Flush Plaza)
Funny Painting (Mission related, Art Appreciation, which appears around Day 3 11.00am, you’ll need to buy it off the survivor related to the mission)
Beach Ball (Stylin’ Toddlers – Royal Flush Plaza)
Snowflake (see “The Skill To Survive”)

Online Related Achievements

There is two parts in the online in this game, there is co-op where you and a friend plays through cases of the story, then there is TIR (Terror is Reality), which is competitive online,

The TIR achievements only unlock via ranked play.

Rising Star
Rising Star
Come in first place in a single TIR event.

You’ll get this whilst boosting, this is for winning a single event in the TIR section of the game, any will do.

Win Big!
Win Big!
Finish in first place in a TIR episode.

To get this achievement, you overall just need to have most cash by the end results after the fourth game which will always be Slicecycles.

TK's Favorite
TK’s Favorite
Play and win in all 9 TIR events.

  • Ramster Ball
  • Zomboni
  • Bounty Hunter
  • Headache
  • Stand Up Zomedy
  • Pounds of Flesh
  • Master Shafter
  • Ball Buster
  • Slicecycles

First of all, its random 3 of out these you get per episode, Slicecycles is in each episode at the end.

The game gives instructions on how to play these before starting, and they’re all reasonably simple to learn, so no-one should have much problem with these.

Don't you die on me!
Don’t you die on me!
Revive another player in co-op.

To get this quickly you can kill your partner (Make sure you have food), and then use your food to revive them. Spoiled food works fine.

Better With a Friend
Better With a Friend
Solve all cases in Co-op.

This really depends on your partner you decide to do this with, now you can have multiple people as partners, but its really just easier to stick with one. But if your partner decides they’ll play some of the case files by themselves or with another person without letting you know, that’ll mean you’ll not be able to obtain the achievement, as it states to solve all cases in co-op. So make sure whoever you’re playing with, will stay with you and not go off to someone else.

This states only to do the cases, that means it unlocks once you have completed The Facts and either get ending A or introduction to Overtime mode.

Combo Weapon Related Achievements

Needs more chainsaw
Needs more chainsaw
Create a combo weapon.

This is one of the first achievements you’ll get. Simply go into the first maintenance room you see, it will have a baseball bat and nails, these both can be combined, so combine them at the desk.

Duct Tape FTW Duct Tape FTW
Create all combo weapons.

You’ll only get this for creating all the combo weapons, including the secret one related to the “Tape it or DIE!” achievement, see that one for further details.

Here is a checklist and here’s a link to the map again, it should help you in finding out the location to weapons you’ll need, also you have to do up to Case 2-2 to have access to the underground tunnels:


Air Horn – Traffic Cone + Spray Paint
Auger – Pitchfork + Drill Motor
Beer Hat – Hard Hat + Beer
Blambow – Bow And Arrows + Dynamite
Blazing Aces – Tennis Racket + Tiki Torch
Blitzkrieg – Electric Wheel Chair + Merc Assault Rifle
Boomstick – Pitchfork + Shotgun
Burning Skull – Bull Skull + Motor Oil
Defiler – Axe + Sledgehammer
Drill Bucket – Bucket + Drill
Driller – Spear + Drill
Dynameat – Hunk of Meat + Dynamite
Electric Chair – Wheel Chair + Battery
Electric Rake – Leaf Rake + Battery
Exsanguinator – Vacuum Cleaner + Saw Blade
Fire Spitter – Toy Spitball Gun + Tiki Torch
Flamethrower – Gas Can + Super Soaker
Flaming Gloves – Boxing Gloves + Motor Oil
Fountain Lizard – Lizard Head Mask + Lead Pipe
Freedom Bear – Giant Teddy Bear + Light Machine Gun
Freeze Bomb – Fire Extinguisher + Dynamite
Gem Blower – Leaf Blower + Gems
Hacker – Computer Case + Flashlight
Hail Mary – Football + Grenade
Handy Chipper – Wheelchair + Lawnmower
Heliblade – Toy Helicopter + Machete
Holy Arms – Training Sword + Nails
IED – Propane Tank + Box of Nails
Infernal Arms – Training Sword + Motor Oil
Knife Gloves – Boxing Gloves + Bowie Knife
Laser Sword – Flashlight + Gems
Molotov – Whiskey + Newspaper
Paddlesaw – Canoe Paddle + Chainsaw
Parablower – Leaf Blower + Parasol
Plate Launcher – Cement Saw + Plates
Pole Weapon – Broom + Machete
Porta-Mower – Lawn Mower + Two By Four
Power Guitar – Guitar + Amp
Ripper – Cement Saw + Saw Blade
Roaring Thunder – Goblin Mask + Battery
Rocket Launcher – Lead Pipe + Rocket Fireworks
Snowball Cannon – Fire Extinguisher + Water Gun
Spiked Bat – Baseball Bat + Box of Nails
Spear Launcher – Leaf Blower + Spear
Sticky Bomb – Lawn Dart + Dynamite
Super BFG – Blast Frequency Gun + Amp
Super Slicer – Lawnmower + Servbot Mask
Tenderizers – MMA Gloves + Box of Nails
Tesla Ball – Bingo Ball Cage + Battery
Wingman – Queen + Nectar

Tape it or DIE!
Tape it or DIE!
Discover the secret combo card.

The combination is Queen and Nectar (Orange Juice + Orange Juice).

You’ll need to get two orange juice first and take them to the mixing machine (most bars have them and a restaurant in the food court has one), this will get you a nectar.

Now queens (bugs that hang around zombie necks, you’ll notice some zombies trying to get at their necks, these ones have queens inside of them) don’t appear til Day 2. But if you bring two extra orange juices, and make another nectar and drink it this one, a queen will appear. Grab it and then go to a maintenance and combine the two, you have now created Wingman, which is a queen but it is controlled by you, where it’ll follow you and kill any near by zombies.

Doing this achievement you’ll also unlock Bartender, this is for mixing a drink.

  Food Related Achievements

Finally Full
Finally Full
Eat all types of food.

Most of the food can be found in the food court and you also have to eat the spoiled food found in bins, and drinks are included to in this, so make sure to drink every type of those too.

This map also shows where you can find all the food.

Mix a drink.

See “Look at all that juice!”

Look at all that juice!
Look at all that juice!
Create and consume all mixed drinks.

Pain Killer – Beer + Beer
Quick Step – Wine + Beer
Randomizer – Wine + Vodka
Spitfire – Bacon + Onion Rings
Nectar – Jelly Beans + Beer
Energizer – Taco + Hamburger
Repulse – Chili + Large Soda
Untouchable – Pizza + Large Soda
Zombait – Apple + Taco

Use the map from “Finally Full” and find a mixing machine, they mostly can be found in bars and a restaurant in the food court has one, you have to consume these all too.

Collectibles Achievements

Half Deck Half Deck
Collect 25 combo cards.

See “Full Deck”

Full Deck
Full Deck
Collect all combo cards.

Combo cards that aren’t related to other achievements in this game, are related to leveling up, and its random, so there’s no telling which ones you’ll get first, simply once you’re LV. 50, you’ll have all of those kinds. But some are received from killing psychopaths

Curiously Inventive
Curiously Inventive
Collect combo cards hidden in Fortune City.

These are combo cards which are attached to certain posters, you may notice some posters where you can examine them, these posters will give Chuck ideas, which will unlock combo cards.

Tenderizers – Blood Round 4 (Royal Flush Plaza)
– Revenginator 7 (Food Court)
Freedom Bear
– Movie poster (Yucatan Casino)
Snowball Cannon
– Brainfreeze (Palisades Mall)
Holy Arms
– Pit Viking (Atlantica Casino)
Laser Sword
– Laser Knight (Platinum Strip)
– Paddle Party Massacre (Slot Ranch Casino)
Burning Skull
– You need to save up $1,208,500 and give it to the Fortune Whisperer machine at One Little Duck Bingo.

Wingman is included in these, but if you have kept to this guide, you should have it.

Improper Behavior Improper Behavior
Spraypaint all Zombrex posters.

This map should help in getting all these, and you will need spray paint, take about several of them, an infinity supply of them can be found in In the Closet, you only need to spraypaint 33 posters and you have to do up to story case 1-3.


 Misc. Achievements

Fashion Aficionado Fashion Aficionado
Change into 10 different pieces of clothing.

See “Chuck Greene Crossdresser?”

Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?
Chuck Greene: Cross Dresser?
Change into all clothes.

Again, use the map in one of the previous guides for this one, any outfit that is only obtainable from the Locker in the Safe room isn’t needed, so if you’re like me and have no clue in Poker, you don’t need to learn.

And you’ll need to find Tape it or Die Crew, if you have already done the mission they want you to do, then don’t bother, just get the clothing item that is stuck in the room they are in.

Tape it or Die Crew – they are behind the locked door in the back of KokuNutz Sports Town in the Palisades Mall at Day 3 6.00am – 12.00pm

Custom Finish
Custom Finish
Give your bike a custom paint job.

You’ll need to defeat Psychopath Leon Bell to get access to the Bike Garage in Silver Strip, you’ll then need to find any spray can, simply take this to the garage and use it on the bike.

Big Spender Big Spender
Spend $6,000,000 in Fortune City.

You’ll need to have all 3 gambling books for this.

Gambling 1 (Ragazines)
Gambling 2 (Stans Large Print Books and Magazines)
Gambling 3 (Shamrock Casino)

Once you have obtained all these you then have to go to Slot Ranch Casino, there will be a big pink machine near the entrance to the Food Court, use the $1000 bet each time. this is completely down to luck, so there’s no telling how long it may take you to get the cash. It roughly took me 2 hours to save up enough cash by doing this method, but it is a lot easier and faster than other ways.

Window Shopper
Window Shopper
Enter all stores in the game.

This is easy, just look at the map and check off each store you have entered, just enter any you see, you should get this in no time at all. Just a note, Im not sure if this carries through playthroughs or not, so do this all in one, just to make sure.

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