Diablo 3

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Table of Contents

  1. Story
  2. Hardcore
  3. Bosses (Inferno)
  4. Boss Triumphs
  5. Crafting
  6. Leveling/Gear
  7. Misc
  8. Loot


The Last of the Horadrim The Last of the Horadrim
Complete all quests in Act I.

The following achievements/trophies are for progressing through the game and completing all the quests put forward to you. These are story related, so you can’t miss them, just progress at your own pace and these will unlock as you compete each act.

You will need to complete the following quests for this to unlock:

  • The Fallen Star
  • The Legacy of Cain
  • A Shattered Crown
  • Reign of the Black King
  • Sword of the Stranger
  • The Broken Blade
  • The Doom in Wortham
  • Trailing the Coven
  • The Imprisoned Angel
  • Return to New Tristram

The Mad King's End The Mad King’s End
Kill the Skeleton King in Normal mode.

This is story related and will unlock after beating Skeleton King on Normal or above.

See the “Bosses (Inferno)” below for more information.

Butchered! Butchered!
Kill the Butcher in Normal mode.

This is story related and will unlock after beating The Butcher on Normal or above.

See the “Bosses (Inferno)” below for more information.

The Black Soulstone The Black Soulstone
Complete all quests in Act II.

You will need to complete the following quests for this to unlock:

  • Shadows in the Desert
  • The Road to Alcarnus
  • City of Blood
  • A Royal Audience
  • Unexpected Allies
  • Betrayer of the Horadrim
  • Blood and Sand
  • The Black Soulstone
  • The Scouring of Caldeum
  • Lord of Lies

The Coven Overthrown The Coven Overthrown
Kill Maghda in Normal mode.

This is story related and will unlock after beating Maghda on Normal or above.

See the “Bosses (Inferno)” below for more information.

The Lord of Lies The Lord of Lies
Kill Belial in Normal mode.

This is story related and will unlock after beating Belial on Normal or above.

See the “Bosses (Inferno)” below for more information.

The Wages of Sin The Wages of Sin
Complete all quests in Act III.

You will need to complete the following quests for this to unlock:

  • The Siege of Bastion’s Keep
  • Turning the Tide
  • The Breached Keep
  • Tremors in the Stone
  • Machines of War
  • Siegebreaker
  • Heart of Sin

The Lord of Sin The Lord of Sin
Kill Azmodan in Normal mode.

This is story related and will unlock after beating Azmodan on Normal or above.

See the “Bosses (Inferno)” below for more information.

Victory and Sacrifice Victory and Sacrifice
Complete all quests in Act IV.

You will need to complete the following quests for this to unlock:

  • Fall of the High Heavens
  • The Light of Hope
  • Beneath the Spire
  • Prime Evil

The Prime Evil The Prime Evil
Kill Diablo in Normal mode.

This is story related and will unlock after beating Diablo on Normal or above.

See the “Bosses (Inferno)” below for more information.


Demon Slayer (Hardcore) Demon Slayer (Hardcore)
Reach level 30 in Hardcore mode.

This mode isn’t accessible from the very start of the game, you will first need to reach level 10 with at least one character. Once you’ve reached this level, Hardcore mode will be available from the character creation screen. You will need to press :y: to change between the modes. Once your character is created, you can then take on the challenge of playing through the game without dying. If you happen to die, it’s game over for that characters.

You cannot use your stash to swap items between Hardcore and regular characters, also all pre-order incentives do not carry over to this mode. If you’re unsure about this mode, you can always play on easy monster difficulty which will make the game extremely easy.

General tips:

  • Avoid big groups of enemies, pick them off and retreat if you’re overwhelmed.
  • Don’t be scared of using health positions.
  • Use a class you’re familiar with.
  • Pick armor with good defensive attributes.
  • Don’t rush.

These may be fairly obvious, but knowing these things help a lot. If you don’t think you can tackle a boss just yet, replay quests until you’re happy you’ve leveled up enough to fight them.

Remember, this is only for hitting level 30 on Hardcore, you don’t have to finish the game to achieve this. You should hit level 30 around the end of Act 3.

Bosses (Inferno)

The Mad King's End (Inferno) The Mad King’s End (Inferno)
Kill the Skeleton King in Inferno mode.

If you’ve made it to Inferno, then you’ve already experienced the majority of the varied difficulties with this boss. He’s the easiest boss in the game seeing as he’s the first boss. But his only major attack will be his spinning attack and teleport smash. His only other general attacks are melee attacks and he will summon skeletons to slow you down and fight for him.

As he’s the first real boss of the game, don’t go in lightly, always take caution as if you’re not repaired, he can destroy you just as easily as any other boss in the game.

Butchered! (Inferno) Butchered! (Inferno)
Kill the Butcher in Inferno mode.

The Butcher will be you first main challenge when it comes to bosses, not for his might, but because you’re running around on a panel floor which goes up in flames every so often.

The Butcher has several attacks which you need to be very careful of, but they can all be avoided with a little care. The one attack you should really be careful with is the spear. If you’re too close and happen to be caught by the spear, it could be life or death. The Butcher can wandering around this fire arena without taking damage from the floor, so more often than not he will pull you into the fire areas and kill you in an instance.

His other attacks consist of a rage charge, and spears. He will also use various melee attacks if you’re too close. But all these attacks can be avoided quite easily by just keeping your distance when he’s enraged.

The Coven Overthrown (Inferno) The Coven Overthrown (Inferno)
Kill Maghda in Inferno mode.

Maghda is quite straight forward, she has two main attacks, one involves firing a moth cluster fireball at you, and the other involves her summoning minions to do her bidding. Once she summons her minions, you will need to kill them all to remove her shield which will appear once they’re summoned. These enemies are quite easy to kill, but make sure you avoid her fireball moth attack as this is her main strong attack.

The Lord of Lies (Inferno) The Lord of Lies (Inferno)
Kill Belial in Inferno mode.

Belial is the one boss most people will run into difficulty with dude to how he attacks. You can avoid most of his attacks, but if you’re not prepared for his breath or happen to get caught up in his ground slam, it can be quite devastating.

Phase 1

During this phase Belial will send his troops after you. This is fairly straight forward, just kill everything that moves. These are enemies you’ve dealt with before, so they’re not much of a challenge.

Phase 2

In this phase Belial himself will come down to the floor and start to attack you. The only major attack you should have any concern with here is the three fireballs he will fire at you once in a while. Outside of his melee attack he will call for reinforcements every so often. In this form he’s quite easy to deal with, but his melee attack can be quite damaging if you’re too close.

Phase 3

In this final phase, Belial will grow and become a large force of power. All of his attacks are quite devastating, so avoiding all of them if possible is a must. He will most often than not slam the ground with his arms, so make sure you avoid this attack at all costs. The second attack that he will most commonly use is a toxic breath which he will spew on you from one side of the area to the next. This is quite difficult to avoid, so having a good resistance helps. His other final attack involves him sticking his claws into the ground and summoning various green deadly pools which explode into lighting. These can be quite easy to avoid, just run around the are and avoid them as much as possible.

The Lord of Sin (Inferno) The Lord of Sin (Inferno)
Kill Azmodan in Inferno mode.

Azmodans general attacks require him to be fairly close to you as they’re melee attacks. But he does have the blood pools, and reinforcements which you will have to avoid. The blood pools aren’t much of a threat as they just decrease the size of the area you have access to. Compared to the PC version of the game, you can somewhat ignore these, just don’t stand in them as they will damage your health.

The two main attacks you should be careful of is the laser and large fireball. Azmodan will also summon a rain of dead corpses. He’s quite slow, but deadly up close. So just pay close attention to where his reinforcements are coming from, and keep moving. Do your best to avoid his fireball and laser attack at all costs as these are his hard hitting attacks.

The Prime Evil (Nightmare) The Prime Evil (Nightmare)
Kill Diablo in Nightmare mode.

See “The Prim Evil (Inferno)”.

The Prime Evil (Hell) The Prime Evil (Hell)
Kill Diablo in Hell mode.

See “The Prim Evil (Inferno)”.

The Prime Evil (Inferno) The Prime Evil (Inferno)
Kill Diablo in Inferno mode.

Dealing with Diablo on Inferno may seem impossible at first, but if you’re using the right gear for your character and improve your defensive stats, and your attack, you shouldn’t have too many issues with him. You should keep your distance when at all possible, unless you’re playing as the Barbarian as all your attacks will be close range.

Phase 1

In this general phase you will experience all of Diablo’s attacks apart from the lighting attack which happens in phase 3. He will stomp the ground, throw fireballs at you, which also turn into a ring of fire if they hit you. He will also charge you and try to capture you in summoned bone cages that appear randomly on the floor. Most of his attacks can be avoided, but if you’re close to him most of the time he melee attacks can be quite deadly as well.

Phase 2

In this phase you will have to start fighting a shadow version of Diablo. He will have a full health bar, and he will also summon a clone of your character. Your biggest threat here are the clones. these enemies match your character abilities, level and power. So if you see them spawn, focus on them as soon as you see them. If they’re still floating around when Diablo spawns back into the area, they can catch you off guard quite quickly.

Diablo will throw fireballs at you which will form into a ring of fire on the floor. This will be his most common attack, next to trying to teleport and hit you. But he will also call for the bone cages as well. In this phase it’s quite easy to avoid his attacks, just be careful when he starts to summon the cages as if you get caught, you’re going to lose a lot of health.

Phase 3

This last phase is much like the first phase, apart from Diablo is a bigger threat this time around. All his attacks will be the same, but he will start to fire lighting at you. If you’ve made it this far, then you’ve already overcome the general attacks and know how to avoid everything he’s going to throw at you. Just keep moving and keep track of where Diablo is on the mini map.

Boss Triumphs

Fresh Meat Fresh Meat
Complete all the Butcher triumph challenges.

You will need to complete the following challenges while fighting the Butcher. These challenges stack on difficulty, so if you happen to miss one on Hell difficulty, you can also complete the requirement on Inferno.

There are no real tips to know for these challenges, just keep in mind what you have to do. Having a character which deals a lot of damage will make these challenges extremely easy, so if you don’t manage to complete them the first time around, you can replay various quests until you have better gear.

Don’t Stand in the Fire!
Kill the Butcher without being burned by floor fires or being grabbed by Ancient Spear on Hell difficulty or higher.

A Brief Butchering
Kill the Butcher in under 2 minutes on Inferno difficulty.

Stunning Reversal
Kill the Butcher while he is stunned by his own charge attack on Nightmare difficulty or higher.

Out of the Shadows Out of the Shadows
Complete all the Belial triumph challenges.

You will need to complete the following challenges while fighting Belial. These challenges stack on difficulty, so if you happen to miss one on Hell difficulty, you can also complete the requirement on Inferno.

Good Eye
Kill Belial without getting hit by his projectile or meteor attacks.

Why’d It Have to Be Snakes?
Kill 10 Veiled Sentinels in the first 30 seconds of starting the fight with Belial on Nightmare difficulty or higher.

Fist Missed
Kill Belial without getting hit by his fist attack.

Bad Breath
Kill Belial without getting hit by his breath attack on Inferno difficulty.

Azmodone Azmodone
Complete all the Azmodan triumph challenges.

You will need to complete the following challenges while fighting Azmodan. These challenges stack on difficulty, so if you happen to miss one on Hell difficulty, you can also complete the requirement on Inferno.

No Reinforcements
Destroy the Demon Gates before any Demon Troopers can spawn while fighting Azmodan on Hell difficulty or higher.

Hot Foot
Kill Azmodan without walking over the bloody demonic ground on Hell difficulty or higher.

Be Cool
Kill Azmodan without getting hit by a fireball on Hell difficulty or higher.

Azmodan Adds
Kill Azmodan without killing any of his minions on Hell difficulty or higher.

Diabolical Diabolical
Complete all the Diablo triumph challenges.

You will need to complete the following challenges while fighting Diablo. These challenges stack on difficulty, so if you happen to miss one on Hell difficulty, you can also complete the requirement on Inferno.

Kill Diablo without getting trapped in a spike trap on Hell difficulty or higher.

There Can Be Only One
Fight and kill 5 clones of yourself in Diablo’s Realm of Terror on Hell difficulty or higher.

Self Sufficient
Kill Diablo without using any health globes or healing wells on Nightmare difficulty or higher.



Breaking Not So Bad Breaking Not So Bad
Use a merchant to repair an item.

At some point you will need to repair your gear. You will know this once you have a yellow or red marker near your health bar. This indicates that your equipment is damaged. You will then need to visit on the vendors or your blacksmith who can repair your gear. This will unlock using either repair or, or repair equipped.

Made to Order Made to Order
Craft 5 items.

Before you can craft items, you will first need to help the blacksmith or the jeweler. The blacksmith will be your first encounter in Act 1. After helping with his situation, he will then allow you to craft items at any of the safe home areas. The jeweler can be found stuck in a barrel in act 2. Once you’ve helped him, he will also return to your home area and allow you to craft gem items.

Before you can craft any items, you will need to obtain various materials. The lower level gems and blacksmith items only cost pages which are a common drop on the early difficulties. As you progress through the game you will obtain tomes and secret tomes which are required to make better items.

Bejeweled Bejeweled
Combine gems.

After you free Shen in Act 2, he will then return to your camp. After exploring some, you will come across gems. From here, you can then upgrade your Shen and combine gems to make higher quality gems to use in your gear. Gems play a small role in various attributes, so you will want to take advantage of them sooner or later, but this will most likely come naturally.

A Life with Meaning A Life with Meaning
Raise the Blacksmith to level 10.

You will find meet the Blacksmith in Act I. Once you’ve completed his quest line, he will then appear in the town center where you can take advantage of his abilities to repair, create and train. To upgrade the Blacksmith to level 10 you will need to put in a fair amount of money. You will also be required to use Blacksmith crafting pages and created/found tomes to reach level 10. You will need to start playing on Nightmare or above to obtain Blacksmith pages as they don’t drop on any difficulty below this.

With each upgrade to the Blacksmith you will need to upgrade 5 times per level. The following information is a rough estimation based off the PC version of the game. The values may differ on consoles:

Required Items:

The following items drop as loot on the following difficulties:

  • Blacksmith Pages (Nightmare)
  • Blacksmith Tomes (Hell)
  • Tome of Secrets (Inferno)

Crafting Tomes

You can first start crafting tomes during your nightmare playthrough for the Blacksmitch and Jewelcrafter. This is a slightly easier way to obtain these items without playing higher difficulties.

  • 10 Pages = 1 Tome
  • 10 Tomes = 1 Tome of Secrets

Staring Level

5,000 gold

6,000 gold

10,000 gold

Grand Master
12,000 gold, 2 Pages of Blacksmithing

20,000 gold, 6 Pages of Blacksmithing

22,000 gold, 4 Pages of Blacksmithing, 2 Tomes of Blacksmitching

30,000 gold, 6 Tomes of Blacksmitching

28,000 gold, 4 tomes of Blacksmitching, 2 Secret Tomes

Gold: 40,000, 9 secret tomes

Just a Hobby Just a Hobby
Raise the Jeweler to level 10.

To earn this you will need to raise Shen’s jewel crafting skills to level 10. Doing so will then allow you to combine and create higher quality gems for use in your gear. To level up Shen takes time, but he’s a lot easier and less time-consuming than the Blacksmitch.

You can read more about crafting items under “A Life with Meaning” above as you can only craft the following materials with the Blacksmith.

Required Items: Jeweler Pages, Jeweler Tomes, Tome of Secrets

Starting Level

5,000 gold

5,000 gold

10,000 gold, 10 Pages of Jewelcrafting

Grand Master
10,000 gold, 10 Pages of Jewelcrafting

10,000 gold, 10 Tomes of Jewelcrafting

20,000 gold, 10 Tomes of Jewelcrafting

20,000 gold, 10 Secret Tomes

30,000 gold, 10 Secret Tomes

40,000 gold, 20 Secret Tomes



Rite of Passage Rite of Passage
Reach level 10.

See “Hero of Sanctuary”.

Demon Slayer Demon Slayer
Reach level 30.

See “Hero of Sanctuary”.

Hero of Sanctuary Hero of Sanctuary
Reach level 60.

To reach level 60 you will need to complete the game multiple times, or farm and grind your way through various chapters of your choice. You will unlock this level somewhere between nightmare and hell, but you may also need to grind after playing through these difficulties to unlock Inferno.

If you’re finding that you’re not leveling up fast enough, you can also adjust the monster level difficulty as well to increase your chance of improved XP. There’s also various sets of gear that will improve your overall XP.

Rite of Passage Rarely There
Equip a rare (yellow) item.

Rare items drop fairly commonly on the higher difficulties, but you will come across them once in a while on normal. Once you obtain one, just equip it and this will unlock.

Rarely There Legends of the Brawl
Equip a legendary (orange) item.

These items are a little on the hit or miss side of things. At times you may encounter legendary items on a consistent basis, but other times you won’t see them for hours of playtime. Once you obtain one of these items, equip it and this will unlock. These items will drop on all difficulties, just more commonly on the higher difficulties with high magic find.

Friends with Benefits Friends with Benefits
Fully equip one of your followers.

Before you can upgrade your follow with gear, you need to unlock the ability to use them. You will encounter your first two followers in act 1, then your third in act 2.

Once you have obtained your follower of choice, you will need to equip the following slots with items:

  • Off Hand
  • Main Hand
  • Follower Special
  • Jewelry

Armed to the Teeth Armed to the Teeth
Equip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 25 or higher.

See “Prepared for Battle”.

Prepared for Battle Prepared for Battle
Equip all Inventory slots with items that have a minimum required level of 60 or higher.

At first this may seem like an impossible goal, but it will come with time and progression. By the time you reach inferno, you will be level 60, which will allow you to then equip level 60 weapons, items and armor. Once you’re at this level, you may already have several level 60 items. You can also buy several level 60 items from vendors.

You will need to equip level 60 items to the following slots:


  • Graves
  • Shoulders
  • Chest Armor
  • Helm
  • Bracers
  • Boosts
  • Belt


  • Left Hand
  • Right Hand


  • Amulet
  • Ring Slot 1
  • Ring Slot 2

Shut Up and Take My Money! Shut Up and Take My Money!
Buy each type of item from merchants.

In total there are 31 items that you need to buy from vendors. These items vary depending on the vendor, but you will have access to all vendors once you reach Act 3. For this you will need to buy at least one of each items, though the vendors change the items they sell from time-to-time, so just visit each vendor, and check the progress checklist in your challenges menu.

Some items may vary depending on vendors, but they can be found in the following locations in the safe home areas. There are also issues with the tracking for this, so if you check your challenge menu and it’s not updated, note down which items you’ve completed and check back after buying another items.

You will need to buy the following items:

Act 1 (Tristam)

  • Sword
  • Mojo
  • Belt
  • Bow
  • Dagger
  • Fist Weapon
  • 1-Handed Crossbow
  • Leg Armor
  • Wizard Source
  • Quiver
  • Shield
  • Spear
  • Staff
  • Mace
  • Amulet
  • Boots
  • Bracers
  • Chest Armor
  • Crossbow
  • Gloves
  • Helm
  • Ring
  • Wand

Act 2 (Hidden Camp)

  • Ceremonial Knife
  • Daibo
  • Dye (Caldem Bazzar)
  • Polearm
  • Shoulder Armor
  • Spirit Stone (Dahlgur Oasis)

Act 3 (Stronghold)

  • Mighty Weapon


The Elitist The Elitist
Kill 500 elite (champion, rare, or unique) enemies.

Elites come in various forms, but they’re fairly obvious by their coloring and attacks. You will know once you encounter an Elite group as they will usually come in three’s and have a gold or blue hue to them. This may sound tedious, but by just progression through the game you should have killed somewhere in the region of 500 by the time you reach Nightmare difficulty.

Just progress through the game and kill everything that moves. You will encounter many Elite groups as you progress. Just try not to avoid them as they drop various amounts of improved loot.

Never Seen that Before Never Seen that Before
Kill one of the unique enemies listed in the Never Seen That Before Challenge.

There’s no real way to earn this apart from just playing through the game. These enemies are unique mob enemies which appear in the game world. You will know once you encounter them as as they will have a unique name. After killing one of these enemies, you will be alerted of killing a unique enemy for the “Never Seen That Before Challenge”.

You can track the progress of this challenge by pausing the game and selecting challenges and then looking under the Triumphs menu.

The Comfort of Strangers The Comfort of Strangers
Recruit the Templar, Scoundrel, and Enchantress.

This is story related, so just progress through the game at your own pace and you will meet these characters sooner or later. You will meet the Templar and Scoundrel in act 1, and the Enchantress in act 2.

The Art of Conversation The Art of Conversation
Complete all the main character, follower, and artisan conversation challenges.

Throughout the game you will notice that your fellow companions, artists and followers will have a blue * above their heads. This means they’ve got a new conversation piece for you to listen to. So before, after and during every quest line they may update. Some conversations only show up at the very beginning of various quests, so if you’re out exploring the world, you may have to teleport back to the home area to pick up the conversations.

You can however jump between acts, quests and sections of the game to pick up conversations you may have missed, so don’t fret if you get to the end of the game and find you’ve missed some. There are also some conversations you can’t and won’t obtain on your friend playthrough.

The following challenges are linked to each character. You can keep track and check on your progress through the challenge menu under general.

Artisan Conversation Challenges:

  • Hassling Haedrig
  • Everybody Loves Shen

Main Character Conversations Challenges:

  • Stay Awhile and Listen
  • More than Stories
  • Bewitched
  • It’s Just Us

Follower Conversation Challenges:

  • For the Order
  • Secrets of the Ages
  • To Catch a Thief

Space! I Love Space! Space! I Love Space!
Buy all stash upgrades.

The stash is a chest that you will find in your safe haven starting areas of each act. This chest can be used to store valuable items, crafting materials and various other loot. Upgrading this chest isn’t always required, but if you plan to store items to share across your other playable characters, or use it to store your gems and other items for later, upgrading is a must.

To fully upgrade the chest you will need to buy various levels by pressing the :rs: while in the stash menu. Doing so will then use the required amount of gold in your inventory to upgrade to the next tier.

The following requirements are needed to unlock the final slots for the stash:

Slots 1-2 (20,000)

  • 40 10,000
  • 60 10,000

Slots 3-4 (50,000)

  • 80 25,000
  • 100 25,000

Slots 5-6 (150,000)

  • 120 75,000
  • 140 75,000

Slots 7-10 (450,000)

  • 160 slots 150,000
  • 180 slots 150,000
  • 200 slots 150,000

Slot 11 (500,000)

  • 210 slots 500,000

In total you will need to amass 1.1 million gold to unlock all the slots for your stash. This may seem quite high, but you will always have a steady flow of gold if you sell items.


Deep Pockets Deep Pockets
Pick up 500,000 gold.

See “All That Glitters”.

All That Glitters All That Glitters
Pick up 5,000,000 gold.

At first picking up gold may seem tedious, but over time you will start to find better loot that will allow for a much wider pickup radius, so gold will become a little more accessible without having to run over it. After completing the first two difficulties of the game you should have somewhere around 300,000 gold picked up. This may be a little lower, or higher, it just depends on if you replay areas and if you explore and kill everything in sight.

This will take somewhere in the region of 20+ hours of farming gold, but making sure you have gold find at a high level, will increase the amount of gold you find from enemies. You can also attach a topaz to your help which will also help increase the frequency of drops. There are many farming methods, but all are long and tedious, so replaying various acts and quests is your only real means of farming gold. This will be your last achievement/trophy. So make sure you collect as much gold as possible.

There are several things you can do to improve your gold collection, one is to make sure you have a high gold find on gear. Maxing this out will increase the drop rates. You can also play with other high level players, and use Valor to your advantage. If you have 3 stacks of Valor from killing elites, your gold find is improved. Also with every paragon level you add to your character you gain 3% gold and magic find. Sadly there’s no fast or easy way to find gold in this game. In total you can average around 150,000 gold an hour if you get the right combination of gear and stats.

Just remember, this only counts gold that’s pick up from enemies or chests. Selling items does not count towards the requirements for this.

Greed over Need Greed over Need
Kill 100 Treasure Goblins.

Every once in a while you will find a little hermit looking creature with a giant bag. They usually have some sort of glow to them. These little covetous creatures are a good source for loot which rarely drops. They appear with some frequency, but once you see them, if there are other enemies around, remove the enemies from the area first. Once you have a clear shot, focus all your attack power on these little guys as they make a run for it when you start shooting them.

You will need to kill 100 of these creatures for this to unlock. Just progress through the game, by the time you reach the higher difficulties you should have killed a fair few. There’s no reasoning for where they appear, they’re just a random interaction that you will come across every so often.