Dungeon Fighter LIVE: Fall of Hendon Myre

Author Notes

* The difficulty lowers if you play with parties, at the end of the game, you will unlock King's Road for each dungeon, NPCs will give you a series of quests, the difficulty level is cranked up really high, even in the beginning areas it is hard, its half about having good equipment too though, but they will be a lot easier in parties. There is also the case of buying Resurrection Stones with MSP, once you do clear King's Road on each dungeon, you'll be given a new dungeon which you cannot use health items in, this is also the dungeon which is for The final shutdown, so it has to be completed and completed quickly, again having a party is advised for this!

** Completion Time relies a bit on luck, mainly because of the last dungeon, but also for finding people to do King's Road with, I could hardly find anyone while searching for parties for this difficulty, I luckily came across some people that kept inviting me into theirs, so managed to get King's Road done very quickly.

This guide will attempt to help players complete the game, without the need to buy too many Resurrection Stones, therefore the cheapest way possible.

  1. Story
  2. Quests
  3. Leveling Up
  4. Shop
  5. Misc.
  6. Online


The dawn of a Dungeon Fighter The dawn of a Dungeon Fighter
Complete your first quest.

This will unlock as soon as you rescue Seria, who you find in the forest, once she is back to the village and has talked to you and you see that you have completed the quest, the achievement will unlock.

The tale from start to end The tale from start to end
Complete the campaign in story mode.

This is for completing the story, just keep doing quests, these are pretty straight forward, you can view them by pressing :back: and then scrolling over to the quest area and seeing what dungeon you need to go to, make sure to have as many quests as you can, if there is a few people giving you them, take them, they normally should be the same dungeon, when I got to Lv.10+ I decided to do most dungeons solo on the Normal Road as it is less frustrating, the frustrating thing about playing with parties is because someone could be on the same quest as you and it’ll be a game of whoever gets to the item first, if it is a kill mission you are on, you can do that in party if you wish, any kills your team does goes towards your kill total for the quest.


Road plow Road plow
Clear King’s Road of all dubious creatures in single-player or multiplayer mode.

Once you have completed the story (last dungeon is Sealed Temple), you will unlock King’s Road on Lorien, go back and speak with Linus at Elvengard, he’ll have a quest to give to you which would be King’s Road (1), this means you have to complete King’s Road on Lorien and Lorien Hollow, you need to exit the dungeon once completed so you can unlock King’s Road on the next, once you have done both of these, go back to Linus and that will be the first quest completed.

Next, you have to go to Hendon Myre, go into the area that is right next to where you enter the dungeon page, talk to Pungjin (the NPC that sells Fighter equipment and armor), he will give you a quest which will be King’s Road (2), you will have to clear Mirkwood, Mirkwood Hollow, Tunderland and Poison Thunderland on King’s Road, now at this point, I started to need help from an online party, I was lucky enough to find two people who kept inviting me to their games during this, King’s Road is the highest difficulty, so it is recommended to try to find a good party to do these quests with, the difficulty is knocked down a good bit when you have at least 2 or 3 other players helping, if you happen to die, say No to continue unless you are completely okay with spending extra on this game than you should, press start and go down to Exit Game, load your game back up and try to join the party again, just a note on this though, anyone can join if the host doesn’t have it set to invite only, so just beware that you might end up not being able to join back, the other players would have done the dungeon and might not want to help back, this difficulty option hardly has no one playing it, so you have to be quick to join in again!

Once all of those areas have been cleared, go back to Pungjin, he will have another quest for you, it will be King’s Road (3) and you’ll be happy to know this is the last of them, this is for clearing Mirkwood Frost, Grakquarak, Blazing Grakquarak, Shadow Thunderland and Sealed Temple on King’s Road, you will need a party for these, Sealed Temple is really hard too, I figured its a quick one so I can do it by myself, but I was wrong as the final boss summons previous bosses when it’s restoring it’s health, so you will definitely need an online party for that one, once that is completed that is everything on King’s Road done, go back to Pingjin now in order to complete the quest.

They shall sing of your valor They shall sing of your valor
Complete all quests for the residents of Hendon Myre and Elvengard.

This is pretty straight forward, the NPCs of the game gives you quests, I don’t know if any of these are actually miss-able but what I did was checked each area before going into a dungeon, checking everyone for the Quest icon (seen in the achievement tile), so I had 3 or so quests going on at the same time for that one dungeon, you are going to have to replay each dungeon multiple times anyways, so try to make it as less play-throughs as possible.

See Road plow for information on those quests, those quests unlock once you have completed the story.

There will be one final quest remaining once you do this, and it is quite frustrating, you will definitely need a party of 3 or more for it, it will be given to you by Pingjin and it’s called Floating Garden, this is the final dungeon and the one you need to do The final shutdown, the host will need to have a good amount of Resurrection Stones (at least 40 of them, might need more if you don’t think you are good enough at the game), everyone relies on the host, if the host is bad at the game, or runs out of Resurrection Stones, that means it’s finished for everyone, see The final shutdown for more information.

Leveling Up

Advanced Dungeon Fighter Advanced Dungeon Fighter
Reach level 10 with one character.

See Ultimate Dungeon Fighter for more information.

Ultimate Dungeon Fighter Ultimate Dungeon Fighter
Reach level 20 with one character.

This comes as you complete the game, defeating monsters, completing dungeons and completing quests all give you experience points, you should get this at the end of the story, Lv. 20 isn’t a task to get to, so don’t worry about grinding too much, this is the highest level that you can reach at the moment.


Skilled for the kill Skilled for the kill
Learn 5 new skills with one character.

Skills can be purchased with SP which is something you earn with EXP, you have to purchase skills from the NPC called GSD, once you have purchased five of these, you will unlock the achievement, you will have purchased more than 5 skills throughout the game, so this should come naturally through play.

I am a blacksmith I am a blacksmith
Craft an item using a recipe.

The NPC Bucken (he is one of the first you will see as you enter Hendon Myre), he will give you a quest (not sure if it is available right from the beginning, so keep checking back with him), he will give you a recipe during this quest, this is the easiest one to craft, it is for the Novice Warrior Breastplate, and it requires:

  • Blue Cubes x5 (received from some blue colored equipment)
  • Ordinary Bone x4 (dropped by monsters in Dungeons)
  • Seal of Lady Shannon Myre x1 (dropped by monsters in Dungeons)
  • Linus’ Blacksmith Pass x2 (purchased from Linus in Elvengard)
  • Elemental Crystal x1 (received from purple colored equipment)

You will need to disassemble some equipment to get all the parts for this, you can do this with the NPC Loton, see Make the old new again for more information.

Once you have all the parts required, press :back: and go into the Items section, press :a: to get access to the list of items, go down to the recipe and press :x: to use it, if you have all the parts required, the piece of equipment will be crafted and this achievement will unlock.

Reinforce the message Reinforce the message
Successfully reinforce a +5 weapon or armor.

In Hendon Myre you will find a NPC known as Loton, to reinforce items, you need Ryan Cokes (dropped by monsters in dungeons) and a certain amount of gold (depends on the equipment you are reinforcing, some equipment is cheaper than others, while some may cost up to 10,000 gold per reinforcement), any equipment can be reinforced up to +5, I recommend to have more than 5 Ryan Cokes though as sometimes it can fail in reinforcement.

Make the old new again Make the old new again
Disassemble a piece of equipment to get new items.

Loton can also disassemble equipment, instead of going to “Reinforce Equipment”, go to “Disassemble Equipment”, he can do this with any piece of equipment, make sure it isn’t something you want to equip to your character, as once it’s disassembled, it’s gone and you only have the items that you got from the disassembling, which are used for crafting.

Legacy digger Legacy digger
Now that you’ve obtained 5 legacy items, it’s time you leave your own legacy.

Legacy items are green in text and have the title “Legacy” attached to them, there is two ways in doing this.

The first and free way of doing this is by spending a lot of time, smashing pots you pick up from monster drops, these are very rare though and I have only ever got two of these during my play-through from pots, to break pots, you need to press :back:, go to the items section and press :a: and then press :x: on whatever pot you want to use.

The second is the easy and quick way out, but you are going to have to spend some MSP in order to get this, go to a premium shop (there is a few of these in Hendon Myre), and purchase 20 Resurrection Stones, this is the cheapest pack you can buy, and so long as you have the 10 Resurrection Stones you were given for starting the game, you should have enough Resurrection Stones in order to purchase 5 Legacy items, make sure it’s items for your class, there is different premium shops around Hendon Myre so you will have to go to each to make sure you get the 5 items you want, these are only really good near the start of the game, so if you want this achievement fast and don’t mind paying MSP, you can purchase this equipment and have better stuff than what you would have, for a while.

To the Nines! To the Nines!
Complete an equipment set by collecting all of its pieces.

Completing an equipment set is simple, for example, for the Fighter class, they have items with Sya on the name, if you buy each piece of equipment with that name, and then equip it, you’ll earn this achievement, same goes for the other two classes, just get pieces of equipment with the same name as each other, I believe I did this with the Legacy equipment I purchased, but it should be possible without Legacy equipment too, as I have seen other shops in the game do similar items to each other.


King of Combos King of Combos
Successfully rack up over 20 hit combos.

You can get this as early as the prologue, when you are fighting as a temporary character, when you come to the end, there should be a minotaur and a boss type monster to fight, you need to be careful to get this done before the boss type kills you (he is overpowered at this time, so you won’t be able to defeat him), anyways, this is the combo I did:

:b: > :x: (repeatedly)

Try not to be hit and you should be successful with this, the idea of the combo is to get the minotaur up in the air, then hopefully juggling him for a bit, the boss type should be near by, so he will be caught within the second part, I managed to get up to a 27 combo this way, if you couldn’t get it at this point, there is many other areas in the game where this is possible, normally you just need to get the enemies all grouped up and then attack, use the same combo as above if you are using the Slayer class, I use that class, so I don’t know what the combos would be for the Fighter or Gunner classes, I guess they would be similar though.

If you haven’t got this by the time you have completed the story, it is possible to do in Lorien (King’s Road), I managed to rack up a 80+ combo here by simply pressing :x: repeatedly.

Requiem for a Goblin Requiem for a Goblin
Defeat 100 Goblins.

This is for killing 100 Goblins, these are the most common enemies in the game (at the start at least), you should be able to get this really quickly, you have to kill every enemy to progress in dungeons anyway.  At bosses though, you will need to kill every enemy before you kill the boss, if you kill the boss when there is normal enemies still about, they will be killed as soon as you kill the boss, I am not sure if this counts towards your kill count.

Hit ?em up Hit ’em up
Destroy all destructible objects at least once.

This unlocks once you have destructed every object in dungeons, there is only so many stuff destructible, I recommend just destroying anything or attempting to, so long as you see a difference in it before, that’s it, some objects are not destructible though, now on the final story dungeon, I have no clue what I destroyed that did this, but you will want to take the right path instead of the lower path and whatever I destructed was in there.

Top of the class Top of the class
Reach SSS rank in any dungeon along King’s Road.

This is for reaching SSS rank on any dungeon on King’s Road, you unlock King’s Road once you complete the story, I did this on Lorien, you really need to be playing in a Party for this, as I attempted this solo, got up to a 80+ combo, only got an A rank, but when I finally managed to get someone to join, I only saw a 30+ combo at most and at the end, got the highest rank and the achievement unlocked, so I’m guessing the ranking is made easier when you are playing online.

Make sure to take every path possible before going into fighting the boss, I don’t know, but this is recommended for the PC version when it comes to getting higher scores, time doesn’t really affect the rank you get, you see the rank before you see the time added.

Note: The person I was playing with died in the last area of the dungeon, they didn’t use a Resurrection Stone, so they couldn’t play, I defeated the boss by myself, and out of interest, I went and checked if they had unlocked the achievement too, but they didn’t, so if you die during this and don’t have a Resurrection Stone to come back with, then you won’t unlock this achievement, make sure to come with a decent amount of health items, Lorien Dungeon isn’t that hard, but everything has been increased, enemies can take more hits, enemies deal greater damage.


Double the damage Double the damage
Clear the first dungeon with an online party of two or more players.

This is for playing online with any number of players, when you are selecting a dungeon, choose either Normal, Expert or Master Roads, and then choose “Search for Party” or “Create Party”, all you have to do is complete the dungeon with the other players remaining in play (if the host leaves, that cancels the whole game on everyone).

Dungeon Fighters unite! Dungeon Fighters unite!
Clear a dungeon with a party of all three characters (Slayer, Gunner, Fighter) on Xbox LIVE.

This is for having all three types in a single game, it does not matter if there is two of one type, there is four slots, the other two players just need to be two different ones, the three classes are Slayer, Fighter and Gunner, if you play online regularly, this will come eventually.

The final shutdown The final shutdown
Clear the final dungeon in under 45 minutes with two or more players in your online party.

The final dungeon is Floating Garden, it is this big survival tower where you will have to go up 50 floors, overall, getting this achievement depends on the party you are with, if anyone stands and doesn’t play for a while, this will cost you the achievement!  So everyone has to be co-operative and at least half decent at the game (hopefully by this time, you would have mastered the system quite well), in order to unlock Floating Garden, you will have to complete every quest, including the King’s Road ones.

You are going to have to be prepared to spend extra MSP for this as well, so go to any Premium Shop and buy 20 Resurrection Stones (you’ll need to buy more than this if you plan to be the host), if you saved the 10 you started the game off with, you should be okay, you will just have to be careful using them.

If you are the host, the party relies on you, if you run out of Resurrection Stones and have to admit defeat, that is it, the game is finished on everyone, you may just want to search for party instead, as being host can make this very expensive if you aren’t a master at this game.

Now, this is just some warnings on possible glitches/annoying things that can happen:

  • Host quits out, gets disconnected, this means game over for everyone.
  • Enemy can’t be defeated, stands still, usually Thunder Grenades helps this problem, but I have encountered enemies that they don’t do anything to.
  • You die just as someone joins, your health bar will flash red and you won’t be able to continue until you get to the next floor or quit out and rejoin, this is really annoying on floor 50!

There has been a good few times where I have reached floor 50 and have had that last problem happen on me, and it has happened to others too, it only really happens on Floor 49-50, I have never seen it happen on any floors earlier than that.

Now to save your Resurrection Stones as there’s no confirming, definitely with the glitches that go on, that you are going to get this on your first try, I recommend to only use your Resurrection Stones once you reach floor 49-50, any other time you die, go to No (press :b:) and then press :start:, go down to Exit Game, load your game back up and quickly join the party again, this method is a bit of an unsafe one, but it definitely helps you keep whatever Resurrection Stones you have for the harder floors, I do not recommend using the quitting out method on Floor 49 to 50 as some other people could join, or the party could have killed the final bosses without you.  Obviously, don’t use the quitting out method if you are the host! You are in for the more expensive run, and depending on your skill, you will need 40 or more Resurrection Stones.

The difficulty of this dungeon is Normal Road, but the enemies are the same level they were in King’s Road, they just aren’t as aggressive as they were on it, but this is definitely harder than anything you have faced on King’s Road, at the end (Floor 50), you will face three new bosses and these are based off your own characters, there is a Gunner, Fighter and Slayer, and these guys are no joke, they will kill you within a second, I would be careful if you are low on Resurrection Stones at this point, if you can, sit it out until there is one remaining if you died instead of going straight in again, keep the “Continue?” choice up though, once you think it is safe, use the stone and help finish these bosses off.

Again, doing it within 45 minutes totally depends in how well everyone plays, if someone just stands there and does nothing, they are going to cost the party the achievement, however completing this is good enough for They shall sing of your valor, don’t worry too much about picking up items, you have enough already by this point, just don’t do anything to waste time!

The reason why you’ll die so much in this dungeon is because you can’t use food or potions to heal your health with, otherwise it would be an easy task, you can use Fortune Coins though, these are coins you would pick up from defeating monsters in dungeons, these are risky to use though as it has a flip the coin sense to it where it will either heal you or harm you, but you can’t kill yourself in this game, enemies need to do that, you also get healed every time someone joins, revives themselves and every time you reach a new floor, this isn’t much though, but it helps, anyone should be able to go from Floor 1 to 30 without dying, it’s when it gets to Floor 30 is when you will die more often.

Hopefully at some point, the last two glitches that I have stated may be patched out, so this will be easier, or at least less annoying at some point to achieve, there is nothing saying that this game will ever get patched though, there is also a freeze problem, but I never encountered that problem during this dungeon.

Merchant of Hendon Myre Merchant of Hendon Myre
Exchange an item with another player via Xbox LIVE.

To trade, you must be in a lobby, don’t hit “Ready” yet, instead, go to “Hand Over Item” and give an item (any sort) to another player in the lobby, you’ll need to select their gamertag first, and if they are nice, they will return the favor and this will unlock the achievement, same goes if someone give you an item, when you give them one back, you’ll get the achievement, if you can’t find someone to give you an item, you can always invite a friend and get them to give you one, and you give one back.

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