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Table of Contents

  1. Ultimate Team/Online
  2. GM Mode
  3. Miscellaneous/Skills

Ultimate Team/Online

Mr. Manager Mr. Manager

Take Control of your own FIFA Ultimate Team

You can skip the beginning game tutorial then you will get more instructions about creating your own team, make your team and you will unlock this.


Building My Club Building My Club

Claim your first FUT Pack

You will get this right when you head into Ultimate Team, you will have to pick a name you want to use for your team and get your starter pack.


In Form! In Form!

Find a team of the week player in a pack

This will all be based on luck, as you need to open packs to get players and getting an IF (in form) team of the week the chances are very slim at best.

Press Conference Press Conference

Purchase a gold player in the Auction House for 15,000 or more coins using buy it now

Just like the description says buy a player from the Auction house for 15,000+ coins.

Challenge Accepted Challenge Accepted

Win a match against the team of the week

This is for FUT you can challenge the team of the week with your team and all you have to do is win.

Road to Promotion Road to Promotion

Win a FUT Seasons Match

This is pretty simple just win either an Offline or Online match and it will unlock.

Silverware Silverware

Win a Trophy in a FUT Competition

This can be an online or offline trophy and they have a beginner tournament so play that one and win, it shouldn’t be to difficult. Play and win the tournament and you will unlock this.

Promoted! Promoted!

Earn promotion in FUT Seasons

This is new to FUT this year instead of having single matches there is Seasons and to get a promotion you either have to earn one through Online Seasons or the Offline Seasons both which you need 12 Points to be able to get promoted to the next Division. Offline will be harder in the beginning because you will have to play on World Professional and with a low level team it will really challenging to be able to get promoted to the next Division.

Pack King Pack King

Open 50 FUT Packs

There are many ways you can get this, there is the cheap way and if you have money available you can buy packs with FIFA points and spend them all on Bronze packs which are the cheapest. Or you can do the long way and win tournaments say up coins and buy packs with coins.

NOTE: 4000 Microsoft Points with the EA Sports Season Ticket discount can net you 50 Gold Premium packs so if you don’t have the discount then you can buy silver packs or regular gold packs.

I Love This Club I Love This Club

Achieve a club value of 85,000,000

This isn’t based on how much you paid for your players each card has a value of it based on it’s rarity.

The Approximate values of the Rarities are as followed:

Bronze – 55,000
Rare Bronze – 130,000
Silver – 80,000
Rare Silver – 185,000
Gold – 140,000
Rare Gold – 270,000

Maxed OutMaxed Out

Reach the daily limit of XP in the EA SPORTS Football Club

If you have some levels already from FIFA 12 and you start up FIFA 13 you will get this but if you are starting on FIFA 13 without playing any other FIFA games the daily XP is 2,000 if you just play games and do skills and complete a EASFC challenge this is easily obtainable.

EASFC Youth Academy EASFC Youth Academy

Reach level 5 in the EA SPORTS Football Club

EASFC carries on from Fifa 12. So if you have above level 5 in Fifa 12 this achievement will pop as soon as you load the game up for the first time. Same goes with EASFC starting 11.

EASFC Starting 11EASFC Starting 11

Reach level 20 in the EA SPORTS Football Club

Same as “EASFC Youth Academy” if you were already level 20+ in FIFA 12 then this will unlock for you when you play FIFA 13, but if not just play games, play ultimate team, do EASFC Match Days etc.. Till you hit level 20 which shouldn’t take long at all.

Hello World Hello World

Play your first match with your Online Pro

See “One of the Bros” as this will unlock during the same game.

One of the Bros One of the Bros

Be part of a Club win

For this you will need to be apart of a club and get the win, pretty self explanatory.

Big Spender Big Spender

Redeem an item with EAS FC Football Club Credits.

This is easy, just go to EAS FC then the first thing is Catalog go in there and buy something then it will unlock.

Good Start Good Start

Unlock 10% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro

This will involve your Virtual Pro if you aren’t in a Club you can play Drop in matches and play as the position you want, I’m playing as a Right Forward and as Finisher so for me I have to score goals, skill move past defenders, make good passes etc… You can see your Virtual Pro’s percentage by going to Xbox Live>Pro Clubs Seasons>My Pro>Accomplishments and when you get to My Pro you can press :y: to see your Overall Progress.

Well on Your Way Well on Your Way

Unlock 25% of the accomplishments with your Online Pro

Same as “Good Start” but you need your accomplishment meter to read 25%.

Bros Bros

Play a Seasons game with a Guest

Head into a Season match with a 2nd controller on your end (a Guest account) and play through the match when the match finishes you will get this.

Still Friends? Still Friends?

Win an Online Friendlies Season

You need to play a seasons match against a friend, you can invite a friend to play and ask to win the match and if your friend wants it unlocked as well then invite again but this time lose so they can get it.

On the Rise On the Rise

Earn a Promotion in Seasons

Same as “Division King” except you don’t need to win the title you just to get promoted to the next Division which is Division 9 and you only need 9 points to get promoted, getting 12 points will get you both this and “Division King”.

Division King Division King

Win a Division title in Seasons

If you played FIFA regularly and are pretty decent at the game this shouldn’t be to hard, go to Seasons and you will start out in Division 10 (Lowest division) to win the title you will need 12 points. You get 3 points for a Win, 1 Point for a Draw and you get 0 Points for a Loss. So all you have to do is win 4 games and you have 10 games to do so.

Filling Cabinets Filling Cabinets

Win a Cup in Seasons

This achievement requires you to be in seasons and play cup matches instead of season matches. Cup matches are only accessible at certain times so be sure to check. It says in the menu for seasons when the next cup is and when the current one closes. For this achievement you need to win 4 games in a row against real people.

1 week 1 week

Win all the EAS FC Match Day Games of the Week in a single week

Go to EAS FC Match Day from the main menu and then go Games of the Week. You will be displayed with 5 upcoming matches across the world and you have to win each game. You can play on any difficulty although amateur makes it easier, it’s only 5 games so I would suggest doing them all in one go.

Go Live!Go Live!

Win an EAS FC Match Day Live Fixture

Go to EAS FC Match Day then go to Live Fixture, choose a team of your choice and play the match. Win and this will unlock can be done on any difficulty, amateur makes it easier.

Getting Real Getting Real

Play 25 EAS FC Match Day Games

You have to play 25 EASFC Match Day games. What’s good is that you do NOT have to win them, only play them. You can simply start a match with any team and set the controller down and let the match play out on its own. This does not have to be done in one sitting either. Also when you are selecting your team you have to make sure match day is turned on. It will be in the middle of the screen, if it is off press :y: to turn it on.

Challenging Challenging

Complete an EA SPORTS Football Club Challenge

In the main menu there will be a section that says EAS FC go into there and you will see and section called Challenges pick the challenge and pick the difficulty you want to play on and finish the match.

GM Mode

For CountryFor Country

Become manager of an international team

After a while you will be approached by a country to coach their international team, just say yes and it will unlock.

Master Negotiator Master Negotiator

Sell a player by getting your counter offer accepted by the CPU

I chose to manage Barcelona and I was getting offers left and right for players, when you get an offer for a player you will see that you can counter it for more money just bump the price of the player up a little and send the counter offer and simulate a few days to see if they will accept the offer.

So Euro So Euro

Enable European competition in the first season of Career

When you start your manager career mode you will come to a career settings screen. The bottom option says European Competition in 1st Season? Press :a: and then :x: to seed the teams into their groups. Your team does not have to be seeded to get this.

Way with Words Way with Words

Successfully request additional funds from your board in Career

This requires you to be on a manager career mode not player. To get this you need to go into managers office and the click on request funds. There is a catch though, you can only request extra funds during a transfer window and it will be denied during the first transfer window. This means that the earliest possible in game time you can earn this is January 2013. It’s also advised to doing well in your matches to make getting this easier. To get this quickly you can choose a good club like Barcelona and simulate until January and then request the funds.

National Pride National Pride

Get called up to the national team as a player

This is also very easy. Start a player career and play as any team that has a National Superstar to make it easy you can pick Barcelona as they have mostly everyone from Spain there.. Then choose to play as a real player who you know is is already in the national team(Best player is Lionel Messi). Go to calender and simulate to around the 27th September. Ignore everything that pops up and keep simulating. He will be picked for his national team without you even playing a match.

Wheeling and Dealing Wheeling and Dealing

Complete a Player + cash deal in Career

Easiest way to get this is start out by managing Barcelona, then when you can go and try and buy players from other leagues or teams you can approach the team to buy the player. If it’s a big know player you will have to shell out more money but if you are doing this just to unlock this then just pick a random player to buy and throw in some cash then throw in a player as well. When you get the confirmation that you got the player from the trade you will then need to sign him to a contract make it so where they can’t refuse make a generous offer and when they accept the contract it, this will unlock.

Impressive Impressive

Achieve one of your season objectives as a player at any point in your career

Playing as your virtual pro will make the objectives much easier. Simulate the friendlies as they do not count towards this. Once you have settled at a club go to My Pro and then go to League Objectives. It will display 2 primary and 2 secondary objectives. The main two are Goals and Assists (assuming you are playing as a striker). Focus on which ever has the lowest number and then start to play your matches. Playing on amateur and playing with the whole team makes this achievement easier. It should take a maximum of 3 to 4 games.

Nice Form Nice Form

Achieve your match set objective as player at any point in your career

You need to be in or start a player career mode go to My Pro, go to upcoming targets and your match set objectives will be listed. You will noticed 4 matches on the left hand side. This indicates that you must complete all of your objective within those 4 matches. The objectives wont be too hard and you can always put it on amateur to make it easier.

Digi-Me Digi-Me

Start your Player Career with a Created Pro

Start a new player career and create a pro when it asks you to, once down you will unlock this.

Packing Bags Packing Bags

Go out on loan or transfer to another club with your Pro in Play as Player

To get this you must be in player career and be playing as your pro not a real player. Starting your career at a young age and with a good team will increase the likelihood of you being loaned out. After a few days have passed you will be told that you have been placed on the loan list. Over the course of the next few weeks you will receive loan offers from a number of clubs. You can accept any you desire and it will unlock once you move to the new club.


Bronzed Bronzed

Complete the Bronze stage of all Skills

This is new to FIFA with skill competitions, just do all of them until you get them past the bronze level some might take some time but this isn’t hard.

Lob pass: 15,000
Dribbling: 5,000

Shooting: 5,000
Advanced shooting: 3,000

Crossing: 2,000
Free Kicks: 10,000

Penalties: 7,000
Ground pass: 5,000

Road to Mastery Road to Mastery

Unlock a Skill Challenge

This requires you to beat the bronze, silver and gold challenges on one skill game. The easiest skill game in my opinion is the dribbling one.

Skill Legend Skill Legend

Become Legendary on one of the Skill Challenges

This is all about skill out of all challenges what ever you think you are best at just try and get the most points for it, you want to pick Ronaldo from Real Madrid to do the skills with. If you can’t find a skill game you are good at the Dribbling one is pretty easy to get Legend in.

Get In! Get In!

Score a Diving Header

This will unlock over time but for an easy approach when you are going down the side and you are approaching the goal tap :x: twice for a medium low cross and the forward will likely go for a diving header.

Get Physical Get Physical

Seal out an attacking player to gain possession of the ball

I got this by just from playing online games but what you need to do is when the opposing team is on the attack and they have a wide open player and they try to Through pass to them just hang on to the player who is getting the ball passed to him and make sure he doesn’t get the ball, you need to have possession of the ball to unlock this.

Cheeky Cheeky

Chip the Keeper

Can be down in any versus mode and you don’t need to do it with 2 controllers but it can be easier to obtain if you do. But when you have a good break away and when you are approaching the goalie and the goalie starts to come out and try to take the ball away just chip it over him and get the goal. To Chip the ball hold :lb: and shoot by pressing :b:.

Body Control Body Control

Score an off balance shot

There is no right way of getting this, just if you are about to score and the player is mainly shoots with his left foot, position the ball where he will shoot with his right and at a weird angle and more than likely you will end up falling over while shooting so score like this and you will unlock this.

Trolling for Goals Trolling for Goals

Score on a free kick after running over the ball

When you get a Free Kick, you want to set up 2 people to take hold :lt: and tap :x: and :a: while holding :lt: the player will run over the ball then just shoot the ball and score.

No Goal for You! No Goal for You!

Goal Line Clearance

This is another one that is mainly luck, I got this from just playing games regularly but you can run the ball back to your goal and get as close as you can and clear it by hitting either :b: or :x: and I wasn’t on the goal line I was pretty close to it but not exactly on it.

Creeping on the Down Low Creeping on the Down Low

Wall creep, free kick is blocked by wall

You have to block someone’s free kick you cannot have your free kick blocked. When your opponent is lining up a free kick press :rb: to creep forward. The referee may or may not notice you, if he does you may get a yellow card. If he doesn’t notice press :y: as the free kick is taken. Hopefully the ball strikes the wall, if it does you will get this.

Brains and BrawnBrains and Brawn

Shield the ball out of play for a goal kick

Simply pass the ball to a defender from the start of a kick off match. Hold :lt: and :rt: while standing near the line and wait for someone to tackle you and when the ball goes out of bounds for a goal kick it should unlock.

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