Final Fantasy VII (PC)

Author Notes

The majority of side-quests need to be done before Part 3, this includes Yuffie's and Vincent's, if you don't do them before then, then their final Limit Break items will be gone forever, to be safe, just do any side-quest before going onto Part 3 (same as Disc 3 if you are familiar with the PSX version, if not see End of Part II for details in when that part ends).

*Even know Final Fantasy VII is an offline game, you are required to be on the servers to save your game, you cannot play this game offline, and its next to impossible to attempt doing without saving, so you have to be online.

Table of Contents

  1. Story Achievements
  2. Limit Break Achievements
  3. Materia Achievements
  4. Weapon Boss Achievements
  5. Misc. Achievements

Story Achievements

End of Part I
Complete the first part of the game

This unlocks once you have defeated Jenova for a second time, make sure to have unlocked Great Gospel before you enter the Temple of the Ancients which just happens a bit before Forgotten Capital.

End of Part II
Complete the second part of the game

This unlocks after everyone comes back to the Highwind, this will be after the return to Midgar, after you defeat Hojo, it will just be a long bit of talking afterwards.

End of Game

This unlocks once you defeat the final boss of the game, which is pretty much all you do in Part III of the main story.

Limit Break Achievements

Use Cloud’s 1st limit

Each character has a Limit Break, this is for doing their first Limit Break, Limit Break is a simple system in the game, basically whenever a character gets damage, there will be a bar next to their HP/MP and it will increase when damage gets dealt, when it reaches the top, your normal attack will be replaced by Limit which will be flashing, all you have to do is select this and the character will do a more powerful attack, so make sure to do this at least once with each character you obtain, you can switch back to the LV.1 Limit Break if you missed out (make sure to do Healing Wind when you can).

Most likely, you’ll obtain all of these first Limit Break achievements naturally.

Big Shot
Use Barret’s 1st limit

See Braver for more information.

Healing Wind
Use Aerith’s 1st limit

See Braver for more information.

Beat Rush
Use Tifa’s 1st limit

See Braver for more information.

Sled Fang
Use Red XIII’s 1st limit

See Braver for more information.

Boost Jump
Use Cid’s 1st limit

See Braver for more information.

Use Cait Sith’s 1st limit

See Braver for more information.

Greased Lightning
Use Yuffie’s 1st limit

See Braver for more information.
See Yuffie for more information in finding Yuffie and getting her to join your party.

Galian Beast
Use Vincent’s 1st limit

See Braver for more information.
See Vincent for more information in finding Vincent and getting him to join your party.

Get Cloud’s last Limit Break

You need to have all previous Limit Breaks for each character (Cait Sith is an exception) before you can use the item which unlocks their Lv. 4 and final Limit Breaks, this is really just a thing placed in the game so you don’t end up having everyone’s final limit early.

When it talks about kills, this means kills that the character in question has done, and they have to be on that level of Limit Break, so once you have completed a Limit level, go to the next, or just go straight to it if you are more interested in grinding out kills first, a good area to grind out kills would be the Midgar area on the World Map, what I do is have an extra Lightning Materia, attach All to it, and then while in battle, select Defend with everyone else until I get to the character I want to grind kills for, and get them to use Bolt, this should only take one attack, and you will be getting 2-3 enemies in each battle.

Cloud is probably one of the easier characters to grind out as he is your main all the time nearly, it’s the characters you decide not to use much in battle that will seem more like a grind, all your main characters will hopefully be ready for their Lv. 4 Limit by the end of Part 1 or sooner even.

Lv. 1 Limits

  • Braver (default)
  • Cross-slash (use Braver 8 times)

Lv. 2 Limits

  • Blade Beam (kill 120 enemies while on Lv. 1 Limit)
  • Climhazzard (use Blade Beam 7 times)

Lv. 3 Limits

  • Meteorain (kill 200 enemies while on Lv. 2 Limit)
  • Finishing Touch (use Meteorain 6 times)

Lv. 4 Limit: Omnislash

To obtain the Omnislash item, you have to win 32,000 battle points (has to be in one sitting, you cannot exit the room, so make sure you have enough GP before going for this) in the Gold Saucer Battle Square and then purchase the item from the Battle Point Redeemer, this goes the same way as Braver did, it’s just a higher leveled Limit Break and will do much more damage compared to the LV.1 Limit Break.

This is probably the most frustrating Lv. 4 Limit item to get, as Battle Square is based on a huge amount of luck, there has been many times I entered, get up to the final round, but with the handicaps, it made it difficult sometimes, the Ghost Ship enemy is pretty luck based itself as it has an instant death move, well it’s not really a death, but it’s one of those moves that will remove the character from battle, being only able to use one character in this place means that run was a fail if it uses this move on you, the enemies are a bit random, the Ghost Ship enemy is one you’ll rather not have appearing, the rest can be easy enough, it’s just handicaps can get in the way sometime, if you think you are in a bad way early on, then exit, you’ll keep whatever BP you obtained during that run.

This is for getting the final Limit Break, I don’t believe it will unlock for using it against Sephiroth in the final battle of the game’s story, you get to use Omnislash no matter what in that battle and it is the only Lv. 4 Limit Break that does that.

Get Barret’s last Limit Break

Lv. 1 Limits

  • Big Shot (default)
  • Mindblow (use Big Shot 9 times)

Lv. 2 Limits

  • Grenade Bomb (kill 80 enemies while on Lv. 1 Limit)
  • Hammer Blow (use Grenade Bomb 8 times)

Lv. 3 Limits

  • Satellite Beam (kill 80 enemies while on Lv. 2 Limit)
  • Angermax (use Satellite Beam 6 times)

Lv. 4 Limit: Catastrophe

Barret’s is one of the easier ones to get, all you have to do is talk to a woman in a house below the Inn after the Huge Materia event, she will give you the item.

Great Gospel
Get Aerith’s last Limit Break

Lv. 1 Limits

  • Healing Wind (default)
  • Seal Evil (use Healing Wind 8 times)

Lv. 2 Limits

  • Breath of the Earth (kill 80 enemies while on Lv. 1 Limit)
  • Fury Brand (use Breath of the Earth 6 times)

Lv. 3 Limits

  • Planet Protector (kill 80 enemies while on Lv. 2 Limit)
  • Pulse of Life (use Planet Protector 5 times)

Lv. 4 Limit: Great Gospel

In order to do this, you need over 100 battles at least, as you need two last digits and they also much be the same, you need to get the Mythril from the Northeast in a cave from Junon, you need to have an odd number of battles, so for example, a total of 111 battles (only the last two digits have to be the same, but it has to be an odd number at the end, so for example, you have the option between 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9) will grant you this item, afterwards, go towards Gongaga and search for a house east to it, give the Mythril to the man in the house and he will give you an option between two boxes, take the smallest box which looks like a safe and it’s upstairs, and you’ll have the Great Gospel item.

Final Heaven
Get Tifa’s last Limit Break

Lv. 1 Limits

  • Beat Rush (default)
  • Somersault (use Beat Rush 9 times)

Lv. 2 Limits

  • Water Kick (kill 96 enemies while on Lv. 1 Limit)
  • Meteodrive (use Water Kick 7 times)

Lv. 3 Limits

  • Dolphin Blow (kill 96 enemies while on Lv. 2 Limit)
  • Meteor Strike (use Dolphin Blow 6 times)

Lv. 4 Limit: Final Heaven

Tifa’s last Limit Break item is located in Nibelheim, return to this area later in the game (after Cloud is back from Mideel), go into Tifa’s house and then go upstairs and into Tifa’s room, you’ll have to press these buttons in the right order to complete the melody which will then release the Final Heaven item, Tifa has to be in your party to get this to work.

Melody: C, Insert, V, Page Down + V, Page Down + Insert, C, Insert, V, Page Down + C, X, C, Insert, C. (default controls) Press B (Start) once done, and hopefully you’ll get a short cutscene, the theme is the main theme of the game, so it will be recognizable if you do it right.

Cosmo Memory
Get Red XIII’s last Limit Break

Lv. 1 Limits

  • Sled Fang (default)
  • Lunatic High (use Sled Fang 8 times)

Lv. 2 Limits

  • Blood Fang (kill 72 enemies while on Lv. 1 Limit)
  • Stardust Ray (use Blood Fang 7 times)

Lv. 3 Limits

  • Howling Moon (kill 72 enemies while on Lv. 2 Limit)
  • Earth Rave (use Howling Moon 6 times)

Lv. 4 Limit: Cosmo Memory

You will get Red XIII’s last Limit Break item for defeating the optional boss Lost Number, you get to fight him by opening a safe in the Shinra Mansion, see Vincent for more information.

Get Cid’s last Limit Break

Lv. 1 Limits

  • Boost Jump (default)
  • Dynamite (use Boost Jump 7 times)

Lv. 2 Limits

  • Hyper Jump (kill 60 enemies while on Lv. 1 Limit)
  • Dragon (use Hyper Jump 6 times)

Lv. 3 Limits

  • Dragon Dive (kill 76 enemies while on Lv. 2 Limit)
  • Big Brawl (use Dragon Dive 5 times)

Lv. 4 Limit: Highwind

You will find Cid’s last Limit Break item inside the room with a wrecked Helicopter in a chest, in the secret area Sunken Gelinka, just a warning, the enemies are very strong in this area, make sure to be at least Lv. 60 or over before entering, you can go out whenever you want, but if you run into an enemy in this area, it can very easily one hit kill everyone, the enemies in here are even hard at Lv. 60, they are only really good for farming “Source” items and nothing else.

Get Cait Sith’s last Limit Break

Cait Sith gets his final Limit Break by defeating 40 enemies, that’s all that is required, so it is easy to unlock, this requires no item, and unlike other character’s, Cait Sith’s max Limit Break level is 2, so this is the easiest and quickest one to obtain in the game.

All Creation
Get Yuffie’s last Limit Break

Lv. 1 Limits

  • Greased Lightning (default)
  • Clear Tranquil (use Greased Lightning 8 times)

Lv. 2 Limits

  • Landscaper (kill 64 enemies while on Lv. 1 Limit)
  • Bloodfest (use Landscaper 7 times)

Lv. 3 Limits

  • Gauntlet (kill 64 enemies while on Lv. 2 Limit)
  • Doom of the Living (use Gauntlet 6 times)

Lv. 4 Limit: All Creation

You will unlock this by completing all of the Tower Climbing mission in Wutai, you must defeat all the bosses, it will be dropped after Godo is defeated.

You can come to this when you are nearing the end of Part 2, whether or not if you have been using Yuffie, this shouldn’t matter, I never used her once, all I did for this was equip Bahamut Zero summon to her, the strongest weapon I had for her at that point and that was it, I made sure to have plenty of ethers/turbo ethers before entering as they are needed, as well as Hi-Potions, or just a character with the Restore materia, hopefully in Godo’s battle, Yuffie will have a limit break ready as that’s the only enemy in this whole tower that doesn’t end up dying after one hit from Bahamut Zero.

Get Vincent’s last Limit Break

Lv. 1 Limit Break: Galian Beast (default)
Lv. 2 Limit Break: Death Gigas (kill 40 enemies while on Lv. 1 Limit)
Lv. 3 Limit Break: Hellmasker (kill 56 enemies while on Lv. 2 Limit)
Lv. 4 Limit Break: Chaos

Find the waterfall, you will need Vincent in your party, Lucrecia will be there and she will talk to Vincent for a bit, after that, go outside again and fight a total of 10 battles and then return, where Lucrecia was standing there should be some items lying on the ground, Vincent will pick them up, this includes the Chaos item and Vincent’s Ultimate Weapon.

Materia Achievements

Master Materia
Reach the maximum level of any Materia

See Materia Overlord for more information.
Note, this achievement might be a bit glitched as it did not unlock straight away for me when I mastered a materia at first, I had to master about four materias before the achievement finally popped up.

Materia Overlord
Master all Materias

List of Materia


  • Ice (purchased from store)
  • Fire (purchased from store)
  • Lightning (purchased from store)
  • Restore (purchased from store)
  • Poison (purchased from store)
  • Earth (purchased from store)
  • Heal (purchased from store)
  • Revive (purchased from store)
  • Seal (purchased from store)
  • Transform (purchased from store)
  • Mystify (purchased from store)
  • Time (purchased from store)
  • Gravity (purchased from store)
  • Barrier (purchased from store)
  • Exit (purchased from store)
  • Comet (found in Forgotten Capital)
  • Destruct (You can get this during your first actual Nibelheim visit, when you go into the library in Shinra Mansion, you’ll find Sephiroth, talk for a bit and he’ll toss this at you, you can pick it up after the cut-scene)
  • Contain (You can do this in either Mideel when it’s still a village or when it is wrecked, you’ll need to talk to the girl in the Chocobo Stables, she’ll say that White Chocobos like greens and that they like to be petted behind the ear, go to Mideel now and examine the White Chocobo, if you do what is said here, it’ll give you the materia)
  • Full Cure (You can find this in Cosmo Canyon in Part 2 or 3)
  • Shield (found in Northern Crater)
  • Ultima (is given to you if you save North Corel from getting crashed with the train, if you didn’t, you can purchase it from the store)
  • Master Magic (once all above Materia is mastered, return to Cosmo Canyon and enter Bugenhagen’s house, go to the machine and examine the Huge Green Materia, of course, this method won’t work if you missed this Huge Materia, so the other way in getting it is by defeating the Emerald Weapon, getting the Earth Harp and returning it to the Kalm Traveler, he is found in the right most house of Kalm)


  • Added Cut (found in Great Glacier)
  • Added Effect* (this is found in Cave of Gi, make sure to pick it up when you see it, you only get to access this area once in the game)
  • All (found in various locations, can later be purchased at Fort Condor)
  • Counter (found in Northern Crater)
  • Elemental (play Tifa’s piano with Tifa in party, in Nibelheim)
  • Final Attack (in Gold Saucer, if Cloud has his Ultimate Weapon, final Limit Break and W-Summon Materia, the player unlocks a new Battle Square known as Special, complete it and this will be your prize, only Cloud can enter and it’s recommended you have all the Master and W type materias and fully leveled so you will have more of a chance of completing this one)
  • HP Absorb (found in Wutai and Northern Crater)
  • Magic Counter (found in Northern Crater)
  • MP Absorb* (you find this in the Wutai Item Shop in a chest, this has to be found during the side-quest whereas Yuffie steals all your materia, don’t worry about this though, she gives it back once you have completed the quest)
  • MP Turbo* (this is found during your first visit to the Crater, you won’t be able to visit this area ever again in the game, so make sure to pick it up)
  • Quadra Magic (requires Gold Chocobo, found in the Materia cave near Mideel)
  • Sneak Attack (Chocobo Racing Prize)
  • Steal as Well* (you’ll miss this if you miss finding the Leviathan Scales in the Underwater Reactor, it’s in a chest just at the end before you go onto fighting the line of soldiers leading up to a submarine, if you were successful and got it, you can go to Wutai and go into the cave at Da Chao, with the scales in your inventory, you can make the flames go away so you can get access to the hidden items and this materia)


  • Steal (purchased from store)
  • Sense (Sector 6 Playground in Midgar, Red XIII comes equipped with it)
  • Enemy Skill (this one upgrades a bit differently to others, you can end up missing mastering this completely, the way this works is that you have to fight enemies and learn their skills, please check this link, any enemy that can be missed will have a 2 next to it, you just have to simply see the move happen, if the enemy is a bit low on health and hasn’t done the attack yet, then don’t fight it anymore, if it is an enemy you find randomly though, then don’t worry, this is just more important if it’s an enemy you only fight once)
  • Throw (Yuffie comes equipped with it and it can be purchased in store if you missed her)
  • Manipulate (Cait Sith comes equipped with it)
  • Deathblow (purchased from store)
  • Morph* (found in Temple of Ancients, this area gets blown up so make sure to pick everything up, none of the materia is that hard to find anyway, you don’t have to worry about going into all the rooms of the clock puzzle)
  • Double Cut (found in Sunken Gelnika)
  • Slash-All (found in Ancient Forest, see Ultimate Weapon for more information in unlocking that area)
  • Mime (found in the Materia cave near Wutai, you will need a Gold Chocobo for this, see Golden Feather for instructions in making a Gold Chocobo)
  • W-Summon (purchased in Battle Square for 64,000 BP, you cannot leave this area or your points will be gone, so make sure to have a good bit of GP before attempting)
  • W-Magic (found in Northern Crater)
  • W-Item* (found during your second visit to Midgar, instead of fighting the Turks straight away or after fighting them, turn back and take a bit of a long journey all the way to a dead end, this will have a save point and the W-Item materia will be next to it)
  • Master Command (once all above Materia is mastered, return to Cosmo Canyon and enter Bugenhagen’s house, go to the machine and examine the Huge Yellow Materia, of course, this method won’t work if you missed this Huge Materia, so the other way in getting it is by defeating the Emerald Weapon, getting the Earth Harp and returning it to the Kalm Traveler, he is found in the right most house of Kalm)


  • Cover (found near Aeris’ house)
  • Chocobo Lure (purchase at Chocobo Farm, this is kind of story related unless you over level and are able to get past the marsh without a chocobo)
  • Long Range (found in the Mythril Mine, this is the area after you get past the marsh)
  • Counter Attack (defeat the Materia Keeper at Mt. Nibel)
  • Enemy Lure (purchased at Battle Square)
  • Speed Plus (purchased at Battle Square)
  • MP Plus (purchased from store)
  • HP Plus (purchased from store)
  • Luck Plus* (found in Temple of the Ancients)
  • Magic Plus (found in Forgotten Capital)
  • Gil Plus (purchased at Wonder Square)
  • Pre-Emptive (purchased at Battle Square, it’s also equipped to Cloud during flashback, but you can’t keep this one)
  • EXP Plus (purchased at Wonder Square)
  • Enemy Away (won in Chocobo Races)
  • Mega All (found in Northern Crater, this one is a bit tricky to get to, you can take the left path so you can fight the Dragon Zombie, and then you should be able to backtrack, the first room you enter you will see this, what you have to do is literally spam X while Cloud jumps to pick this Materia up, it’s a bit frustrating but that’s how you do it, its really just about timing, but the timing is that awkward that it is just best to spam the X key while jumping)
  • HP<->MP (found in a Materia cave, you will need the Gold Chocobo for this, see Golden Feather for more information)
  • Underwater* (This is miss-able if you fail to get the Morph materia from the Temple of the Ancients, you will need to use Morph on a Ghost Ship, which is an enemy you can find in the water tunnels at the Underwater Reactor in Junon, which you can reach at anytime, it doesn’t have to be done during that mission, it will turn into a Guide Book, which you return to the Kalm Traveler who is found in the right most house of Kalm)


  • Alexander (found in Great Glacier, this is a bit of a confusing one, you have to reach the hot springs and touch it, then you will have to go into a cave to find this woman, she doesn’t like being touched by anyone who touched the hot springs so she’ll fight you, afterwards, you’ll get the Alexander materia)
  • Bahamut* (you get this from defeating the Red Dragon in Temple of Ancients, in the Mural Room)
  • Bahamut Zero* (see Bahamut Zero for more information)
  • Choco/Mog (say “Wark!” to a chocobo at the Chocobo Farm)
  • Hades (found in the Sunken Gelnika, you will need the Submarine for this)
  • Ifrit* (Cargo Ship, after the first Jenova Boss battle)
  • Kujata (found in the forest leading to Forgotten Capital, it can be seen falling down the screen)
  • Knights of the Round (see Knights of the Round for more information)
  • Leviathan* (if you don’t complete Yuffie’s side-quests before Part 3 this can be missed, you get this once you have defeated all five opponents in the tower, see All Creation for more information)
  • Master Summon (you can get this two ways – and I definitely recommend getting it both ways as this is a very useful materia – master all 16 Summon Materia and then go into Bugenhagen’s house at Cosmo Canyon, activate the machine and examine the Huge Red Materia *note, this way is only possible so long as that isn’t a materia you failed in getting, the next way is by defeating the Emerald Weapon, getting the Earth Harp and returning it to the Kalm Traveler, he is found in the right most house of Kalm)
  • Neo Bahamut* (in the Whirlwind Maze, it isn’t too hard to see, but if you go past this part without picking it up, you’ll miss this completely)
  • Odin (see Vincent for more information)
  • Phoenix* (this is for completing the Siege of Fort Condor, you don’t have to be a master at RTS genre for this, you can just simply wait until the first enemy troop makes it’s way up to you and fight a “semi” boss in a normal battle)
  • Ramuh* (you’ll see this materia in the Chocobo Jockey Waiting Room, you’ll only ever visit this area once, this is when you are thrown down from the Gold Saucer to Corel, you’ll eventually get the boss to give you permission in entering the Chocobo Races)
  • Shiva (story related, Priscilla gives you it for saving her)
  • Titan (after the cut-scene near the broken reactor, go down, Cloud will stop, you’ll see something in the Reactor, choose to get it)
  • Typoon (found in the Ancient Forest, see Ultimate Weapon for details in unlocking this area)

*Miss-able: These Materia can be missed very easily, make sure to get them as soon as you can to avoid disappointment!
It will also be a good idea if you avoid selling any Materia that can only be found and not purchased, if you sell it, it will be gone for good, even if you master it, I still don’t recommend selling in-case you need to be holding onto the Materia for the achievement to unlock, so to make this as bullet proof as possible, don’t sell any Materia items!

W-Item Glitch: One of the most important reasons why you pick up this Materia is because of the glitch it has, you can take any item you have 2 of, and get up to 99 of that item in a minute, this includes Source items, but best of all, it also includes Elixer, what’s the big deal about this item? It’s actually very useful for leveling up and getting AP for Materia for mastering them, in the Northern Crater, if you take the Left path (you can take the Right path first then backtrack to the Left one), and go into the swamp area (just as you go into the Left path, take the top door to the right), and now run back and fort and hopefully you will get Magic Pots to appear, these enemies require you to give them an Elixer so you are able to attack and deal damage to them, they give both a massive amount of EXP and AP, as well as gil.

To get the trick to work, simply equip the W-Item to any character, have 2 or more of the item you want to get 99 of, and then enter battle, W-Item allows you to select 2 items, so select the first item, then on the second one, select it, but when it comes to selecting which character to use it on, press C (Cancel), you should notice you have an extra one, do this until you have 99, then you can back out of the whole thing, defeat the enemies, then check your inventory from the menu, and you’ll have 99 of that item, this is useful for not only this achievement, but it’s also useful for Top Level and Master of Gil.

Team up that method with Triple Growth weapons and armor and you will have this achievement really quickly, do not use a weapon that has the growth of Nothing, this will not allow you to level up your materia.

And just a note, do not save in Northern Crater, eg. use the Save Crystal, this can cause a bad glitch in the game where you won’t be able to get out, after you level up about 5 levels, or mastered a few materias, I recommend backtracking and going out and saving when you are in the Highwind.

Bahamut Zero
Get materia Bahamut Zero

To obtain the Bahamut Zero Materia, you’ll have to make sure you don’t fail any of the Huge Materia missions, there is 4 Huge Materia to get, this is story related so you’ll know what to do if you are paying attention to the story, here is the possible ways of failing them.

  • Corel: You’ll fail this one if you don’t stop the train in time, you have a 10 minute timer on you here, some of this will be used up on battles along the way, it will also be used up in your train catching up with the other train, follow the instructions given to you on the train, this one isn’t that hard to complete, but if you fail, the train will crash into Corel and the townspeople will not give you the Huge Materia.
  • Fort Condor: I’m not exactly sure if it is possible to fail this one or not, seemly it is, but I don’t honestly know how, anyways, you’ll be playing a RTS styled game here, if you are terrible at these, then no worries, you can simply just fast forward the whole thing and choose to fight a “semi” boss once any enemy reaches the base, which isn’t that hard, after this, you’ll be asked to go up to the roof, you’ll find the Phoenix Materia up here, then the NPC will ask you to go down to his dad (the man sitting at the table), he’ll give you the Huge Materia.
  • Junon Underwater Reactor: You can fail this one if you fail the submarine mini game, you have up to 10 minutes, and within these 10 minutes you have to defeat the red submarine, I’ll recommend to look at the manual before even going through with this, it will explain how this mini game works, once that is done, you’ll be told Shinra is heading to Rocket Town, you’re to ignore picking up the Huge Materia from the sunken red submarine, and head straight to there, you can come and pick this one up though before you go to Cosmo Canyon.
  • Rocket Town: Head to the Rocket, everything is pretty self explainable here, the main thing is when going for the Huge Materia, it will be in this security device which will need a certain key, if you enter a wrong key in, then this is failed, the code you want to place in when asked is X, Insert, C, C (default keys), and that’s it, you’ll have the Huge Materia easily.

Once you have three of them, you’ll decide to go to Cosmo Canyon to speak with Bugenhagen, before you go, make sure to get the Huge Materia from the sunken red submarine first.
When you visit him, you’ll be there to discuss what you should do next, after the talk and when everyone else is out, Cloud will ask Bugenhagen if he could store the Huge Materia in a safe place, once they are stored, examine each of them, make sure to choose “Look Closer” when you do this, after you’ll do this with all four, you’ll have a short cut-scene and you will have the Bahamut Zero Materia, which is good as it’s the second best summon you can get in the game, so the sooner you get him, the better.

Knights of the Round
Get materia Knights of the Round

You will need a Gold Chocobo to reach the area which Knights of the Round is located on, see Golden Feather for more details.

Knights of the Round is found within one of the Materia caves hidden round the map, this cave in is the north east, just a bit north from the Goblin Island, it’s not on the map, but it’s there, it can only be reached by a Gold Chocobo, the Highwind cannot land down it’s covered in forest, and the submarine can’t go there as its surrounded by mountains.

Weapon Boss Achievements

Diamond Weapon
Defeat the Diamond Weapon

You will fight Diamond Weapon during story, he is easiest out of all the Weapon bosses to defeat, he will rise up from the ocean and be making his way over to Midgar, you have to use the Highwind to get over there then wait for him to make it to land, this is when the battle will start, make sure to be round LV. 40-50 by this point, this battle happens after your second visit to the Forgotten City.

If a countdown begins during this battle, that means he’s going to use his Diamond Flash attack, which will deal great damage to everyone in the party, it can also cause the Silence status.

Ultimate Weapon
Defeat the Ultimate Weapon

You fight this Weapon a good few times (differs for everyone) in the game, once mandatory, every other time is completely optional though.

You’ll fight it in your second visit to Mideel, this is a very short battle though and it will be over quickly, you are far too low leveled at this point (unless you’ve been over-leveling), to stand a chance against it.

You’ll be ready to fight him once your main characters are all round Lv. 60, this still might be a bit low, but it is possible at this point, if you don’t feel up for it, then don’t worry, it’s not going to run away exactly so you’ll have all the time you want with this one as well as Emerald and Ruby.

My main team was Cloud, Vincent and Red XIII, both Vincent and Red XIII had their Ultimate Weapons and final Limit Breaks at this point, I also had the Ultima materia, which I used as an attack as most of these are aerial battles which means you just can’t use a normal attack (Vincent can though), I also had the Neo Bahamut and Bahamut Zero materias.  I give Cloud the Restore materia, which I had Cure, Cure 2, Cure 3 and Regen.  Regen is very useful in this fight, you are going to want to have a healer in this fight, so Cloud is mostly used for healing, I would attach All materia to the Restore materia, make sure the All materia is near mastered so you have near unlimited use of it, you aren’t going to have many turns in any of these battles anyways, the idea is to always cast Regen at the very start of each battle.

To find the first optional battle with Ultimate Weapon, you’ll find a crater full of water near Junon, the Weapon will be in the middle of this area, so fly into it with the Highwind to start a battle, do what is mentioned above with Regen, this battle isn’t going to be very long, you probably won’t even get that many attacks in, after the battle, the weapon will fly off, press V if you need to restore any of your characters, you most likely will, now fly about searching for him on every region, its random where he’ll show up, to get him to stop flying around, hit him four times with the Highwind, then he’ll go towards an area, make sure to follow him, once he stops and looks like he’s about to destroy the area, hit him to start battle, you may have to do this a few times, the process is just the same though, just check every region, hit him four times, then hit him again once he has stop, repeat.

Finally, he’ll land up near Cosmo Canyon, which is the only place where he can be defeated, you won’t need to hit him four times here either, just fly on into him and the battle will start, this will be a bit more longer than the previous, make sure to have Enemy Skill materia equipped during this battle as at the end, whoever did the finishing hit on him will be hit by Shadow Flare.

It’s possible using a different cast of characters than how I did it, these have just been my mains for a long time, you can use whoever you want as the other two characters so long as they are decent, Cloud is locked as your first character.

You’ll earn Cloud’s Ultimate Weapon for defeating the boss, after the battle you will have a short cutscene where Ultimate Weapon crashes down to the ground, making a once inaccessible area accessible, this is an area you’ll require for some materia, it’s the Ancient Forest, it’s a bit of a puzzle area, but easy enough to figure out.

Note, you might want to avoid doing this on Part 2 to avoid interruptions, if you decide to do this, and it flies over Midgar, you’ll automatically sky dive down, instead of fighting the Weapon, that’s if you are that late on in the game, but I think that is the earliest point you can start to fight it, I’m not really sure, but I know you can fight it in that part, I always prefer to leave it til Part 3 where the only part of the story left is the North Crater.

Emerald Weapon
Defeat the Emerald Weapon

Emerald Weapon can be found near the Junon Docks, you will need a submarine for this, and possibly the Underwater materia as well.

To avoid being instant killed by this Weapon at a point in the battle, make sure not to come equipped with too many materia, one of Emerald’s attacks deals 1111 damage per materia that character has equipped, if you have too many equipped, it can easily deal 9999 damage, killing off that member of the party (9999 is the highest you can reach in HP), so it’s actually recommended to come into this battle lightly equipped.

There is a very easy way to do this, you are going to have to come heavily equipped with Materia and have use of Cloud’s Omnislash Limit Break.

Here’s the materia set-up, Cloud is the only one needed for this really, you should give the two other characters W-Item though.

Ultima Weapon
Counter + Mime, Counter + Mime, Counter + Mime, Counter + Mime

Imperial Guard
Counter + Mime, Counter + Mime, HP Plus (mastered) + Luck Plus (mastered)

And about 4 Hero Drinks will be required, this is where W-Item comes into play as it means you can give him them quickly.

Get the Limit up before this battle, just don’t use it until all 4 Hero Drinks are given to Cloud at the start, this is Lv. 99 we’re talking about too, so leave this til then.

I also recommend saving just before you attempt, for example, you can have bad luck in the start, once you are past that though and Cloud just starts spamming Omnislash, the battle should be easy and Underwater materia shouldn’t even be needed.

You are going to have to master Counter (its the blue counter, eg, the add on materia) and Mime a few times, but no worries, both of these are very easy to master in the Northern Crater area, mentioned in Materia Overlord.

The way the battle goes, is that you give a total of 4 Hero Drinks to Cloud, then once that is done, select Omnislash with Cloud, hopefully if everything is set up okay, Cloud will spam this move and deal 9999 damage with each attack.  This is the easiest way to defeat this, may require some grinding, but that’s about it.  If you have used all of your Hero Drinks, you can win them from any rank of Chocobo Racing, you only will need to win two, then use the W-Item trick mentioned in Materia Overlord.

Ruby Weapon
Defeat the Ruby Weapon

Ruby Weapon is the hardest out of all the Weapons in my opinion, he has the highest defense, and from what I see, the highest attack too.

You can either reach the Ruby Weapon by Highwind or Gold Chocobo, either way, doesn’t matter, you fight him the same anyway.

This is easy enough by using Dazers, Dazers are items that temporary stun the enemy, what you want to do is get some Dazers first (you probably have some in your inventory as they are common drops from enemies), then duplicate them with the W-Item trick, see Materia Overlord for more details in that.  One character in the team will have the W-Item materia equipped to them and throw a Dazer at Ruby Weapon and use a Megalixer if needed on the rest of party, the other two characters will concentrate on attacking.  This will be how it goes the entire battle, one character is used solely on Dazers and Megalixers (and remaking them during the battle so you don’t run out), you don’t need to be Lv. 99, but if you want this to be quicker, level up to it and use Power Sources (you get these from the morphing dinosaur/car enemy in the Gongaga Reactor ruins) to increase your strength, you can also have the mastered Double Slash materia so your attackers are doing 4 hits at a time each, it’s also a good idea to maybe have the attacker’s Limit Breaks at the ready, anything to speed up the battle helps.

Misc. Achievements

First Battle
Win your first battle

This is a free achievement, you’ll battle as soon as you get get off the train, Final Fantasy VII uses an ATB (Active Turned Based) system, this means it differs from just the normal Turned Based RPG where everyone can have their turns at once, so enemies can fight you while you are selecting your strategy, while you can fight the enemies at any point too, it’s a simple system, so it’s easy enough to learn.

Get Yuffie on your team

As soon as you get to the second part of the Open World, you can find Yuffie in any three of the very first forests you find, if you head towards Fort Condor, then go to the east of it, you will find them, it doesn’t matter which forest you find her in, it may take a while for her to show up, but you will fight her in a battle, eventually she’ll give up during it, you’ll now be in a different area.  Do NOT open the menu or use the save point in this area, if you do, Yuffie will be gone, you can get her again, but it will be frustrating.  So go over and talk to her, now make sure to answer the questions with these answers, if you answer wrongly on any of them, Yuffie will not join and you will have to find her again.

  1. Not Interested
  2. Petrified…
  3. Wait a second!
  4. That’s right
  5. Let’s hurry

If you answer with all of these, Yuffie will join and the achievement will unlock on the naming screen.

Get Vincent on your team

Vincent is found in the Shinra Mansion which is found in Nibelheim, you can choose to leave him for later as you will have to fight a secret boss in order to get to him, but it’s possible to do on your first actual visit to Nibelheim (not the flashback), first you can either do this the hard or the easy way, there is a safe in the Mansion (top door to the left in the entrance hall), you need to put in a certain combination of code into it for it to open, you can either find out the code yourself by reading the note that is in the left bottom room of the entrance hall, or simply read it from here, you have 20 seconds to input and it must be done in the directions stated.

  • Right 36
  • Left 10
  • Right 59
  • Right 97

You have to be careful not to go past any numbers, make sure to slow down a bit when you are nearing the number you need, press OK (default key for this is “X”) when on the number, then continue onto the next, do the same for it and so on, if you do this successfully you’ll open the safe and you’ll have to fight Missing Number.

Boss: Missing Number

This boss isn’t actually that hard, he is a bit advanced if you decide to fight him in your first visit, but if you know what to do or read this guide, you’ll be able to defeat him, the first part of him is really easy, I recommend having Aeris in your party with her Limit Break “Seal Evil” to temporary stun the boss, the first part of him is weak to physical attacks, so use the “Attack” command or even the “Deathblow” command if you have that materia, this part shouldn’t be a problem to anyone, it’s the next part that can cause a few problems.  After a while, he’ll lose some of his body, now he is weak to magic attacks, so use magic or summons on him, again, Aeris’ “Seal Evil” Limit Break is very important, even more so for this part as he has an attack that can wipe out your characters in one hit in this form.  So yes, it may require a bit of luck at this point of the game, but it is possible to defeat, if you find him too hard, just return at a later point, preferably when Aeris is still in your party as her “Seal Evil” or even her “Great Gospel” Limit Break is a great help in this battle.

Now once you are done with that boss, you’ll unlock Cosmo Memory which is the item Red XIII requires to learn his LV. 4 Limit Break (you will need all 6 previous Limit Breaks to use the item), you can now also pick up the Odin materia and the key for the door that leads to Vincent.

Now, go down to the basement (exact same route as the flashback), you can opt to go and meet Sephiroth first, who will be in the library, he’ll throw the Destruct materia at you, you can pick that up as soon as he leaves, now exit the library, and in this area, examine the door that is close to the next exit, the key will open it, now examine the coffin, Vincent will be in it and he will talk, when it comes up, choose to “Talk about Sephiroth”, he’ll go back into the coffin again after a while of speaking, examine the coffin again and when it comes up, ask “Who are you?”, Vincent will give you his name, eventually he’ll go back into the coffin, this time he’ll ask you to let him sleep if you examine it again, so just go towards leaving the Mansion, and Vincent will follow you, he’ll agree to join your party since you both have similar plans.

Top Level
Reach level 99 with any character

This is for reaching Lv. 99 with any character, there is two ways of doing this, taking the easy way out with the newly added Character Booster system (I don’t really know how to use this.. but I get the idea of it, it’s pretty much a cheat system that allows you to level up without any of the work), however, for those of you who want to know the proper way in doing this without using that system, you have to gain EXP from fighting enemies.

See Materia Overlord for more details in the fastest way to level up as well as gaining a good bit of AP (for materia) during it, you can also come equipped with EXP Plus materia that will help increase the overall EXP you get for that character per battle.

Master of Gil
99,999,999 Gil

This is a grind.  Even after doing everything in the game, you may be no where near this, I’m only reaching 1,000,000 now and I have done near enough everything you can in the game, the best area for gil from battles is the area mentioned in Materia Overlord, there is a rare enemy known as a Mover, these are easy to defeat, and give you 90,000 gil per battle (they always come in threes), team this up with the Gil Plus materia.

There is also using the W-Item trick mentioned in Materia Overlord, and making piles of Sylkis Greens with it, then selling them for 2,500 gil each, either way, this is going to take quite a while.

Golden Feather
Get a Gold Chocobo

This will take a while, basically to get a Gold Chocobo, you need to breed all the other kinds first, it’s a long process but it’s definitely worth it in the end, as the Gold Chocobo can pretty much travel on anything, and you can get to areas that both the Highwind and Submarine cannot get to.

You will have to enter battle with a Vlakorados in the North Area, he is found near the Choco Sage location.  You will need to make sure to have the Steal Materia equipped to a character, then just keep using Steal until you get the Carob Nut, you’ll need at least three of these.

While you’re here, buy 80 Sylkis Greens or use the W-Item glitch, where you’ll only have to buy two then duplicate the rest, for more information on that glitch see Materia Overlord, Sylkis Greens can turn out to be very expensive so it may be most players’ choice to just use the W-Item glitch.

After that, travel to an island to the north east (one with the forest on it) and enter battle with Goblins, again make sure to have the Steal Materia equipped to a character, then just keep using Steal until you get the Zeio Nut, you will only need one of these.

After this, make sure to buy at least five chocobo stables at the Chocobo Farm, you’ll need to go into the house on the left side and talk to the NPC to do so, this can only be done on Part 2 or 3.

So once all of that is done, you can finally start catching chocobos, first you will need to catch Good Chocobos, these are located in the Gold Saucer area, the enemies that will be along with them will be Spencers, anything else and it won’t be a Good Chocobo, if you left this til Part 3, you should be a high enough level to not even worry about bringing greens into battle, just kill off the Spencers and you will have a Good Chocobo if it didn’t run away.  If chocobos aren’t showing up, make sure you are on the foot prints and make sure someone has the Chocobo Lure materia equipped, catch another Good Chocobo, and return to the Chocobo Farm, go to ChocoBilly and move them into the stables, if they both turn out to be the same gender, then you will have to release one and return to the Gold Saucer area and try again.

Now you need to catch two Great Chocobos, these are located in the Mideel area and the enemies that come along with them are Spirals, both of these have to be different genders too so if you ended up getting the same, just release one and go back to the Mideel area and try again.

Back to the Chocobo Farm, once you have two Great Chocobos (both genders) and two Good Chocobos (both genders), you are now ready to start breeding, you can get the Green Chocobo the easiest, I found the Blue Chocobo to be very rare to get, I had to rank up one of the Greats and one of the Goods up to A-Rank in Chocobo Races before I had more success with the Blue Chocobos, make sure you have given each chocobo a recognizable name, as you will be releasing them when you get the Chocobos required.

Make sure to save, I’m not going to repeat this through this guide, but you are better to save before you breed just in case the Chocobo is the wrong gender, or color, do this everytime, if you don’t, you’ll soon see why it’s important to save, ChocoBilly will not let you breed when they are just born or have just mated, and you will have to wait a while, go do something else until they are ready again, by saving before hand and if a mistake happens, you can reload and try again right away.

When breeding, ChocoBilly will ask you which nut you want to give them, select the Carob Nut.

If you get a Blue Chocobo at this point, you’re very lucky as it’s harder to get than the Green Chocobo, all you need is the Green Chocobo to be a different gender and you are done, unfortunately this won’t go that way for everyone, if you got a Green Chocobo, release the previous parents, you don’t want to get mixed up.  Now with the two remaining, you could try and see if they get you a Blue Chocobo, but chances are they will all be Green Chocobos, so you are going to need to do some Chocobo Racing, feed both of these Chocobos 10 Sylkis Greens each, this should raise their stats enough, you want to get these both up to A-Rank at least.

Chocobo Racing Guide

Important Controls

  • X (Speed Up)
  • Page Down + End (regain Stamina)
  • Delete (enter Manual Mode)

For those familiar with doing this on the PSX version, the trick is still there, where players just hold onto two buttons to regain Stamina while holding X to keep the speed up, this helps your Stamina duration and it’s something that never got explained in the instructions given to you, its not really a cheat in a way, its just normal mechanics, you will have to let go of the X key when the Stamina does start to run low, but you can keep the hold of the two buttons to regain it and eventually be able to hold X again, you need to be in Manual Mode to do this or else the chocobo will just do all the work, you need the correct stats to do this with, otherwise the chocobo will be slow and run off in all kinds of directions.

I always choose the Long Races as they are the fastest to rank up with.

  • B-Rank: 3 Long Races
  • A-Rank: 6 Long Races
  • S-Rank: 9 Long Races

It’s easy once you get the hang of it, when it comes to choosing the prize, only choose the prize if it’s a Materia, everything else, try and get the GP for Battle Square, this is a quick way to gain that, sometimes you can get up to 500GP per race, it just depends on the value of the prize you landed on.

Anyways back to the Chocobo Farm, remember to save, and now breed the last remaining Great and Good Chocobo, and hopefully you should have your Blue Chocobo (considering you get the right gender), release the parents and now it’s time to rank up both Green and Blue Chocobos up to A-Rank, give both of them 10 Sylkis Greens each and refer to the Chocobo Racing Guide.

Once that is done, go back to the farm (you may have to wait a bit, everyone’s times are different, sometimes it will be fast and sometimes it will take a while before you can breed them), breed them and give them a Carob Nut, and hopefully you’ll have your Black Chocobo, now it’s back to catching Chocobos, this time you want the Wonderful Chocobo, this chocobo can be found in the North Region, and the only enemies that should come along with it are Jumpings, if it’s a mix of enemies or not Jumpings then that’s not a Wonderful Chocobo, again it has to be the opposite in gender to your Black Chocobo.

Once you have obtained it and it’s the correct gender, feed both the Black and Wonderful Chocobo 20 Sylkis Green each, now you can rank them up, both up to S-Rank is recommended but you can rank the Wonderful Chocobo up to A-Rank and it should be okay.

Save before breeding, now when asked about the nut, choose to use the Zeio Nut this time, and hopefully in the next screen you will unlock the achievement and have a Gold Chocobo, which means you can access all of the Materia caves hidden around the map.

You can get a Gold Chocobo handed to you by defeating the Ruby Weapon, but this is no use as you will need to get a Gold Chocobo in order to get some materia required for the Ruby and Emerald fights, so unless you can fight them in a normal way, you are going to need the materia from the caves, most of which can only be accessed by a Gold Chocobo.

Battle Square
Start a battle in the Battle Square

You will have to enter the Battle Square as part of story eventually, so this will come naturally and it unlocks as soon as you start battle.