Final Fantasy XIII-2

Author Notes

In Final Fantasy XIII-2 you can use Time Reversal on each of the areas, so no achievements/trophies are miss-able at all here, this in a way is a New Game + for each of the areas, you will need to use Time Reversal for Paradox endings anyways, to time reverse an area, you must close the gate, and then enter it like that, then afterwards you can re-open the gate to set things back to normal - how you left them, to be able to do this, you must have found a Gate Seal for each of the areas, these are often found in the cube shaped chests and are often located in a different area/timeline.

There is one time Monsters, these are Monsters that are normally found in chests, for example the Gold Chocobo is found in a chest in Dying World, if you release, infuse them, that is them gone for good, you will never get them back, and to do that with the Gold Chocobo will be a very bad mistake as it is your best Commando that you can find.

It is pointless to grind in this game, it will only waste time, I managed to do everything while going for fragments, the only achievement/trophy I didn't get through normal play was Saddle Sore but this depends how you play the game and how often you use Chocobos, its possible to not need to grind for this as well.

For Fragment Skills mentioned in this guide, you must first visit the Chocobo Lady in Serendipity, her house is on the west side of the map, you simply go in and talk to her once you know you have fulfilled requirements for the skills to unlock and she will give you them, you will then need to press :y: / :pst: and go down to “Fragment Skills” and make sure the ones you need are turned on, using these does not effect any achievements/trophies in the game.

Useful Links:
This is only a guide for the achievements, if you get stuck anywhere during story, here is a very helpful guide made by IGN, however I also recommend the Guidebook, it is very helpful with map pictures to show you where everything is in a visual style.

Help with the Clock Puzzles:
During the game, you will run into these puzzles, now the description of these had me confused, this is a Japanese link, but works fine for the English versions of Final Fantasy XIII-2, it is going clockwise, so 0 is 12, you just input whatever number is on 0 and then so on, then this will tell you which order you should step on the numbers, I encountered my first one of these during Episode 4 in Yaschas Massif 100AF, it may have been secret, but it unlocked a fragment which is required for Defragmented.

You’ll notice a menu in the main menu called Extras, for Xbox 360 players, these are gamerpics and for PS3 players, these are themes, just like the last Final Fantasy, they all besides one unlock based on achievements/trophies.

  • Lightning: Unlocks if a save of Final Fantasy XIII is detected on your HDD.
  • Noel: Unlocks when you are awarded Chronosavior.
  • Mog: Unlocks when you are awarded Fair Fighter.
  • Serah: Unlocks when you are awarded Defragmented.
  • Lightning: Unlocks once you gain all achievements/trophies.

Master of Time
Mastered the timeline and obtained every trophy available.

This is the Platinum Trophy which is exclusive to PS3, this will unlock once you have obtained every other trophy in the game.

Table of Contents

  1. Story
  2. Fragments
  3. Battle Related
  4. Misc.


Early Riser Early Riser
Accepted a new fate in a world where everything has changed.

Cannot be missed. Noel will join Serah in her village, helping her fight against the horde of enemies attacking her and her friends. After the creatures are defeated and a cut scene plays, you will gain control of Serah again, and this will unlock.

Time Traveler Time Traveler
Left behind a normal life, and began a journey through time.

Once you leave New Bodhum through the time gate, you will be given an explanation of time parallels, and sent to Cocoon for Episode 2. After you defeat the invisible giant at the start of the chapter, you will be captured. Once you gain control of Noel and Serah again, this will unlock.

Future Espier Future Espier
Visited the place where clues to the future lie waiting to be discovered.

Once you defeat Atlus in episode 2, you will be able to find artefacts, which will work with the various time gates located throughout the map. You will want to go through the gate in the center of the map (which will be the first one you come upon in this stage aside the one you come through when it begins), near where you first Moogle use his powers to create a small paradox for the first time and open a path into the caverns below out of a wall. You will know the spot thanks to a group of soldiers stating that there use to be something there. This is to the left of the aforementioned gate.

Past Gazer Past Gazer
Visited the place where the saviors of the past dream in crystal.

In Episode 2, you will find another gate underground through the tunnels from the entrance that your Moogle opens up next to that gate in the center of the map (the first one you come across). Use an artefact you acquire after taking down Atlus and head back underground to use it on that gate. This will open up a path on the Historia Crux to the right of episode 2, and is the second part of episode 3.

Threat Facer
Acknowledged the threat facing the world, and decided to fight back.

This unlocks at the start of Episode 4 once you have entered Academia 400AF, during this chapter you will have to find 5 of the Graviton Cores, these are required to progress in the story and you don’t know really how to find these, all you are given are locations, you are given locations of 7 of them, but you do not need to find all 7 to progress.

Sooth Seeker
Prepared to face a test of your determination in the rift where hidden truths slumber.

This unlocks at the start of Episode 5, you will be stuck within the Void Beyond, this chapter doesn’t last too long at all, it is actually just a lot of story, there is next to no battling.

Promise Keeper
Turned your back on empty dreams and joined the battle to save mankind.

This unlocks once you go through the gate which was just fixed in Academia 400AF, you will enter this area which if you don’t do your jumps correctly, you will fall, but will be re-spawned at the Cactuar statue, this chapter doesn’t last very long, you will have choices to make, but you can only really go in one path, and they do not effect which ending you get.

Epic Finisher
Followed the story to its conclusion.

This unlocks after the credits (which can be skipped) with a couple of other rewards, one which you need for Anomalaous, make sure to turn Paradox Scope on in Fragment Skills, you will need to visit the Chocobo Lady in her house at Serendipity to unlock this fragment skill.  Overall, the story took me about 22 hours to complete, and this seems to be the average amount of time spent on completing the story, it depends on how much side stuff you do, if you don’t do any extra stuff at all, the story can possibly be completed within 15 hours, but I recommend against rushing as you may find yourself low leveled at some point, if you play through the game as well as doing any side stuff you come across, you shouldn’t have much problems completing this game, mainly people who played and completed the previous game should already know the inside out of the battle system, so knowing that can help you get past a great majority of the game without problems, it isn’t all just bashing :a: / :psx: , there is the correct Paradigm and item usage that goes along with it too, if you are a new player, you may expect a bit of a learning curve in the mechanics of the game.

Witnessed every possible Paradox Ending.

For all of these, the Paradox Scope must be activated, this is a Fragment Skill you get from completing the story of the game, so it is pointless to try for these while playing through Story, each of these are fragments, some of the bosses are upgraded stat wise too, so some may be harder and some you will notice no difference at all.

Paradox Ending 1: A Giant Mistake
Close the Gate of Bresha Ruins 005AF and have the Paradox Scope enabled, defeat the arm of Atlas, then just speed on to Atlas himself, don’t weaken him, this will be a much tougher fight, Paradigms such as SEN/SEN/MED and MED/MED/MED will be needed, use the standard RAV/RAV/RAV to stagger him, keep in this Paradigm for a while, then eventually shift into COM/COM/COM to deal the big damage, repeat these steps if required, make sure to keep healed and use the SEN role to defend against most of his attacks.

Paradox Ending 2: Vanille’s Truth
Close the Gate of Oerba 200AF and have Paradox Scope enabled, you will not need to do the puzzles you had to do before on this area, just head straight towards the School House and and examine the object which will trigger Caius to come and you will now have to fight him, this battle will be harder than last time, but not too much of a difference, it may even be easier as you should be a lot higher leveled after completing the game.

Paradox Ending 3: Mischievous Mog’s Marvelous Plan with Flan
Close the Gate of Sunleth Waterscape 300AF and have Paradox Scope enabled, defeat the first form of Royal Ripeness again, and straight after the battle and some cut-scenes, head towards Royal Ripeness and fight him in his overpowered form, defeat him this way and you will unlock the Paradox ending.

Paradox Ending 4: Test Subjects
Close the Gate of Augusta Tower 200AF and have the Paradox Scope enabled, make your way to the top floor and fight Proto fal’Cie Adam again, again he is tougher than before, but I didn’t find him that much different, once you defeat him you unlock the Paradox ending.

Paradox Ending 5: The Future is Hope
Close the Gate of Academia 4XXAF and have Paradox Scope enabled, all you have to do here is rush over to where Hope and Alyssa is, give Alyssa 5 of the Graviton Cores (you do not need to collect them again), and now be careful not to skip cut-scenes, she will offer you the Vagabond Artefact, when the Live Trigger appears, refuse to accept it and this will unlock the Paradox ending.

Paradox Ending 6: Beneath a Timeless Sky
Close the Gate of Academia 4XXAF again and have the Paradox Scope enabled, again give Alyssa 5 of the Graviton Cores, and this time accept the fragment, and go through the gate, it may be advised to leave doing this Paradox ending until you are stronger but if you feel up for it, go for it, do everything such as talking to all the different Yeuls until you eventually fight Caius again, now I was low leveled when I did this, so it took me a few tries figuring out what I had to use exactly to defeat him, I will recommend using Serah’s SAB role a lot during this battle as it deals Wound Damage, Poison appears to be effective, you may not have to play as defensive as I did if you are at a higher level or fully developed.

During the fight, Caius will regain his health, so be prepared to fight him again within the one battle, but if you are using SAB role mostly, he’ll only regain the health that he can, so you are doing yourself a favor if you use that role often in this fight.

RAV/RAV (only use this one and the following one if he hasn’t got any buffs active)

Once Caius has been defeated, you will get the Paradox ending.

Paradox Ending 7: Fate and Freedom
Again you must close the gate of Academia 4XXAF but this time, don’t have the Paradox Scope enabled, do the exact same as what you did before, give Alyssa the Graviton Cores, then accept the fragment, this time, when in the Void Beyond, just defeat Caius normally, and now you should end up in New Bodhum, this is when you should activate the Paradox Scope, when you get to the point of talking to Lightning on the Pier, do not skip cut-scenes and select Yes during the Live Trigger, you will then get the Paradox ending, after the ending is over, you’ll be back at the Historia Crux, select Hollow Seclusion, again speak to Lightning but this time do not accept the world during the Live Trigger.

Paradox Ending 8: Heir to Chaos
This will be continued from Fate and Freedom, once you don’t accept the world, you’ll have to head towards where the Gate is located in the normal New Bodhum, keep the Paradox Scope enabled, and once you reach Noel’s dream, do what you did before and keep up with Noel, and once the fight with Caius starts, again it will be a tougher fight than last time, but you’ll be pleased to know it wasn’t as tough as Serah’s, Noel’s Paradigms are set already, as it is only him, himself in this battle, so I would start with SYN and cast a few buffs onto Noel, then do a quick heal with MED if required, then shift into SAB, this is good for both wound damage and debuffing Caius, you can also play more offensively with Noel, so shift into RAV to stagger Caius, then COM to deal big damage, again, Caius will regain his health, depending how often you used the SAB role, it might only be half the battle it could’ve been.

Secret Ending
Even know this isn’t called a Paradox ending, it is still required for this achievement/trophy, you can only obtain this ending after obtaining all 160 fragments, see Defragmented for more details, there will be a message pop up after you do this and return to the Historia Crux, it will tell you if you defeat the final boss again (make sure you enable the Paradox Scope, even know its not mentioned, its still required), so do so, you can skip the credits and you will see the Secret Ending at the end of them, this is a good time to go for Chronosavior if you haven’t already picked it up, you do not need to close the gate of Academia 500AF, you will always be able to fight the last boss.

Scarlet Medal
Defeated a powerful enemy with graceful poise.

This is for defeating the second form of Atlus (appears at the end of Episode 2) with a 5 star rating.
Start with Tri-disaster (RAV/RAV/with monster with Ravager role) then once you have staggered Atlus, switch into (remember name) COM/COM/with monster with Ravager role, its a really quick battle if done this way, after the battle, make sure to perfect the cinematic, this should give you a 5 star rating, play on Easy (you can switch mid game) so you have a greater chance of earning this rating.

Cerulean Medal
Defeated a powerful enemy with valiant skill.

This is for defeating the second form of the Proto Fal’Cie Adam (appears at the end of Episode 4) with a 5 star rating.
Start with Tri-disaster (RAV/RAV/with monster with Ravager role) and only concentrate on him, fighting the two arms is pointless and only wastes time, unless you are too low of level to be fighting him straight forward, but in that case it is unlikely you will defeat him with a 5 star rating if having a problem with the arms, go back and level up if this causes a problem, I think from what I remember I had one role for each Serah and Noel up to LV. 99 (Serah’s was Ravager and Noel’s was Commando, along with the strongest weapons at that point), now if that doesn’t cause a problem and you are at a decent level, once you have him staggered, just don’t switch into anything yet, but instead keep hitting him with magiks, until you think his percentage is good enough to be doing a lot of damage with Cerberus (COM/COM/with monster with Commando role), switch into that, and now do the big damage, hopefully you’ll have him defeated within one stagger.  Play on Easy (you can switch mid game) so you have a greater chance of earning this rating. 

Obsidian Medal
Defeated a powerful enemy with perfect execution.

This is for defeating Pacos Amethyst and Pacos Luvullte (appears in Episode 6) with a 5 star rating.
Start with Tri-disaster (RAV/RAV/with monster with Ravager role) and try to fight both of them at the same time, take turns, eventually stagger and weaken both of them (go into Cerberus after you have staggered them) now they both should be near dead, if they are still staggered, go for it, if not, switch back into Tri-disaster and re-stagger them, this shouldn’t take long, make sure to kill both shortly after the other, as I read up and seemly the second one you choose to defeat can revive the first one you defeated, therefore a lot of time wasted and they can keep this up however long they like, I myself didn’t know of this and fought them one on one, but when I did go towards defeating the second one, it was attempting to bring the second one back but I killed it off before it could do so, so it is possible to face them one on one if you want to try that strategy, but just so you know, I was LV. 99 in both of the starting roles for Serah and Noel and was very close to completing a third role for each of them, so I may have been a bit high leveled at this point.  Also healing may be required for this at some point, but just try to take short breaks during this, if you have either Serah or Noel as Medics this will speed up the process of healing.  Play on Easy (you can switch mid game) so you have a greater chance of earning this rating.

Obtained the highest possible result in the battle to determine the fate of the world.

This is for defeating the final boss with a 5 star rating, you fight 3 different Bahamuts in this battle, the first one you fight is Garnet Bahamut, then you fight Amber Bahamut, and then finally Jet Bahamut.

Recommended Paradigms:
RAV/RAV/RAV (start with)
COM/COM/COM (use after stagger)
RAV/COM/RAV (for Jet Bahamut only, use to up his stagger percentage once he is staggered)
MED/MED/MED (use for very quick healing only when you need it)
RAV/RAV/MED (use for staggering when someone is weak)
COM/COM/MED (use for after stagger when either member is weak)

I had 4 roles for each of the characters up to LV. 99 to this, and monsters were fairly strong too, just make sure to use your strongest ones.
I also had the strongest weapons from Chocolina’s shop (no components required, these were the last normal ones you could buy).
So I start off the battle with RAV/RAV/RAV, and stagger Garnet Bahamut and then switch into COM/COM/COM and get rid of him, and I do the exact same with Amber Bahamut, I shift back into RAV/RAV/RAV again for him too.

Now onto the main one, he will do this attack which ends up putting a lot of de-buffs onto your characters, so switch into MED/MED/MED for a quick recovery out of those, only stay in this Paradigm for a very short time, if you need more healing up, shift into RAV/RAV/MED, if not, go straight into RAV/RAV/RAV, as soon as you stagger him, shift into RAV/COM/RAV, so Noel can do big damage while Stagger percentage goes up, around 850% staggered, shift into COM/COM/COM, don’t stop attacking now, keep attacking until his stagger goes completely down and he is back to normal, if you need healed, which you will, shift into RAV/RAV/MED, get him staggered again and then shift into RAV/COM/RAV, then into COM/COM/COM but sooner this time, this should be him defeated.

If you cannot defeat him fast enough using this strategy, you may be too low leveled, the reason why you have to be fast is because he will eventually restore Garnet Bahamut which means you can only attack him, now it is possible to get the 5 star rating if you make sure to be a bit slower at defeating Garnet Bahamut, so you defeat Amber Bahamut again, I found the longer this battle lasted though, the stronger the 3 Bahamuts got, but this is just so you know what to do if not fast enough with Jet Bahamut, being able to get Jet Bahamut down before he can restore the other two is actually a guarantee for the 5 star, as I did this, my Target Time was 11 minutes, while my actual finish time was 2 minutes.  Play on Easy (you can switch mid game) so you have a greater chance of earning this rating.


Completed an entire fragment category.

This will come while going for Defragmented, this is for completing a category, if you press :y: / :pst: you will see “Fragments”, select this, and then make sure you are in the category part, see whatever category you are close to finishing, an easy one would be the Graviton Cores, you had to find five during story, so now you only need two more of these, the achievement/trophy unlocked as soon as the last Graviton Core was found.

Completed every fragment category.

This is for obtaining all 160 fragments, here is a list of them and which ones you get for story and which ones require side missions.

You get fragments for doing a variety of stuff in the game, such as completing missions, Paradox endings (see Anomalaous) and as well as completing the story, so that should give you so many fragments, there are also ones lying about which you may need to come back to later on when you have unlocked the Moogle Throw and Improved Moogle Hunt Fragment Skill, you get skills for completing Fragment Categories, or by simply just obtaining a fragment.

For the Monster Professor fragment (start the mission in Academia 4XXAF with a NPC wandering round the entrance hall in the building where Hope is), here is a list of monsters and what location they appear in, some you will have to close gates for and then others can take a while to spawn, however be patient with these, there is the Fragment Skill “Battlemania” which is unlocked by getting the fragment from gaining 100% in all maps, certain monsters can only be found in missions:

For the Paradox Professor fragment (start the mission in Academia 400AF with a NPC standing in the safe zone on the east side of the map), you must achieve 100% in all maps, for access to certain areas you will need to use Chocobos, then for areas that seem permanently blocked off, they aren’t, you just have to enter them in different Timezones, an important note for Academia as well, is that you also must achieve 100% in Academia 500AF, you also get a fragment per every location you 100%, if you can’t see why you haven’t got 100% in an area, usually it’s because some of the map will have a darker shade of blue, make sure it is all the same blue and this should 100% the map.

Here is a helpful link to the Quiz Minigames answers, there are some of these that are really difficult to know and sometimes the machines ask you questions based on luck, you also have to find Captain Cryptic about five times, he started off in the Entrance Hall of the building with Hope in it for me, you need to use Moogle Hunt, there is a pile of random locations he can then go off to, normally if you pay close attention to the people in the city, they will give you clues like “There’s a man quizzing people over in the West”, “There’s a stocky man over in the East” etc, it also might be good to use the Chocobo while looking for him as this will add up towards Saddle Sore and many people have reported gaining that achievement/trophy just for looking for him.

For fragments that are just sitting there in locations, I would recommend these video guides:

You will also need all 10 Wild Artefacts so you are able to travel to optional areas:
And may need to know of Gate Seal locations for certain areas:

Also, the Lucky Coin fragment is a cumulative amount of coins won in Slot Machines, see Serendipitous for more information in that, its mainly based on luck and may take a while depending how lucky you are, it can happen at any point during any of the wins in Slot Machine, so it could happen if you land on three Moogles/Chocobos, it does not need to be a 777 hit within a Super Jackpot.

Battle Related

Clock Stopper
Responded swiftly to the appearance of enemies.

This is for getting preemptive strikes 100 times in a row, now this is actually a lot easier and quicker than it sounds.
First, travel to New Bodhum 5AF, now if starting from the main Village where you cannot fight against monsters, go over to the beach area, jump over the fencing, now you want to stay in this area, and now run up and down here until you eventually find a slow monster, one such as the toad types would do, now hit it :a: / :psx: , you will enter the battle with a preemptive strike, wait until the two main characters do their automatic strikes, now pause and select “Retry”.  Now when you exit, the monster will be in the field again, hit it again, and now this is 2 in a row, so you see where I’m getting here, make sure to save every ten successful strikes and don’t worry too much if you defeat the monster by mistake, just run around again until more pops up, this overall took me 10 minutes to do.

Staggering Staggering
Staggered a significant number of enemies.

The best way to stagger an enemy is with the Slash & Burn/Tri-disaster paradigm. Throughout New Bodhum, try to shift into that at the start of the battle to build up the gauge in the top right and stagger your opponent(s). You can unlock this achievement/trophy by doing this while roaming New Bodhum during quests leading up to taking the first artefact to the gate.  This unlocks after staggering 50 enemies.

Quick Draw Quick Draw
Performed a significant number of preemptive strikes.

When you are able to take Serah and Noel out to battle, you will learn how to attack enemies and gain preemptive strikes. You need to attack the random enemies with :a: / :psx: while still on the field with the clock in the green, though sometimes you can have it in the yellow around the six o’clock mark and still earn it. If the battle starts and your team attacks any enemies and see “Preemptive Strike” appear on the screen, you’ve done this successfully. After 50 of these, the achievement/trophy will unlock.

Wild Thing
Successfully used Feral Link abilities a significant number of times.

You learn to use this in episode 2, whenever you get to tame monsters, for these to count, you must have completed the Quick Time Event which almost every one of these abilities require, some are harder to do than others and some are very easy (one button or no buttons at all), once you have done 100 of these, the achievement/trophy will unlock.

No Retreat No Retreat
Fought a significant number of battles without using the “Retry” option.

You just need to win 50 battles in a row without retreating. Just roam around New Bodhum while trying to complete the various missions leading up to reaching the gate with the discovered artefact and you should be able to unlock this achievement/trophy easily.

Performed a multitude of paradigm shifts.

This is for performing 1000 paradigm shifts, these are the main mechanic of the battle system of Final Fantasy XIII-2, you will see yourself shifting often, its best to play Final Fantasy XIII-2 without power leveling, if you are stuck on a battle, it is more likely to do with how your Paradigms are set up, I got this when going for 100% monster data, where I was on 131 fragments, so it will come eventually, there is no need to grind for this, the reason why you shouldn’t power level as it will cause you to use less of this system in parts since you’re more of a high level and won’t need to use roles such as Medic, etc.

Budding Hunter Budding Hunter
Defeated an army’s worth of enemies.

You just need to defeat 100 enemies total for the achievement/trophy to unlock. Again, this can be earned in New Bodhum near the start of the game by just roaming around a little bit while running the quests leading up to reaching the gate with the artefact. In fact, this achievement/trophy popped in the next battle after No Retreat unlocked.

Big Game Hunter
Defeated every worthy opponent.

This achievement/trophy can only be done in the Archylte Steppe area, as it’s the only area you can fight these monsters.

  • Sunny
  • Cloudy
  • Rainy
  • Stormy 

These are the combinations for the Weather Machine, you will have the machine explained to you in story, however all of these monsters will be much too strong to be fighting then, so don’t attempt this achievement/trophy until you have completed the story, you will find a different monster in each type of weather, three of these need to have quests and other things done first though, there is only one of these that you can do straight away, here is the recommended Paradigm Shifts for each of them.

And also for certain ones use RAV/RAV/MED and COM/COM/MED, I’ll recommend to have these two shifts when fighting against Yomi, SEN/SEN/MED is also only needed for Yomi, so you may change this to whatever you like for the rest of the monsters.

  • Long Gui (Sunny): if you look from the room with the weather control device, you should see this one in front of you, the Long Gui does not require any other quests/etc to appear.
  • Ochu (Rainy): I couldn’t get this quest to pop up until I could use Chocobos in the area, which you need to have activated all 5 Cactuar statues that teleport you, as well as that, another 3 which when you activate them, you will fight a Gigantuar (don’t worry, these ones just aren’t as tough as the one you fought in the previous FFXIII), these depend on weather too, anyways once you have found them all you can now talk to the Hunter who originally give you quests in story, he’ll ask you to get rid of this monster and you will see a picture of it and what area it appears in will also be included in the picture (if you look at the map, you will see !, this is where the monster is), anyways, this one is probably the easiest out of the lot.
  • Yomi (Stormy): After defeating Ochu, talk to the hunter and then exit the area, and then come back into it and he should have another quest for you, you will need a chocobo to get to Yomi, see where the ! is and you will notice it’s on a cliff, to get onto this cliff, you must go up a slope, then hold :b: / :pso: to glide over to the cliff, get off the chocobo, and Yomi should fly over to you, now Yomi for anyone who played FFXIII will remember he was really hard, obviously they decided not to repeat Super Bosses this time round though, so Yomi is a weaker version, but is still very tough to beat, when he does Wicked Whirl attack, make sure to shift into SEN/SEN/MED as this can very easily kill everyone in one hit if not playing defensively, obviously if you have problems with him, play in Easy settings, he can also do his Wicked Whirl many times after the other, as it is a move he does at certain points of his health, so if he does it and you damage him a bit, and then he goes into his healing position, chances are when he comes out, he will do the attack again, so be prepared for that.
  • Invincible (Cloudy): After defeating Yomi, go back to the Village and talk to the girl who requested you get wool from the sheep, she’ll tell you of this monster and give you the quest, now don’t be put off by his name, he’s actually not that much different from Ochu.

If you have problems with these after many attempts of trying, you may be low leveled, so work on other achievements/trophies instead, or grind, whatever you prefer, but there is no need for grinding in this game at all really, I am nearly maxed out in all roles and that is only from story and working up to achievements/trophies, or try different strategies, different ones work for different players.

Here is a map to help find all the Cactuar statues required for Chocobos, it is in Japanese but here is the translations, if you notice the boxes with the text then a number, this is where the Red and one Yellow one are (the weather needs to be cloudy for this one to show up), then the Green stars are the ones that spawn Gigantuars, these ones require you to use different weather settings (each requires different weather), so I will suggest to look for them in different weather, if they don’t appear, it means you are using the wrong weather.


Giant’s Fist
Dealt 99,999 damage with a single attack.

Fully develop the Golden Chocobo up to LV. 45, this is the maximum it can reach since it is Well-Grown, you should have a 900+ stat for it’s attack power (mines was actually only a few away from 1000), however, this isn’t enough, you will also need a SYN monster (Yakshini is the best SYN in the game, so I will recommend him, level him up to around 40 once you get him) that will cast Bravery on it (it will cast it on itself and this will transfer to the Golden Chocobo when you shift).

Now you need a good enemy to work on for it to actually withstand this, I will recommend the Long Gui in Archylte Steppe, which appears when it’s Sunny, here is a Paradigm set-up for this achievement/trophy.

SAB/SAB/SYN (start with this)

As soon as you get into the battle, cast Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil on one of his legs, as soon as you do this, shift into RAV/RAV/RAV, stagger it, stay in this paradigm for a bit, then switch into COM/COM/COM, repeat for the next leg.

Now once you have the Long Gui down, go back into SAB/SAB/SYN, cast Deprotect, Deshell and Imperil on it, then shift into RAV/RAV/RAV, once you have it staggered, keep going, then when you are at 800% shift into RAV/RAV/SYN and make sure Bravery gets cast, now you can shift back into RAV/RAV/RAV if not already at 999% if you are at this total, just shift straight into COM/COM/COM and once the Golden Chocobo lands an attack, it should be 99,999 damage.

I have tried this both ways, once without Yakshini that did not unlock the achievement/trophy, so the Bravery buff is really needed for this.
Yakshini is found in The Vile Peaks 010 AF, you have to fight him and then recruit him, this may take a few tries, but luckily enough he appears to be a common spawn so it shouldn’t take too long, he is also useful for Fair Fighter.

Beast Tamer
Befriended a most unfriendly monster.

This is for taming Don Tonberry who can be found in Bresha Ruins 100AF, which can be accessed from the blue gate in Dying World, he is a rare monster, which means the Fragment Skill “Battlemania” will help with your chances of getting him to appear, he will appear as a Void, this is usually used for rare/powerful monsters, he isn’t too hard to beat, and from what I heard, it greatly increases your chances of taming him if you use Feral Link to finish him off, this goes for any monster, it may take a few tries to get him to be tamed however, and it may be tamed on your first try, which happened with me, here is a video of his exact locations, just keep running in circles until you eventually get him to appear, you don’t even need Battlemania to get him to appear, if you are wanting him to appear fast though, you can unlock Battlemania by getting 100% explored in all maps and getting the fragment from the Professor in Academia 400 AF, she can be found on the East side of the map in the safe zone.

Another Fragment Skill that will help with capturing him is “Monster Collector”, it increases your chances of recruiting monsters.

Fair Fighter
Defeated a powerful enemy on equal terms.

This is for defeating the “super boss” Raspatil in Normal Settings (if you are on Easy, you can go into settings and change the difficulty to Normal).
Raspatil spawns in the beach area of Oerba 400AF, he is a rare spawn, so the Fragment Skill “Battlemania” will be recommended for this, although I don’t have this skill at this point, I still managed to get him to appear 3 times, although my last time of getting him to spawn took near an hour, he will show up as a Void when you do get him to spawn, if you fail this battle, unfortunately he does not stay for another go, so you will have to get him to spawn again.

I recommend you are fully developed for this, but if you are confident enough, you can do this before you are fully developed, I did, but I also had the Chaos Crystal Weapons which attack/magic powers go up per each Fragment you obtain, so they are the strongest weapons in the game, I also had the Golden Chocobo (best COM) fully developed and Yakshini who is the best SYN in the game, my RAV monster was nothing special however, but he was tier 4, here is the recommended Paradigm shifts.

RAV/RAV/RAV (start with this)

Start with an offensive Paradigm first, because at the moment Raspatil does not have any enemies along with him, and you should have the preemptive strike bonus, so stagger him and keep going, but not too long this time as he will summon monsters very soon, so shift into COM/COM/SYN (get bravery cast) and do as much damage as you can against him, but as soon as he summons monsters, deal with them (the paradigm you are currently in is best for these types), defeat them before Raspatil has the chance to absorb them (if he does this, he ups his strength which isn’t good as if you let him do this too many times, he will be able to one hit kill everyone and have much more powerful attacks, the longer this battle lasts too, the harder it gets), after they are defeated, see if Raspatil still is staggered, if not, shift into RAV/RAV/RAV and redo what you did.

The main thing of this battle is to keep buffed, which is why I recommend Paradigms such as RAV/RAV/SYN and COM/COM/SYN so you can re-buff as you attack, the MED/MED/SYN should only be used when you need healed, Yakshini also has a very helpful Feral Link for this battle which restores wounds and you will get many of them in this battle, so make sure to come with wound potions, but you shouldn’t need them when you have Yakshini, but if you are ever in need for them when the Feral Link for Yakshini isn’t just available yet, wound potions are good to have, overall you shouldn’t spend too long healing in this battle if you do it right, you will have several spawns of monsters during the battle, always make sure to deal with them, unless Raspatil is very near defeated and you best be sure of this, because once he has about 3 sets of enemies absorbed, this is when he can do the one hit kill on everyone, if he is not staggered though, there is little point trying to finish him off when other enemies are around, he takes next to no damage when not staggered.

In order to obtain the Chaos Crystal you must buy it off the Prize section at Serendipity, you can wait until you get the Fragment Skill “Bargain Hunter” which reduces prices of both Chocolina’s store and the Casino Vendors by 25%, so you will only need to pay 7,500 coins instead of the original 10,000 coins (100,000 gil), then you will need to visit Hope in Academia 4XX AF in order to obtain one of the weapons, you will have the choice between Noel’s or Serah’s, it does not matter whose you pick here, as again at Serendipity, whichever weapon you didn’t pick will be available for around 1,000 coins.


Spent a fortune at shops.

This unlocks once you spend a total of 100,000 gil in shops (Chocolina and buying coins at Serendipity both count for this), don’t go mad buying stuff, reserve what gil you can in case you need to re-stock on Phoenix Downs, etc, if by the end of the game and you don’t have this achievement/trophy, buy whatever you wish to get this unlocked.

Trigger Finger
Obtained five Cinematic Bonus rewards.

  • Episode 2: Paradox Alpha (Silver Gear)
  • Episode 2: Atlas (Fragment Crystal)
  • Episode 3B: Royal Ripeness (Crystal Heart)
  • Episode 4: Zenobia (Crystal Petal)
  • Episode 4: Proto-Fal’Cie Adam (Crystal Apple)

All of these are obtained from Boss Battles in story, so you won’t miss seeing any of these, but you can mess them up, for example I messed up the one after Zenobia, you can retry the whole boss battle if you do happen to mess up to save you from having to replay the stage, but there is some you need to replay for Paradox endings after you complete the game, and to replay a stage, you must find a Gate Seal (these can be found in the cube chests) from some other timelines then you will be given the option to close the gate, by closing the gate, you can now replay that part of the story, if you open it again, it will go back to normal, so don’t worry about having to redo that part of the story over and over again when you need to go to that area.

Overall these aren’t too difficult, beware that there is some buttons you have to press repeatedly, these are normally shown by a bar charging up every button you press, but you do not have to be bashing the controller here, it’s very easy to charge up, just make sure not to make a mistake in thinking it’s the one button press or you will eventually run out of time to full the bar, that is probably the only one you should watch out for, everything else is just pressing whatever direction it requires, or pressing one button.

Saddle Sore
Went the distance on chocobo-back.

This will possibly be the last achievement/trophy you unlock as it’s very rarely you use Chocobos, anyways, I will recommend leaving this til last as you will obtain a Fragment Skill “Clock Master” (unlock by obtaining all 160 fragments), which allows you to speed up time, this means you play the game as if you had a fast forward button, so go to Archylte Steppe as it’s a wide opened area, and have the Chocobo run about in circles, depending how you played the game, you may not need to worry about grinding for this, in a way, you can try going for it when you go for Fragments, just beware of using the Red Chocobo, it eats your Gysahl Greens while riding it, so the normal Yellow Chocobo that only takes one is the best method for this.

Amassed a fortune in casino coins.

This is easily done in Chocobo races with a LV. 45 Golden Chocobo (or by using a maxed out Silver Chocobo, I have heard this works too), this is for winning 10,000 coins, however you must be holding these 10,000 coins at once for the achievement/trophy to unlock.
Chocobo Races are easy as all you have to do is hold :rb: / :r1: and hold :a: / :psx: when you have a good enough amount of boost, you can stick on the easier ones (ones that are 600M in length), and have the setting Lead the Pack on as it seemed to win me the most races, the Golden Chocobo must be first out of your Paradigm pack in order to select him for these races, there is an in-game tutorial if you need any further explanation, I didn’t actually use this though, it was very similar to Final Fantasy VII’s Chocobo Racing if anyone is familiar with that.

Then you can also do this in slots, but I find it very luck based, make sure to talk to the girl next to the slot machine and make sure she says “Summer Day”, this means you have most chance in winning, 99% for auto-play and 120% for manual play, you do need to use the slots for the Lucky Coin fragment, which is complete luck in a way as it’s a random drop, I would use a save and quit method if you do it this way, such as if you have an unlucky go at the slots, you would have saved before hand, and you can quit out, but this will enable you to keep your coins in order to try again, see, you don’t want to be losing your earnings or this will take you all the longer to obtain this achievement/trophy, for example, if you brought 10,000 coins, you will need to finish with 20,000 coins to earn this achievement/trophy, this is maybe why it is much easier to do in Chocobo Racing as the only thing you are spending there is RP which is pretty much the Chocobo’s Lifetime of racing, but don’t worry, once they retire, you can re-enter them again if needed.

Supreme Being
Fully developed all abilities.

This is for fully developing Serah and Noel, all six roles of each of them have to be up to LV.99, there isn’t any reason to grind for this as nothing that I have encountered so far in this game isn’t that hard, you can actually get a lot of the big after game bosses done before this, it may depend on skill a bit, but it’s possible, and they give big amounts of CP so it’s worth it to try defeating them, I would also recommend to do Paradox endings before fully developed as most of them give a lot of CP as well, see Anomalaous for more details in how to access the endings.

You can earn the Fragment skill “Rolling in CP” for obtaining every fragment in Bresha Ruins and Yaschas Massif timelines, this will increase the amount of CP you would get from battles, I didn’t need this though, it is guaranteed you will have fully developed both characters by the time you earn Defragmented.

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